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a guru goes how it international house. every green lol he told. former russian tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky awaits his sentence after being convicted of stealing billions of dollars worth of oil. for more on one of the most controversial cases in washer join me go to school for right from outside the more school board room in just a few moments. for clients here for us for a shift moscow's freezing rain grounds hundreds of flights leaving thousands of angry passengers feeling abandoned. power may be back on at bottom moscow's biggest shops but thousands of passengers remain stranded in the catch up. to clear the backlog. and two years after israel's deadly offensive people in gaza are
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still struggling to cope with life under siege which they say hasn't. and the head of russia's biggest. burbank's says he expects the country's inflation to rise to nine percent next year more in business in twenty minutes. watching r.t. coming to live from moscow ten am here on marina joshie will come to the program now former russian tycoon me how to kosky is awaiting sentence after being found guilty of embezzling billions of dollars and it's a second trial for the ex head of the oil giant hugh cos who was once russia's richest man he's already serving time over tax evasion and fraud going off is outside the court in moscow the judge is going to give his ruling today gore do we know at this point when me haha sentence will be announced. well at the moment it's
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hard to say when we'll hear the actual sentence meaning the time that. his former associate brought the live will have to serve in jail the judge is continuing to read the verdict and it is expected that this may take several days and as you said this is not the first case involving me fell for the last time it took two weeks for the entire verdict for the entire verdict to be enough so this time we already know that if. we're found guilty of stealing all from you because this subsidiaries and investing billions of us dollars just reminded you used to be one of the biggest oil companies in the world at the time headed by me that i called steve who was the richest men in russia at the time as well very controversial case for the most controversial cases in russia at the moment and my colleague has prepared this report for more for you on this if you once russia's
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richest men he's now russia's most prominent prisoner coming to the end of it eighteen sentence for the biggest tax fraud in the country's history he and his partner. which charged to stealing two hundred and eighteen million tons of oil worth twenty seven billion u.s. dollars from a subsidiary company of you can see the verdict has been announced guilty. supporters say he didn't break any laws khodorkovsky was not to blame because he had a whole team of very experienced lawyers who used to tell him that. everything he did was within the law it was the blame of the laws that had dissolved loopholes and them. rose to great wealth thanks to one of the world's largest non-state oil companies you can see the company grew from the state selloff in the one nine hundred ninety s. when government assets would be hived off in often cittie circumstances. it soon
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became russia's fastest growing oil producer but the path to success headed outside to offer that of ski's associates were later found guilty of a number of night as. the thieves place is in prison. is accused of stealing tax evasion and fraud with the new charges he faces it's about stealing hundreds of billions his company's security chief is in prison for murder. and there has always insisted he is innocent of the fraud charges which put him behind bars and the since his arrest in two thousand and three ignoring his past many in the west believe that he was singled out for prosecution among the billionaire businessmen because of his political ambitions the russian authorities say you can is purely a victim to the economic crimes of its management i think there is a strong effort on the part of many in the media and in the russian liberal media
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and definitely in the west to to politicize it as much as possible there is no question that. carter koskie and the rest of the crowd who participated initiated and was very active in the criminal privatisation of the ninety's are guilty of the crimes they were accused of so in that sense i think very few people would fatha carter cos he is persecuted for for nothing yes there is a very strong case i thing against him public opinion is divided i think that most of the russian probably smell of recollecting what you're all those people like and that's why i don't think that i'm on a russian brought public unlike liberals for whom. i come here and find compassion for the prosecutors had asked of her that he was forty seven served at least six years on top of this current sentence however the reading of the thing though that
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is expected to last several days and the sentencing has yet to come down marty must go but i have to go how did the fans react. well the defense does not agree with the verdict they claim that it repeats war what the prosecution has been saying and they say. only because lawyers say about their fighting to appeal the court's decision and they're even ready to take this case outside of russia to be a european court if they're not if they don't succeed here and they're also planning to make a public appeal to the president of russia after the sentence is according to the judge everything was done by the book and the prosecution has managed to provide more than enough evidence for some of you watching that will continue watch watching everything that happens in the courtroom on tuesday and will continue reporting on this case absolutely great thanks very much indeed for bringing us the
