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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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part of an international terror network that was preparing a bloody christmas campaign in europe they're also said to be hiring people and seeking funds to finance terrorists in russia's republic of chechnya bushell's following developments for us in brussels or sources on those preparations for a terrorist attack on an unspecified location in belgium the arrest in belgium took place in the port town of and work and information was uncovered from the and saw internet forum that an attack was being planned suspects were belgian dutch and moroccan nationals and the broken national chain background to be and terrorism judge philip van leeuwen tells is just said they may have been recruiting and financing activities for the caucasian emirates this is an organization a radical islamist separatist group which is operating from russia's republic of chechnya and is being seen as one the first major international events which shows the toys between the chechen terrorist organization and the worldwide al qaeda
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network one of the first major events proving the link with russian terrorism towards the rest of the world of course it comes in the context of the united states issuing an arrest warrant for dog owner of one of the leaders of the chechen islamist rebel group he has been placed on the most wanted group list in the united states that really shows how the chechen terrorists are linked to the worldwide al qaeda network of course they've recently been possible for various outrages including the moscow metro bombings as well as attacks various numerous attacks in the southern republics russia's southern republics of dagestan and chechnya our correspondent in brussels there will dr edwin back here is a research fellow from the international center for counterterrorism he told me the group arrested today is part of a global terror network trying to expand itself as far as possible. of course they are part of this global jihad of which al qaeda is the main i can they are not only
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recruiting chechens to go back to fight to chechnya but they also recruiting other people in this case possibly people with a dutch moroccan background so in that sense they are not only part of a local struggle they're part of a global jihad and chechnya is the focus for some of these groups who have roots in europe with nothing to do with chechnya so it's more international and these foreign supporters they want these groups very much to make this international as possible and will comment on the sort of political analysts to be too babbage from the remotest news agency says the tide time for the west to realize is in the same boat as russia as far as the terror threats concern. but there i do you always do you all for jihadist terrorists i think is the best name for them is actually director against the west in general and against russia as a part of the west and that you know that sounds were in the same ball or with the e.u. and with the united states whether they were the states or america wanted or not if you look at the media the french investigate gear five years ago all linked their
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moderated board but that still northcutt cation terrorists not to church and terrorists but do not kick asian terrorists because the jihadist movement in north caucasus became very international it's no longer a church and nationalists this is a jihadist movement directed against russia and they gauge the western news about that have been coming all these years so there's a lot of information it was just the lack of political will in the west to acknowledge it and to look at the problem seriously it's time to get real and to look at creativity instead of create a romantic lead and just basically there is a very dirty game going on in the media and in the streets that terrorists are looking for and pretty soon it will strike a western seaways for them during the ninety's russia was the weak link in the west and see where there isn't because it was so corrupt it was so weak next day it may
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be your next tonight the impact to the walls the u.s. is fighting in iraq and afghanistan before the home soil even greater than ever recent figures show a record high number of young veterans committing suicide every month art is going to teach you can investigates next what pushes so many u.s. soldiers to take their own lives when they return home from the front line danger. each day eighteen american veterans commit suicide in the last few years more u.s. military personnel have taken their own lives than have been killed in either iraq or afghanistan the numbers raise a question where is the battle really happening in the field or at home. he was only home for eight months before. before his demons took him over my home returned physically but mentally he never returned. about a year and a half. and all the tour and a year and
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a half in prison why post torture. are they refused to help. these parents share a similar tragedy one of losing their children who had gone to war in iraq strong and healthy man and came back deeply traumatized and haunted by nightmares. thousands of american troops returned home with post-traumatic stress disorder but many refused to seek help from the government in fear it's going to show on their records and they won't be hired anywhere but even those who do seek help are often neglected i want to apply for a job. i applied for unemployment benefits i went to the veterans administration for treatment a year after i was discharged because i was feeling suicidal and i was discharged i was refused treatment actually brian little would served in iraq came to this
