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tv   [untitled]    March 24, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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was a chill million dollars profit from a gold surgeon literally who turned the princess in bangkok brothers and her children in cold dream virtual bangkok so if it kills him to regret going coke and pacific coach old michael grimm friend who told michael close a company been called a role in the region. and there has been forced to cross the libyan coast following five days of airstrikes against the market forces bring commanders and sits to the targets were hit precisely despite reports of dozens of civilian casualties. several weeks off the un rest in egypt ended president mubarak's control activists who called for the revolution clear they've been manipulated to about his allies to spain. protesters in the u.s. demand better treatment from amounting to the internet but it could take to resolve their competes supporters say back and i mean he's been able to train to has been held in degrading conditions.
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on the and on line you're watching our table come to the program fresh explosions and gunfire have been heard in the libyan capital tripoli reports saying the coalition forces are targeting major military facilities across the country forces have also conducting air strikes against troops in the world in the coffee and the country's western since in misrata the u.s. chief of staff mission in libya says the no fly zone has now been enforced across the entire team coast in support of syria has the latest. wednesday night is the fifth night of coalition air strikes over libya a short time ago it was an explosion some fifty two kilometers to the east of the capital city tripoli at a military barracks but other than that i'm not. so far has been choirs on the
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ground the looking government continues to insist that it is in forcing a ceasefire when say we continue to hear reports of heavy clashes between both sides in three cities on wednesday and no more than sixteen people were killed in the city of misrata by gadhafi snipers in the city of intent six people were killed and in the city of ajdabiya intensifying between both sides continues as you can well imagine the mood on the ground is incredibly tense people here are very very anxious and within this climate we have been asking the government if they can and now is to go and see the reports of civilians that have been killed if we can go in independently verify this we participated on wednesday on a government sponsored media tour this is the only way as journalists we can hear it in tripoli and that is because if you few hundred meters there are both shots and if you don't have a government person with you you have no way of getting through those low clouds would run the risk of being detained arrest and possibly even worse so we were on
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one of these government sponsored two was we were being told that we were taken to see the family of a civilian who had been injured and in fact was later found but the story as it transpired was that it was a fifty two old man who was an arabic literature teacher and according to his family he had volunteered to join gadhafi is on me now those first strikes last saturday the french planes he was the one of the first casualties to be killed in those planes and this is what his family had to say that we have no choice is only on this we have no other reason to live there terrorize our children we will not give up. wherever we went there were almost a spontaneous demonstrations it's as if people see journalists and they want to get their message across that message is always the same and that is that libyans support gadhafi not only is he the leader but he's also the father and many people coming up to us and say tell the truth make sure the international community understands. just how much support he has not served me to death he wants those
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kind of messages to get out well you should i'm sure want to kill more than that we are not the soldiers they don't kill shelters. run them their child should. be killing a lot of the most stupid in the american on the. on the other side of the story you have the coalition leaders the political leaders as well as the army commanders who are also desperate to get across a version of events and they take on the story is that not only is this operation the go it's been extremely successful all the targets that have been hit have been precise as journalists we are in the middle of the story it very often becomes confusing and one man's much trust either side that's the beginning of march preempting what would unfold there was a joke that was caught on camera between the u.s. defense secretary robert gates as well as the top american commander in afghanistan
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general david petraeus now they didn't realize that they were being recorded that gates had arrived in kabul to which he had been welcomed back with some patris had remarked that he was flying in a larger plane than normal and he asked whether or not this was because he intended on firing shells and attacking libya gates his reply was yes exactly it seems as if maybe joke there is an element of truth and our job as journalists and as viewers is trying to cover their truth courtis here are typically. the very latest from our teams paula slayer on the situation in libya you remember you can always go to our twitter feed you know latest post says energy shortages in the libyan capital with the security forces stopping journalists from me queues forming i guess nations. for us on twitter at r.t. underscore calmer to get the latest updates from of course. nato members are split over the future of the military campaign in the series reichl hoffman and