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gorgeous going off there. and the two of moscow's largest airports are working to send people on their way after thousands were stranded by bad weather at one hub frustrated passengers have reportedly been staging protests and even trying to break through passport control while a demonstratively airport a major power outage caused a huge backlog like as you know her child is there now for us you can get the latest from her cousin and tell us what's happening today what's in store for the travelers. a power is back on and flights are getting back on should you let them idea the for employees one of the country's busiest tops was the worst affected due to bad weather conditions over the weekend a snowstorm disrupted electricity lines same the area as a result of that one hundred fifty flights were delayed and over eight thousand passengers. were forced to sleep on the promises. today
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to the press service of the idea the expect to service some one hundred flights and they say that several flights departed and arrived at the airport overnight but from what we saw we've been inside the. a couple of minutes ago thousands of people are still waiting for that flight sitting on the floors and they are all so many of them on the bridge over the area complaining there's not food no drinks despite the press service promised that they'll be provided with enough beverages and lunch boxes to get a coupon for this free lunch you have to queue for some people to five hours which is of course unacceptable for them and they are forced to eat at the expensive venues inside the airport but largely of course they're complaining on the lack of any information any updates on the status of their flights and we saw that people just stole into the trans are were just rationed desk and law enforcement agents were inside that to stop the crowds. it's very hard for me here
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i have a broken leg and there are new facilities here to bureaucracy and no one's hoping there's no service the worst thing is that no one says when the flights will be resumed there are flights that have been delayed for two days already looking through here because again here in atlanta six to one two i mean you know the first the flight was cancelled or the other which in turn again he was delayed and they put us on the bus and sent us to the planes but we were turned down we had no idea where our luggage is no one has seen anything. and i don't know. when your teacher i'll get into and from the airport has also become a problem there is a huge traffic jam leading to the outdoors and the area the square opposite the building reminds a giant parking lot and taxi drivers also capitalize on the passengers why they charge something three hundred dollars to get them to the city center which is actually six times the regular fare. or indeed a very tough situation there for
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a lot of people as we can see because we know what about the other airports in moscow how are they coping with the situation. well most of the flights which the idea. the airport could not service all the weekend will read directed to ensure a made to the letter is the country's largest airport and the bees is told it was not affected by any electricity blackouts but faced heavy delays some seven thousand passengers and again they're complaining that there's lack of any information on the status of their flights many of them are muscovites with children and they spent hours and hours since the airport and say they could have left home and come back but because of. that provided with no information on the apple screens they are forced to stay there and those who prost with control checks are also said they have to stay inside their not to let out otherwise their tickets will be cancelled very chaotic inside there and people even tried to storm boss but
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controls those police had to intervene they also blocked log each area and tried to stage protests insisting to meet they had they'll be apple well the worst affected was we are afloat flight school prop one of the most popular destinations for new year breaks one hundred forty passengers left on monday the first flight departed to the bronx leaving thousands in moscow many of the people were not even provided with hotel bus and ended up sleeping on the floor. for a good rinsing so very much indeed for this day not very optimistic prospered there for those wanting to travel and will be crossing back to you for more throughout the day because there. there are a vicious traveling conditions of a very different kind in a few minutes on our. before i was his three hundred years ago. more local. does this is from the army poor
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a variety of other crimes the result was the same. the russian close of team fall czarist exotic trails in southwestern siberia. and two years on from israel's deadly offensive in gaza which killed more than a thousand people palestinians there say they're still suffering in two thousand and eight israel launched massive air and ground strikes on hamas targets in response to rocket attacks the bloody conflict drew worldwide condemnation over the huge numbers of palestinian civilian casualties israel walk eight of the strip after it came under the control of hamas in two thousand and seven a group every guards as a terrorist organization says their aid has been rigorously restricted and most rarely reaches its destination policy reports in a relief effort which palestinians say can't come soon enough. israelis insist their economic siege on gaza is easing but they can't deny the border and international condemnation is heating up an asian aid convoy with politicians and
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activists from eighteen countries is on its way to gaza i'm border one hundred eighty people food and medical supplies and a determined core to reach gaza on the second anniversary of the last israel gaza wall the convoy dubbed asia to gaza solidarity caravan sits cell from new delhi at the beginning of december it's trying to do what an aide for telephone call to do in may break the israeli blockade on the coastal strip that earlier attempt left nine activists did since then israel insists things have gotten better there is a humanitarian analysis that we are making on a daily basis which allow us to see a broad picture about the humanitarian conditions and the situation in the goes to each moment but gazans complain life is still unbearable. and israel has limited the number of trucks clothes and shoes coming into gaza and this causes problems with coordination in gaza. last month twenty two international organizations issued
