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tv   [untitled]    March 24, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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in a series of republicans to suddenly oppose the war in libya after supporting it just a few earlier wonder if this could have something to do with politics and then if you want to be president for get china or russia just head to israel or tell you how television is becoming a crucial stop on the campaign trail for candidates beyond that only return. you know some good to see a story and it seems so for late sleep is if you understand it and then you glimpse something else and here's some of the part of it i realized everything is just going i'm trying hard is a big issue. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think the beautiful and well.
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we have the government says the earth keep you safe get ready because you are the freedom. you guys welcome to shelly's hell on the on a shelf we've heard our guests not to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience has gone to you tube to video response card to twitter for fun of the questions that we've posted on you tube every monday and on thursday to show your responses please let your thoughts be. first.
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time for tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to a man who just can't seem to decide how he feels about the u.s. involvement in libya former speaker newt gingrich is putting himself front and center in the news world and hey you've got to have a mill your face if you're going to run for president right but when news outlets fire off questions at him about how he feels about libya it seems as if well newt's been a little bit confused check out his response to libby on fox news on march eighth. currency's doesn't need anybody's permission we don't need to have nato we know who frankly won't bring much to the fight we don't need to have united nations all we
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have to say is the we think the slaughtering your own solutions is on it's our people and the we are we intervening and we. are right so new it sounded like he was all for intervention there but watch what happened when he did an interview on n.b.c.'s the today show just a few days later on march twenty third. i would not have intervened i think there were a lot of other ways to a for profit i think there are a lot of allies in the region that we could have worked with i would not have used american and european forces. wait a minute so now new is against intervention looks like new was all for the no fly zone until obama actually implemented it so now of course he has to be against it up just like a true republican it all comes down to disagreeing with the president's. no matter what screw your morals or any of your principles so how do you fix this whole p.r. mess by using your social media options of course first newt took to twitter where he explained himself in just under one hundred forty characters and he said it
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given choice use allies not americans after obama march third says he has to go make sure he goes obama change the choice i hope so now i get it it's obama's fault that newt had to put a lot p.s. talk about a cryptic tweet somebody needs to teach him how twitter works so twitter is clearly not his strong point but surely he can use facebook right so on his facebook page you wrote a letter to his fans explaining why he flip flopped and it he pointed out that on march third obama said it was time for gadhafi to go and then said after march third the president should have moved immediately to consult with congress to implement a no fly zone while also making it clear the u.s. would welcome involvement from other nations instead he did the opposite sadly this comic got four hundred and twenty likes i don't know why his argument still doesn't make any sense to me so now he's opposed it because of the date on the calendar oh wow he really is
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a politician as any newt is so desperate to put himself against the president that he can't even come up with a solid argument for himself or for his disagreement with the president's moves and at this point it only looks worse than he already did so far as contradictions his poor social media skills it's a nice tool time where. how does the road to the white house begin in israel it sure seems that way especially especially since g.o.p. presidential hopefuls like huckabee giuliani romney barbour and pale and have all them parked on a trip to the middle eastern country so how is a photo op and television in the race for president artie's lauren lyster has the answer. the pilgrimage of presidential hopefuls. the western wall a photo op with netanyahu. all first stops ahead of a possible run for the u.s. top spot in some ways i think of his role as the new ira you know it's like sort of the indicator that you're running for president is a trip to israel but why go all the way to tell of the in search of the holy grail
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that's a rite of passage for presidential candidates. mostly it's a grant money jewish and pro israel money accounts for between one quarter and one third of all donations to the major political parties some estimate higher and one former congresswoman put it this way what the executive branch state. legislative branch pro israel federal campaign contributions amounted to more than eleven point seven million dollars in two thousand and ten leaving other foreign and defense policy contributions along with human rights women's issues the environment and gun rights donations in the dust and this power of the purse has built a reputation in washington for the most powerful pro israel political group in the country i think what a pack of fun best has impressed upon candidates and upon elected officials they
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can punish people who vote the wrong way and that they can reward people who work the right way rumblings of which could be heard at the height of tensions between the white house in israel over settlements last spring in the way some members talked about president obama's fate i think he may very well be a one term president. now in the last few months we've seen a parade of g.o.p. politicians through the holy land a stance of leaders boost their foreign policy credentials huckabee romney giuliani barbour and most recently of course he went who is known for her uncompromising support for the state of israel but who is known in the u.s. when it comes to international aptitude by her infamous lack of it you can actually see russia from land here in alaska and if candidates like. pailin are hoping to gain insight into the middle east it doesn't take a political analyst to see a major part of the picture is missing someone asked sarah palin what she thought about the west bank she says should all use wells fargo but critics argue an
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accurate view of the issues is just not really the point it just grows from the tourism. genes. from her presidential for a. reason and a broader perspective might not matter much to the future of u.s. foreign policy anyway the people of the united states job sure representation when it comes to their value versus how you pro israel lobby so all of this helps to explain why first stop on the international tour is that say china with its rise in the world is taking us pawns or russia which the u.s. is trying to reset relations with or saudi arabia with the planned u.s. sales of sixty billion dollars in arms to counter iran or even the u.k. which is the other part of the so-called special relationship but instead wide potential presidents on the surface looking to boost their foreign policy street
