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near the place with special devotion. here the hardy braves very low temperatures to try to climb cliffs without safety equipment. alexander is a master photographer with thirty years of experience a brief workout and a glass of hot tea helping keep warm in the wind the temperature here is twenty degrees celsius below zero or minus four degrees fahrenheit alexander has everything he needs in his tent a bottle of water a gas burner and a kettle he also has access to the internet and even a solar battery he needs them for his work. yes. since i was a child i live by them though i love them so much i see nothing extreme about being here i don't feel the rig is a fly from this place i've got electricity
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a notebook and everything i need it's like. this is the right place for alexander's tent this vantage point opens up a breathtaking view of the surrounding rocks alexander takes pictures of sunrises and sunsets he is about to start a new book about the. nature reserve to be illustrated with amazing pictures taken from the mountaintop. contains some thirty thousand pictures of this nature reserve because i want to share them with people who can climb rocks they can see the beauty of this place so i want my book to show it to them and tell them about its history i think i owe a debt of gratitude to the reserve. alexander is fifty three years old he went on his first rock climbing expedition when he had just turned fifteen people intent on solo climbing without gear and safety equipment or known as still
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bursts in cries mask the word describes a subculture and a public movement enthusiasms share a certain set of rules and traditions and a passion for bond climbing and socializing admits such all inspiring landscapes. of the soul best's. used to get their kicks from watching sunrise from iraq top. imagine the guys standing here with a girl looking at the sunrise and then going down to the campsite. movement goes back to the mid eighteenth century the early rock climbers lived in communities they built log cabins in a time ago where they spent several months and these pictures give us an idea of what the early crabs the climbers looked like they climbed to the top of rocks with safety equipment each generation improved climbing techniques and skills in
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accordance with. no matter how hard it was to climb a rock it was pronounced conquered if the climber got to the end of the path without resorting to any gear however in this day and age safety equipment is a must in all competitions. faster faster we need to see when. anyone between the ages of sixteen and sixty is allowed to take part in rock climbing contests in this extreme sport are also held at night so it's no fun climbing rocks in the daytime in fact it would be quite boring were it not so scary as you look down there you can see a thing at night it's a good experience every single fan of the. i've been around since i came here from the urals. is a great place there's real freedom. geologically speaking the pillars are made of magma that cooled millions of years ago without making it
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to the surface several hundred rocks polished by wind and rain are concentrated in a fairly small area none of them is more than one hundred meters tall. some two hundred thousand tourists visiting the reserve each year leave tons of garbage behind several times a year schoolchildren garbage collecting competitions in the nature reserve each team is assigned a certain area the one that collects the most garbage in the least time is the winner. hey this is my garbage not yours we're a garbage patrol. anyone wishing to get to the preserve needs to be in good physical shape it's a seven kilometer walk uphill from the highway to the nearest rock it's too much of a strain for some people feeling a particular is
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a member of the reserves staff she used to be a skilled rock climber but now visits the pillars only once in a while almost all her work time is dedicated to infrastructure development of the nature reserve we need to know public opinion is that we polled the public on such issues as construction in the reserve the general public has the right to ban or allow something out of the sheets. i. however but that is packed with tourists even in winter time the nature reserve is the famous place for rest and recreation for thousands of present as residents ministration goes ahead with development projects in the reserve only after enlisting public support surveys are carried out to find out opinions. call from do visits rubicund a remark from time to time a tourist from time to time. what do you think about all the entrance fee payment for the entrance i don't know whose daring to get to. yes.
