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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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mission marco resort hotel. with resort mccall's beverly plaza hotel in the current riviera hotel in the current situation told the . rebels in libya. the capital. seen in full control of. fuel medicine and food supplies are running low in tripoli as fears grow that this could lead to a protracted war joining me from the capital city in just a few moments from all the rubble celebrate as their troops advance west reportedly capturing the fall down off of gaddafi find out more from the rebel stronghold of benghazi. prizing is in the. foreign interest questions over whether coalition countries are targeting libya. rather than to
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protect its people. say this hour radiation surges to under. normal at the fukushima nuclear plant. all struggling to make fountains of victims. may take china sea n.p.c. to court as the chinese side is allegedly failed to pay forty million dollars for oil delivered in jan you're find out more in our business but some around twenty minutes. this is live from moscow now there are conflicting reports about just how far west rebels have advanced toward the libyan capital tripoli the opposition claims it controls his home town the reporters say this city is still in government hands i
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spoke to our correspondent. and paula slater in the capital tripoli. city is in a state of shock the first reports we got in the early hours of this morning monday actually suggested that the rebels had taken over the city of sirte which is not only a strategic city but it has a great symbolic value for the regime this is of course gadhafi is home town it's about six hundred kilometers to the south of tripoli it's about halfway between the rebel stronghold of benghazi and tripoli now what we're hearing from the regime is in fact very little there have been no place conferences no forthcoming on says all suggesting that the regime is incredibly worried as the rebel forces at vons closer and closer to tripoli they were never supposed to get this far this is the furthest the rebels have taken land in terms of the way swayed and bondsmen so it now seems increasingly that they threats to advance on tripoli are becoming true some of the analysis and some of the assessments coming out of tripoli is that the reports by
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the rebels earlier that they had taken the city were as much for domestic consumption as they were for the international community the rebels have not made light of the fact that they need these coalition airstrikes they create a vacuum and that vacuum and laus the rebels to advance forward so they are calling on the international community to keep up with its bombardment of towns the rebels saying that they believe this impact to advance further and further the situation in tripoli is dire indeed we're being told that in just a matter of days the city will completely have run out of fuel there are short supplies of water food and medical supplies so essentially the city itself is in a state of lockdown go to you on the rebel stronghold in the libya's second largest city but goals here how people they're responding to the advances further west first of all even though there are conflicting reports coming from the front if this home town of got out he was in fact taken over by the rebels or not i can tell you that the support of the country the eastern or of libya is under the slow
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control over the opposition and the rebels meaning that any anti gaddafi successful up. ration is done by the rebels out there on the front or greeted here with applause in fact here in guy's he every time there is news of a successful operation done by the rebels out there on the front we hear these shots being fired into the ear as a sign of support of the anti god if you move as we were going from the egyptian border to be in ga ga i saw mariah d. of various troops from all the men carrying a really old outdated rifle to teenagers with a k forty seven's and even commandos were trolling the roads there are security checkpoints along the entire route so i think it's pretty safe to say that this part of the country is really under the control of the opposition so every positive news coming out there from the front if
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it's a successful operation against gaddafi that we did with great applause here paul i respect any concrete evidence with regards to the number of casualties the libyan state television as well as the government puts the figure at more than a hundred and they say that the number of casualties continues to climb and we know for example that overnight for the first time they were explosions nine explosions in the city of set we are hearing now of eight strikes near the city of misrata as well as in the faint of the country inside all the time those reports of explosions and bring the risk of civilian casualties and the libyan state television is not shying away from a fourteen twenty four seven that the number of casualties caused by these coalition air strikes is climbing big gaz the is mediterranean ports you know say an increased presence of coalition forces off the coast nato ships or are now patrolling the coast of libya to enforce the embargo and also the no fly
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zone operation itself and actually in this situation turkey over. he said that several of its vessels can be bored in this operation in patrolling the mediterranean including the submarine and so i think it's four or five other a large vessels and also all the united states italy romania karen and many other countries are all keen to stablish their presence here in order to support the north fly zone operation but the question is where is this operation going is going to lead to a ground operation or is it going to end would be full of gaddafi regime coalition air strikes have made it possible for the rebels to advance in the country that back and change do you think when nato takes full come all nato will only take full come on tomorrow tuesday at a summit that will be held in london at that summit they will be the establishment of a steering committee to find much most people here are waiting to see whether in fact