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charity event for homeless veterans because he too was homeless he and dozens of other young man and women here. not only do many come back from war traumatized but all too left without a roof over their head according to the u.s. national coalition on homelessness forty percent of homeless man are veterans the staggering number of those who see no other option but to kill themselves pushed the country's veterans affairs department to start a suicide prevention hotline they claim they've talked to more than ten thousand veterans out of killing themselves in iraq and afghan veterans fuel the epidemic and i share your sadness over the killing. specialist often hear from callers they see no meaning behind the many killings they witnessed any war can be traumatizing for soldiers but the susan i'd rate
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among vets in the u.s. is now the highest seems the vietnam war there was no similar surge after world war two civilians questioning the motive of the. the war is now reflected among many young american vance whose own down to drive them even closer to the brink looking at the plight of veterans in the us one can't help asking what is the cost of war is it the one point eight trillion dollars the u.s. spent in iraq and afghanistan last year or is it the shattered lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers who come back home to find out their battle for survival has just begun going to shake on our take clinton maryland. and ahead on the program tonight. metal monsters like this fishing vessel said here abandon waiting for the sea water to return to the deserts of catholics than with international rehabilitation after taking a factory erroll theme proves it may once again return i'm when the friends join me
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in central event to explore what used to be one of the world's largest landlocked body of water. no big new story today south korea's admitted it fired artillery shells that triggered an early morning clash with north korea however it says it was part of a military drill and the night it was directed at the north earlier seoul blamed the north for what it called an unprovoked shelling of good solid pyongyang played the south had violated its maritime border during the military drills solo since threaten its neighbor with what he called enormous retaliation for its part russia's foreign ministry said the clashes were like settable and called on both sides to show restraint. what happened deserves consternation if we insist that both sides must take measures to pacify the situation and prevent similar action in the future unfortunately this is ready to third incident of the kind this year so this time it is a colossal danger of the situation descending into military conflict this must be
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avoided russia has repeatedly warned of the growing tension in the region and it's now counting on both sides to arrive at a suitable conclusions. holding military drills in the disputed there is little short of provocation says glyn ford he's a former army and author is an expert in the region he also believes that be a mistake if the u.s. intervenes. the northern limit line which is the disputed border is only recognized by south korea it's not even recognized in full by the united states so it clearly conducting military exercises in a disputed military military area where there have been incidents this year with the sinking of the chona over the last decade is clearly not wise to put it mildly i mean i think both sides can take some blame in this matter but certainly the general perception that it's all the fault of the north koreans is not one i agree with the u.s. was preparing preemptive attacks against the north's nuclear facilities we clearly
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would we're would be provoking something closer to goal for three than world war three nevertheless even that would cause a ments damage to the global economy and to global security coming about twenty minutes time on this channel we look at one of the bloodiest marine battles in the pacific in world war two and now the u.s. government is indifferent to those who fought in it sixty five years ago. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand days. of beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now the recently one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by graham ridge everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate sig signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to a chair we were where so many guys died. a new battle is going on.
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will the history be protected. returned to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. . when wiki leaks made its last revelations about prisoner abuse in iraq attention was focused on the us but the fall is also claimed the danish troops or evolved which sent shock waves through the military top brass in the nordic country well now the ridiculous reports for the authorities are ready to compromise their own principles to lay our hands on the truth or something to find those who did. danish defense officials seem to be on the quest for the truth the week after the whistleblower web site released thousands of iraq war logs showing prisoner abuse in iraq denmark launched its own investigation to find out whether danish soldiers were involved if anything
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had happened in a wrong way of course we should be open about that but first they turned to nato and to the united states for help with. documents from the americans because the americans of the close ally often mark in these documents are american after being refused access to information by nato and their american counterparts. forced to turn to wiki leaks ironically we got to see those documents before they did because the very same logs that the ministry of defense are after are in position of a danish newspaper which got them not from weekly leaks but from a whistleblower of their own and yes danish defense officials asked the editors for help to we're not going to give them to the defense forces because this is the source protection thing for the newspaper or the paper keen to protect informants identities the danish military had one last resort. for a gravel or a former military intelligence officer finds the situation absurd he was arrested