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creds bypass all of these other countries and head straight to the stump in just one lauren lyster r.t. new york. so you have to wonder if most americans even know or care that the road to white house goes through israel yes israel is america's ally yes the jewish lobby is very powerful in washington how much of america as in the public and their interests do they really represent so joining me from our studio in new york is r.t. correspondent for in mr lauren now obviously right now we're talking about these possible republican presidential candidates that are making their trips but is this a requirement for democrats as well. i'm glad you asked that because they do want to point out that it is both right now we're seeing republicans because obviously obama is up for reelection in two thousand and twelve but experts say that both sides of the aisle do this and it's very important and if you look back to the two thousand and eight elections ahead of that we saw obama ad words clinton all making trips clinton also going when she was a senator for new york so definitely both sides of the aisle make these trips i'm
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just curious who pays for these trips i mean the some of the come out of their own pockets where they raise money. eliminate cases it's actually the jewish political organizations that pay for them the republican jewish coalition was in talks for to send pale and she did not end of going through them but they sent hillary barber they sent mitt romney back in two thousand and seven they sent george w. bush's well years ago a pac is reported to have funded mitt romney's trip to his most recent one to israel according to israeli publications and reports so it is the political organization that at times do do fund these trips and encourage candidates to go and plant them now the u.s. of course considers israel one of its closest allies but also something the president after president after president vows to do is to bring peace to the middle east and to help facilitate this peace process so when they go on these trips they make it over into the gaza strip as well. well that's one of the main issues that activists that i interviewed for my story bring up is that they don't
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they don't go to gaza and they say without understanding the true dynamic between palestinians and israelis you can understand the conflict and you can understand why someone like say general petraeus would say that the arab world view of the u.s. as being pro israel and the peace process. and command over the region is issues they have to deal with in strategy and with gaza being considered by some a humanitarian crisis an occupied territory they they don't understand the dynamic and they say that's a real issue now only two percent of the as hard u.s. population is jewish but if we talk about money and influence when it comes to elections and campaigns and how much of it is really come from organizations like a pac. well one thing i want to point out i'm glad you said that a pack doesn't directly donate to candidates so that's an important distinction but it is a powerful group and lobbying in washington by her israel lobby is like a pac amounts to several million dollars but as far as contributions as i had some
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estimates in my report but those are pretty conservative and the ones that are a little more recent is for a scholarly research in two thousand and six showed that up to sixty percent of the money that democratic presidential candidates look towards and the credit and the democratic party looks towards in federal elections they rely on sixty percent of it coming from private money from the jewish population so it's very significant and then for republicans that number is more like thirty five percent so we're talking about a lot of money coming from just a very small percentage of the american population and i'm just curious you know how does this trip to israel to show your support really play out with the christian right. well you know god's kind of sarah palin and my cock in me huckabee and some of these republican candidates are really getting a twofer here because for the christian right israel is one of the issues that they have very strong religious support for and in fact some of the lobbies that are pro
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israel are christian so this is this is a big big benefit to some of these republican candidates and going and even. organized through a christian group that's how she ended up it's been reported going to israel actually cause some controversy because the republican jewish coalition within talks they wanted to take her but it just shows that that this is a christian issue as well although i guess it makes a little more sense then right when you think of how much money is put towards these issues that it's not just two percent of the population but it definitely is the new road to the white house lauren thanks. sorry guys it's show and tell for on tonight's program now on monday we want to know how our viewers felt about the u.s. involvement in libya president obama seems to have gone back on his promise as the
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candidates to not be like his predecessors who let our country into battle so we asked you has obama betrayed voters by starting his own military conflict abroad and here's what some of you had to say robert beasley replied on facebook and said it was a lose lose situation no matter how the us reacted at least this way we can say that at least we did not stand idly by while a dictator who promised to slaughter countless civilians to just that amount kumar thinks of the president has failed the people he said not only as voters but the international community as a whole especially the norwegian nobel committee who prematurely awarded him the nobel peace prize aid in smith's disagrees he says the libyan people needed help the international community even the dutch are bombing at the moment this is not about obama or america tommy dr mahathir said yes obama hats are guard list of whether it's a un mandate the us does not have to participate and you still need approval of congress to fund the conflict and on twitter we heard from the daily banter he said i would certainly say so alone a liberal interventionism was part of the package so clearly this is
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a very divisive issue but we're very happy to hear what all of you have to say and that brings us to our next question now the u.s. is involved everyone is struggling including president obama to determine who should be in charge of this situation the french the arabs nato so we want to know what you think it's not the u.s. who should be in command of the nation in libya you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and he knows your response just might make it on air. now we're taking a short break and when we return there's a war brewing with in anonymous the hacker group that is most recently come to the defense of wiki leaks we'll give you all the details and then it's slowly becoming more clear who the republican candidates are going to be for twenty problems all i can say is it's kind of scary. let's not forget that we have an apartheid regime right now.