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the reserves divided into several zones tourists have free access to only four percent of the total area but even the smallest zone contains more than one hundred rocks nearly all of them have names. of what looking at the of the of these funny for example is called the old man most you can see a man's profile with the news and i am to be here it on the rocks to look like people but this is left to people's imagination. with all this in the girl some people like to see what they want to see it all you still be slanted to say people need to. cultivate their imagination other than what. the stall nature reserve is beside krasny arsk it's surrounded by housing on all sides its staff have not managed to isolate the world of nature from the world of people people enter the
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reserves protected area whereas beasts often approach people's homes in search of food. these are tracks of a male road deer. he wondered somewhere in the morning must have been a bit frozen after the night's cold judging by his tracks he was looking for food the snow in the mountains is very deep now and sometimes avalanches occur it's hard for roe deer to keep steady up there so they come down to the river. board in the city gates guards the reserve against poachers he takes care of a forty kilometer border section while on duty he scrutinizes the snow to find out what animals may have appeared near the river deep snow in the forest compels roll and other deer to look for food there sergey tries to make no noise he doesn't want to disturb the animals. we protect the wild animals from dogs that's
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where i go and come sing quite handy. if a dog sneaks into the reserve it has to be shot we also catch people riding snowmobiles on the ice down river and we trail snowmobiles to. this border section requires special attention because it is very close to the city and this is where the wardens detain most of the intruders their job requires to patrols at a time wardens said again maxine say they are lucky if nothing happens while they are on duty. so what you see. nothing special there were a couple of siberian grazing on the right bank didn't want to disturb them there were no trikes but what did you see any snowmobiles. quite often patrol wardens come across injured beasts birds or parrot was cubs humans bear the blame for that injured animals are sent to a nearby. there are more than five hundred species in it nearly half of them are
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recorded in the international red book of their species. traditional inhabitants of siberian forests such as polar foxes and roe deer live side by side with exotic animals from africa animals from hunt climates such as by the name of they have adapted marvelously to the rigors of the siberian climate given again rachel is the pride of all park when she was brought here two thousand and one she was only three months old for some eighteen months we walked around the pole contended to see him in every way possible a short while ago he fathered a female cop. tatiana thirteen and. she is a foster mother for many of the charges now she is nursing the lion's little daughter her mother died during labor three other jobs died at the same time.
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we only knew it was them touch it we didn't expect it. but when we saw it we realized. it was not breathing. she was placed in intensive care for five minutes and was saved. the life of the female. jeopardised again she was in desperate need of breastfeeding. just given birth to. survive out in the wintertime. is one of. you know if you can stand to back legs. on something and looking very
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tall sometimes he attempts to jump in. people when he's done running and he likes to get in in the swimming. pool. deep in water leaving just. what sometimes people even cannot find him. african. reserve keepers were hard pressed to find placement. aspen leaves in crowds the winter lasts for six months and don't have access to fresh leaves. workers have. the entire winter.
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culture is that so much different if you choose that issue at the right time. when embarrassing failure this is how many describe washington's most recent attempt to reach a peace settlement in the middle east is it time for the us to drop to create. this secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition language jell-o. you spent the best day beat the beat. the thing is that the habitants are still unaware of what's going on in their land still ask me why do you. think i don't know anything about alaska the great. on our cheek.
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there are scores of caves around the nature reserve they present challenges of different complexities to those who venture to explore them this is a favorite venue for people who like the silent beauty of inanimate nature rather than the cries of birds and animals local spam the ologists scientists who specialize in the study of caves plan to go down to the bottom of the watershed one of the reserves most beautiful and least explored natural caverns the team are finalising their route and checking their equipment a strong pair of overalls climbing the equipment. a helmet and most importantly extra flashlights are needed to study the caves. people going to. need to follow standard rules and safety regulations it's those if you fall from a height of only one metre or a metre and a half you could get seriously hurt but you need to keep that in mind and keep training to avoid such situations. tanya and not. the most experienced especially
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ologists they're the first to go down once there they take care of science with equipment and food. it's like that you've been given your places where nobody has ever set foot when you go there you realize that you're the first to reach some particular gallery or grotto in that case curiosity ousts fear and you get real thrills. the cames layout is very involved many of the tunnels have not been explored but it's not so easy to reach them deep vertical clefts called chimneys and jargon pose the main threat another is fear compounded by darkness. how deep. it seems like we've covered maybe fifty meters i don't know sixty meters if you measure it directly i don't know what's there further in. it takes nearly eight hours to cover one hundred meters
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a cave changes people's sense of time and space any careless step or jump might be the last one the clubs are so deep a torchlight cannot eliminate the opposite wall. at the same time a cave is completely vulnerable to human impact this balloon way which no one you can see a beautiful formation it's not something you see in every cave. these take a very long time to form much longer than a single human lifespan when people touch these or even make them a little bit dirty that's what poses the greatest threat to them the expedition has achieved. with ramifications which have not yet been explored. to examine every. we're going to go along the rocks there's a passage up there and chances are will stumble into some interesting room. one
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hundred forty. the group home to take pictures. and have a rest before the. having a heart is an absolute must when. you really just need it after all the exertion. this expedition has not been crowned with complete. passages have turned out to be. a lot of unexplored out of the. spring water. there is. no ground. it's more. it was one metre in ten centimeters a few years ago one of the record levels fell through in this place once it was quite a job deep snow makes it difficult for the director of the meteorological station.
