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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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well it's time for tonight's tool time award and we're giving it to most of the state lawmakers in kentucky and a court brief the lawmakers are demanding that the state be permitted to acknowledge reliance upon almighty god in their homeland security department let me explain here last year a circuit court ruled that provisions into laws requiring the kentucky office of homeland security to acknowledge god were a violation of the church and state separation the laws were passed back in two thousand and two and two thousand and six and declared that safety and security of the commonwealth could not be achieved apart from reliance upon almighty god a group of atheists are now suing the state of kentucky and now lawmakers have also decided to weigh it ninety six of the state's one hundred house members signed one brief while thirty five of thirty eight straight senators signed another yes almost all of kentucky's house members think that god and the defense of our homeland are inextricably linked and here's the good part of it too the brief filed by the
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senators was written in part by roy moore former chief justice of alabama if you remember moore was tossed out of the alabama out of alabama's high court in two thousand and three out of after he defied a federal court order to remove a two point five ton ten commandments monument from the judicial building in montgomery this is almost as good as the republican congressman john shimkus who could potentially leave the energy committee saying that god promises there's going to be no flood so we're all good in the whole climate change thing now as we mentioned a few lawmakers didn't sign the brief one said that we don't really depend on god for our physical security and you know what he's right unfortunately having the big guy on our side isn't going to do much in the way of protecting the homeland from the threats of terrorism if it did the why do we even need the homeland security department why do we even need a little military for that matter so that's why tonight's tool time award is being given to the lawmakers of kentucky who are not doing their jobs and instead just trying to create a theocracy. now whether you are for or against it there's
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a lot of buzz out there going on around the new t.s.a. pat downs whoopi goldberg made a comment over the weekend saying that personally she's ok with it but several others are very much against the hands on approach people like airline pilots and even secretary of state hillary clinton who says that she wore the security measure if she could now while politicians are attempting to fix this little p.r. mess many people out there have made light of the privacy invading pat downs saturday night live had a sketch portraying the t.s.a. workers which is now gone viral on the web and singer but county that a remake of an old country music tune called you can trust the t.s.a. . well run money inside you said. your legs. which you can trust to see. you so you know you have a p.r.
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problem when they write a song about you but it gets even better now guys created underwear with a fig leaf in the front so that you're not baring all for these backscatter machines and a scientist even offered of this gem of idea he said why not just distort the images so much that it looks like a fun house that way makes it nearly impossible to lock the passengers who are going through the scanners frankly some of these ideas aren't all that bad but in all seriousness something needs to be done about the t.s.a. its current pat down policy new reports are even claiming of the backscatter machines can't tell if someone is hiding explosives in their body cavities making the risk of explosives getting onto a flight even that much more realistic and just think about the bigger impact here airport security measures are encouraging people to choose other modes of travel this holiday season like trains or driving and analysts now claim that this could make the risk of auto accidents that much greater let's be honest we all know that driving on a crowded highway is much more risky than flying on their plane so after getting the funny and the serious side of the t.s.a.
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checkpoints when things first are crystal clear we need a new method and we need it now. a fox news dot com investigation has sparked quite the firestorm no stranger to whipping people up into islamophobia fits the network unveiled an investigation which alleges that the congressional muslim staff association has sought to bring the who's who of jihad as sympathizers to its weekly friday prayer meetings for more than a decade now let me give you a little bit of a back story here and the mid ninety's so helicon then a hill staffer approached then speaker newt gingrich asking for a room in which to hold friday prayers for the muslim staffers gingrich granted the request and over the years those numbers grew eventually leading to the creation of the see and say around two thousand and seven fox reveals that a number of well known terrorists including u.s. born cleric anwar locky have appeared at these weekly prayer sessions so in response the american center for law and justice have demanded that the d.o.j.
