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the latest headlines of the week in review here on t.v. russian investigators get a breakthrough just five days after the suicide blast at moscow's domodedovo airport the culprit has been identified as a bomb from the north caucasus was targeting foreigners be a ta killed thirty five people and injured over one hundred. consolidating. dimitri medvedev reassured global readers that russia is safe as he addressed the tragedy on the sidelines of the world economic forum in davos a new terror alert system is already being discussed. fresh for a trial that he's in egypt as the country descends into chaos with protesters
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lashing out against the government for the sixth day in a row. death toll reaches more than one hundred as whites continue around the country i'll be bringing you the latest from the egyptian capital. and the start treaty gets the final go ahead as russia and the u.s. complete the ratification process with months of negotiations and heavy opposition party takes a look at the the road of their nuclear arms reduction deal. you're watching r t three pm here in moscow welcome to the program well we begin with a story that has shaken up the week a suicide blast at moscow's domodedovo airport monday's terror attack took a lot of thirty five people over one hundred still. made in hospital with some in
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a critical condition while on saturday russian investigators said they had solved the case and knew the identity of the suicide bomber or for pasmore. for thirty pm on the twenty fourth of january a suicide bomber blaze apart the packed arrivals hall at russia's busiest airports . my first thought was to get away a lot of people willing motionless even more people were being piled up near the first day the area some world already dead they were dragged away a horrible picture. and i looked at my watch and then flash and i passed out when i woke up there was a ringing in my ears it was a sour smell everything in ash is everyone is groaning three or four men were piled up on top of me the one directly above me was wounded in the chest she took all the shrapnel. amongst the thirty five dead people for many nationalities.
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added we need fathers good includes the news to to marry the mother of his child correll buckhalter shelves wife watched him die in front of her on the airport floor around the world families now grieving for those who will say precisely kills . doing. something very serious just. very. stark realization that the work of their daughter was far greater there was a two way street for her parents. investigators say they've now identified the man responsible but haven't yet released the name of. russian investigators and security services have identified the suicide bomber who detonated an explosive device stuffed with metal elements at moscow's domodedovo airport on monday it was a twenty year old man from russia. north caucasus although investigators know the
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terrorist name we're not going to disclose it now as we're currently working to establish the organizers and accomplices of this crime north caucasus separatist groups and extremists have been responsible for similar deadly attacks in russia the twin bombings at the mosque a match a less than a year ago was carried out by a terror group in dagestan. this attack has once again raised serious questions about the counterterrorism methods in russia and the airports and transport authorities and the police have come into heavy criticism yet the russian response has been one of resilience just hours after the attack flights had redeemed and people have been visiting the hospitals today nate bloods sears richter or sort of . those who committed these terrible acts targeting citizens of different countries expected their actions to bring russia to its knees got it wrong russia is aware of its place in the world russia will fulfill its obligations towards its citizens and
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the world community unfortunately no state in the world is immune to terrorism terrorist attacks like this one in russia unfortunately can happen at any time anywhere in the world there is no universal remedy against this evil but one thing we can say for sure our success. depends on solidarity. and the official day of mourning both president medvedev and prime minister putin attended services all religions uniting to commemorate days he died in the attacks . continue to be laid at the site of the blast is a poignant reminder that in the war on terror it's once again ordinary people here on the front line it's been a scene of tragedy. and of mourning now it's time for action and the message to the international community to stand united the work together now to fight this global terrorist threats so. and it's not just the quest to seek out
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those responsible for monday's suicide bombing that's at the top of the agenda russia is also looking into any possible security lapses which may have helped the suicide bomber reach his target. of a better reports the country is adopting a new terror warning system. as the dust settled the blame game. began domodedovo or took the rap from russian authorities with a number of airport officials sacked but international observers made more worrying conclusions the awful truth is is that there is no way to stop terrorists in any capital or cuts the bases you have to there are certain things you have to do as specially after attack but ultimately it's very very hard protect all transport hubs in the capital city security at domodedovo has now been increased mandatory metal detectors and baggage x. rays accompany every entrance to the building this answers one question but poses