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this changes the situation on the ground but certainly the sense i get from speaking to people here is that they don't really believe nato taking full control of the military operations in libya will make that much of a difference there are still outstanding questions outside outstanding concerns concerns such as for how long this operation will continue we're hearing the timeframe of anything from three months to a year or two more years people on the ground increasingly concerned that this operation could just continue and continue the other concerns are the rules of engagement and still they doesn't really seem to be that much clarity in terms of when how and if the coalition partners can operate the fact that the united states was meeting this operation until now was something that the rebel fighters enjoyed and certainly for them they would prefer for this to continue they do understand that when you have twenty eight members now calling the shots it does pose a much greater struggle for robust action on the ground but the latest word from the united states is that it will be providing a support base some kind of support structure particularly in the terms of the
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coniston and also in terms of jamming all communication lines. our correspondence policy in tripoli and because of this cannot go on see there with the u.s. being the military and economic backbone of nato experts say it will be hard for washington to play down its activities in libya author and journalist ashton says the alliance has expanded role in the operation does not mean the u.s. is no longer in charge they say it's a nato operation turkey is expressing a lot of reservations as to whether it's gone too far i think we can bet that there are already s.a.'s in other forces on the ground and as for a nato european compared to u.s. led in terms of this mission i think it's absurd the united states of course is still behind it even though robert gates and so on a lot of reservations about it there were five abstentions for u.n. resolution one hundred seventy three and one hundred the african union who just
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don't care about them because they unanimously didn't want what is going on now as for the arab league a very very iffy support for this although for them it could be a win win as well you won't see any tunisian or egyptian help for this nato operation at all i think that that question needs to be answered by all these nato leaders why do you think john is here in egypt are involved because they see a great danger of western powers trying to get involved with this oil rich nation i'm sure that there are people on the ground in the coalition from western agencies already planning the future and what the future government will be i fear it won't be got a democracy but we saw in the natural revolutions as it were in tunisia and egypt. journalist. russia's foreign minister says the international coalition is acting out fully the limits on the un resolution on libya. physically demanding
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independent verification into reports of civilian casualties in the foreign forces assault. pretty telling. from the very start russia has been a reluctant participant in the what is going on in libya at the moment what worries the foreign minister right now in this statement he says that it appears that coalition forces are taking sides in of his worries come amid a nato statement saying that they will stick to the books and do what is stipulated there no more no less well let's look at the u.n. resolution it says there that it authorizes all necessary measures to protect civilians will their words all necessary measures could be open to interpretation but protecting civilians is definitely stated there as the goal and so what worries the a russian government is that the offensive is going beyond just protecting civilians that coalition forces taking sides is clearly not stipulated well let's hear more from the foreign minister sergei lavrov we should do. is taking part in a civil war in libya by targeting colonel gadhafi troops on those supporting the
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rebels this was not sanctioned by the u.n. resolution which stated that the coalition can only enforce a no fly zone and protect the civilian population recent concerns about the unconfirmed reports of civilian deaths caused by the airstrikes and we would like this information to be trying to find the u.n. has every means to carry this out and we are expecting this to happen as soon as possible so again it's a he's going back to what is stipulated in the a u.n. resolution and again when russia abstained from voting they clearly stated their position that they are against the use of force on civilians by the gadhafi regime however they did have a lot of questions with regard to the rules of engagement the limits of engagement and right now these are the questions that are coming forward and again as the accompli gun falls in libya we can see a lot of the countries especially those that had abstained to keep looking at the actions versus what is stipulated and had been agreed upon on paper. to date the developments in libya online which history gives you first hand accounts from our
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correspondents there also regular updates on off facebook page and weapons to go on latest video reports on the you tube channel as well. civilly reported in syria. question. is being aimed. for themselves. why the allies libya to send their. coalition leaders claim they're
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just in forcing the no fly zone over libya but have been engaged in widespread and heavy attacks on colonel gadhafi as ground forces and buildings and targets linked to his regime so what are the real motives for france the u.k. and u.s. leading the attack on libya some say it's pure vengeance but they're certainly settling accounts and taking revenge turkey says it's disturbed by france's eagerness to invade but experts believe ankara shouldn't be surprised gadhafi is accused of ordering the bombing of u.t.a. flight seven seven two which killed fifty four french men and women in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine a u.k. court found that gadhafi agents the year before planned the bombing of pan am flight one hundred three over lockerbie which killed forty three british and one hundred eighty nine u.s. citizens he blew up his intelligence agency did a terrorist bomb very similar to the lockerbie bombing the u.k. was called
