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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EST

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well kim saw the t.v. broadcasting the live from central moscow where russia's love nice they shouldn't comes into focus in about an hour's time president dmitri medvedev is expected to outline the country's progress and future goals it is and we'll address also this small. world leaders pull cold water on the exposure of america's candidate people saying the wiki leaks wiles will not affect global diplomacy. and security loyalty tests or presidents of promise political cole says the democrats pressed the republicans to get the new kick out still signed off while the senate is still in action.
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very good morning see this is artsy life in the very hall solve the russian capital with me alice habits and me is the kremlin and in about an hour's time we're expecting a life force calls from there all the president to meet with that is and he'll address it's a parliament in which he is expected to outline the country's progress and and future goals while it is and the state of the nation address president medvedev particularly last year spoke about the need for most not exist within a russia's political and economic systems and this time the speech comes of it some crucial changes within russia's internal on foreign policies. well let's let so
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cross a life to all these actually inside the kremlin palace from which that address will come and he said what expect stations all the head of the states of the nation address part of course you know exactly what president medvedev touched on but from his previous speeches like you said we can take to become recast it's going to be broken up into two parts one focusing on foreign the other on domestic policy on the foreign side were most likely to hear about cooperation in facing some of the world's most pressing issues also probably going to hear something about european security we are hearing that a lot of time is going to be spent on domestic issues and that makes sense because this like you said is the president laying out what he wants to see the country small make us do but instead of me guessing what he's going to talk about joining me now is someone who knows a lot better than i do journalists are capable of very well known here if you are in the chaos of it i haven't seen some of the here let's first talk about
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a recent video of. the president warning that there could be techniques and they said there are signs if we don't hear more from the opposition are we going to hear . an expansion of the things i mean that's the big issue one of these countries does require viable opposition on the other hand the you to couple them into a position like the communist party them some of the people who have in mind the polish opposition looking at those. in the squares protesting the himself the fortune. pushing to from the subject of the disappointed with a couple of paper. which should be of them aspired to the position of actually takes forty five balls and keep the four parts in the country of a hundred it's in the russians so it's up to the people some way for this. that's the most surprising thing as they say the only european in these
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countries that have. so strangely enough in my books nominates from the army bob that while i consciously said that the opposition to all of this from the presidency is that the new structure of the political blogs is being called the particularly it's been nice without having said that i wouldn't actually. diminish . the. existing parliamentary opposition comes partly to some i suppose it's possible. to build lists of these people who say they truly girls are going to have a problem and through visitation with this particular as they. would have a totally different political mother i mean that's the message if it becomes waiter like it's because facebook right can't wait to hear about. it was a question so much because quite small from what you've read so i need to. know
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what you think that made up writing. all i can tell you. it's because i was the go to the folding chair with a present it's not possible to change since the typical eighty percent that says my son has the same. social security medicare occasionally the russian side is mine since it was something he'd see from the outside but there's always this five cents to the kids and such believe it is freedom. doesn't mean better because he's an important god but they use this phrase my small sense of those might say good bye actions trust but the more public opinion of the mid to late bob educated people actually for me to get any kind of let's see some way to perceive your person politically motivated is educated to play a very obviously primitive model to see what is going to stop. the bit about
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foreign policy is if you're going to hear about the nato forces you have. got well first of all we are home is ace three four days away from the boys see something so a lot of the world leaders are trying to articulate what they're going to be commodes acosta mosques on the first of the summer. i was actually. told by estimates the importance of the season and some of the understanding reached a policeman some it's a. major motion at least he's hugely. all agreed that the got to stop the crowd traffic and that's united's out with. the milestone support then simplistic ways on their way as to the stage my slogan and the most accepted tell it's not just details and believe me that the palace is
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just too big to be resold by militia titian's first and then to the south from lisbon to east seems to mostly cream russia and the west poses a major threat is it north koreans the radiance of the russian government is saying that the rain in the rain in the silence of the motorcade actually reaching major we are made so we will not be reached by iranian missiles greatest defend russia against its people the simple problem with the concept. that one small place to make the results of the summits list the time of the match. the russian president and the russian customs in particular. will try to find a job down the road the channel that has been such an icon but to remain on the cover the results of these summits with technicalities ought to be i think later proven let's. get back. to mr.