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another we're not actually allowed to film inside the airport anymore since security's been stepped up but one of the problems with the new stringent checks here is that a queue of people build up just inside the airport presents exactly the sort of target at trying to avoid these pictures were filmed covertly around fifty people are packed into a tiny space with queues ten minutes long before the explosion security here was no different to most other international airports only israel's ben gurion airport is considered more secure than any other with vehicle checkpoints fingerprint scanners and compulsory passenger interviews but such resource intensive measures aren't possible at larger airports domodedovo handle twenty two million passengers last year double that of ben-gurion so what's the answer in the first call if you want to promote security the second objective you want to facilitate the flow of
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commerce and the third as you probably want to protect individual our privacy and the question and i would pose is where in the middle of the triangle do you want to make the line or for russia's parliament it's about security this week the state duma gave preliminary approval to new anti terror warnings they modeled on the u.s. system of color coded alerts created post nine eleven. just look how much we needed this system in light of the damage of attack what everyone is seeing is that there was no relevant information and now according to the war we will have to inform the society about the threats facing russia's determination in fighting terrorists has never been questioned but its methods. now enhanced the system must make sure it works within its. moscow. there's no more dead of a tragedy was the first issue addressed by the russian delegation at the world economic forum in davos but the other issue russia's agenda at the meeting of the
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world's financial power players we've got all the details coming up. what's new why it is being shared on the plane crash that killed polish president lech kaczynski last year find out more in just a few minutes. more than one hundred fifty protesters have been killed in egypt since tuesday in what is the biggest challenge to president hosni mubarak's three decade rule well the country has shut its border with the gaza strip and jammed a local transmission of the al jazeera news network artie's paullus leader is in the capital cairo with the latest. in the early hours of this morning ten people were killed while trying to break into the interior ministry this brings the total number of dead to some more than one hundred at the same time flowers and prisoners have broken out of jails around the country among them was an extremist muslim militants and the killing of course that some of them have already made going way back to palestine but as a result the egyptian government has closed its border with gaza not far from the
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understanding in a few hours ago there were gunshots on the high road university grange as protesters clashed with. protesters aston martin street the city remains in the lockdown the protesters say they're going to go away and told him about the assault steps down the egyptian president says he's going no way he has sacked his government at the same time he's appointed a vice president as well as a new prime minister whose task of forming a new government but speaking to protesters say they say that this will go no way to pacify him and addressing their concerns the international community particularly you work in countries in the united states has called on the ballot to implement reforms and to refrain from violence there has been protests and demonstrations around the world particularly with egyptian showing support for the families and their friends back home there were some wiki leaks documents i came to light some of them were throwing to cables as far back as two thousand and seven showing that while in the public light the american administration has been
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supporting mubarak privately it's been supporting his opposition and this was raised many questions particularly among analysts who are now asking just how spontaneous these demonstrations in fact were. obvious to the u.s. and the u.k. are behind the recent events in africa i don't believe in school in tunis revolutions when hundreds of thousands millions of people come out onto the streets at the same time taking into account there's been no serious or immediate change to their standards of living ready for these demonstrations he needs coordination support leaders getting money from foreign secrets. many of the experts are saying that these demonstrations were in part fueled by what we saw earlier this month but that it's still too soon to say whether the to position their for president is going to be the same conclusion that is reached here in egypt the problem here is that there is no unified opposition voice what we're seeing on the streets is a lot of people come together in defiance against mubarak but that opposition is
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fragmented the largest opposition group here in egypt is the muslim brotherhood and they've been careful not to hijack these demonstrations they don't want them to be seen as islamised they believe that the people have very real grievances that need to be addressed one of the opposition leaders perhaps to emerge is mohamed el baradei he is the former head of the international atomic energy agency and a nobel peace prize laureate he has said that he is prepared to hit an interim government of course to do so and he is no longer under house arrest. and while wiki leaks points to a u.s. hand behind the current egyptian uprising it's not the first time washington has been suspected of involvement in regime change many believe the so-called colored revolutions that took place in the post soviet space have the fingerprints of america all over them artes alexei had a chef he takes a closer look at their similarities. georgio two thousand and three.
