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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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two am in moscow reza good to be with you here on r t our top story a free trade zone between russia and the european union is a vision for the future that's the message from prime minister vladimir putin and german chancellor angela merkel they've pledged to strengthen economic ties after talking business cooperation in berlin or kiev are piskun off as more. russia and germany are continuing to move closer together an increasing and increasing cooperation which means russia and the european union are moving towards each other as well russia's prime minister vladimir putin and the german chancellor on go america will have been discussing joint ventures and projects in many spears like energy and car making and other sectors even talked about the possibility of. turning c union halls of course and that is something which is really far away at the moment hard to imagine right now but both of them have knowledged that this is
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something inevitable which would happen if they continue moving closer towards each other let's listen to what was what a person had to say just a fifth of a look at the business of the currency union we realize that it's a derivative of putting the economies together and it depends on the level of the economy's development it has to become mature but on the whole i don't rule out such forms of cooperation between us in turn up until america has named the russia germany's important partner the prime minister person suggested having a free zone between europe and russia in the future and i agree with that and i think that russia and europe partners wonderful course they have to broaden and develop their potential now you just heard i'm going to talking about the idea of building this free trade zone from lisbon to avoid the us talk that was also discussed it wasn't only just about business and serious topics and numbers and
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charts in fact. talked about the russian bid to host the two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and twenty two football world cups and actually said that he hopes germany will support russia's kids we also heard some of that legendary humor from one person let's listen to what he had to say when talking about. but a serious subject energy security and europe. asserted german community doesn't like nuclear power and i don't want to make any comments. but i don't understand what you're going to use to he see you don't develop nuclear power what are you going to use i would. but i suppose you'd have to get it from siberia too. thanks of course some humor there from was going to push on but the topic is quite serious and judging by the current economic situation in europe some
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serious problems in greece portugal possibly spain and other states only by combining their efforts and working together again the european union specifically germany in this case and russia only by working together can they overcome the consequences the economic survey. in crisis hit europe germany may be the safest place max kaiser economist and host of artie's kaiser report believes the country is ready to emerge as a twenty first century superpower. you can't really make an economy based on real estate speculation ireland and spain greece they tried to make an economy based on this idea that you could flip palaces and you could create a ponzi scheme with loans and mortgages and it collapsed as a result of the global credit collapse germany on the other hand nobody in germany is taking out mortgages like this nobody is flipping houses in germany germany are
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savers germany are sound business people and as a result they are in a much better position now as it was going forward from this crisis the crisis is only adding to germany's ability to ultimately break away from the euro and to compete head to head with china for competition in terms of being the twenty first century global superpower it will be germany and china the u.s. is gone the u.k. is long gone continental europe is outside of germany doesn't produce anything so you've got a reconstituted germany with their own central bank again their own currency and i predict the rise of germany again this is something that after world war two was it was attempted to be outlawed but germany is back and of course germany has excellent relations with russia the russian leaders the leadership speaks german the german leadership leadership speaks russian so there's a lot of a lot of talk there and so we're talking about
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a complete reconfiguration of the global. money system. opinion from max kaiser economist and host of our teens kaiser report well after months of hurdling around the earth in orbit a russian cosmonaut into nasa astronauts have their feet firmly back on soil after returning from the international space station although the landing in kazakhstan was dubbed ideal the crew had to bite their lips before their trip to terra firma or he's an italian overcoat has more from star city the heart of russia's space program. russian veteran cosmonaut through the year in has now safely returned to the government center for truth. his colleagues from nasa and douglas wheelock back to the united states who free members of the team will be undergoing after flight procedures for rehabilitation flights back to earth from the international space station took about three hours t.m.a. nineteen spacecraft landed safely the mission is now complete and the crew feels
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good and is satisfied with the way it went landing was smooth and. i congratulate everyone who contributed to the success of this project for you the chief and has all together spent a year in space and his colleagues from nasa sean. and douglas will or have spent about six months there each in their mission included in number of space walks and say different experiments and they in fact brought a container a refrigerator with the result of one hundred twenty scientific experience they conducted during their mission including by technical physics and chemical chemistry tests for this particular jim they musta been in an element of extra stress before their departure because they witnessed their predecessors failing to undock from the international space station due to a technical difficulty with an automatic lock that connects the international space station and the so you spacecraft that delayed their return back to earth by twenty four hours nonetheless the previous team also won that safely but this team seemed