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if you make him an update on how it's going or set out for mike tell this with you beyond so as to just be one suppose his view of the world. was done something gave us a good friends of mine once with the statement that we change on this mr nelson not on some of them seem to ask him whether help people to think small loss is to set up a class of this loss is not the same with freedom of speech as hope probably for the speech in this country they bought these couple of miles surface when the president and the likes of. russia think he's got his will take them all to the side so make it a little to see. and it might. well it's a young country to the point you know people this was factual statements mention of the laws of physics. in this last thousand year. for the seven eight years or so. so let's let's be patient we compare russia to
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the sun is up to you different countries they compare russia and europe besides the different political systems but then in the case of eastern europe the slogan also coming back to russia has never sat wants to go back to europe russia wants me to sell itself himself sorry. but mostly. on the. spot right where i can see. will russia be in that state about thirty years at wesley's insight. i don't think so he's got the system by them it's the parliamentary democracy based government georgia failed and i suspect that will russia keep. a strong presence if it's with a chap. with country continued with the russia continue being as simple as that as it is. i don't actually think the prison or the front steps but i think the world
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that the country wants is that's it he replies to me it's property but it's cause he wanted to say she just want to do that there's a problem how do you that's. deep. down he's obviously. because the first response is. yeah that's what i think we're here in their fifteen minutes fifty five now we'll be getting out this thing it's why the earth people are now back you know it's out there in the. u.k. nice of many thanks to you and your guests to gabriel you all for that insight into what we can expect to come out of this stage of the nation address sounds he said we are expecting a live transmission all of this at nine d. that's twelve midday most case ifa now they let's leave the center of moscow down crosspatch see you in the r.c.c. da for more of today's all of us home this.
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gets us thanks very much for that now the latest wiki leaks revelations are nothing new and will not damage international diplomacy according to major will be those they voiced their doubts about the leaks from the on the whistleblower which contained more than two hundred thousand classified documents from u.s. embassies across the globe turns out he's got a chicken reports many experts say it's still a huge blow for washington's reputation those files exposed definitely exposed diplomatic information never meant for public eyes but experts say most of those documents are nothing new for the international diplomatic community most employers are kind of aware of the u.s. attitude many were quick to dub it as a diplomatic crisis for the u.s. not just because of the facts revealed in those files but most most of all to first of all because of the revelation itself how's that possible right this secretive.
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u.s. state department allowed this to happen how weak their protection system must be if more than two hundred fifty thousand classified files managed to pour out and second of all home bearer saying and often undiplomatic those cables actually actually were also the reason the release shows not so much some huge secret facts but rather the level of correspondence among u.s. diplomats which which some described as similar to high school kids chat the u.s. embassy in paris for example described a french president as as a naked emperor things skinned and off among other things the u.s. embassy in moscow described pres the mid of it as playing robin to putin's batman you find a lot of nicknames in those files the wiki leaks are definitely causing a lot of american and for the obama administration they're trying to sort of play this down in obama's case just to just ignore it he walked out on a reporter who asked about the weekly leagues secretary of state hillary clinton is now doing all the damage control work here is what she said i want to make clear
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that our official foreign policy is not set through these messages but here in washington our policy is a matter of public record as reflected in our statements and our actions around the world many countries that were mentioned in those files were kind of restrained in their comments including russia because. it was fun to read sure but in actual policies we prefer to base our decisions on our partners concrete actions we're going to practice this approach in the future. there are lots of versions on who would want all that secret secret diplomatic correspondence revealed someone then dad still not clear who one of those were versions is that the leaks weren't used to undermine obama some are saying the leaks could be an inside the job by some disillusioned or discouraged u.s. government workers these leaks would. ever have happened if not for the number of
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insiders who are ready to lead this information it looks like it's linked to the wars in iraq and afghanistan when officers and they're working for a not exactly fair business and this moral decay inside the pentagon caused these leaks the main thing this leak has done is break delusion that the state department has everything under control they have been exposed mechanisms not secret but quite simple and cynical partners of the us will be more careful now it's another sign that the us is no longer dominating the world meanwhile obama ordered to tie can measures to safeguard classified information but we can expand the system reveal more i've heard an opinion here at that maybe we can leaf they do you eyes diplomacy a favor that would make them work better and made me watch what they're saying behind the backs of their allies even. well former british diplomat craig murray says there are no surprises in the latest leak but believes there's a lesson for envoys to address their concerns directly and not behind people's