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and ukraine two thousand four. cutest on two thousand and five. and egypt twenty eleven i think these are all completely different rules well think again and not only because they're raised fist was one of their symbols if you look more closely you look at the people who are leading those are being coached in the they're being coached by u.s. intelligence services the same way the orange revolution was in the roles revolution was talking freely and in georgia a string of revolutions some bloodless some more to rock the boat soviet space at the beginning of the twenty first century there were a number of common factors an uprising against the regime rooted in a popular dissatisfaction with standards of living hence the collective name colored revolutions amazingly the outcomes have been quite similar to six years ago
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key of independence square was the birthplace of the orange revolution it promised a new dawn and major changes for the country but ultimately all aspirations came to nothing. lawyer grigori sudan is one of those disenchanted with the outcome of the orange make over he says the bright promises of the revolutions leaders have in reality pushed the country into an abyss. and corruption in greece. became divided on the. issue was nothing changed for the better it changed only to the words. on the next elections revolutionary hero received only five percent of the world the lowest percentage for acting president of the world it was a similar story in georgia where they had the optimism of the rose revolution soon gave way to disappointment and eventually to mass protests their anger with president saakashvili was not with a response that was all too familiar as gas grenades and water cannons were used to
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quell the unrest. and then start the revolution of two thousand and five or so quickly turned sour last year or so yet another popular revolt but those full storms and bitter lessons are far from the minds of those clamoring for change in north africa. or not danger emerges from the power overturning the government which they thought illegal and autocratic like in the case of tunisia and egypt does not have a political platform and a government apt to put things in order in the country the danger lies in the personality of those who would desire to use the revolutions which happened in the arab world we have to take care that the far right or any other forces with an increasingly stick mood will not take advantage of the situation if those are really people's movements they should not have let anyone into fear with their fares and that's what artists experts agree that it may take some time before the
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world will see whether the revolts indonesia and egypt will change things for the better in these countries just as they have a common opinion that if these uprising is flawed europe will be the first to suffer from waves of immigrants looks he rushes to see. political figures in warsaw have been questioning the conclusions of an independent investigation commission on the fatal plane crash in western russia that killed the polish president lech kaczynski but as poland continues the probe new evidence has come to light but the former head of state himself gave the final order to land the plane r.t. scott that he now reports. for still land according to one article in a russian newspaper that was the cause of this man's plane crash which killed the polish president his wife and most of poland's political elite but the decision according to the paper's anonymous source wasn't made by the pilots or air traffic controllers the ban or reverting to
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a backup airport was allegedly put in effect but the president himself one polish. journalist whose name is not disclosed for o.b.'s reasons said that the special every asian regiment that flies the a.p. passengers received a secret instruction which sad the plane could divert only with permission from its main passenger. the rules state that the pilots priorities however should never have changed whether such instructions existed or not. maybe could even force them to rule it but i don't want to know about it because according to every existing rule and regulation the crew prepares the flight and until the point lands of the pilot and not the president is in charge of every decision. poland is of course the image lee denying even the possibility of such instructions existing thanks for this information was for me unbelievable from the beginning but i ordered it to be checked i have already received one hundred percent information but such an
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instruction did not exist neither internal more general than that this statement however would have carried a lot more weight if it wasn't contradicted by the government spokesman. and this is obvious that there are internal regulations in the division there is the head instruction which regulates the flights of the most important people in the country . and the confusion doesn't stop here. or your. pilot had to back up their ports minsky n.v. tips in this really says a lot about the quality of the cruise preparation because wasn't even working that day. the official investigation found pilot error was to blame despite mounting evidence poland remains intent on pursuing its own investigation into the crash and trying to prove that the russian air traffic control was also responsible action some say only for political leverage ahead of the country's parliamentary elections polish aviation experts agreed with the investigation
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report and its findings and unless the politicians are willing to do the same instead of trying to shift the blame and gain voter support many more similar revelations could come to light placing the polls in an even more uncomfortable position kashrut as r.t. moscow. russia and the us are all set to begin scrapping their deployed nuclear arsenals the new strategic arms reduction treaty was finally ratified by both sides this week and should come into force within a matter of days it was signed by presidents medvedev and obama back in april so what took so long to get it started. this kind of explains. after more than a year of hard line negotiating and ten more months of internal dispute it's finally done moscow and washington are stripping down the nukes first the state duma and then the federation council gave the bill the green light now that it's signed by the president only
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a formal exchange of ratification documents is left before the new start comes into force for the next ten years many hope it will not only restrain the two nuclear superpowers but become an example for others to follow this first of all is about the security of the united states and the security of russia this is about unwinding the excesses of the cold war this is about bringing both countries back to a level of nuclear weapons because we read through it in saying levels during the cold war i think it will have a real irrational implications in effect other countries as decision making as well managed to become the symbol of the restart of the illusions between moscow and washington the deal was initially backed by both presidents but it didn't come easy most of the u.s. republicans fell into opposition demanding amendments and the internal disputes stretched for months before president obama finally pushed a deal through the congress ended up making two so-called special statements