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political of searcher. and there seems to be quite a rivalry between david cameron and nicolas sarkozy and then turkey has also dissent team because the turks have already said that all they want is a no fly zone nothing more than man the germans are now stating that they are removing their navy from nato control this seems like an appears to be another type of imperialism it has to be seen that way in the arab world but it can't be about protecting people i reject that rationale because where are the people being protected in bahrain where is the no fly zone in gaza there are all kinds of areas in the world where the united states nato the u.n. the arab league could intervene and they are not. western powers have already seen that yet even with the gulf as a danger to their interests and well that's according to the. experts in
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international relations and more of his he's about twenty minutes from now but has a quick test. because an acceptable to lead such a unpredictable leader not friendly to the west and there was a sort of feeling over green to what he has done with the western states who were preventing considerations to have more friends with regime in libya along with on this along with the need. he was presenting some of. the global paradigm of systems within the liberal western society and the regimes it was some alternative and this alternative was don't remember of the promotion of this liberal democracy and rule. staying in the region and overwhelming majority of egyptians have approved changes
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to the country's constitution and main aims of the uprising is to have a month since the victory some egyptians already sense they may not get what they want for. this kind of as the story. several weeks have passed since the evolves but it seems the wheels of the old political machine are still turning we start now our of usual resignation didn't finish it we need to change there we will be able. to govern ourselves. how can do that would be to minimize the c.f.a. used to be any anger on egypt's national state run radio she claims even though president mubarak has already stepped down the media is still being manipulated the main demand is to. be around all those who are perhaps including the hard elephant this have been taking and making. have financial pressure and that very question that people are. in late january several hundred thousand people took
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to the streets of cairo demanding president mubarak stepped down after several weeks of violence and the president. according to the united nations around three hundred people lost their lives during the unrest thousands of others were injured ok since then the interim government has held a nationwide referendum sekolah makes the elections to be held before the end of the year but maybe activists say it's too soon to be newly emerged political movements to gain enough momentum before they will be elections coming very soon nobody is prepared. and for a lot of the leftists and the local bill the political operatives there thinking that maybe this will be staged as a way to green power the n.d.p. alongside the president for the last three decades the national democratic party was the ruling a foodie in the country and many fear with state media still under its control it
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may gain enough force to come back to power. even though the phrases of the recent violence are so obvious life on the. the street seems to be returning to normal here on where most of. it has returned to but the political situation in the country is still far from healthy sure thousands mobilized to get rid of the authorities what. political powers will be able to get their act together in time for the election and what direction it will be. a big question even for the revolutionaries themselves. r.t. . and the turmoil in egypt is echoing across borders as we discover in a few minutes people sent underestimate in terms of immigration you know weakened economies in countries like greece. and u.s.
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army soldier arrested for allegedly passing classified information to the whistleblower website wiki leaks stands accused of putting national security at risk everyone agrees with the treatment of the manning getting food writes his supporters who gave the conditions of his detention in humane. right. here in quantico hundreds of activists and veterans have gathered outside of the military base for bradley manning is being held in solitary confinement twenty three hours a day they say he's being tortured to call for his immediate release although president obama says otherwise i have actually asked the pentagon whether or not. the procedures that have been taken in terms of his confinement are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards and they assure me that they are state department spokesman p.j. crowley called manning's treatment quote ridiculous counterproductive and stupid
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and was forced to resign. while manning's father denounced the pentagon for stripping his son of his clothing and forcing him to stand at attention needed i mean it's shocking enough that i would come out of our silence as a family and say you know now that this you know you crossed the line this is wrong protesters here denounced obama and say guantanamo bay has been brought to her genius they say the president could do better than simply trusting manning's jailers i can sing brother in confinement and i could tell you probably is not to me as well but if i could see nothing to fight about bracketology but i think if i were whistleblower daniel ellsberg responsible for leaking to be a ground war logs known as the pentagon papers called manning a spirit if i want his example to be heard for other people and the more that other people realize that the description is richard to give us a real world traitor. the truth.