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i think. either one well. we haven't got the book says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you're going to have freedom. i tell martin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. a.
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new web site with twenty four seven live streaming news tells us what to do about it ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never find on main street you. tell me that there's so. many political. posts in morning until such time. hey guys welcome to sheldon tell me alone a show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience is going to you tube the video response or the twitter for part of the questions that we posted on you tube every monday and on the first day of the show your responses. your voice. we talk about wars battles conflicts that are happening at home and abroad on
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a daily basis but today what is introduce you to a battle is brewing in the cyber world now we spoke at length about a group of hackers named anonymous ones who have used their hacking talents and ways of impact of the world politically as of late they protested u.s. companies silencing of wiki leaks by tapping pay pal and master card's web sites they've hacked the company h.p. gary when word got out that this company was trying to track down members of anonymous and they also responded to the crazies of the westboro baptist church by taking down their web site while being interviewed on the david pacman show. if you try to do some. things. so hold on i am getting a thumbs up from my producer that there has been a message posted that appears to be from anonymous on downloads that westborough baptist church dot com and anonymous are you taking responsibility for this you know we just did it right know this for a second. i've pretty good gotta admit and those are just
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a few examples but it turns out that there is a civil war if you will between the current members of anonymous and former members of the group now call themselves backtrace security according to backtrace the acts and honest numbers the current how actors have moved away from their initial purpose of anonymous which was lighter more fun loving with nihilistic roots but now they're happy to seem to pursue political causes so backtrace is doing their best to stop the current members by revealing their true. identities and owners spawns anonymous is trying to beat the group of exes with their own game i'm going to spare you all the details of the he said she said part of the battle but both sides are desperately trying to oust the real identities of the other party members and i'm sure that hacking skills are going to reach a new high knowing that it's the best of the best going head to head in this one but that is the a voice of reason here for a minute so they were everyone forgotten who the real enemy is in this situation he backtrace a anonymous what about the f.b.i. you know the government that's trying to hunt you down for all of your hats if you
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guys reveal each other's identities and disclose each other's methods aren't you giving up crucial information to the government or let's lay out some of the consequences of getting caught if backtrace of security information gets out yes i'll probably get harassed by the government what about if i'm not amiss is i get these reveal after everything they've done in recent months they could be facing more serious consequences at the hands of the author already so let this just be i don't know reminder maybe a pleaded team anonymous let's remember the purpose keep an eye on the government instead of fighting amongst yourselves. now slowly but surely looks like some republican candidates for two thousand and twelve are beginning to emerge or to at least make it obvious that despite the fact that they claim to have not yet decided their moves are showing us the opposite sarah pail it made the obligatory trip to israel as have huckabee and haley barbour donald trump says that he could beat obama easy tim pawlenty has put out another well produced hollywood style ad michele bachmann has announced that she's forming an exploratory committee and you
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can't quite decide how he feels about flip flopping so he just keeps flip flopping in hopes that nobody's going to notice that romney is suddenly looking very popular with tea partiers in a recent poll a father and son in law and rand paul are deciding between each other as to which one is going to run and then who could forget herman cain has announced that he is running and is already on a muslim hating spree despite admitting that he doesn't really know anything about islam it's really quite a comical group who could the next president be among that joining me to discuss it is david pacman host of the david paquin show david thanks for joining us tonight now you know one hand like i said it's a comical group but i enjoy watching their exploits and i find it entertaining but at the same time i think of the fact that one of them might actually be the president i get a little scared haven't you. you know there's this two sided thing on the one hand you want the person who does if you want. you want to person with good