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securing washington's right to modernize its remaining strategic arms and insisting the deal would not affect america's missile defense plans but the statements are non-binding meaning they will not affect the actual implementation of the deal the original text remained untouched but unfortunately for the first time to. the republic. in a war against three d. which of the other three injured but i think it was. a bomb and in most of the obama administration and basically i don't think about that well so much of it three d. russian deputies also made a non-binding special statements illegally linking offensive and defensive weapons which was one of the main stumbling points in the negotiations secured moscow's right to step out of the agreement if it feels threatened by u.s. missile defense plans in europe and stressed statements previously made by the us
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congress do not free washington from its obligations they hope that the coming years will show that both americans and us russians show responsibility in fulfilling these obligations and that will create a new spirit of mutual confidence and trust then you start is not the first such agreement between moscow and washington the first two were signed in one thousand nine hundred one and in ninety three but neither managed to bring russia and the u.s. this close it's expected the leaders deal to open many new doors of opportunity also moving forward on the russia's w t l accession america is very supportive but it's not enough we have to have more time as we have to have more docking mechanisms we have to have more bridges the more dependent we are the better it is for our future a future which has become a little clearer the exchange of the ratification documents officially enforcing
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the new start could happen as soon as the fourth of february even though the treaty is set to reduce the number of strategic arms by over one third it still leaves both the nuclear superpowers with enough warheads to blow the entire planet into a different solar system so perhaps it's not numbers that the new start is. by reducing the number of. russia in the united states or in their strategic partnership at least for the next decade. in the southern russian region of dagestan a potential terror attack was thwarted after police found two homemade explosive devices while the bombs with twenty five kilograms of t.n.t. were found in a private residential area. official said that both of the devices have already been destroyed and pose no risk the location of the bombs were determined after a suspected militants were interrogated this week four people were killed and six
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wounded in a car bomb explosion outside a cafe in the region moscow back to authorities have been fighting violent islamist militants in four years. well more international news in brief for you today in germany ten people have been killed and dozens injured after two trains collided in the east of the country the accident happened when passenger and freight trains crashed head on u. the city of magic work. off the tracks several carriages carrying around forty five passengers overturned officials say it's too early to determine what caused the accident but they believe speed was a factor. there have been a sporadic demonstrations against tunisia's prime minister in the capital as the interim government struggles to restore order on saturday a group of shopkeepers clashed with protesters accusing them of jeopardizing the country's tentative steps towards democracy and the turn of riot police used tear
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gas against demonstrators throwing stones we've been calling for the resignation of the newly appointed interior minister well it's been two weeks since the north african nation ousted its president then fled to saudi arabia after twenty three years in power. a russian space freighter the first of this year has successfully docked with the international space station the spacecraft called progress and zero nine am delivered two and a half tons of supplies including fuel food and presents for the six member crew it also brought a mini satellite spacesuit made by students decide to transmit greeting messages in fifteen languages photos and data well there are six scheduled trips to the u.s. this year. nearly all of those polled in southern sudan have voted to split from the north in a recent referendum more than ninety nine percent of those polled voted for
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independence indicating that southern sudan has secured a mandate to become the world's newest nation final results from the january vote are expected early next month. now russia aims to become a global financial center with guaranteed protection for foreign investment well that's the message from the country's leaders at the annual world economic forum in davos which wraps up on sunday well the russian delegation presented a detailed plan to members of the global market promising to share risks and costs with foreign investors will getting access to the world trade organization this year and building a common economic space with the e.u. are also among the country's top. targets one of the big deals that's already come out of the davos meeting is a multi-billion dollar acquisition of russia's largest producer bill down by pepsico well it c.e.o. in. russia is a perfect platform for further global expansion. then we can expand into cia
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central and eastern europe because those markets can all be serviced out of wimbledon and russia we have to decide how to take the technology to develop a whole range of products that we can sell in other parts of the world so we can leverage the ruble value added there it's pretty it's a partnership with the saudi arabian dairy company and figure out how to bring the expertise of both companies together to build out their platform for the company becomes very interesting because russia's goodland russia's cold water and russia can be a great source of fruits for us so one of our goals is to develop russian agriculture to be the hub for certain fruits storm foods in particular the rest of the world. that was indra nooyi the c.e.o. of pepsico and to me she had yet ever spearheaded the russian delegation to davos spoke exclusively to bloomberg television on the sidelines of the meeting well you can watch the full interview in just over an hour's time here on r.t.
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all coming up is a recap of the latest headlines and the week's top stories in just a few moments.
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