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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from. the future covered. this is our team the international news broadcaster from moscow thanks for choosing as for your news i'm kevin now in with the top stories for you the libyan capital tripoli has been rocked by anti aircraft part explosions tonight as the coalition's operation the country enters the forefront in the libyan government says the air strikes are playing a role in a number of civilian lives. concerns rise there's a hidden agenda to behind of military intervention in libya as british officials say colonel gadhafi could be targeted this contradicts the u.k. prime minister's statement that regime change is not. a graduation levels around
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pan's fukushima nuclear plant reported to be over one and a half thousand times higher than normal as the figures rise so to fears around the radiations impacts such as the contamination. next complete change of subject as ethnic divisions are blocking belgium from forming a new government talks to the man who's pushing for the country to be split into. r.t. sitting down with award winning writer and journalist ian buruma named one of the top one hundred global thinkers by foreign policy magazine mr brewer is a professor of democracy human rights and journalism at bard college in new york sir thank you so much for joining us today ok now your leader's book is taming the gods of religion and democracy on three continents so i want to start our discussion by asking you about the role of islam in the modern world how
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significant is it do you see a certain level of. some phobia in the united states nowadays and you think it's just so there's certainly a level of islamophobia or just the all over the western world it's difficult to talk about this a lot of the role of islam because it's not one thing to millions and millions of people it's a faith inside the world of islam there's also a violent revolutionary movement which is a minority of muslims who take part of it or you can sympathize with it but it's there and that causes problems and to the extent that people are worried about violence coming from those groups that worried that worry is justified is that is alarm i would war with its alarm and know that would be a very mistaken and dangerous notion are you seeing a certain level of phobia when it comes to. well yes you do occasionally be people
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who have bigoted opinions on it. i think it's one of the last forms of bigotry that is more or less for spectacle i mean you can't you know have to satellites and be respectable but you can say that you can't stand muslims and you can do you'll still get invited to dinner is not an acceptable double standard no not in my view . it's it's it's part of the modern world from some of the things that have been coming out of the media but he seems like that is a sentiment they're trying to fuel i don't think so. i wouldn't blame the mainstream media for that at all. i think what it really is is that because of globalization. because of financial insecurity. fast moving developments in the modern world in which some people feel that they are being left behind and so on there's a lot of anxiety and it's always useful in times of anxiety when people have an
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enemy to focus on immigrants in general but muslims in particular are singled out as an object to fear. but. to come back to your question i don't think that the mainstream media have been. the worst culprits in this who have been the worst i think some of them in europe some of the populist politicians who have used this. in the united states. on really cable t.v. and so on who. use this issue to stir up. or to exploit resentment now in one of your articles about china there is a place where you see nationalism is often fed by a sense of impotence and i want to ask you about this do you think that is a saying that could also be relevant to modern day united states yes but it. comes back to that same issue that people who feel they're not represented they don't
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have a voice that they're not listened to but they don't have a grip on public affairs. very vulnerable. leaders who promise the earth as it were if you feel you're a lonely individual who has no influence on anybody and nobody cares about it feels good to be in a crowd shouting usa usa or. in the case of america because in china it could be anywhere in china what i meant by the chinese nationalism being a form often an expression of from him since i didn't mean that sense of the chinese government but where people have no political voice china is awful not a democracy. there nationalism can play the same role that religion plays in other parts of the world it becomes a kind of. substitute for political. participation the united
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states is a democracy do you think people have a political voice here certainly more than in china. but the huge role played by money for example has distorted the process somewhat i mean it is a democracy but like all democracies that it has great flaws and one of the flaws i think in this country is that you have two parties and people who get elected only can only get elected if they were. huge amounts of money involved and that leaves a lot of the population out of the equation who do you think is the real power in the united states who really leads the country at this point is a corporations you know still wall street is it really washington d.c. or is it the tea party is the media it's course not one thing and the fact that it's not a dictatorship means there is not one center of power but if you do corporations
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for example do you think they have a bit more control than they should in making some i think i probably have more control than they should that's not to say that corporations run america be too simple they certainly have a huge influence as does wall street as does the pentagon as does. congress i was doing the. various voices in the media i mean they all have an influence some. of these groups institutions have perhaps more influence than water and that's because of the enormous role played by money i want to talk about china now. we talked a little bit about some of the fear mongering in the media do you think china is really a threat to the united states why is it seen as a threat by so many people and. is there a basis to i don't think it's a direct threat to the united states certainly not an ability. through it they're competing and they have a comparative advantage of having
