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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2010 11:00am-11:30am EST

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working with nato to prevent a new arms race and forging closer ties with foreign partners those are the top priorities outlined in dimitri medvedev a presidential address to the federal assembly today. it's barack obama's big test as he tries to break republican opposition and use his final chance this year so push through congress. treaty with russia. peace activists have been demonstrating for almost a decade against its involvement in the afghanistan war but the protests are falling on deaf ears.
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he is coming to you live from moscow welcome to the program russia's president dmitri medvedev this has warned of a new arms race unless russia and nato compromise on a joint missile system addressing the two houses of the russian parliament today he also underlined the importance of intensifying the fight against widespread corruption one of the many obstacles on the path to modernization and he said now it gives us a review of the presidential speech. that easy d.m. or i seascape figured out c d b d h me to get you the state of the nation a perfect way to make a statement about how to protect the interests of a state russia sees missile defense as the number one priority on its global agenda not for today but for the future it is racially distillate here in the next decade we have the following alternatives either we reach an agreement on missile defense
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and create a full blown mechanism for cooperation war if we fail to have a constructive agreement a new stage of the arms race will start and we will have to make a decision on creating new strike forces it was one of his strongest statements one which experts think will get across how much russia wants cooperation not confrontation as they say and the united states is a game changer something which will dramatically change the strategic equation if it does not happen he wanted to say then we may be for a new period of confrontation the president made a did didn't mention the u.s. or their so-called reset he focused on countries like china when talking about trade and boosting investment back home that i should add to it could lead to step up economic to plainly see it should provide specific results for modernization of foreign policy should not just be based on missiles we have already formed the
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customs union and currently we're creating a common economic area under the range an economic community that we're testing cutting edge integration patterns as well as programs of effective cooperation basically we must move towards a common economic area spreading from the arctic to the pacific ocean or through eurasia of course a good part of the a draft focused on domestic goals from pensions to pay checks doesn't make me do have pinpointed many problems and how he thinks they should be solved but long term they must have a shrewd. this speech wasn't just about the upcoming year it was about russia's plans for many years to come here's what the president said about russia's raging corruption problem but because of our experience shows that even facing a jail term does not stop corrupt people we think that sometimes economic measures such as a fine because it is so commercially bribery in your context with one hundred four years from. now it's time for lawmakers to get to work the president's plan
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is out there to meet me three did has pave the road he wants to see russia on now it's time for these men and women to get the country on that track and stay the course reporting from the kremlin and he's there now a party. in his speech president medvedev clearly indicated that russia is open to constructive dialogue on missile defense that's the view or few thought to look here on the editor in chief of the magazine in russia in global affairs. today is actually invitation to continue talks which they started at the need to russian interests i meant in lisbon last week because if not eve nato continuous with its own missile shield then inevitably russia will need to consider. other options and i don't believe in the arse race but that will be again. a re shaping the confrontation of the past. you are with are still ahead for you
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drumming for peace but no one's listening. you cannot fight terror with war because war is terror that's our main issue you know we explore why the authorities and the media in denmark turning a blind eye to campaigners demanding the country's troop withdrawal from afghanistan. the last call rusher is among those preparing their final big presentation to host the two thousand and eighteen football world cup the winner will be announced today. it's this year the last chance now for barack obama to push for u.s. legislators to ratify the nuclear reduction treaty with russia as republicans try to stall the process plans to address the country's senate later on choose day to get more support from congress. explains exactly why some are not giving the treaty
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the go ahead. obama basically has two leaks or so to have his arguably major foreign policy achievement passed by the senate then we'll have the christmas break and after the holidays if by then the trade is still not ratified there will be dark days awaiting obama's start more republican senators will take office and many of them are skeptical about the treaty but it seems the substance of the treaty its content has long stopped being the focus of discussions here in washington a partisan game sort of scoring of political point seem to be more important to some politicians than what's actually at stake and that's the point obama has been making for weeks we've heard him call for republican senators to step away from this overwhelming desire to undermine his presidency and really look at the treaty itself and how important it is for the u.s. national security senator lugar who's been forcefully arguing he's a republican of course he's been forcefully arguing for the republicans to do the