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launch an investigation so is this a serious concern to national security like the claims or is this an attempt at anti muslim bigotry joining me to discuss that are people from both sides of the debate so helicon former bush administration official and serving member on the american conservative union board and attorney jordan secular director of international operations for the american center for law and justice gentlemen thank you both for being here thank you for having us what is going on here i mean this seems like quite the complicated story joy and i'm going to start with you why is it the organization now is demanding an investigation from the d.o.j. sure you're right that the group was artificial until two thousand and six when the first muslim congressman keith ellison made official by his back and they actually didn't get money but they do get to meet actually in the u.s. capitol on the house building but in the united states capitol which is a pretty you can really put monetary value on that is a pretty important place to be able to say you have meetings as recently as this year in april a guy who created an organization which was defined as
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a terrorist organization by the united states government in the united nations you know for which at this event he also co-founded the organization. with osama bin laden's nephew which is a quote suspected terrorist organization by the f.b.i. what the problem we see here and i think this is something internally that muslims have to deal with but that we still can't be afraid to discuss is that when muslims are gathering in a post nine eleven paradigm and bringing in speakers it just seems like there's always someone there who's tied to radical extremism in the world in there's no way around it now say oh give me your thoughts on this because you have said that this is nothing more than just good old fashioned bigotry that's right as you rightly point out this prayer started the ninety's under the auspices of you can which is not a c.m.s. a prayer so to go after the congressional muslim staff association is erroneous to fox news unfortunately if they bother calling people they would find that out you know you have people that have gone to the ripped different reporters around town shopping around stories based on false information and unfortunately jenna winter
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at fox went ahead with the story that's why you have some historical in nature also information are you saying that in fact none of these people actually did approve attend these primaries or not sure because we have how many of you got video of exactly where they are so you know that they were the event it's these are these are open to the public thousands of people have come and gone people these people may or may not have come but they were not invited there they come because the public building people come and go there's no control over who comes over there this is not a c.m.s. a hosted event this is under the chaplain of the house and it's done under the speaker of the house first newt gingrich then dennis hastert palosi and next will john boehner listen they want to see the muslims in the capitol hill should we be able to have this right but if you're bringing in speakers like this whether it's the staff doing it or as one of the current deputy directors of the of the congressional muslim steps and said that cair was very involved in care care and said they were there was another that they're actually on the record say i'm just another piece of the investigation to find out who is bringing these speakers if it's individuals and there are those who travels allowed to bring in people tied to
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terrorism inside the u.s. capitol to speak people are upset in america they're just sick and tired of every islamic event being tied. terrorism we don't want it to be that way i thought it was you know i'm going to get your eyes you clarify because i actually tied to terrorism you are because someone always says this is the hero in jail there was a guy there who serving a twenty year prison sentence who is on video that's sitting there in the event you have for you couldn't get over the how a bit first of all it's open to that's all that they were allowed to speak so they were just attended it's open they're all going you know and what people do after the fact we can't we as americans when we're in the u.s. capitol can't stop people from coming in and they were just when they already had an organization she was going to say that right if these events are open to the upper layer i mean there are other organizations or they just are conditions on capitol hill as well i mean are you saying that we should be monitoring everyone who goes to these religious meetings for these parents certainly if there were individuals involved who were involved in terrorism internationally their organizations have been shut down absolutely i don't care if it's what happened we want to hear all of the religious aggravating for a lot of all races and really try reading what you wish for as we know that these
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individuals were involved at least after the fact we should do an investigation to see who brought in more whose judgment organization got shut down in two thousand for who said this would be a good speaker in april but so what you didn't answer my question are you sure they want to be there a jolt of various things should be monitored there or if you told their time just stand and i just heard he was there who have actually committed terrorist acts or increase in or did or own people really having their investigation some people come out to salute people who commit whereas it is then they should go to jail period but people are coming in to the thousands of people who are coming in over the years to pray in a public place as american citizens i don't think that right should be infringed and i say i think it's also very curious that the only organization is raising this is somebody like pat roberts organization a guy who has been on the record saying islam is muslims are demonic islam is demonic he's defended franklin graham has defended his home there meant that as evolution as you call it that muslims are evil it's an evil world and so this is not it but any interest at stake here and all that i gather iraq was not about