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and jailed for making information on weapons of mass destruction in iraq six years ago and now the officials themselves are turning to leaked documents for truth something gribble himself was jailed for so we don't have the benefit on men. viewpoint regarding freedom of speech that is always planned so. if it's embarrassing. they will do whatever they can to punish the messenger if we retreat told us don't like what they discovered this time it might just be that once again it's a website telling the danish people but they're still just really doing illegal illegal squirty not legal tender. so what's online for must not r t dot com a few things that might interest you pulled out from the jaws of extinction tiger is getting a helping all from being a friend's dog come to the right nice you're on the home alone how to make the
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internet a safe place for your kids is a concern for parents isn't it fun and more about that want to see dot com tonight . to central asia now where the ira will see once the world's fourth largest lake almost disappeared half a century ago because of sulfur don't recall chill mismanagement the receding waters robbed the region of its economic lifeline but didn't deprive people of the hope that just one day the sea could return lindsey france reports now there are signs that one of the world's worst manmade environmental disasters could be reversed. there are people living at this harbor who have never seen the water which once lapped at its walls the former port city of a raskin kazakstan was once
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a bustling hub of business and human activity but beginning in the one nine hundred sixty s. rivers feeding massive cotton fields for the soviet union diverted water away from the rivers that fed the erroll c b a pretty hope real night game would see was close to the city my husband and i had bites and we would swim to the islands for picnics on the weekend we swam and lay in the sun with the nation the sea started moving away the water has become shallower and then just joined up with my children so it only in the pictures until the waters were so aggressively diverted the aerial sea was the size of ireland. the disappearing sea took with it fishing jobs commerce and an entire way of life just a few decades ago where i'm standing now as far as the eye could see was bright blue water ships just like this bobbing up and down bringing in the day's catch now when you drive across the former seabed all you see is abandoned villages abandoned
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ships and camel now people here call it errol coom or errol doesn't it was a. planned economy is largely to blame for the dying of the aral sea all decisions are made in mexico which took me account of the ecological balance of that region the consequences of that could be felt as early as in the one nine hundred sixty s. the r.t.c. region defines the terms pre-crisis crisis and disaster. it was after the collapse of the soviet union that people are faced with the seriousness of the disaster the sea has split into in two thousand and five experts harnessed what little water still flowed into lesser erroll see from the river by building a coke. and eighty seven million dollar project funded in part by the world bank the smaller body of water and become the great hope of the future. we had over two hundred people here from russia kazakstan and his back to stand the work is
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very hard and many of us lived here on site for two or three years but now we're happy to say the time has come to pack up the structure is working perfectly. welcome to news after years of failed dam projects and wasted water in just a few short years these small downs have turned parts of the cows like desert back into a seascape dotting it would be. the hope is that as the project progresses the dams will be built even higher keeping more water in extending the boundaries and the boundaries of the lesser air all see that to the city of r l. when the sea left my husband did not want to leave this place used to say children would grow to see with their own eyes even before he died he believed that the sea would come back. now as excess water flows through this uses it disappears out into the nearly and to greater peril see no grand scheme for saving that this reactor for the one
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million people living in kazakstan spores region measurable improvement will only come when the shores once again fill with bogus lindsay friends r.t. kazakstan. really interesting said reporter for us that was the latest of them there's a more tomorrow all about the world's worst ecological disaster stay with us for more than from the arab sea region here exclusively on world news stories are being update homes not come bodie has declared thursday a national day of mourning after the deaths of three hundred seventy eight people in a stampede at a water festival almost eight hundred were also injured in a panic tragedy struck when thousands surged across the narrow river bridge to an island where we're still waiting for mongolia and the rainy season most of the victims were crushed all of this falling from the bridge. rescuers hoping to locate twenty nine trapped men in a new zealand coal mine are preparing now to send a second robot to locate them the first machine was damaged by water on its way
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into the mine toxic gases and the ground fires continue to prevent a rescue team from entering the mine while a camera lowered down a newly drilled benta lation hole show only destruction four days since the blast hopes of finding the man alive suddenly fading from. islands economic crisis spilling over into its politics now the coalition governments are really torn apart after the ninety billion euro rescue package from the e.u. and i.m.f. the opposition wants an immediate general election and protesters have stormed government buildings demanding it resigns the prime minister is announced he will not leave before he passes an emergency budget and negotiates the bailout deal. with looking ahead later today because it is his bid to punish greedy bankers all it takes is a shell out on a small piece of silver let him tell you. next kaiser is a plant to crash g.d.p.
