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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2010 2:00am-2:30am EST

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live from moscow i'm marina joshua into the program that members of the shanghai cooperation organization a group with increasing global influence are meeting stan the group unites russia china and four central asian nations representing over want to have billion people but the report is there for the discussions of how to smooth economic relations and keep the mass of borders of its members secure. following the form. this is a regional security organization in the first place and how else to deal with real problems he has convening around the table there's a russia china and the central asian republics kazakhstan uzbekistan kyrgyzstan and . this is the second time the shanghai cooperation organization is meeting this year and demonstrating its relevance among member states there was a drive to enhance trade overcoming the ongoing global economic crisis this is where the shanghai cooperation organization sees a great future also it has to be remembered that the cornerstone of. what is called
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the evil forces terrorism extremism and separate course includes the war on drug trafficking at the moment drug trafficking and islamic radicalism stemming from again and then are the two main security threats for russia the shanghai cooperation organization is all from come to nato but this comparison is mistaken the organizations influence comes from the fact that it represents a quarter of the world's population but the difference being is that the seal is not a military alliance and it doesn't see its aims beyond its borders it's focused on regional security in the first place and another thing which makes the c.e.o. so unique is that to have the weights russia and china working together to ensure peace and stability in organization members on the sidelines of the summit russian prime minister vladimir putin will be meeting among others with rose up to the boy of a president over. become true that has been so much as mixed drives recently and it
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has seemingly successful democratic elections and it is now coming to terms with the new directions of the country and today we expect the russian prime minister to refer russia's desire to see peace and stability in this struggling country. over there now americans are in the thanksgiving mode as they celebrate turkey day but not everyone is thankful traditionally you want to america's busiest travel periods the holiday software testers gather in airports to rally against what they call invasive security checks are has more. here's another case of outrage over t.s.a. pat downs very fury over the pat downs not exactly dying down it's the t.s.a. versus t.n.a. skaters are turning the tables now men can be judged by their package according to the media the american people don't appreciate being scanned or patted down it
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takes much going to have you arrested since nine eleven air travel in the united states has undergone quite the security changes on last year's christmas day bomber didn't help matters much either because americans usually fear for their safety and welcome heightened security measures when it comes to nudity or even being patted down many folks don't seem to be too aroused i think it would discourage me from flying even more so really what they had before this is too invasive it just appears to be too invasive but most people didn't share that sentiment if you leave at the time i didn't get the scanner to find i want through and that was it i mean there was no scanning there was no pat down there was nothing you have to go through a scanner i didn't disappoint why why not just such a big drama about it for nothing the drama as collated with a loosely organized internet boycott national opt out day for those bashful of their lady or man parts they could choose a pat down instead of a scanner the story became media frenzy as far as creating a frenzy at the airport not so much it is inconvenient it is uncomfortable but when
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you go to the doctor and he examines you they put their hand all over the place and you don't like it. but you put up with it putting up with or even enjoying does it matter who's patting you down i rather have a choice between a male or female who would you choose a female so you'd like to be patted down as long as it's a female yes while others actually opted for the scanner i'd much rather be patted down and read as my leg and i just didn't feel right about touching or looking even our favorite celebrity is don't see the big deal it's not the way that i would like to live but if it's going to keep me from getting blown out of the sky you can check anything you want and if you feel some you like i'll squeeze a one of my want. but to some americans it's no laughing matter it's difficult that we live in a society where we are so afraid of what's going to happen that we have to have these invasive search for seizures i think it shows
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a real weakness in our foreign policy and wherever there is frustration with the government or media hysteria there's money to be made a case in point fig leaf underwear brought to you by a las vegas businessman who says this strategically placed a leaf along with some powdered metal will ease the embarrassment of having to go through the scanners would you have a rock rocked underwear. personally i think it's a little out of proportion and. not a fan of figleaves not another fan of figleaves hiding private parts to protect privacy rights that most of these travelers could care less about due to go soft ski r.t. washington d.c. . also has a this hour here in r.t.e. an orphanage to protect or in prison are to visit the scandal institution for children with mental disabilities to investigate allegations of maltreatment. and calm is being restored in central london after a day of violent protests thousands of students took to the streets to demonstrate
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against government plans to increase university tuition fees and slashed teaching budgets the widespread umbrella. saw missiles being hurled. when it was smashed up white hall and several injuries authorities say over thirty arrests were made for criminal damage and public disorder school and university students and local rallies across the u.k. gone from the e.u. referendum campaign says ordinary people working right pay for politicians mistakes . here in new u.k. we get forty eight million pounds a day to brussels out of church with the man and woman in the street and the problem is that each ordinary people who are going to have to pay for the mistakes the bankers and the actually get lation of those banks by politicians of all parties right across europe and across the western world where it's all merry people are paying for these whether it's students here in london who demonstration today whether it's showing workers or whether it's people who work in the public
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sector the simple fact that the bankers and the politicians seem to go away scot free we're not in the eurozone of course we've never even had a referendum which is why we're part of the referendum campaign dot com we want a referendum on whether we stay in europe but at the moment the euro itself which of course we're not part of the single currency is crashing and burning. elsewhere in europe public discontent is mounting as the single currency plunges into deeper crisis it's fear portugal is next in line for bailouts the country was paralyzed by twenty four hour general strike on wednesday had a parliamentary vote on a tough new budget deal layer this week and while the irish government has unveiled a four year plan to save fifteen billion euros and stabilize the debt ridden economy the country will adopt the harshest staring measures its ever face including massive job cuts and tax rises it comes as double negotiates a bailout package from the e.u. and i.m.f.
