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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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tonight an artsy france becomes the first state to recognize libya's rebels as the country's government take a closer look at who they are and whether they've a legal right to power. the movies fueling beliefs that the country's close to foreign military intervention all the details coming up in just a few moments from. now the world's pressure grows on libya to resolve the ongoing crisis. fishings is finished but at the end of the situation beach is good news if it's good because it's fresh this is great between gadhafi and with a thief is doing before we give it a few that. plus libya high on the agenda is america's vice president meets the
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russian leadership in opposition in moscow the emphasis is also on boosting trade as we report. this is our team welcome it's no nine pm here in moscow kevin zero in on the top story france says it's recognizing libya's opposition as the quote legitimate representatives of the people and it plans to exchange ambassadors the move is fueling fears that the country may soon see another foreign military intervention out of meeting of nato defense ministers he learns his chief says member countries are united in this stance. bushell in brussels he joins us now. and as for residents and says that nato is ready to act finally is the most explicit comments so far from nato that it is waiting to send troops into libya but
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the fact is it's backed into a corner because of course he keeps making ever more explicit as i say a commitment to send troops into libya at the same time there's a growing international backlash which the head of nato has been forced to recognize the secretary general says that he understands the concerns here did that there must be proof and demonstrably a commitment from the rebels that they want to see. nato troops backing them because of course the fear of the rebels is that once nato comes in the libyan population will turn against them let's listen to what reza aslan had to say exactly. it has been decided to increase their presence of. nature maritime assets in the central mediterranean these ships improve their nature oshie to ation or awareness our message
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today is. nato is united nato is vigilant nato is ready to act well there was a meeting between president sarkozy's office of france and the libyan rebel national council after wish it was decided to announce that front brick noise is the rebels as the legitimate power in that country they will exchange ambassadors france will send an ambassador to be in causey and vice versa there will be a diplomat in france as the official representative of their country the french foreign minister alan should pay urged european partners to follow suit and engage with the new libyan leaders and the trouble is this opposition doesn't have much control it has this certain part pockets of the country in the east there's also devious question marks over its formation mirror former ministers of justice the minister of be interior from a good effete regime in this party along with several rebels rebels who dissidents
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also who spent years in prison and it's not sure why france has done this france it is not traditionally the closest ally of libya of course libya was a former colony of italy and there are question marks now being raised by the international community what are france's motives of course one of them is the fear that military events intervention has been planned and will follow suit russia's envoy to nato told me that he now fears the worst. right now there's a real danger mistrials can be used against libyan air bases to deprive gadhafi his advantage as the legal head of state also there are attempts to generalize the rebels to make it seem to the outside power has passed from gadhafi to the rebels they have been repeated calls from the international community to leave libya alone and let the two sides sort out the dispute between themselves those fears that this will disturb a hornet's nest by foreign military intervention even the rebels. themselves say
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they would prefer the foreign sections not to get involved and yet as we heard from russia's representative to nato there are increasing fears that western powers of gearing up for military intervention in the country called well a-k. from the european strategic intelligence and security center told us that by recognizing libyan rebels france is playing a dangerous game actually i don't know if dong president nicolas sarkozy said ok a prayer but you clearly gone back to being. it's a danger with even if we disagree with. what is. in the way. acting today it starts with your reason to just shift the operation collision to your position especially because we don't know really. i know of course everyone knows the faces of the two guys but we don't know the exact
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composition of the consumer we don't know if there are. tribal leaders just. people who is not in control but grown group a recession in business or one so in we don't know at the end of the day. so it's i think it's dangerous to do to do this and it's difficult to understand why for most of this. you have an awful lot more on the situation in libya to come in a few moments tonight but some other stories as well for you ahead. people really angry anxious just because the burden falls and i'm sure there's an american congress who once courted the muslim vote to win office is no accused of organizing a witch plus. moscow is the world's wealthiest capital with seventy nine of russia's one hundred one billionaires living here but with details of this year's
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fall rich list in our business bulletin just over ten minutes time. international pressure against libya is growing following the controversial decision by france to recognize the rebels claim to power alongside which russia is imposing sanctions against colonel gadhafi his regime banning the export of weapons and military equipment artie's paula slee is in the capital tripoli to find out what people there think. the reaction of people here in europe is tripoli. she recognizes the opposition as the legitimate libya is one of shock and anger. that this. nation find it because if you think it was a mix of health. and weak looking. it should be actions of the libyan government to be one of the shooting statements of which is this that this is dangerous interfering in libya and if it is. push on the.