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not appreciate it but everybody that we are looking at setting the record before being arrested it with thirty five others for refusing to move from the entrance to quantico. local would not. everyone in the space town felt bradley had done the right thing knowing. that. people are protesting for my husband's life and my husband's friends lives in danger it's. frustrating and denied that he was tortured they were tortured if you do if you give him. it's not he's not being tortured even if amnesty international and other human rights groups say his conditions are quote degrading and bring back memories of green the pentagon has not set a trial date for manning who faces twenty two charges aiding the enemy which could carry the death penalty but activists here and around the world city won't back
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down until he's free in florida artsy trying virginia. more than twenty five thousand people have been confirmed dead or missing in japan following the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami whether the police say this number could rise as it can sometimes it's difficult for them from the service and the professional class of engineers at the nuclear facility have resumed attempts to stall the system work was told wednesday off of that smoking was from one of the plants reactance meanwhile nuclear officials say three workers have been exposed to the ground and that's. sent. plenty for the group to regain full of. water and in the region around the stricken are still so cold on some of their produce. since it's from for. the next hour in our program max kaiser and stacy herbert expose the ignorance of
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one of america's best known political commentators that's on the other stories of the week and the kaiser reports. max keiser i brought you a present where you go for a beer. what do you say well i'm calling it the c. herbert fun china can it's a little bit of a plutonium mix with your rhenium ann coulter and she wrote on her blog that regarding japan the good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from a nuclear power plant is now probably much less likely to get cancer arsenic in very low doses of. mild beneficial health benefits as i recall but of course you would want us all a gallon of it she's got. this kind of misinformation gets people to think that radiation is good for you manmade global warming is good for
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smoking cigarettes is good it's a manufactured manufactured ignorance. number of immigrants trying to reach europe. pricing scheme north africa have already fled the violence and since until the protests continue it's on t.v. this group ports across isn't necessarily cross the mediterranean. under arrest in egypt i am moving. into full out civil war in libya is northern africa a sort of par with unrest people flee the region you can see this case in their home countries and then he ends up in greece where their lives hardly get any simpler one of two hundred fifty migrants living in this makeshift refugee camp in the center of the greek capital. frankly their greece is
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a european country because of life here is not much better than at home after the financial crisis it's nearly impossible to find a job here the economy here is lagging behind many other european states. tens of thousands of migrants calm into the country every year most of them are hoping to move on to other countries like france and germany using greece as a transfer base however a lot of them end up staying hoping to make it in the country yet the country is not able to handle such well thought of migrants and some are calling the situation catastrophic. last year alone thirty six thousand migrants mostly from the good countries were arrested for illegally crossing into the country now the situation in which the african region has gone from bad to worse the number of migrants seeking to escape the term is sure to rise of course there is no one. has. to do nothing. otherwise existing
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problems. with migration i didn't begin to get migrants themselves only have one hope that the situation in north africa will see the light and they will be able to return home. every person must leave and work in the country and not in a foreign land real human being none his loved ones that's right no life no home countries. and love the coolish and forces are busy boarding revia seeking to cool . just a country to peace with european nations like greece that ended up getting hit the hardest. and it's greece. coming up later today's program a special report into the corruption in effect in the pharmaceutical industry where the human health is being sacrificed for big bucks. in canada and the us that it is legal for you to use
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a bubble bath on your baby that contains a known carcinogen something that causes cancer most of the sharon government put into print they are sponsored by the industry and most of the time they don't not create a conflict of interest today an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month oh my god i'm a nobody with cancer in my father and therefore i protect folks because ninety to ninety five percent of cancers heard from people with family history of cancer the pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and ministration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in washington d.c. and members of congress. to. russia hopes it will be able to persuade israel to change its start some settlement
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activity in gaza is seen by many as the main obstacle for the middle east peace process israeli prime minister netanyahu arrives in moscow for talks just a day after preston indeed about the russian capital was going to believe that you know the rest of north africa need israel to rethink its approach to palestine bring the two sides back to negotiating table saw an expert in these politics says that israel suspending settlement construction in the palestinian territories is the key to success. yes. i think that the israeli. settlement activity. as far as. their christian. camp is iran and also. countries such as egypt.