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a flight seventy two and it blew up of an asia with the loss of everyone on board so i would argue that there's an element of revenge strong element of revenge that more recently gadhafi is hurt french commercial interests. he fly and french will for a towel have a billion dollars he also bought russian fighter planes instead of french or felt shits. but now coalition bombs are reported to be killing libyan civilians. the west is resorting to heavy bombing and civilian casualties are of little concern. that could increase regional hatred towards the west after. the. resistance from. critics say the western led military alliance is simply taking one side in what's an internal civil war where rebels seek to overthrow an internationally recognized
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government western forces should be prosecuted not just for civilian deaths but also for killing libyan conscripts i don't know why. people. when they. see me. as nato chiefs arrive to plan the next stage of the bombardment of libya there are growing calls for them to be held accountable for what they describe in war speak as collateral damage but which in brutal language means the death of innocent civilians the coalition no admits it's haunting gadhafi the original reason was only to impose a no fly zone the trouble is the more civilian deaths their bombing causes the more they risk being accused of the same crimes as gadhafi himself. forty crossing. syria's government is promising reforms following
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a wave of deadly protests in the flashpoint coastal town of latakia chinks have been deployed after twelve people were killed there and amid calls for political freedoms. in the capital damascus. the country's military helicopters are patrolling the city we can see them and hear them because you can hear them for yourself it's quite loud here in the capital over the weekend witnessed a very intense situation on the streets with thousands of people protesting and they were shouting and shooting us while almost every car in the capital less military will take place the part of the president's missile that hit the south history presidential compound the moment the situation of course is very much different in the south of the country where we have seen the antichrist that she lands a government of pricing out for the weekend dozens were killed pretty quick people
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are demanding currently from the government is said the lifting of the emergency now the restrictions on the cheney public gatherings peaceable to prices the government to arrest anyone who is suspected of stretching the country's security and government officials have sat that so the law is to be lifted spot they never specified when that would happen and local series are blaming foreign forces for the violence that's unfolding in the south of the country if you will began was when a bunch of schoolkids in the south of syria started writing and sorry governmental slogans on the of the walls and they were arrested for that's after that people took to the streets demanding that those schoolkids are released well another reason for the uprising see here in syria is of course the valley center taking place across the arab world and the question remains when will you see another
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military intervention here in syria a similar to the one of seeking place in libya even though the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has sat that speech arab revolution is unique each hour arab uprising is unique and series not going to see another military. similar military intervention none to last the main reason for the u.s. led military campaign in libya was the fact that the country's leader started using military force against is only people under the similar situation is taking place here in syria at the moment with countries authorities have already deployed troops to the south of the country to stop the protestors. with the latest from syria which is in the midst of anti-government protests. some news we're just getting in here at all to suspect to be behind the terror bombing at the airport have been detained in russia's southern republic of chechnya the anti terror committee says
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the pair were arrested during a special operation thirty seven people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up next to the crowded international arrivals at moscow's the biggest airport in january one hundred and twenty security forces all six day that they have to strong a militant base in english where terrorists were being trained through offices died in that region. that's now unless it's a troubled nuclear plant high levels of radiation happen detected in a trench outside one of the reactors the readings say it's one hundred thousand times above normal similar to the levels found at the water used to cool reactor number two on sunday well earlier the plant operator tepco mistakenly said levels were ten million times above normal the japanese government slammed the company for what it called other sceptical mistakes in handling the crisis fears of a nuclear meltdown began well before because she was reactors were severely damaged
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by the massive earthquake and tsunami the tragedy has claimed over ten thousand life so far while over sixteen thousand are still missing. we got over all that before being destroyed. if you have a well known number. instead of a property. a mass grave the japanese always crim a bed bed but not the crematorium is at full capacity. has been turned into a merge and see graveyards. these people be buried in contravention to japanese tradition when there is an opportunity they'll have to be exuma and they need their cremated instead of a priest a town official conducts an impromptu ceremony is only just devised. this is horrible we're just trying to bring these people closure as best as we get is
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a traditional fishing town after being struck by the earthquake and the tsunami it was then ravaged by fires that last the days were at least five hundred dead in the biting when family members get just a few minutes before construction workers bury the coffins. for the crematorium to be able to process these bodies probably several years many of the relatives have themselves lost houses as well as their loved ones. of the other things for two weeks we search for my cousin and now at least we know what happened to her meanwhile soldiers raked through the remains of the town untouched since the disaster they say there may still be hundreds of bodies below the rubble . of. japan. russian emergency crews who recently returned from tsunami devastated japan have been sung for their efforts by