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a huge population that can make things much more cheaply than people carry the united states i don't think it's a huge threat it's perceived as such again because the rise of china as a as a serious power. with the economic clubs is has been is recent and has been very fast people are fearful for many different reasons and it's it helps them to be able to focus it on something in the united states and seriously external enemy know why is it so often external and it could be part of a lack of knowledge what is more i think it's something that's partly the history of the u.s. and this sort of refuge from the dangerous outside world and one way to make people feel that they have something in common with each other that creates a kind of confusion in a civil society because of course this idea that here we are in the united states and we will have to defend ourselves against this dangerous world out there isn't
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the united states powerful enough to just start worrying about an outside rationally you would have thought so books these things are not always rational and if there isn't an external enemy people often event in the domestic one that's not just in america it's all over the place you mentioned japan having been seen as a threat to western economies decades ago where does it stand where you think anybody sees depends a threat anymore very soon after people are making a tremendous force about japan buying up the world there was a big recession and is now seen as a more or less normal or more capitalist country whether it is or not and now it's japanese to be fearful and they're very anxious about trying or want to ask you about bric bloc that is made up of brazil russia india and china some experts are saying that this block is going to really become. a leader in. the world's economic
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arena do you think that's the case or is china way ahead of everyone else. bigger than most other places and all these countries have a long way to grow and very dynamic for that reason because they come from a lower. basis so the tend to be industrious and ambitious and sold in a way that perhaps is less true in. a consummate like your which is be prosperous for an awful long time do you think they could become stronger than the united states and europe in terms of their. combined possibly what is stronger me in today's economies when. corporations very very often it's very hard will have their headquarters in one country but most of the factories in other countries and consumers all over the place and. it's become such an international economy it's difficult it's very difficult to talk in terms of national strength
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the chinese talk in that way and it's an it's it's a nineteenth century. rather german way of looking. thinking about an economy. the american system of course is different if you are an american corporation. is not to make the united states into a stronger nation states your enemy is to make a lot of money and make sure that the shareholders are happy how do you measure power in the north korea's economically is a complete backwater it's a little slum out there that nobody would pay any attention to accept for the fact that they have nuclear weapons and that makes it into a power that has to be taken into account in well thanks so much. thank you.
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so its top stories the libyan capital tripoli has been rocked by anti-aircraft fire and explosions as the coalition's operation in the country enters its fourth night the libyan government says the airstrikes are claiming a growing number of civilian. concerns rise that there's a hidden agenda beyond the military intervention in libya as british officials say that colonel gadhafi could be targeted that contradicts the u.k. prime minister's earlier statement that regime change is not a. radiation levels around transportation reported to be over one thousand times higher than normal as the figures right so do fears around the
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radiations impact too such as food and water contamination. one is kevin overpowered the headlines for you about fifteen minutes time with the news continues now on the union said with a sporty big union and it's got it all rather serious on the ice. exactly right we're down to the business end of the constable hockey league four teams remain and we'll have a look at all their chances in just a second. i was into sports to be here on twenty four hour see i need to know you are these are some of the stories we're covering over the next and or so. pick of the park semifinal time and the concept of the league states into gear this week we take a look at the quartet gunning for dory. here to help lead your foot in this year's russia willing to host the world figure skating championships on offense which was
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to be held in earthquake ravaged tokyo just. the last time i promise that's the message from fee for president sepp blatter it confirms down in twenty fifteen if he wins another term in june. for the first ever time with a garden cup will not be raised a lot by our powers this year but there are four other squads more than willing to take up the slack following the semifinal lineup being completed on monday evening allegedly in the previews the contenders i so much you lie and have favorites with the bookmakers for dinner income glory and it's not surprising mine so i'm not knocking on the only team to have their won the competition on the bars so not seen over the two in a room champions in just five matches new found fame especially strong in defense demonstrated by the fact that bars on the managed to school more than twice against in one occasion one stand to frighten the remaining scene finalists some of i