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right thing if he can persuade enough republicans and maybe some of the outgoing republican senators to get on board maybe we could see passage but this is going to take some. some monumental statesmanship not only on the part of president obama but on the part of the democratic and republican leaders in the senate who are not trying to sabotage the start treaty with the with russia the start is not just about reducing both countries' nuclear arsenals by a third it's seen as a symbol of trust between the two nuclear superpowers and obama made it clear in some of his earliest statements that further cooperation plans with the washer could when they go south without this key trading places trust how important russia's assistance is in afghanistan how crucial russia's cooperation was on iran and some other aspects of u.s. russia we said and everybody here realizes that the new start is sort of the milestone of this reset in terms of substance and key questions concerns whatever
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senators had regarding the new start treaty those were all addressed to start is quite simply a common sense or agreement. to control the world's most dangerous weapons and enhance stability between the two countries two countries that preserve us over ninety percent of them and what are completely opposite irresponsible decision it would be if the united states senate just got bogged down in politics and walked away from this moment unwilling to make the kind of decision that offers the kind of leadership that the world that i think certainly the american people expect us to make that country's military unanimously testified in support for the treaty and number of former secretary of state both republican and democrat former defense secretary is all said having started is in u.s. national interest so there is
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a huge bipartisan support for the trade among experts but not on the hill and obama has very little time to change that artie's gun if you can reporting well a british students have gathered for a third nationwide day of action in protest against government plans to raise university tuition fees the reforms are part of the u.k. government's deficit cutting measures reports suggest that police attempted to contain the protesters in advance students to avoid a repeat of last week's violence previous to waves of protests through thousands of demonstrators have accused the police of overzealous response to isolated clashes now let's get some more analysis on this from steven davis he's a director of education i think it's nude or economic affairs and now joins us live from london so it's already the third wave of massive student protests against the rise in tuition fees tell me can can rallies like this can public rallies ever
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change lawmakers minds i don't think so certainly not the demonstrations of anything i think they're more likely to make the it more because we go through all the increases in. now i surely some would say that students shouldn't be targeted the cuts should be focused elsewhere as attacking education will only adversely affect the future economy your thoughts on that. not at all for one thing what we're talking about here is people who typically come from relatively well off backgrounds having their education paid for by people on relatively low incomes through the tax system that is simply not fair and there's no reason why these people should escape the kind of cuts that everybody else is having to face but now you have a background in economics has surely the future economy would suffer though if you are going to drop money out of the education education system that is educating the people of the future not necessarily and also it's not at all clear that these increases in fees are going to lead to any kind of reduction in the number of
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people going to university the previous increases in fact were followed by an increase in the number study plus it's not clear that anybody least of all the government knows how many students we need if students have to meet the full cost of this study then they will make a more informed and rational decision about whether or it's right for them to go to university and will end up with the correct number of students but perhaps shouldn't the u.k. government government be trying to move away from its reliance on financial services and boost industry and other parts of the economy well it may be the case that the u.k. economy needs to be realigned if you will but that's not really a matter for the government to do what the government should do in a way is get out of the way and allow the economy and allow private enterprise to take its own course now to the extent that vocational courses or practical qualifications are more lucrative for people to take a better return on your investment if you will then if people have to pay a price for going to university then they're more want to go into those areas so
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you're saying that up perhaps wouldn't vocational rather than university study help with this matter. well indeed i mean many people probably would be better off taking of occasional course at the moment they're not actually facing accurate price signals they don't know effectively because they're not paying the full cost of their studies whether they're making a financially wise decision or not if they had to do so then probably more people would in fact go into practical of occasional courses are let's take a broader scope on this and talk about what's fair and what's not fair i mean do you think it's reasonable to be cutting jobs and education and benefits at home while at the same time helping a bailout other european countries well that that is not reason in many ways the amount to actually contributed to the european bailout of ireland is almost exactly the same amount of the amount cut from welfare payments over here however the reason why this is being done is in order to protect british banks which are significantly exposed to bad debt in ireland and what is going on at the moment is
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that there's a huge series of unexploded bombs of bad debt in various countries which is being passed around in a rather gruesome game of pass the parcel from one set of taxpayers to another it was passed on to the irish taxpayer it's proved too much for them and it's now effectively being passed on to the european taxpayers including the british ones what is needed is a mechanism for the orderly winding up of insolvent banks and financial institutions and that's what we don't have despite two years in which we could have worked one out stephen davis director of the education of the interstate of economic affairs live in london thank you. well there is no shortage of skepticism in europe over the war in afghanistan in denmark though antiwar activists have been camping outside parliament for nearly a decade opposing danish participation in the so-called war on terrorism they want to make politicians stand up and listen but their calls are falling on deaf ears as artie's found out i they've been here for nine years and they're not planning on