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a report claiming the easing of the blockade has helped bring in materials only for the un and international building projects ordinary goods they say are still not getting in our goods have already been detained in israel for three years but the fines are already called the cost of goods and even if they receive our goods back now they are not for sale there are spoiled and those goods that are getting in there are too expensive for most people here. the goods that we receive are not of a high quality but we have to buy them because we don't have an alternative cars have also become a luxury two thousand dollars for an engine while just two hundred dollars for a rather simplistic alternative what can we do there's no fuel for vehicles spare parts inevitably result that it's kind of transportation the donkey's this is one of the largest cattle markets in gaza and as the economy here plummets it too is struggling to survive. we have no animals and no barley today and even when we have
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barley people are always here to buy it's been four years since israel imposed siege on gaza to try and break a massive support and with no sign that life will get better any time soon most gazans have the eyes on the sea and their hope on the next. policy are to israel. and russia's deputy foreign minister spoke to r.t. after his recent visit to the middle east alexander says a coordinated international approach is the best solution for bringing together israelis and palestinians. without an idea as to that as the saying goes hope dies last we should have an objective view of the situation and we shouldn't fall into despair but we shouldn't be too optimistic the most important thing is to take a scrutinizing look at the problems and came for the peace process and work together including the parties considered by israel and the others towards the solution of these problems and even achieving our common goal which is i repeat a comprehensive israeli settler this.
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and i can watch the full interview in about fifteen minutes time here on our. and we're line and interactive at our dot com here's a taste of what's lined up right now. in china's eastern promise for europe as beijing offers to buy in to struggling countries to keep them financially taking over. and out of this world view your party is on the cards at your national space station several of them in fact and the details are available at r.t. dot com. right now let's take a look at what what's happening elsewhere in the world now and airports on the east coast of the united states are struggling to return to normal after a severe a blizzard caused thousands of flights to be called off there's a state of emergency in five states with officials warning people to stay off the
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roads as the snow deepens and drifts forecasters say more is on the way in the freezing temperatures will continue. nine man have been remanded in britain accused of plotting a christmas terror campaign in the capital it's alleged they were planning explosions in coordinated attacks on banks government buildings and busy shopping areas around central london twelve were arrested in nationwide dawn raids last week the three were released without charge it comes at a time of heightened security over terrorism across you were. west african leaders are expected to arrive in ivory coast to persuade the incumbent president to step down long babo refuses to leave office since last month's election despite international pressure his rival as satara is recognized by the un as a new leader babo warns that any attempt to oust him could throw the country back into civil war. the russian close of now takes us to explore more of the country this time heading to south western siberia.
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now we are in the region located more than two thousand kilometers from moscow the main city which shares the name briefly became russia's capital after the one nine hundred seventeen revolution it also held the imperial gold reserves but it's got a checkered reputation a stone bargain discovers. two things in particular it is famous for those are the fate of exiles sent here by the czarist regime along a difficult and dangerous road to get here and prison and forced labor once they arrived the other is a rich military to dish and the city has a military academy established here two hundred years ago has provided very famous officers and generals for the russian and the red armies and it's those themes of examining. on the march
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under guard these men and women are walking one of the longest and probably the loneliest road in the world they reenacting the march into exile made by thousands and czarist russia they're going to get it succumbs years to go there some ways winterreise in say yes a lot of people died on the way this group in the western siberian region of omsk discovered they're living on the only surviving stretch of the original nine thousand kilometers of the siberian exiles track that's had no modern changes made to it. when you come to the track you can vividly picture the convicts on their walk and hear the clinking of their chains you can smell russian history here the story began to discover that he's descended from some of these exiles and decided to build a museum telling a story he and his re-enact has now received as it has from all over the world to show them what it was like when these bodies it's scary to put the shackles on of course but it's interesting if we don't remember history will have no future. it's