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didn't lose a single player nature on the road taken me to look in the last for the money to burst men busy tending to their bruises have to hunt for it seven much better with them on guard after reading to a game smith who promptly lost the next three but then they showed their character to clinch in the final couple of matches in which the people grigori really was barely more than a spectator. he had line make or recently has been denise but on off the from a national credit to nine hundred seventy bills in the post season to rank among the top three scores in the league it's looking on t.v. or slobber in moscow region team outline the sides might stand in the west meanwhile the committee had been scoring for fun in the playoffs their previous winning performance over dinar regan saw the really man being in the midst of tale of twenty six goals and five matches now the thing sure to me coach roy dinner would take happy is that the three top class passengers don't think from the committee of forward kamel demitra is one such play to watch slovak firing home for
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billson making food team through essence the next opponent atlanta have proven themselves they've gone by penes trailing three two one overall in their western senate final serious limitation meisters one three on the trot two min away from home then i can get talking the charge and scoring and down the other in their goaltending averages second only pick each a favorite so i marked it long are least likely going to the movies of winning it all this year they're all too low if please finish in the regular season though has been forgotten about just asks every stone star confidence is high and as they coach miller share his ego would no doubt see they're just two games away from the biggest prize in european ice hockey and a shoo in out. for dinner put in has stated that russia are ready to step in and host the world figure skating championships if necessary tokyo was the whole the
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event starting this week but that is not not a possibility following the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit japan on march the eleventh. so it was much too it's known that now would you please france are unable to host the world cup because of the tragedy clean underwear and we're ready to support boobs how would you punish colleagues and the international skating federation by suggesting we can hold them back in effect of course the federation is interested this is not an expensive procedure so we can cover all parts of this priest. now the name alexander bullshit coffin not be one of the most well known and global martial arts circles but that could all be about to change our correspondent constantine pitstop off caught up with the man is regarded as russia's hottest prospect. russia has been synonymous with producing world class fighters for many years now there is disciplines in various martial arts scene russians dominating wing man and octagon model has to give his once age
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where the undisputed walking boxing champion was recently invited to the british tejas k one world series after winning every battle he had fought for. and now there is an expired legend fillery million in the thirty four year old last stand for maybe in the twilight of his career now after losing two consecutive bouts but he is still on doubtfully one of the greatest fighter is blank history today even now because former coach ruslan the good in it believes the next global star of the college game in his corner i sounded about shock or is it five blocks away to finish him but he's ready to knock down the key one door. i've been training bolcik of who more than a year good people deserves a good coach and vice versa when i started to train him i had to change his technique a little but he's punching and kicking start is now as good as anyone's he does so powerful that sometimes after training i can feel my hands. but chuck has had eleven k y qualifying bouts winning ten of them and one draw with
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a flesh style featuring flying using heat and twenty seven year old out costa can petition to claim the european court of last year at world crown now top of his agenda. first of all i want to become the best in the plant and then we'll get a very good hold a title defense white in russia because if you win you dictated to us and hopefully that will happen but checco has been addicted to martial arts since he was ten each year making impressive progress with regional and national titles at it around his waist but for almost a decade it's been old boesky one for the st petersburg native he said if in germany and the netherlands for example flyers are paid by their federations that's why we don't have a lot of athletes as all of them have to earn money so instead of train they saying . in the office who requires good focus and honing their skills coping with success will help to stabilize a section of q one ear and that russian flyers will get lots of opportunities for
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the policeman who specializes in drug enforcement speeding even for the ration actually starts up in his native country his rise to the brooky one ranks would happen sooner rather than later and that is sure to be a very important step in developing the sport in martial arts crazy russian his name popped out of morici. brings us on to football where separate author has stated he intends to step down his feet for president in twenty fifteen if he's reelected for a fourth term in june there seventy five year old who has been head of world football governing body says nine hundred ninety eight is being challenged by asian confederation chief muhammad a been the recent challenge to gather steam ship the moment a deputy go his rival this time around has promised greater transparency to spread features massive wealth i think more evenly across the globe if he gets the nod. and finally to the pitch for a recap of all the strikes the court injuring we two in the russian premier league
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the ravine they are the teams they catch check out the way they move top and all the rest of the action it is called school. live clinton . listlessly
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. live. live live. live
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. so two weeks in and still no winds for bertha carlos are rude ha let's all your sports guy weather is coming up in just
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a tick. for the full so we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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if. the heat is. fifty two feet. of. snow. in indonesia all cheese available in the ground your photo shows a media photo the ritz carlton hotel a little hotel hotel new millennium hotel in china you can see all t. and.


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