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to be rather optimistic about their return they even had a special thanksgiving dinner before they started getting ready to fly back to earth right now three more cosmonauts remain at the international space station and they're welcome there were waiting to welcome three more in the middle of december . joseph stalin was responsible for the mass killings of polish prisoners in western russia in one thousand nine hundred forty russia's parliament has accepted the soviet leader order the cotton massacre that soured relations between moscow and warsaw for years artie's catarina has the details. for decades the soviet union denied any responsibility in this atrocious crime for fifty two years the soviet union attempted to blame nazi forces for the killing of polish officers in the so called cutting massacre that was in the 1940's when it nearly twenty thousand polish officers were detained and executed all over the soviet union it
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became known as the cutting massacre because i think it was one of the burial grounds where nearly four thousand officers were executed shot in the back of the head and buried in mass graves and for decades the soviet leadership insisted that this was the work of nazi forces that were on soviet territory at the time russia in the early one nine hundred ninety s. finally admitted responsibility for those murders and of course it was a very significant event for the revelations between moscow and warsaw because the polish side was just as frustrated at not knowing what happened to nearly twenty thousand of its citizens as they were with the laws that were being fed by the soviet leadership and the admittance of guilt in this was if that incident has been already called a turning point in relations between moscow and warsaw that screaming the left was commuted but. stud and his comrades and. unfortunately
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these are it was against a lot of people and now in. the parliament to my country we. lost sort of with polish people a boat that event of course the sorrow is not just purely on the polish side thousands and thousands of russian citizens were also executed there in the 1930's as part of stalinist for oppressions and all the facts have been released all the archives declassified and made available not only to the polish side but also to the public they were posted online just earlier this year and today we've already. we've heard from some polish officials who have said that this latest step this acceptance by the russian state duma of joseph stalin as the man to be kind of the executions of those polish officers it lays a foundation of trust between the two countries that will allow them to build a much more open and honest relationship of course cut the need for the polish side
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is not just a historical tragedy it is also a recent one earlier this year the polish president lech kaczynski was on his way to the team to pay his respects after for the first time in history both the russian and the polish sides official delegations were there to pay their respects to all the victims varied and got the plane crashed just outside ups my lands killing everybody on board most of poland's political elite nearly one hundred people so for poland this is a very wrong subject and steps like these hopefully will bring to choose sides closer to rican siling their differences and putting the past behind them remember you can find more in all the stories we're covering on our web site r t v dot com here's what else you can find online right now. to really a quarter of a century from the search for a noble nuclear disaster we take a look at what's being done to contain radiation levels at the site. and many
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americans were facing a thanksgiving pat down or full body scanners at u.s. airports but many opted to go cold turkey one of the busiest travel weekends of the year all the details online at our t.v. dot com. russia is concerned that the u.s. state department is not responding to an appeal over the recent detention of an r t news team russian foreign ministry says the lack of reaction from washington is in contrast to its claims to be a leader of free speech the archie crew was arrested while covering a peaceful protest outside a military academy in the state of georgia dubbed the school of assassins by activists the two crew members spent around thirty two member. as in jail before being released on bail moscow has called on u.s. authorities to condemn the incident europe's major security watchdog you know a c.e.o. has also asked the u.s. department secretary of state hillary clinton for an investigation. taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe south korea has reported a second round of artillery fire near one of its islands in the yellow sea this
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follows earlier reports of smoke and gun fire officials suspect was a north korean training exercise the news comes as pyongyang warned that u.s. south korean naval drills planned for the weekend are pushing the peninsula to the brink of war in a show of solidarity a top u.s. military commander visited the island which was the site of a previous artillery exchange between the countries earlier this week. said to mark two years since the terror attacks around the indian city killed one hundred sixty six people ten armed men targeted luxury hotels the main railway station and a jewish cultural center and a siege lasting two and a half days anti-terrorist police will be among those deployed to bolster security india criticized pakistan in the lead up to the anniversary for not pressing ahead with charges against the alleged masterminds. police in rio de janeiro say they have regained control of a shanty town that had been taken over by violent drug gangs five days of clashes
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saw at least thirty people dead as officers backed by special forces and military hardware tried to restore order police say the violence started in a protest against a crackdown on gang members in the slums results trying to reduce violent crime in the lead up to hosting the football world cup in two thousand and fourteen. thousands of bargain hunters in the u.s. have stormed stores as so-called black friday sees the sale season opened many people spent the night outside the stores to catch the best deals some customers say the discounts are not as good as last year but retailers are predicting record sales this month despite the economic downturn. finally this news block the appearance of an armored vehicle on the streets of lot of all stock in russia's far east had some fearing that it might be the start of world war three but it turns out the vehicles owner was just going shopping victor pan call bought the vehicle three months ago for his personal transportation he's made one or two adjustments to it now it's not leather seats and soundproofing. tested when he goes fishing and
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hunting but he's sure it'll conquer whatever thrown at it from muddy trails to city potholes. i. wish i had one of those. dives into some authentic asian culture right here in the russian capital check it out coming your way next.