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i don't have. the situation room find a solution. it's. got it so they can look at us or not and he is making headlines around the world. released fifteen people have been shot dead in syria after police going attack on anti-government protesters in the city. who witnesses say security forces also shot at warners attending the funerals of those killed at a mosque overnight in spite of the wave of recent protests in the region demonstrators are calling for reform and more political freedom rest in the city the police arrested and students whose great country government slogan is on city.
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water his prime minister is a socrates has resigned of the country's no makers rejected and stereotype budget five opposition parties voted against the nation's spending cuts and tax rises a defeat is now lacking to trigger a bailout similar to the one greece public about her want more. european union says it has been targeted by serious cyber attacks on the commission and external action service in brussels. comes ahead of a crucial summit in the interest structure of them on. strategy and table european commission staff are being ordered to change their passwords other organization assesses a lot of the current threats. of course of business discovery metra stated.
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thanks for staying with us here on r t i'm not treasurer with your business bulletin russian consumer prices jump point eight percent in february much less than in january but still twice the rate of european average starting from january prices grew by three point six percent approximately half the government's target for this year wheat prices rose and rose with buckwheat and eggs close behind earlier finance minister alexei kudrin called for extreme measures to curb inflation given by last summer's drought and high crude prices but hey john gave these explains officials here may have limited power to act. inflation has been a mounting problem since for the third quarter of last year it's not a specific russia problem and we got a nine point four percent i think you're a year c.p.i.
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for february on the producer price level it's more than twenty but this is really broadly an emerging market theme which is now spilling over and translating into inflationary pressures in the rest of the world in developed markets too. rolling the numbers for you this hour japanese shares trading flat to negative with downward pressure coming from tech and auto stocks and it concerns a hard shortages following japan's earthquake hitachi down sharply following four point three percent weighted down two point seven percent dropping twice as much hong kong shares rise as metal and energy producers pawing on higher commodity prices and banks and local conglomerates taking the lead on positive reports from wall street. here in russia the r.t.s. started thursday session in iraq extending yesterday's gains the index is up by almost a quarter of a percent my six just about to open the numbers you see on your screen there are from yes. session. russian tycoon dmitri meza pitt is looking to sell fertiliser producer you are all due to the company's one point four billion dollar debt
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according to the betting most news paper three chemical firm say they've approached been approached by him as a pin for a deal that might exceed one point five billion dollars we're all kemas one of russia's leading producers of any of nitrate and nitrogen fertilizer for two more russian companies have announced plans to list on the london stock exchange one of the country's largest real estate developers it at all on group is expecting to raise around five hundred million dollars from the flotation the company says it intends to use the cash to acquire land products and replenish working capital. one of russia's largest online retailers you to rue is joining the i.p.o. race the company plans to float fifteen percent of its stock on the my sex in the first half of these here according to the commerce not daily unit is valued between one hundred one hundred twenty million dollars and we can use the cash for promotion and i tunes development. while some russian companies are pushing ahead with their listing others have been having second thoughts national is how it can
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operate eros telecom is reportedly holding back its i.p.o. in london a source close to the deal cites the uncertain situation on the financial markets created by events in libya and japan for the delay but it also appears ross telecom may not meet the deadline for preparing financial reports and other documentation for getting listed in london ross telecom was due to list in may or june no final decision on the delay has yet been enough. that's all the business news for now will be back next hour with more and you can find all the latest updates at our team dot com slash business.
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wealthy british scientists scientists sometimes cuts by the book. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our cheap. morning news today violence is once again flared up the full these are the images
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the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after the flame of hope for asians are on today the ball.
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in taiwan ulti is available in the landis typee hotel near him oh god i'm typing that how it feels a hotel tonight be sure it's inside the hotel's hotel while shell his the grand hotel the show would host down some wolfenstein type the hotel cooper show so photo from the hotel resorts evergreens those hotels like the french victoria hotel glory of prince hotel toilet springs resort and spa tied to hotel royal she plans on a bus in the town you know just hotel the westin type a evergreen clothes a hotel in thailand thailand is hotel time and doesn't.


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