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to put j.p. morgan six feet under. more for my existing c two hours' time all this to you from moscow very well the main story is that this was me kevin owen is coach upon the choosing my business now shell is here. and i welcome to the business program here on our team with me. the sale of a ten percent stake in russian bank the t.v. was a place to use all of the bank is privatized according to the bank's head under a cost in the investors' agreed to these conditions the russian government is ready to sell up to ten percent of the country's second largest bank this year. be unprecedented deal will take place in times. trade and business relations have top discussions between the russian and chinese provinces and
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a meeting in st petersburg lies even putin says russia's largest banks bank and the export import bank of china have signed an agreement open a two billion dollar credit line the money will find those major joint economic projects hooted also address the issue of using the national currencies of both countries in trade in the future. or national which we have decided to expand their abilities of using no national currencies for mutual economic and trade contracts according to all previous agreements we were painted with the us dollars the chinese stock market has started trading rubles to trade you know the yuan will start in moscow in the beginning of december this is a serious step in great in better conditions for direct trading without any losses which. let's see how the markets are forming now here in russia the markets have closed in the red on tuesday with the r.t.s. down more than one point five percent all the main players suffered losses of energy stocks the main drag on lower oil prices gas prompted more than one point
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five percent on the r.t.s. but spare bank was the biggest loser there down one point eight percent moving to the car industry now has decided to buy ten percent of aft of us as according to a japanese newspaper after the purchase that iran alliance will own thirty five percent of the russian carmaker earlier reports said the two hundred and ninety million dollars deal exploded to be reached next spring the nikkei newspaper also. plans to start a joint production of small size cars with after the us in two thousand and twelve . folks are going group is considering building a second russian plant in the clinton graph region local authorities say company representatives plan to visit the region to inspect the area next year folks market opened its first russian factory two years ago in the kaluga region today producing skoda and volkswagen cars. russia's gas group plans to produce
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mercedes-benz in russia with diamond the joint project more than one hundred sixty million dollars of investment is reduced sixty thousand vehicles a year starting from late two thousand and twelve. the average return of russian stocks over the last year has been five point six dollars the highest level in the last seven years and thirty percent above analyst for costs but despite the good returns the my six index has the lowest value of fifty nine world stock indices when measured on price earnings multiples nick poole flies out why. russia has the cheapest stocks among major developing countries taking the market as a whole it trades anything up to a sixty percent discount compared to some other emerging developing markets however investors really possible bargain for so what's holding them back investors are not stupid and this is the reason why the russian market has not gone up thirty forty
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fifty percent this year and the reason for that is people understand that behind one number one the relatively low p. there is a much more complicated picture that complication is the lack of diversity the oil and gas industry accounts for more than most of the market and it's here that valuations are at that low it's there are a number of reasons why women got stocks are cheap first is the heavy tax burden imposed on the industry by the government but there's also a lack of clear growth prospects and in some cases poor corporate governance but if the oil and gas industry is stripped out the picture changes dramatically if you look at the rest of the market a lot of stocks are very fairly valued and in fact some of them are actually expensive a lot of the consumer stocks traded to very high multiples a lot of the electric utilities traded very high multiples russian steelmakers trade more or less and live a day piers so where does that leave the potential investor not surprisingly
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analysts suggest that research in good judgment is required russian companies have just enjoyed a record reporting season and that growth promises to continue next year with thinking that a difference like this off the market will show substantially different times over the next you know. this whole heap of. us with exporter and i think both like banking like kind of homes like consumer while mining circus. oil. well michael white much quicker times than the rest of the weakness of the russian market its exposure to natural resources can also be seen as a strength in an environment where inflation expectations are rising and the u.s. central bank is printing more money demand for resources is predicted to remain strong and prices high as more dollars chase the same amount of oil gas metal
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nick pull business altie. a master update for this album can always find more stories all websites. business.
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thanks for being with us here i'm also going to choose an odd choice. r.t. these are our top stories twenty six people suspected of plotting a christmas campaign of terror in europe are appalled to be linked to militants in the north caucasus investigators say the members of an international terror network was funds and gangs and charged. with. suicide rates among young u.s. will venture and sort of record levels of eighteen people taken alive today according to the latest figures unemployment homelessness and neglect by the authorities are believed to be on the reasons for the alarming. south korea confirms it opened artillery fire before north korea shelled its arland but insists it was part of a military drill directed western world because many countries rushed to accuse the north of provocation russia has called for restraint from both sides to avert full scale. and turning to leakers for truth.


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