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russian security this it allows trying to rebrand we're not trying to defend ourselves religion is limited we're delivering up franklin graham and b i. the little bit i saw from your i guess ation you said that this is a sir that's right because he's not allowed in seventy five he can't speak at a pentagon national day of prayer because of he was disappointed when it was but i did that in the guise of a writer is because it is a anti-christian era how do you not learn that how different are nothing if he didn't do anything illegal to be your guest did your friends and are in jail the people who attend that you're married to break the law they should be in that agreement tell gary if your friends are in jail we should probably the best thing for it we're going to actually have let's be very kind at all about don't worry lane ran a lesson on american policy like pat robertson did so your life friends are not in jail your friend list people caught my friend did anybody hear anything set up my meetings first of all i've been on the whole you're defending your why did i think you're giving anything to the right of american he's defending the religion of every right eleven world and work that's the wrong mindset this is our host nine eleven and we deal with the realisation you should make radical islam with every day of your life just wasn't going to turn a should you don't have
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a right to meet with terrorists guess what you don't have a right to be wealthier is a terrorist you why are you so defensive when the dispensible you know you guys like defend their town for south florida because i was a right average american people aren't as i write you essentially just sat on my chair you know aides are as friends so let's get angry as if the investigation is on to who invited these people where do we look i mean do we look at the congressional budget look at there is association no we look to the chaplain and to the speaker's office that's with these prayers are under the chassis of the us speaker of the head of the city is that after fox news contacted twenty five people are so sure that none of them would speak you're speaking on their behalf you've been there since one thousand nine your i did they are been there we're not associate is that but i don't know they're not my friends you know i was never i'm not sure you know what they were associated with let me just tell me what i thought of guilt about the oh so it is offensive immediately immediately when anyone says i get so many people tied to terrorism in a room together u.s. capitol and every one america no one has to scratch their head and we played nice for nine years and we're sick and tired of all who played nice i don't have
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anything else i mean i have already applied for a disaster of sight unseen anybody islam is a religion of. well our presence of each of those who are present i want to thank god that i did i wouldn't i mean i i don't understand why people are defensive considering that our entire religion is constantly under attack daily and the one hundred we did as well had a lot of money americans didn't ask for this war we got attacked we're trying to respond we're trying to rally and so you're saying are you saying they're going to have all u.s. capital no it's a holy war it's america's american values western principles nothing to do with even religion it's the political islam is how i would not talk about a lot of religion but i want to christian school and last i checked jesus made all of us in god's image and we both love our neighbors and i would remind and ask my friend pat robertson in jordan maybe pick up the bible and read it you know what it doesn't mean that you have to turn your head of love to be there on the not to feel yourself this is what is the source of there you think there's a right to me with tears there's not of the country surely to you about that sometimes you need to look i'm going to write americans have the right to practice . what do we want they're not all of this investigation these are not to do
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staffers i want to go you want to get the people will travel all the more than five of the terror and all the a.c.l. j.f.s. that the american people know who is behind bringing in people like i was one of the who was brought in but you know what he's the one who did it why do you refuse why won't the chaplain if not the c.m.'s say why maybe. that's why i want to see you not speak right now why would he not come out and put this to bed you could do it so you only just tell us over they don't do it they're not going to talk to you then i don't know you talk to see them and talk to mr b. c. they belong to r t why should you out you're not even involved anymore let someone who is involved who is actually director just explain it one time we all shut up well time goes on here to hear a lot of stuff for us and as americans that's what i'm here to do and i talk to anybody else you have quoted as saying that you find it a little fishy that this is right now happening zakk before and new congress is sworn in and absolutely why do you feel that way you think because they might get the wrong impression here they might put these prayer sessions you know into jeopardy again when this power started we went to the speaker of the house because a speaker of the house controls all the office space in the u.s.