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to reach a faulty sensor and to adjust it the station is working automatically all materials are registered by a computer there was practically no thawing in the winter just a strong wind that's why deep snow would stay in the reserve till late spring. sports. competition. difficult stunts. from foreign.
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competition. for. just what it should be. hundreds of extreme. snow and cold weather make even rock climbing more exciting the most experienced prefer to practice their sport in winter time a warm fleece hat and special iron studded boots instead of summer footwear complete the climbers wear one also needs. this is the climbers know how. and maximises the fingers grip on rock with
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a rock filled with snow ice covered stone surfaces make climbing more difficult and as a result more interesting and exciting. i think men will always skin to test themselves you can only test yourself if you're ready to take risks risks are part of the test that's how it's always been and will always be people will always climb these rocks . a leg. professional mountain climber he climbed the highest mountains in the world his first climbing skills he acquired here on these rocks today helps his friend photographer alexander coots off take a few photos for a future book. first climbed a mountain thirty five years ago the parity of rock is among his favorites every outcrop of the rock is well known to him climbing this rock is not for novices but
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it's quite easy for. practice rock climbing on the cross. in winter and in summer. we do it without safety equipment basically there's nothing difficult about it it's a purely psychological exercise but it takes years to achieve the result. climbing the almost sheer cliff. usually takes all. however right now he moves as slowly as possible so that his friend. can take a few good shots. makes each move very carefully one of the rules is not to risk. without safety equipment.
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it's very important. on the edge not only for climbers but. jumpers as well. think that climbing is not enough. attach themselves with a system of ropes and jump into a gap for the sake of a few seconds of free falling. for three hours and the support. between. reserve. preparations start immediately ropes are fixed and extended gap. lies in your head you concentrate on the technical aspect to. take care of the
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safety aspect you don't need any trouble any incidents make sure double show every single element of a jump. jumping requires precise calculation. the. five meters longer. whether everything's ready. constantly changing suddenly there are strong winds that can turn into a snow storm it threatens safety but the team decides to continue its preparations . working independently from. one of them snaps the other. which is exactly what it's supposed to.
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mean while alexander finishes the preparation for jumping. ropes checked properly seventy five meters and sharp rocks and stones. can do this many other people to try it free. will. is one of the most famous nature reserves in russia. not only for. similar. it is famous not only because of.
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the nature reserve it is a. city that has resulted in a place where. people who take pride in calling themselves. did i kill innocent kid a was it a face of course and that's never answered. the song from the skull spoke with me i think of it every day. the flashbacks from the memories. of so much so long time i'm just here trying to tell. i was. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that
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i hadn't been a hero why i got my legs. in the mine. when i went to vietnam i was a boy to the. what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but now most soldier on the other side and i think i'm just in a good.
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in some petersburg oh she's available in hotels a story of a little ambassador in a small school to kowtow to trip on his hotel a true story toto gold to gold you know tilson to elvis you will take stones dostoevsky. in the sea of come this even this.
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world. bringing you the latest unsigned stem technology from around the world. we've gone through huge earth covered. dello russo is dealing with the aftermath of a violent protest by the opposition to alexander lukashenko is when the presidential elections hundreds of people have been arrested including a number of presidential candidates. opposition wants to bring more people out onto the streets of the bella russian capital to protest what they believe is a fraudulent election. and north korea calls the south's artillery drills a backless military provocation but found to refrain from retaliation despite the news that. russia is battling with an overflow of illegal immigrants and the trend shows no sign of slowing down despite them ending up with
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more living conditions and with low paid jobs. and business first policy of holding the bar it is just invest half a billion dollars and also over the next five years it will build a drug production and say with one that. more welcome to you live from our headquarters in central moscow this is our team with me a nice in our way it's six pm here in the russian capital five pm in minsk where police have arrested hundreds of protesters and several opposition presidential candidates who took to the streets of the belorussian capital angry at the outcome of sunday's election the country's leader alexander lukashenko want a fourth consecutive term in office with more than seventy percent.


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