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but some experts say a new approach to the single currency is necessary for recovery. people forget that before these budget cuts we had other budget cuts we are going to the third is wrong the verge of cuts all of the while ago people were telling us that they had already done the most that they. did budget cuts and still markets do not leave the beast so what happens is that you as this additional weaknesses that are witnesses not only of the briefing or economists each other very different from the other but difficulties weaknesses of the whole common currency should be addressed as a whole. by pinpointing budget cuts in the or the other economy if the interests keep raising grow what happens is that budget cuts that we're doing today will be ineffective to morrow and we've seen this movie already so i think that's. a whole new approach is needed as and to stereotype or to protest grip europe some say it's
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time to go back to the drawing board to reform the e.u. a little later in the program we'll hear from a british m.p. who says the masters of the union are leaving it down to dad and. tried to create a country where the people who created the country for. i have no more particular desire to have a country called europe created and one day there could be such a train wreck. over this whole issue it will stop functioning and then there will be a slow or realisation. but it stopped working and really stopped working and a crisis comes like we have recently because we saw there was no european response it was the germans believe the greeks all somebody else coming in to bail out somebody else when he was not taking less europe in all of these we are supposed to
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have created of this economic block a trading block. a very powerful block when there is a crisis it is the individual member states who have to pick up the pieces and slowly beginning to dawn on the elites who run all this but this is not working. and a full interview with british diva is less than twenty minutes away here on our team . to belarus now where thousands of protesters have taken part in a band march in the heart of the capital demanding the president step down three leading candidates in next month's presidential election were at the forefront of the rally. the. protesters called for a fair and more democratic vote the current head of state alexander lukashenko for when you watch after sixteen years in power he's been criticized for quashing the
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opposition and a pan of media one of the presidential hopefuls. has urged nationwide demonstrations if the government fails to carry out a transparent vote. the presidential election on december the nineteenth we're planning a mass protest it's very likely that he'll do that because he doesn't have enough support to win in the safety proclaims victory saying he's gained more than seventy percent of votes which he's already claiming now it means the election was rigged and we're going to have to defend our rights and. there's no other way to do that than to stage a protest. let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and least twenty one people have died in a wave of violence between police and gang members in brazil's rio de janeiro thousands of officers have been dispatched to deal with gunmen that have been blocking roads robbing motorists and burning cars since sunday fishel say drug traffickers are fighting back against police operations aimed at tackling violence
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in city slums brazil's pacification program plans to improve security in the run up to the twenty fourteen world cup. mexican police say they've caught the alleged successor to the jail drug lord known as the barbie carlos the cowboy monte mare is suspected to have taken over the organization in august he reportedly admitted the gang was responsible for the deaths of twenty messages and tourists kidnappers were the victims of the state and identity the bodies of the man were found in a mass grave earlier this month. south korea says it will increase the number of its troops on the border in preparation for further attacks from north korea the show. knowing of a southern island by north korea two days ago killed two civilians and two marines have prompted an international call for calm north has threatened further military action if south korea continues on what it calls a path of military provocation. new zealand officials say it could take weeks or
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even months to recover the bodies of twenty nine miners killed after a second blast on the ground the workers have been trapped by earlier explosion of their pit on friday rescuers were prevented from entering the shaft by dangerous gases while efforts to use robots also failed the tragedy is the country's worst mining accident in a century. somebody is holding a national day of mourning for the more than three hundred and fifty victims killed during monday's stampede and hundreds of people including government officials lined up to offer flowers and incense sticks to remember those who died monday's tragedy happened on the narrow bridge as crowded as crowds gathered to celebrate the end of the any or water festival most of the victims were crossed while others suffocated during a mass panic passed by this way. the children of