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leaving anytime soon among us. is because. we're like no we don't want to go home and leave it to them again you know the your peace watch and they believe their government is doing the wrong thing but participating in the war in afghanistan you cannot fight terror with a war because war is terror that's our main issue you know denmark has more than seven hundred troops in afghanistan a soldier killed recently brought the total number of danish losses to thirty nine so peace watch believe very case is as important today as it was in two thousand and one this is the danish ministry of defense right across the street from this is the danish parliament members of peace watch have been standing here for the last nine years day in and day out demanding the pullout of danish troops from afghanistan so has anybody been paying attention to them apparently not in fact
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they say it's not just the government that ignores them but the media and the general public too sometimes they say well denmark isn't war we say to the youngsters over here coming to us they say look around where i don't see any war and occasional deeds we happen to pass by i also don't show much enthusiasm i don't see. really an. aggressive. militaristic probably. so why have peace watch activists not been able to gain any attention at. we stood there priest of year it's some believe it's because an antiwar mood in the country is something when you think within the last year while there's a majority of the population against our continued participation of god the star even though there are still a large political majority in parliament for public opinion has become skeptical but that's quite new a piece watch i determined to stay put until they reach their goal even if it takes
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and you know there are nine years well i'll stay here i'm too little ends but everything we need to include quality companies you can make. it is the last day before the country's vying to host the football world cup in two thousand and eighteen and two thousand and twenty two are allowed to promote their bids delegations are gathering in zurich where the winners will be announced on thursday russia is fighting with england for the right to host in eight years time one of the planet's biggest sporting events also in the running are joint bids from spain and portugal and belgium and the netherlands they will make their final presentation bids on wednesday in the u.s. and australia are among those hoping to host the two thousand and twenty two tournament experts believe russia has a strong chance of winning as it is well supported by the government it has faced criticism though concerning its lack of infrastructure and as the head of russia's
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bid committee says the country has plenty of time to improve the situation. report largely describes what is. the state of affairs now ok we're talking about a world cup there will be in in almost eighty years. of course much changes will occur and we have submitted all the documents signed by our government that these changes are guaranteed to happen. well there's plenty more to be discovered on our website. and there you'll find exclusive coverage opinion and analysis including the story of an orphanage in russia that is suspected of forcing disobedient children into mental health hospitals where they were treated find out more on this story dot com. and you rolled may be in store for immigrants in russia. welcome foreigners to serve in its armed forces for the first time discover
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more. the publication by wiki leaks of a huge raft of communiques has a wreaked havoc with american diplomacy politicians around the world say the confidential reports of u.s. officials offer a few new facts but the director of the trends research institute says the revelations are a damning indictment of the united states. today in the american media's disgrace now how about you know look at the garbage they talk about michael jackson for months on end tiger woods so the internet is opening up a whole different way of of new journalism for the twenty first century and this is an example i heard hillary clinton's quote about how american foreign policy is
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public while great this is these wiki leaks are making it more public we're seeing how incompetent they are how would double speak to a you how they show was handshakes and smiles on t.v. while they're doing dirty talk behind their backs no this is the new way of journalism however look what's going on also some clowns out there that call themselves congressman have this stuff terrorism so we're going to have a position with the federal government as they did last week they're going to start closing down sites and prosecuting people have about this claim saddam hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to al qaeda i mean they make claims all the time where i would any one of the thinking adults mind police of anything the government says to them especially when we see these facts revealed in another
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light read my lips no new taxes i did have sex with that woman monica lewinsky i smoke but i didn't inhale we the people should have the right to this information they want a transparent government let's have it. well some of the cables obtained by wiki leaks concerned tensions around north and south korea suggesting senior chinese officials favor reunification of the two countries under seoul's control the documents were revealed as north korea's parliamentary chairman china for diplomatic talks the us south korea and japan reportedly rejected beijing's call to sit down and resume talks on north korea disarmament the north is further unnerved by a joint american south korean military exercise in the disputed waters professor frank of vienna university says seoul's a current policy is dangerous with a volatile state like north korea. because south korean president finds himself
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between the rock and the hard place on one hand if you does nothing he will lose credibility at home and abroad if you overreacts you will risk a major confrontation and may be disastrous consequences for his own people so after the sinking of the channel in march however it seems that doesn't feel like sitting still this time so he's walking a very tight rope between showing force strength and actually a confrontation far as i understand his policy here regarding the sunshine policy of who's to preview services. and efficient not effective so he decided to return to a policy of strict reciprocity towards north korea to put out good actions will be rewarded bad actions need to be punished i think goes through