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a monument to one of the restructures cruelest chapters. one of the more noble traditions and also because military professionalism practiced here at the city's cadets college for nearly two hundred years the. what was an officer school now gives. always a general education but with the military emphasis this here they created siberia's first cadet corps to prepare officers to protect the territory before that was a cause like military college that's why i think with the successes of those old times. young hopefuls have to pass tough exams to get in here for those that do it's a very different school to the others in arms. giving a book it's strange to be away from home unusual but when you get used to it it
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feels like home. military personalities are dotted throughout on tax history the city served as the capital of anticommunist white russian leader admiral kolchak in the civil war from one thousand nine hundred to nine hundred ninety whilst in residence he lived here though the study of the man like the maintenance of this building has remained to blue right up until the present day or we still receive hate mail saying that he hanged a lot of people and was famous for severe punishment it's all true but it was at a time of civil war both sides were monstrously cruel hoax. it is sadly the theme of cruelty which links so much of this history to the rest of russia's particularly of exile where they were an apple. if i was here three hundred years ago i may have dissipated my local lord and they have deserted from the army or a variety of other crimes the result was the same what my fellow prisoners around me
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i've got a long and very cold walk ahead into exile in siberia with talk of it more about this place in history and its place in russia is alexander you detail all your life so to start with trying wonders through basically how. developed as a city the history was because it's a freemason because it was first established as a fortress to fight over the nomads but then during the czar regime they used as a place for the political exile and you probably know that's the famous russian writer dostoyevsky it was nice out here for quite some time and also our city was a capital of russia for for a short period of time for a year under the our culture shock and it's sometimes called a third capital the third one after the moscow moscow st petersburg and then also sometimes and it's also one of the biggest series of siberia as one of the most important important ones ok but having lived here all your life you obviously quite
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proud of the city yourself i how would you say why would you say it makes you proud and how would you say almost fits in to siberia and in the why of russia well. if you can so i'm scott i should say maybe fifteen years ago you would have you you would have been sir nice but it's really developed in the last fifteen years they both state the purpose of the buildings and right now we have very rich aspects of you know social life and cultural life we have famous theorist comment on you know we have festivals going on the wall and. i really am proud of living here yes. but from one of the people who's lived all the life that we go picture of almost right from its beginnings off until it's.
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we're up to date and time now for a business update with helium. hello and a very warm welcome to the business program the head of russia's biggest lender says he expects the country's inflation to rise to over nine percent next year and that's a third more than the central bank's predicted six and a half percent from next year they're wrong course says there'll be no chances to cut inflation down from its current level of eight hundred percent you'll see the news russian banks may revise their current credit and deposit rights because look celebrating inflation and the potential of monitor policy by the central fight.
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that's troubling the stock markets and russia has opened high of the minds expect those that you see on the screen all yesterday's closing stop trading in a few minutes. and asian stock market is losing on tuesday with the japanese market weighed by profit taking the nikkei fell zero point four percent and hong kong's hang seng fell about one percent. as time ticks away until the end of the year those investors still in the market appear to be left with far fewer opportunities investment manager alexander says trading volumes fell sharply days before the long new break i don't anticipate any movement i think it will be pretty much the same percent. increase maybe but as i told the market is really even active for the rest of the week i would most probably look at bringing sector. overall positive on the big. sensitive sector on the economy recovery and we'll split the next year and
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maybe for the rest of the kids will be a look a bit better than the market overall and they will rally which sort prices hit a two year high on monday is being weighed down by china's second interest rate hike since october fears rose that the manufacturing powerhouse and the world's second biggest oil consumer could slow its comic growth as the country tries to reign in inflation even so prices at the pump are taking a course of their own floating in the a year and record levels. most analysts agree that the oil price will remain between eighty and ninety dollars per barrel next year while this would have a remarkably positive effect on the russian budget in a pre-election year event from merrill lynch says structural reforms are the ones to suffer i think that there are a number of forty six i think that they actually from the reform agenda i think
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that the key least for russia is that returning to the pre-crisis time when all prices were increasing by double digits i think that we have seen a number of reforms structural industry quality recently and i'm afraid that if we turn to the pre-crisis we have double digit increase in oil prices these positive elements that we have seen in the structural reform agenda my diary more business news in less than fifteen minutes you can get lost or a small website r.t. dot com slash business.


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