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five years ago and from. the various shops. that's what we'll be exploring. chinese culture. although thousands of kilometers from moscow people forget that russia borders china the countries have had diplomatic and commercial relations for centuries and today this extends to russia's fascination with chinese traditions and designs. from several manufacturers in china and it's all handmade
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good pieces made of solid wood inlaid with pearls and various turds many chinese people who come to our shop i'm very impressed as this is has been difficult but then to find such missing furniture in their country and we have it here in. dating back thousands of years chinese interior design is founded on the principles of energy simplicity and nature they strive to achieve surroundings characterized by tranquility and peace and from chinese lanterns to rich opulent fabrics and moscow stores like china style here will help you create such a rich exotic look in your home in russia as a form of freedom of expression is now a great need for different styles a sign of how diverse the tastes of muscovites becoming. on pausing to take a look at this week's entertainment news. and
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a new show by the famous canadian entertainment company said to select has premiered in moscow it's the second time the international company of acrobats gymnasts clowns and other performers have come to the russian capital the shown in court t o meeting cauterize your italian offers the audience a spectacular performance of a festive parade to the eyes of a clown the production is not only a wonderful show of tricks and stunts performed to live music but also aims to touch philosophical matters to help discover kindness and wisdom within each spectator. in the popular band from norway a ha has presented a concert in the russian capital as part of that twenty ten well tool the live performance was one of the last chances to see the musicians on stage as they decided to retire at the end of the year formed in the early ninety's eighties has recorded dozens of international hits including take on may first have
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a lot you'll see crying in the rain and many others which the audiences of all ages and nationalities enjoyed the concerts. to one of the best things about chinese culture is the food and there are dozens of chinese restaurants here in the russian capital like this one here the gold driving . the golden dragon restaurant features five areas the chinese hold the imperial hold the sea hold the ip room and karaoke bar the restaurant is decorated with typical classic chinese items such as mats old fans and figurines. it just feel like a staged underground venue but i think something about that brings charm besides the food is said to be amazing here in the busy kitchen the chefs are working away today i've ordered the asian fusion dish of the sabi prawns. to golden dragon
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specializes in dishes of chinese and japanese cuisine so the restaurant also cases are vegetarians and those with special diets and hey presto my shoot is ready and caviar very nice. to stop because when i look at the smaller grates we got the ministry of chopsticks fortunately i could have used. that as a question to. wonderful chinese. in the russian capital. disappointing. there are also more kids friendly places like the moment out chain of restaurants the value of his traditional dishes from the asian countries such as vegetable rolls in peace and dark and generous portions and fast service.