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backs. most of this material is not really very highly classified and it doesn't contain a great deal but the world wouldn't have suspected already. the difficulty is of course that there's been a great deal of discontent with the united states foreign policy ever since the iraq war with the continuing occupation of afghanistan so the missile launch on the gauge your ground to have people putting out information into be public domain that's a new fact of life that diplomats services have to come to terms with i think diplomats should speak honestly about world leaders i think the difficulty is that you have people speaking honestly and private cables but not speaking on this lead to people stay says diplomacy shouldn't just be a synonym of duplicity if you have a problem with a world leader you should tell them so explain what the problem is politely but firmly. where you get trouble is where your very very polite to people spaces and then very dude about them in in private and that sort of behavior shouldn't be any
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more acceptable in diplomacy. meanwhile trends and this gentle cementing says the leaks are a vivid illustration of the u.s. government's shortcomings. it's just another example of how inept the united states government is it's just another level whether it's losing wars in iraq or afghanistan whether it's failed health care or how about this one a failed economic policy everything that washington is they turn to ruin and this is just merely another example of their levels of incompetence we the people should have the right to this information they want a transparent government let's have it this is the diplomatic top this is doubles b. and now we have these crazy congress men that want to call him a terrorist so now they're going to try to stop it every way they can but you know it's very difficult to say where it's going to go. now internal conflicts in the
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u.s. congress should know how but efforts to reduce nuclear weapons that's the cole from the head of the senate foreign relations committee john kerry says the atomic cuts treaty with russia should be ratified before the unit senate is in place but more republicans will get the chance to block it new start is quite simply a common sense or agreement. to control the world's most dangerous weapons and then have stability between the two countries to countries that possess over ninety percent of them and what a completely opposite irresponsible decision it would be if the united states senate just got bogged down in politics and walked away from this moment unwilling to make that kind of decision that offers the kind of leadership that the world that i think certainly the american people expect us to make. well kerry's message
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echoes that of the u.s. president urging and they take some attorneys minetti this money said about a stamp in the deal the cia is crucial for national security and the warming of relations with russia the treaty would see the new to austin's of russia. by almost a third to come into force it has to be ratified by the u.s. senate republicans are trying to stall the process saying there are more pressing problems to deal with investigative journalist wayne madsen says some republicans are in favor of signing the treaty but the president obama still faces a daunting task to persuade the rest of them to do so. unfortunately if we don't pass the start treaty and this congress it's going to be thrown into a senate where the republicans are going to have an increase majority people like senator john kyl and senator john mccain both from arizona will have a lot of influence and less so people like senator lugar who's been forcefully
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arguing he's a republican of course he's been forcefully arguing for the republicans to do the right thing if he can persuade enough republicans and maybe some of the outgoing republican senators to get on board maybe we could see passage but this is going to take some monumental statesmanship not only on the part of president obama but on part of the democratic and republican leaders in the senate who are not trying to sabotage the start treaty with russia. it's really incumbent i think on president obama to use his bully pulpit being the president of the united states to really force this issue and tell these recalcitrant republicans why this is important. and that we're keeping across that story for you on the side that is what else you can check out and just to take away the submarine anyone cry that show you the world's first ever had low powered underwater craft. thousands of
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joint operation from the nimitz are behind this feature length tale every day and bill clinton shows us probably. four policemen had been wounded in a blast in kurdistan as capital it happened just a few hours before officials from the ousted president's government were doing court on charges of causing civilian deaths during april's uprising several former top officials are being tried of with claims they ordered the military to open fire on protesters who tried to force the government's resignation dozens were killed the unrest continued for several days president back here was invention forced to flee the country months of instability followed as the interim government tried to restore calm. leaders around to bring the former ministers to justice as one of his
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relatives given the positions u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton's team to visit claims this tuesday. when some of today's main world news for you. all right four hostages have been released from a u.s. high school in wisconsin after being held on student for five hours the fifteen year old. making demands and then previous run ins with the he suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound is now being treated in hospital anyone else was. well football's governing body has been hit by allegations of corruption three days before the vote to select the hosts for the world cups in twenty teen twenty twenty two three senior pfieffer officials are accused of receiving kickbacks to the one hundred million dollars sports marketing for their nine hundred ninety s. . fraud allegations against