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ground today its naval forces come. out of the oil which. we are hearing reports that his teacher. and that they have been firing. thank rounds into. the russian. final on. which fails from russia to libya that he initially thinks the military as well as this the russian government it pains to say that even though you than even if we think it is in any way for. a no fly zone warning that this will be the first to cover and concealment which so you case something that he could dump the regime is what is the rebel against gadhafi has again that interfere
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with. foreign is if. poking. holes will feel that he says that the information intimidation of. that i and my colleagues and if we could get them to speak from the very vocal of the nation take they could be if we can we at this time very much of these clashes. after deliberation chance the rattle of kalashnikovs is the most common sound in the gazi ever since ravel seized weapons depots in eastern libya rifles became the ultimate symbol of masculinity that every young man in this city once one thing in common between more marget are free and they force the struggling to unseat him is a fascination with arms believe and later he developed a liking for kalashnikov rifle so much so that he even had a case forty seven munition plant built here in libya that rounds these plans
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produced an hour hailing all across eastern libya on the frontlines and beyond young man with rifles have become a fixture on the streets of ghazi they're eager to show them off and often slap happy in their handling of the arms cancer a soldier from the bin gassy garrison who joined the uprising says many of the stela rebels don't have any experience with arms which he says is made out by their passionate determination of the will find the last bullet to the last drop of blood god is on. his feet you've been ghazi is still living off of the revolutionary fever from dusk till dawn people congregate on the city's main square calling for gadhafi to go most of the factories are closed the only people still working a shop owners here is good no group. many people know people
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and public servants like these traffic police officers despite the loss of control over is to leave here to get up to go and continues to pay salaries to those employed by the state of the years i received my last paycheck about ten days ago but there is nothing to thank the fee for myself it is just two hundred fifty dinars with i can barely support my family agitation and uncertainty of the last few weeks already exert. their toll on public health in gaza a psychiatric hospital is now flooded with patients because preexisting conditions were exacerbated by the unrest nowadays because the people uprising lots of people suffering from the so-called panicky shoulders. some of our patient old surviving relapses from their previous mental problems now because of the. uprising because of the shooting. hated
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and ridiculed get that he may be the most valuable asset for the opposition movement as that hatred pulls people together for the time being it united's those who spent years serving in his government and the victims of this persecution yet their chance for free libya are yet to be augmented by a clear vision of how to achieve it people in bin ghazi are now living of their savings sharing whatever little they have most of them are confident that once gadhafi leaves the bright future will dawn on them but if past revolutions are anything to go by the abundance of arms and hoards of idly roaming man could mean exactly the opposite. of what the arts he'd been ghazi. before all the ongoing unrest in libya of the international response has taught now to political writer diana johnston she's joining us from paris very good evening to thanks for being on the program or just a few hours ago nato said that it was united and france said also today it's
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recognizing the rebels as the legitimate power so i don't know what it is that the view from paris really the rest of the alliance members think that they're just not being pounded about it what what do you think the true picture is. well since they said they were united that rather implies that they're not objecting to the french . diplomatic or rather under contract except. as you noted seems so wildly coming out and so i think. well i think. i fear that what we're seeing here is simply a play for time in order to build up the propaganda. a little but heavier to justify military intervention and i think that i fear that what
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they're waiting for is a little bit more the judge said that especially if civilians can be claimed to be killed or shown to be killed by of course by cleaned up the i mean if the other side kills them that there won't be useful but. casualties so that they can say we have to do something to start khadafi from killing his own people that's the slogan and there isn't enough evidence yet that that is exactly what is happening so i think there is simply waiting and provoking provoking that bloodshed that will give them the excuse to act what do you think france made this move today first. well it's a little bit sarkozy's personality to rush to the front and so that he is you know really gung ho for whatever it is and i think that both britain and