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a russian orphanage for kids with mental disabilities have caused a national scandal after writing a letter to president in a bit of complaining about conditions there but it's better say there's nothing wrong with the institution but it did raise a bigger issue the old fashioned methods of care which leave the children feeling trapped and ill prepared for the modern world or it is more international reports. mantle disability new seen petersburg have been operating beyond the public gaze from most to use and suddenly it was making national news the reason a letter to the russian president treated by one of the often intransigent. we're malnourished children clean the streets work in the kitchen and do the laundry buying any personal items is forbidden were never given our i.d.'s or cash. in the stories for i'd like wild farm as a shock an example of child abuse within the walls to protect and not imprison the youngsters but when we visited we were surprised to find an almost idyllic picture
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. the corridors a clean it's warm and cozy the dinner one time and most importantly to drink luke happy so what was wrong. yes i confirm it was me vladimir fyodorov who wrote the letter there was indeed bad treatment towards me yeah. exactly what do you mean that you're working off of the food for instance it's always the same you know why can't we what we want we always have to do what they serve well look at the new bit or vegetables but the regulations say i have to give them four hundred grams a day as a passports they relapse taken any time they need to if any they explain why they need it and yes sentient in work in the kitchen those who want to and we pay them off a rate. that the head of the house galina play manny could doesn't feel upset with the allegations but on the contrary he sees them as a measure of success her residence is showing maturity while talking about their
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rights freedoms and choice the youth when you are young you want to rebel you seek revelations this is their opinion their desire they want to be heard he's a normal human needs and our children also have that as despite the disability they have but what these children seem not to have is a real life with the real challenges they face outside. unique was an issue of who suffered from genetic paralysis from childhood left this house almost thirty years ago and knows how life looks from both sides of the hands. he says the kids message shows independence but that there is a long road to go to prepare them for the future such institutions are always following the regulations and it makes life here artificial like an ordinary people try potato it's for been here for instance this is what they feel what i used to feel they want to be or feel normal and live real lives state and local authorities
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in russia run off and just wait to drink whose parents have died or have abandoned them leaving care however critics say some institutions are in suitable for the vulnerable and that the system can serve as a dumping ground for abandoned youngsters you re says russia can learn from its close neighbor sweden decades ago closed all the situations for people with intellectual disabilities open in the world to them as well as than to the world. of the cold cruel world do that with his own hand the great man and no one room if we open the doors here no one will run from here either children feel good within these worlds they just want to have this choice and this theoretical opportunity to leave the place if they suddenly want to. give the fans are on their cell phone as mellow grow literally and as human but there is a formidable barrier for those on the inside wanting to integrate into society
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those living here we get a report of the outside world and they're hoping that the gate hasn't closed on their hopes. were if it often are to a problem. region. or later today we discuss global debt and other financial headlines with max kaiser the banners are afraid to take a whack of wall street. sure thing obama exclude. george soros tells top progressive donors to give elsewhere if this president can't do what we need shoring obama so he has that exit he's allowed to just exit the bet that he's made. who we're stuck yeah whatever policies even do is due diligence they put money into obama without really looking out under the hood to see what this guy was all about he financed campaigns get him elected and i realize he made a mistake and he's out the door and he's leaving the public with this guy on the lectern mimicking whatever jamie diamond dolls on any that is not there is
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a robot is a robot a drama is a some god of dictaphone is a eugenic lee created genetically much you know it all stores buying last quarter of course was monsanto talk about genetical genetically modified al ok this guy soros is a plague on society. more of a mass kaiser and say herbert in about an hour's time here in r.t. and right now we'll take a look what's happening in the world of business korea medicare is here. it's twenty past ten am here in moscow welcome to our business program eight billion dollars of new deal sealed at the fifth russian chinese economic forum in moscow on wednesday after thirteen contracts were signed in different areas of the economy reports on the deepening trade ties between the two nations.