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least chance of beating obama to be the one that makes it so good which is the republican primary on the other hand you have to worry if there's any kind of fluke any kind of weird thing in the few days before the election and you've got the worst republican all of a sudden that's the person that might win so i'm finding myself conflicted on actually do i want a more reasonable republican someone who i want sarah kalends to be the republican nominee what who would you say that is that what the point i'm trying to make is i'm. having a hard time figuring out who would even be considered the reasonable a reasonable excuse me republican i feel like they're all crazy so who do you is reasonable you know aside who else would be crazy other than sarah palin well i think the one the two with the best chance to be obama right now and you know i'll be wrong because it's just it's too early to really know our mitt romney and newt gingrich they both obviously have huge problems to leave the scariest thing about
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mitt romney is that while he was governor of my home state of massachusetts he presided over what is now called romney care massachusetts has the highest percentage of insured residents in the country and the fewest number of uninsured children in the country however experts like experts like karl rove are saying romney would have to distance himself from that plan to have a chance with republicans that should tell you how backwards the situation is over there get something that you should be proud of by all means then turned into something that you have to completely deny but you know what else i find frustrating personally as a woman i guess you could say is that sarah palin and michele bachmann are really the only ones involved here they're the only female our presentation and i'm just wondering where is a republican hillary clinton you know do they have some kind of aversion to smart women. yeah this is a fascinating topic i had an see sexist expert jackson cats who writes for
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huffington post on my show recently he said the reason women like michele bachmann and sarah palin are actually popular among white men who tend to vote for republicans is that they themselves subscribe to some of the same sexist massaging as added pseuds that may be typical of the white standard republican voter that's why you're not seeing a hillary clinton on the republican side it's very deeply rooted in that voting bloc are white men which is so important for republicans i don't know if you ask me it's fair and not tied or definitely a she's dead way the one that's in charge and that family let's switch over to donald trump of course he loves public that he loves the spotlight loves the media he has now said that he has more foreign policy credentials than anyone else because of his international business deals that he's made and he also said that he could beat obama easy so is he just being loud here or do you think it's actually
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serious about iran he's being loud he may run and he won't you know donald trump was right that ron paul will not win the republican primary but he also will not win himself and the most amazing thing about donald trump is that by all measures of the term donald trump has revealed himself to be a burglar now he has actually said if you take a look at it there's a reasonable suspicion about is barack obama a citizen or not and what's the deal with his birth certificate donald trump has thrown his hat into the birth i now talked about on our program today i find it ridiculous now ron and rand paul obviously a big falling between these two ron paul hasn't said he's sure yet that he's going to run rand is saying that he just might if his dad doesn't run which i do think it's going to be. i think it will be ron paul i don't think it will be rand i think about ron paul is if i really ask myself honestly if ron paul makes it to
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a general election does he have a shot at winning it's a very clear yes for me it really is he just has no chance among the republican primary voters especially given corporate and find you know the money where the money is coming from and his position on money in politics the guy can't make it to the final ticket against barack obama. ari and lastly what do you make of these obligatory trips to israel to beef up foreign policy chops i mean or stand obviously israel's very close ally but foreign policy chops go to iraq or afghanistan and so i feel you know that you know i tend to have a very different view on all things israel and jewish truly than most other progressives and that if you would and you know all i would really say is that it's . like you said israel is a close ally i think that even going there is very disingenuous i mean really what the sarah pailin going to gain an early lurch change about her world view by
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hanging out by the really well for a few hours ago i find it completely disingenuous i'm with you there david thanks so much for joining us and of course we'll have to rehash this when we do get a clearer picture of who is going around banks. now before we go tonight it's time for our tweet of the day representative ileana reflected in the chair of the house foreign affairs committee has decided to follow him to distinguish footsteps of newt gingrich and change her position on war in libya as well so we're wondering what would be a lonely show tweets about are you running for president being a flip flopper seems to be a requirement these days that's a pretty nice job thanks for tuning in i'm a feed back tomorrow we'll have another installment of happy hour but aren't you producers of the sea captain often jenny churchill in the meantime go for kate's become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch all the you tube dot com flash heal or show where we post interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news that the latest headlines from the u.s.
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and around the world. will. remain you believe something straight. from the realms. we're going to the future of coverage. a charmer in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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