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france you see have been playing the role of pushing for military intervention while the united states is showing reluctance that is. there probably is reluctance in washington but i don't know that i think there's a conflict as usual between those who want to go to war those who think that this is probably not a very good idea. there so the allies the dear allies of nato can push in that direction so that eventually the the big giant will just be obliged to do his humanitarian duty it looks to me a bit like that the scenario begs the question as well doesn't it if somehow gadhafi did manage to hold on to power would that lead from some the future well i think if france has taken that step it's because it's pretty sure that he won't and that may be because they're pretty sure that there will be military intervention by nato to make sure that he doesn't and so she says we article for so to say we are
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close it's a military intervention tonight then with it then we have been so far. well i'm not afraid so but i mean i think it's it's a terrible thing that i see that that's the way things seem to be going. i think that. the. the whole war forces see the situation in libya as an opportunity to play the humanitarian savior role. and i think it's a temptation that it's very hard for them to resist and they think that libya is it's not a very populous country it's got all that oil which can pay for whatever war they waged against this i mean that was the argument about iraq that the iraqi oil could pay for the war i don't think that's quite happened but they can and i think it will be easier with libya which it has a rather small scattered population and they can think that this is an easy victory
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that they can claim to be part of the fight for democracy by. stealing a little of the glory of of tunisia and libya where you have real democratic uprisings whereas libya has been quite a different story ok dodge also good to hear your views political writer as you are on the line from paris tonight thank you. so we'll talk of international involvement of libya has been tough to avoid for the u.s. vice president has been meeting with the russian leadership today joe biden is on the day to in fact of his visited of moscow parties katrina czar of his got the details. there's been speculation of course the internet has been rife with sources claiming that joe biden has indeed tried to guarantee russia's support should the u.s. decide to go ahead with its military intervention in libya we do know that several foreign nations of course including the united states have not ruled out the possibility of bringing their troops to libya in order to resolve the conflict
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while others including russia have so far chosen to stand back and let libyan settle the matter for themselves well this of course is the second day of joe biden's visit to moscow and he during those two days he had quite a busy agenda of course meeting with the russian leaders both the russian president meeting with visas and of the prime minister vladimir putin of the focus was mostly on trade talks joe biden who of course. heralded at the current reset in ties between moscow and washington underlined the necessity of that reset continuing in his meeting with the americans and saying that the previous administration did not choose to maximize on the strategic potential that exists in the relationship between moscow and washington d.c. and the current administration is of course very much interested in that also took the time to meet not only with the russian leaders but also with non-governmental
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parties and members of the opposition and human rights groups all of that was on his agenda as well as a trip to the russian analog of silicon valley skolkovo where joe biden spent a lot of time being shown around and told about the potential prospects and of course of various american businesses willing to participate in this new venture. the u.s. city of san francisco as we report is locked in a battle over male circumcision as jewish group against a proposal could see the practice of more weather stories online tonight also going to hit billionaires row in the center of moscow get yourself some excellent property just five metres from the kremlin but of course you need to be pretty well off to do it and pay fifteen thousand euros per square meter you can find out about
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the most expensive residential street in but our t. top. a series of u.s. government hearings into the radicalization of american muslims are underway in washington are being led by homeland security chairman peter king who says the issue threatens the country but his arteries miniport been finding out king's views about the muslim community have been less than consistent. on friday it's. a familiar sound of worship at those from the islamic center of long island. oh it's a place of prayer education and community service for many of long island's seventy thousand muslims it's also a place where u.s. congressman peter king spent years building bridges with american voters. supporters who today remain shocked that king labeled their mosque
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a hotbed for extremism that should be put under surveillance he has attended probably eddings all saw and we have been to his office many times what about he needed help. how deep is chairman of the long island center that sits just outside the boundaries of king's third congressional district. amid fears the man he once fundraise for they currently be the strongest force fueling the flames of islamophobia in america safety and security of my community is my biggest concern and trying to create trouble of it is probably why i thought of doing things during his early days as a congressman he was often seen at the islamic center on long island giving lectures holding book signings even serving as the main guest of honor when the officially open official say since september eleventh two thousand and one the u.s. representative has not stepped one foot inside this building the islamic center