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capitol and the speaker of the house rightly went ahead and said yes we're going to continue to have we're going to start. prayer services speaker hastert to honor that commitment speaker pelosi is not that command i think it's very interesting that whomever took the story to jenna winter of fox news did it right before we're not changing congress is to try and scare people like john boehner from not letting americans practice their faith but i now do you know that's a wrap you know i think it's interesting part here is that no one from the congressional muslim. who's actually a director will talk and put this story to rest until they do it's absolutely fair for us to discuss it why discuss it but i have to just go and that's the point right everything everything here definitely needs to be disguised gentlemen i want to thank you both for joining me and i guess we'll see what happens with this investigation so to come tonight driving drunk it's a serious problem but even more of an issue when you're responsible for carrying nuclear items this plane not just a moment and then president and appears of the former governor is moving closer if
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you're running for the white house and she's got a new book hitting the shelves tomorrow so we're going to talk about the possibility of sarah palin being the forty fifth president of the united states in just. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand days. of beach front. and now there is only one person. you see we are surrounded by grab with every where but also there are. on this beach which of course is the most appropriate so significant a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going
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on. the history be protected. return. to tara while jillian cooper story on our team. sweet and clean. salty and fair use for. radioactive and dangerous. and even dead and desolate. pale keep their unique secrets at their bottoms unique lakes on our team wealthy british style. that's not on.
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the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. today a new report has been released showing several incidents where drivers of trucks carrying nuclear weapons and nuclear materials were driving drunk that's right according to the u.s. energy department's watchdog there were sixteen alcohol related incidents between two thousand and seven and two thousand and nine two in particular don't really raise some red flags with the energy department report explains how in two thousand and seven a driver was arrested for public intoxication and in two thousand and nine police detained agents during an incident at a local bar the worst part of it that these two events happened during what the
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government calls secure transportation missions where nuclear elements have been had to be transported over a very long distance for an extended period of time now keep in mind the energy department has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to incidents involving alcohol and i think that we can all understand why it is better now if the drunk drivers are on the road at all but this report shows that government workers on the job transporting nuclear weapons are getting wasted and what the hell if i was a driver responsible for moving nuclear weapons i think i would pass on that night cap at the corner bar the term precious cargo has never been more appropriate or you think that senators out there would be more concerned about a story like this than derailing a new start treaty meant to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world that way i guess you could hope that you know the fewer weapons the fewer chances some drug government worker is going to be transporting those materials. she is everywhere sarah palin not only has her own reality show now documenting her alaska
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she's also got a new book coming out for which there will be a large tour conveniently skipping the most liberal cities in the country she's also reportedly sending out scouts to look for office space in iowa making the prospects of her presidential bid seem all the more real and she even thinks that if she gets the nomination she can beat barack obama in two thousand and twelve she said in an interview so could it really happen could sarah palin become the president of the united states and if so well that america look like well joining me to discuss that is david packman host of mid week politics david thank you so much for joining me now let's first get into what sarah palin is doing here with this new reality show a lot of people are saying that she's kind of pioneering an entirely new method of campaigning do you agree with that it is new you know what's funny is when we first heard about this show i watched the pilot and i said this is only going to be good for sarah palin in the sense that she's actually doing something she's qualified to
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do she certainly wasn't qualified to be vice president or god forbid the president of the united states she certainly wasn't qualified to be speaking in front of the crowds that she was speaking in front of she's actually qualified to be on a reality show that can only be good for her i didn't expect however for her daughter to be going on homophobic rants on facebook as a result of the reality show so originally i thought this is a win for sarah palin i'm not actually sure that it is now now we're definitely getting interesting insight to the poll paling brood here and speaking of her show we have a good clip from last night's episode where they they went fishing let's take a look at that. this year you. can't like. a beating the hell of it to death i'd definitely say that that