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if you're hungry for art and the state museum of oriental art is the place you should visit it's one of the largest museums representing the culture of the eastern countries and chinese art is part of its permanent collection exhibited in several schools the display features around twenty thousand items representing the country's artistic traditions in chronological order starting from as early as almost full thousand years ago. jolty imperato meaning you know emperor and russian is a clinic of alternative medicine combining the traditions of chinese theories which of thousands of years old with the latest developments top specialists from china work in the clinic and pharmacy the philosophy behind their approach is to treat the past and not just the disease research methods as acupuncture massages and treatments for plants and about herbs are usually used as remedies. in the first business to clear the patient is examined by both russian and chinese doctor's.
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appointment if needed and carefully study a medical history and suggestions treatments of the use of acupuncture suction cup therapy massages and herbal medicines. next stop if it's an upmarket chinese experience you want to take a look at this next venue just encourages originally from australia is the head chef here located on the second floor of a mansion and because next you must hear russian history contrasts sharply with the restaurant's bright contemporary interior. they said he said the best chinese cheat in russian capital. recently. so tell me about the rest for mr may here in the concept when we opened. it was we're going to do a fifty percent traditional chinese menu and fifty percent and nation and we do traditional chinese food which you know we're using lots of different sources we
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used to have a chicken so we did it in like traditional chinese cooking and then we do a pension cooking which is what we make everything else and you know has more of a western flank and what he does in capital i was brought here three years ago by. chef and. he found me in sydney an invited me. here i am today the russians famously. chinese food it really kind of is a new thing for them isn't it. i think that it's starting to grow to like chinese more i think the flavors are a bit different for them. they used to. maybe blended type foods coming from the soviet era. but i think slowly the it's catching on also the flavors i mean we have to sweeten everything. for their for their palate we take
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out a lot of spices. because russian people on that really like spicy. we change it a little bit but you know we try and keep it as traditional schools and what about the rules or ingredients steve bring the measure from china. fly most of the stuff in twice a week we bring it from china thailand. all their mates. from what you think about living here in moscow i love living here you know. three years every day it's exciting every day something new it's unpredictable you don't know it's going to happen and. it was obvious to me and i look forward to trying more of your tribe is third in the future. if. some of us assigned a number of chinese tea houses have sprung up in the center of the capital of the cost few years the longest established being the tea culture club in the emma taj
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gardens. russia is one of the world's great teacher inclinations and in moscow today a new school to teach can be found expensive exotic traditional and healthy once the beverage of chinese floral sedate with its spread across the world the methods of production and brewing have also undergone a sea change. and from tea sets to chinese lanterns the gift shop here has a range of exciting gives. welcome to the club. culture it opened six years ago and the value of it is more than four hundred the horizon's depending on its heart of the season the focus is on chinese traditions and relaxation and the average history can take two hours. of course every country has its own tradition that enchanted tea ceremony of it to their eyes to the ceremonies a chance to get in touch with the oriental culture have south and. east their legs
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and to enjoy a. wonderful taste. and there's no smoking drinking or mobile phones allowed inside here before. there are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed in china as a sign of respect for a family gathering to apologize and to connect large families and wedding days here with the club assistants were poor and splashed in and over turkey to cups generous with their time to explain the five stages of boiling cattle from i have crap to wind through pine trees sounds a little odd but all part of the unique traditions and customs related to tea no wonder russians love it and as for me my daily grey now has serious competition there. yes.
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on the. site morning to solidify. the fortunately that's once all we have on this week's program on chinese culture here in the same capital i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the team of lying.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead at a beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification i assemble of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. returned to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. . culture is the same i understand my only
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answer is probably the most on the back of you look back years in the market the search for stability and legitimacy will haitians find either after sunday's elections many question the usefulness of these polls. would be so much brighter if you knew about songs from finest impressions. means food starts on t.v. dot com.
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two thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v.'s we are headline prime minister putin has been pushing for closer ties between russia and the e.u. with an ultimate goal of the pre-trained zone during his visit to berlin also trying to court the german vote for russia's bid for the twenty eight thousand football world. pretty crewmembers from the international space station safely returned to earth after five and a half months in orbit the crew conducted scientific research and perform maintenance activities during their stay aboard the i s s. and poland welcomes russia's recognition of the one thousand nine hundred massacre after the state duma declares the soviet leadership responsible for the atrocities twenty two thousand polish officers were killed on the direct order of joseph stalin.


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