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banking temba mining and television these are just some industries where chinese and russian business have got to get out this year among them are agreements between russia's me telling vesta shipping all to china worth three hundred twenty million dollars she k'naan bank in chinese state development bank attracting investment into building would precessing plants. in many other us as part of the developing trade between the two nations russia's my six exchange will launch trading in the chinese us against the ruble next week i think it's very important that we stop it but i don't think it's going to be overwhelming and good compared to the current. markets would have liked for a little for example but i think it's a good it's a good thing for the trade to return to the country itself for those people who do transactions with china and being here and the government here once chinese firms
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to participate in the upcoming privatized program which will involve the russian state selling up stakes and hundreds of firms the private sector is also candy elwyn out the importance of china both a somali kids and as a manufacturing base by jim keel of vice president of the industrial equipment division at the coin hugo says the main challenge for many russian companies as the vast territory and a bewildering choice of potential partners with by the way is it's very difficult to find a good company that is suitable to work with however i can say that chinese changing rapidly the quality of their output is increasing now we're seeing better managed companies with high tech skills emerge technologies that were not present in the country before but were trade volume between the two countries is expected to return to pre-crisis levels by the end of the year russia is diversifying its economic toys and its presence and the asian pacific region the main focus is
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choice and the scale of this forum shows how much russia's hopes for future prosperity in trade laws with the east might in a question altie moscow. the russian government may sell a controlling stake in most of the big companies currently planned for privatization at the moment the state is planning to take fifty. plus one share in ten large companies all the list but finance minister says if the market situation is favorable the government may decide to reduce its closing to twenty five percent plus one share this would leave just the blocking stake although the head of russia's m.d.m. bank things even that is not enough. you can put in the easy to live markets go with you which is making the world complete you can predict environmental elizabeth decisions throughout this company fully because in this case if you sincerely this company we will much higher than the state is the shareholder going
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to see the circle losers going to let you go for the full fare computed choose a country where you can produce and it is a. little. efficiency. let's take a look at the markets asian stocks are up for the first time in three days commodities and oil companies gaining on strong crude futures damacy i index out a point for the second tokyo pulled in a two day one point six percent decline hong kong stocks up over a percent over not well level street and russia's r.t.s. open thursday's trading session in the black as well the indexes trading point two percent higher the markets are still closed but the markets are set to extend wednesday's rally one of those rallies was hard ones burbank both close with over two point nine percent on my sites on staten. island unveiled the cautious budget measures in its history with a four year plan to call back to two billion euros or twenty billion dollars now
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the austerity plan is an indispensable condition for the debt stricken country to get an international loan totaling one hundred fifteen billion dollars in hopes the measures will permit its two thousand and fourteen deficit to fall to three percent of g.d.p. from thirty two percent expected this year the plan is to cut more than thirteen billion dollars from spending and raised almost seven billion in extra tax cuts. the twelve and a half percent corporation tax will remain unchanged over the planned period our day to day spending will be reduced by seven billion in the next four years and that brings expenditure back three years in a new world terms the numbers of public servants will be reduced by almost twenty five thousand russian spare bank says it does not see any threat from the expansion of the country's second largest bank v t v the bank plans to buy at least two of russia's top thirteen banks including trance credit bank is also thought to be
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looking to buy forty six percent of bank of moscow there was very bank says it expects its retail credit portfolio to grow by more than fifteen percent next year . and that's all i have for you this hour but i'll be back with more in about fifteen minutes from now meanwhile let's take a look at what's happening in headlines.
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for six months russian capital was in a state of siege. days and nights people lived in fear of occupation and were preparing for the desperate defense intense battles took a heavy toll among. the summit army switched to the offensive but was the first sunni or defeat of the wear marks which the. battle for moscow on our keep. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead at a beach front battlefield several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are.
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on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong. what are goddamn government allowing. to a chair we wait for so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra what jillian cooper story on our team. the closer team has been to the tom's college where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. now archie goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development. offers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy the birds and vivid cultural life.
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welcome to the pair and regions russia close up on archie. in the ability to do she's available in. the room for the one who took the old ways in which they get them closer to the millstone hutto country homes. the blue. zones the rim the cream the chairs to feel. the world the rubens photo.
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back here with. you welcome to the program and these are the headlines global heavy weights representing a quarter of the world's population are the biggest and top security and economic influence as part of the shanghai cooperation organization the group consists of russia china and four central asian nations. americans facing getting patted down to airports are unhappy with many opting to go cold turkey on one of the busiest travel weekends i'll be here they claim airport security measures including details cameras hands on chads. and strict regimes and russians orphanages for the mantle of disabled leave youngsters struggling to stand for themselves in the real world and many are now calling for a less eyes away from about a system of integration adam.


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