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a policy of the current south korean president. this is r t live from moscow let's check out some other stories now from around the world this hour and a five hour siege at a high school in the u.s. has ended with all twenty four hostages being released unharmed. fifteen year old student with a handgun burst into a classroom where twenty three classmates and their teacher were having a lesson the gunman did not make any demands and had no previous run ins with the law he shot himself when police broke into the classroom and is now in a hospital nobody else was injured. clashes have broken out in east jerusalem after a thorough he's demolished several buildings they said had been erected without the correct permits palestinian residents try to stop the bulldozers and began throwing stones and setting car tires on fire israeli troops and police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters palestinians claim israel uses building permits as
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a tool for population control saying that israel rarely grants them our presence. next it's time for the business news with you. that's right time to delve into the world of business a very warm welcome president medvedev has given more details of his plan to modernize the economy the president also confirms the sell off of state assets and announced earlier this year well small business but that have set social benefactress such as will be exempt for the next two years from planned tax increases. but another night we must find an opportunity to soften the impact of the measures on business i decided on a two year transition period for small firms in the social and production sectors they will have a lower level of insurance payments twenty six percent this year i signed a decree for the list of strategic companies to be reduced by five times the main
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goal is to increase the efficiency of these companies to attract additional investment and to use the income to modernize the economy all norm core assets should be privatized the authorities should not own factories newspapers or ships everyone should stick to their own business. presidential aide which added that the decrease of insurance payments will save small business more than three billion dollars over the next two he is. russian companies urgently need administrative reform to help them if structure after recession according to standard and poor's ratings agency russia had an eight percent economic contraction brazil was i think about even so the zero growth china and india are very strong there were eight nine percent growth in iraq it does have an economy that's more concentrated first diversified outside the oil and gas sector and companies are not
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really competitive in a global basis and there's a need for a lot of investment interest just we form from an administrative perspective but that all for investment in the basic infrastructure in the country and maybe that's the biggest challenge and really the recession exposed some of that we saw in a recessionary environment where there's economic contraction some of the poor performing companies can't perform anymore so there's massive restructuring going on in the corporate sector is still continuing getting out of the policy administrative environment right to promote business restructuring for more competitive companies it's a lot of work into that that maybe the biggest challenge for russia. the debt crisis in the euro zone continues to spread on tuesday the cost of corporate falling jumped a sign that investors awarded about the risk of lending to companies as well as some european governments companies like france telecom saw the slip against the german benchmark. let's look at the markets u.s.
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stocks up and down trees down of worries that europe's debt problems will spread to more countries and investors fled riskier assets the dollar johns fell zero point eight percent in at a trading unit package let their measures declined shedding one point six percent energy components were also greek as crude oil prices slid chevron fell one point three percent while let some of the last one percent. european stocks recovered slightly fully two sessions of heavy selling sovereign debt wars remained in the sport light as yields and spanish government pulls sort b.s.f. this point eight percent off to the chemicals giant said it's setting up a joint venture with in the us industries holdings the joint venture is expected to have any real sales of within five billion here. and russia of my six on the r.t.s. finished tuesday session ahead look what was the biggest gain in its shares advanced twenty point four percent the most since june it comes off to the second
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largest per producer reporter strong results. the coils raised twenty nine percent in the first nine months cited high oil prices and a favorable settlement in a cousin ownership dispute earnings came in at around six point eight million dollars under international accounting rules. that cost controls with generating record free cash flow. as for investment around eighty percent is planned to be spent on exploration and production twenty percent will be spent on processing and marketing currently luke will produces around ten percent of its oil and gas abroad the company's going to actively develop foreign projects primarily this relates to western africa also we are actively developing the west corner project in iraq we have large projects in kazakhstan by john egypt saudi arabia and latin america you're see bonaire ago a pollock company controlled by. poland it's listing to complete
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a deal with china's younes apollo here at sea but there was expected to launch a row charo this week to promote its i.p.o. in hong kong instead it will focus on a bit by china's young the poem to invest over one hundred fifty million dollars when the listing eventually takes place it's a power is a subsidiary of china's state owned three. that's all we have time for knowledge our next dolphin more business news and get more stories small website altie dot com slash business.
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