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qualifies for good reality t.v. what does that really qualify as i don't know something that's kosher for a presidential candidate no i know it's funny or funny you mention kosher because being jewish myself how lucrative the dinner table is something i'm familiar with and if i knew that that is the treatment that it had i don't know that i'd be having you know my grandmother's good fields of fish. but there's no question everything would change if sarah palin were president i mean we can be sure that refuse the asian would replace baseball as america's pastime right now instead of not being able to ask are you pregnant are you for or against abortion and job interviews the question that would be outlawed is what newspapers do you read everything would be very different everything would be very different and it sounds it sounds a little scary to me because let me tell you a story just last friday my boss told me that driving along in bethesda maryland he already saw a mom driving a cadillac escalade that had a pale and twenty twelve bumper sticker on the back of it i mean this is this is
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becoming real it sounds like you know now we hear that her scouts are out looking for office space in iowa as a do you think that it could actually have a do you think that americans would elect sarah palin as president. it depends who you ask in the last poll i saw suggests no nobody would elect sarah pail i mean what we what we can be sure of is that if sarah palin is the next president the tea party slogans and talking points will literally have battered the country into submission and in many cases against people's actual best interest i mean as i'm sure you know from from some of the people you've interviewed on your show many times conservatives will be in favor of a candidate just because liberals are against them and if that were to happen and sarah palin by the time she takes office hopefully some of those people will realize hey i actually voted for this person against my own best interest and that is probably the scariest part of it all what do you think it is about her i mean she seems like a very divisive figure a writer is one of those people that you either love or you hate so why is it that
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so many americans do find her appealing. you know i like i said i think it's this contrary in attitude i mean i know many of my friends i grew up in a very liberal part of massachusetts after moving here from argentina and i have some friends who just have a contrarian attitude they decided they're republicans just because they don't think that they want to do what everybody else around them is doing and come to find out later on they don't actually agree with anything that the republican party stands for now or ten years ago when i was in school so i think that that's one component i don't want to get win for calling the electorate stupid and i think the other component is that there's been a great marketing job around super pill and i mean when you're spending that much money on clothes and are you spending that much money and effort into making sure after the katie couric incident obviously that she's only talking to friendly news media if you have people that know what they're doing p.r. wise you're going to at least have some people who like what you're saying and like
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what you're doing well i you know speaking of and by the way i find nothing wrong spending lots of money on clothes as a woman but let's talk about that about having this weekend rights for all and i mean that it's your own not the just the g.o.p. is not buying you one hundred grand indeed. now you have out of this very quickly this week at gawker on friday they leaked some material from sarah palin's book where she was basically trash talking american idol contestants and then a court ordered them to take it down then she posted on her own facebook account her only where she was you know praising ronald reagan talking about what freedom means what do you make of it it's very funny right the two different pieces that we see from this book is about to come out. well the funniest thing in general but sarah payne wins books is that who knew sarah palin read it or researched in the piling up to sort of her show that i saw she actually says she likes to do her reading writing and research outside of her house kind of in the back and i don't know if you believe that syrup you know and actually wrote the book i happen not to
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and to me the biggest revelation was not that she was too close to some bears are beating the hell of that but that she actually has a spot where she writes and does research love me and maybe that's maybe that's it right washy is beating the hell of it she's thinking really hard in her head which is going to write david thank you so much for joining us thanks our before we go it's time for our tweet of the day now in a pre-taped interview to air tonight sarah palin said that she would never do another interview with katie couric calling it a waste of time says that she has a communications degree and she wants to clean up the sorry state of journalism so we're wondering what would take her tweet back and we thought she'd say after that interview i'm stunned to learn you actually graduated from high school let alone college but let's remember it did take her five colleges and five years to get that degree that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in make sure you guys come back tomorrow we're going to have comedian seton smith on the program to discuss sarah palin's memoir that comes out america by heart reflections on family faith
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she's available in. toto published it is called us photo. never told. a story. in the city. called smalls. as a good. stroke for us to become a photo. suicide levels among the u.s. press friends returning from conflict. and government
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negligence is playing. for a show. then marks defense ministry tends to whistle blows to establish its troops and use prisoners in iraq intelligence officers by its. influence. and well once. by police. as they fighting for its very existence. the nation the same time extinction. twenty four hour news on the air and online a welcome it seems the impact of war on u.s. troops is far greater than the american government could ever imagined.


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