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a fee for vice president reportedly involved in the resale of world cup tickets to tell its people has so far refused to comment. joins us now live to species. hello welcome to our business program i'm sure. president dmitri medvedev has suggested more tax cuts for those who back innovative start ups he was speaking at a gathering on modernization and technology the president said investors should be exempt from taxes when they sell their shares and start up projects such angelas invest their own money different from venture capitalists to manage third party funds. and the president suggestion is the latest proposal to inspire a russian version of silicon valley but business leaders doubt the economy can be modernised by decree. one thing with russia should adopt as it is a back best practice and learn from our use the actions how to how to implement
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certainly initiatives it's also very important to develop infrastructure also develop trust between businesses and national promote development of joint ventures for example for investors i'm a little bit more skeptical about government directly investing in particular technology i think they should be led by private sector but i think good government should do and will stay should do is promote equal rights and promote clear rules and the right climate for such investments the post. and the has agreed on eighty five billion euro bailout package for arland but that is still always a fraction of the money the banks in ireland have lost and many doubt their son is a nuff to halt the crisis the head of london school of economics told business r.t. that the bailout package is credible but irish banks will have to give up their
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global ambitions. the i.m.f. and the rest of the european union are now standing behind the irish government the question remains however what is the future for the irish banks because in the past they were very large they did a lot of international business particularly in the u.k. and my own view is that so. we will have to see a significant contraction in the activities of the irish banks and they will have to go back to being essentially local domestic banks because this adventure that they went on overseas was a failure last week chancellor merkel made a strong quote she asked if politicians had the courage to confront the bankers and bondholders to make those who took the risks share in the bailout how comments were barely reported in the western press why is this a touchy issue because if you say that's what you are thinking about people in the
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market react to it immediately so this is not something that you can speculate about either have to have a clearly worked out plan which involves a debt restructuring which is for everybody painful maybe but at least equally painful if you have that plan and you can do it you could do that for greece or italy for portugal you could say we're going to have a standstill over the weekend we're going to work out but everyone's going to take a haircut that's possible what you can't do is speculate about it. let's have a look at the markets asian starts closed down on the day indices said more than one percent financials are dragging in hong kong with h.s.b.c. down almost one of their half a percent away from financials lenovo group is also low after the data group reduced its forecast of global p.c. sales in two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven. meanwhile in russia both
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indices are up on the day little i was up almost one percent on the r.c.s. followed by ross now after a point three four percent bucking the trend are russ hydro and ross naff both down point one percent on my sax they're all palios shares fell the most anomalous for months after a sinkhole that formed the other companies main pot ash mine deep in complicating efforts to repair the main rail link the company uses to ship potash from its main russian mine. in general the russian markets have been moving sideways on negative news from abroad that's according to alexei mean r m g securities. but the markets have been moving sideways for the past couple weeks and of course the russian like with the market is also moving on the. quite important metric moment commands from focus first of all it's a military conflict between so and not been career and of course
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the problems concerning the european countries some european countries like spain and portugal the european union is supposed to provide some economic and financial support for countries like spain and portugal so the thing is the question is whether the support will be sufficient and well whether the farms aimed at this problem will be sufficient the most interesting subject through the year easley's talks all the while and telecoms in the region have tocome up returns because practically all of them have a certain upside potential to the barely within that for the prosthetic arm what else of course you do with their stocks first of all it's interesting to see the distribution companies all of them quite interesting kind of price levels and most of them are significantly undervalued on the. basis of each. and that's all the updates for this hour you can always find watch stories on
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a website that's archie dot com slash business stay with us. wealthy british style. is no time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. the close a team has been to the home screen where rich academic life gives birth to innovative ideas. known largely goes to the area which together with boosting industrial development. offers to make a journey into russia's history. and to enjoy firsts in vivid culture like. welcome to the pair and region in russia closing in on cheap.


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