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president medvedev here for the kremlin and praised the crew for the work they undertook the president rushes help meant a great deal of the relations with japan a total of two hundred fifty five workers were sent to the country in the aftermath of the tragedy to help with the relief effort it was the largest group of all the foreign crew sent to the stricken areas. more the situation in japan via our website of course i want you dot com has a full chronicle of events from where the country was hit by the earthquake and tsunami the consequence if you like this spreads internationally now to fans having trouble with exports as people fear goods may spread radioactive contamination also online seismologists sound the alarm to japan's disaster is just the start of a decade of trouble on the pacific ring of fire. ok let's have a look at some other international news that's making headlines this hour an
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explosion. factory in southern yemen is now thought to have killed one hundred and ten people and left dozens of others wounded the plant had been raided by suspected al qaeda militants government forces it was apparently then looted by civilians medical and security officials say many women and children are among the victims. includes prime minister has appeared of course hearings where he faces corruption charges silvio berlusconi is accused of tax fraud a the sale of film rights by his mediaset company it says first personal presence of a coup. despite being involved in four trials really long for allegedly paying for sex with an underage girl. germany's anti nuclear green party is celebrating a key victory in a state which chancellor merkel's conservatives had controlled for almost six
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decades it's being seen as a sign of widespread opposition to merkel's nuclear policy and decisions on libya and the euro in neighboring france president sarkozy's ruling party suffered a similar fate when opposition socialist took a decisive local election where it adds pressure on sacco's even faces a presidential election in a year's time. to stay with us a little villages busies of the way dmitri. it's good to have your company you watching business artsy russian oil giants rosneft and trance nafs want to take china's national petroleum corporation to court as they await forty million dollars they say the firm has failed to pay for january oil shipments alone the two sides signed a contract in two thousand and nine providing ross nafta with a fifteen billion dollar loan from china in exchange for shipments of well we.
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might like the total sum of the chinese side as allegedly fallen short of amounts to one hundred million dollars every because of that russia's oil pipeline monopoly transnet is now in debt to ross after that it didn't live at the china it was richard swung from plants energy agency says it's unlikely this dispute will develop into a full scale call. it does seem strange that what should be a simple commercial arrangement should have this discrepancy over really quite big sums of money so this is a highly unusual but this is an unusual pipeline it's unusual project the role of trans if it comes in here is the pipeline company they don't own the oil at the start of the chain but they take delivery of it and push it all the way to the chinese border china seems to be lobbying and we're hearing the kind of not happy with the price the implied price for the transport costs along the pipeline i think they think they should be paying a lower price than people who take the same oil but on russia's pacific coast when
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it comes out to cause meaning now again there's no clarity over exactly how these costs are calculated and is the price china paid is it pegged to the urals export price. or is it actually pegged to the new cause mino price and when does that switch happen. so you're in the markets now u.s. markets started the week on a positive note with pretty much seeing the same dynamics we saw now. point three zero point two percent respectively general positive picture possible with telecoms but it comes on the biggest gain by better than expected increases in consumer spending. in europe the markets are mixed trading after their biggest rise in almost six months last week investors remain cautious on the new concern japan's nuclear crisis and ongoing unrest in the middle east the footsie is up by not just the dax is down by. in a russian markets did recover by the end of the session from early losses trading
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in the black at the close point two percent both for the r.t.s. and the my second against some of the stocks in more detail energy majors were losing for out the session but managed to put on some gains by the end of the session gasp wrong they're outstanding one point two percent was snapped up one percent despite that possible conflict with china meanwhile banking stocks are among the main losers point six percent at the close. russia's electricity giant the federal grid company has listed its global depository receipts on the london stock exchange the company's deputy chairman and the cause that she reveals the reasons behind it and. one of the main goals is to improve our share liquidity we also want to ensure maximum access for international investors to the f.c.c. shares and to ensure the active presence of the company in the international
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markets concerning a possible privatization of the stake owned by the government. now the disaster in japan could reduce global car production by thirty percent that's according to latest research from i.h.s. consulting many japanese carmakers the halting work at the local factories and producers in other countries suffering from the lack of components being distributed consulting says while companies currently have some reserves they could be used up by midday for the force of makers find no alternative global production may fall from three hundred thousand calls a day to around two hundred thousand meanwhile general motors ford and poser situation have already partly coupled auction at a number of european plants. that's all for now i'll be back in one hour's time with an update stay with us in for the headlines without itself to bring.
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closure is that so much given to you to be sitting on the mark when libya will be in the arab awakening a one off to work for the me in some western military and political intervention in the arab world. news today violence is once again for.


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