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unanimously condemned the event but king cut ties with the institution after two officials were quoted denying muslim involvement and linking israel to nine eleven . instead peter king recently appointed chairman of the powerful house homeland security committee has announced congressional hearings on allegedly hidden radicalism among american muslims and mosques. a drastic turn that has brought here to king's constituents he generalize. and realize in a very bad way and in a way that will not serve. the american way for even outside or from the states it has been very disturbing especially when the coalition of muslim population in the long island community is growing substantially looking for support. congressman king has said that most muslim
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leaders in this country aren't cooperating with authorities yet no member of this long island islamic center has ever been accused of terrorism. and muslim americans in this community are appalled that their very own u.s. representative is target. based on their religious beliefs here extremists in every every community every religion i mean you you know why just islam what it's you have to gain from it i've been there but maybe some think again in the politics there is a lot of fear people are really. anxious to because. really . extreme in a country of tolerance and new york community left feeling isolated and marginalized by the man they once rallied behind her enough archie new york
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couple top world news stories for you a cousin of afghan prison hamad karzai was killed by nato forces he was reportedly shot dead by coalition troops at his home in southern afghanistan during an overnight raid nato says they're investigating the incident becomes just days after karr's i just started u.s. led forces for accidentally killing nine boys in eastern could not province. so the school has gone back to work for the first time since an operation on his jaw and face the italian prime minister was injured in a man in december two thousand and nine a man with a psychiatric problem through a metal statue of him at a school the last two teeth in the incident of his nose broken the operation which took place three days ago lasted for four hours. thursday evening here in moscow duma scott business after this quick break.
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would be soon which brightened if you remove the ballots from feinstein suppression of this. stance on t.v. don't come. now and welcome to business r.t. with me to remember the end of the ruble suffers its sharpest two day drop against the dollar this year trimming instrumentalists rally against the greenback declining oil prices and spain's credit downgrade caused the ruble to get clichy eight to twenty roubles thirty six copecks the dollar that's around the one percent drop russian currency is still seven point one percent stronger against the dollar
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this year showing the biggest gain among one hundred seventy three world currency while is down sharply their investors still remain cautious over libya's unrest this is on the back of worries about global energy demand u.s. trade deficit expanded wrap fifteen percent in january to forty six billion dollars a record high as the price of imported oil skyrocket and also u.s. jobless claims added twenty six thousand last week this is hampering hopes of a steady recovery in the u.s. economy but instead some worries russian stocks see one of the biggest one day falls this year this first day with the obvious my six declining around three percent each for energy and banking stocks i guess problem is losing three percent lukoil three percent to bank another three percent look or else the drop was coupled with. bad results on u.s. profits. this perception more negative and is hurting emerging markets so there's this shift from emerging markets to developed
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markets and it's also hurting russia basically the. very positive for russia and that's why russia has been the best performing emerging markets this year and i do not think that what we are seeing today is the beginning of a new trend where well russia underperform performance i think the collection. leading american businessmen gathered in moscow to discuss the us russian business relations one key topic on the agenda was the localization in the car industry now that's a promise from investors that sixty percent of each car made in russia will be built with locally manufactured parts andrew summers chairman of the u.s. chamber of commerce in russia says that goal is too high a moment there's still a lack of quality services or a number of sectors here so the companies are afraid when they get to the fifty year they'll only have forty percent local components instead of sixty percent and then you'll lose some of the benefits that they had gained the record number of
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billionaires of join the list of the world's richest this year out of over one hundred tycoons on the forbes list russia led the middle east and holds a fourteenth place russia's forbes deputy editor outlines the secrets of his success with a great deal is unlike other major business or listen is concentrating on his key piece and there is not a city or one of the world's largest steel producers of this imports all these into these companies and it's turned it into the most profitable and the most effective steel producer in the country that's against a backdrop of growing demand from china and india which is using this to produce it so high a price and a rise in the capitalisation will help listen to move to the top of the list are the headlines and i somehow think their state. it's.
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