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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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pena. but can they alone a show where you get the real headlines with none of the mercy or can you live out of washington d.c. now tonight obama set to give a speech on the war in libya so what will he say and what can he say this far and again the massive protests are seen in the u.s. and in the u.k. over the weekend as the calls for austerity continue to grow we can't help but wonder if the protests will grow with it then we'll take a look at the koch brothers i'm sure you know who they are by now they're often the source of blame for liberals on many contentious issues things like the citizens
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united ruling and of course their annual billionaire's conference but they claim that they're just the victims of leftwing rage so have they become the go to scapegoats or do they represent all that's wrong with this country we're going to host a debate on the issue and how about a closer look at the g.o.p. presidential front runners donald trump is in the spotlight for his latest political viewpoints as a burger and one little known candidate is already making anti muslim remarks that are frankly really embarrassing and to a society so are these guys just crazy or is this exactly what their base wants to hear we'll have details on all that and much more tonight's show but first onto our top story. and tonight president obama is set to give a speech at the national defense university regarding this war in libya and i have to explain to the american people why you didn't consult congress or address us until this point and often tell us what it means for the u.s. to step back and for nato to take command when by all means the u.s.
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plays the leading role in nato will also have to tell us what the end game is but most importantly i am just dying to hear from this president why we're involved in the first place i'm sure that kosovo might be used as a shining example rwanda as the example. what not to do when you move away from the argument that we intervene in civil conflicts out of the goodness of our hearts and effort to save innocent civilians well it becomes questionable as the sole reason when you look at the rain gamut and syria they're all comes back to why the us is there and what's in it for us i think the words of defense secretary robert gates on this past weekend continue to echo. no i don't think it's a vital interest for the united states but we clearly have interests there and it's a part of the region which is of vital interest for the united states and so is there anything that obama can say tonight will make us forget those words by defense secretary gates more of that here to discuss that with me is military analyst j. dilla bairstow and jim hansen retired special ops master sergeant and military
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blogger for black eye dot net gentlemen thank you both for being here today with you now apparently according to sources within the white house obama has been working on this speech for weeks that's what they're saying is that the ideas have been being pasted together for the past couple of weeks you find a little troubling that he's been spending more time working on this beach than they spent actually i don't know coming up with a plan for this war yeah absolutely i think it's it's it's a soup sandwich it's a big it's a big task for you and one of the reasons that he has to spend so much time communicating this convincing the american public is two reasons one he's entering an election cycle he doesn't want to appear weak on national defense he's got an ongoing war with through some stories going on going war in afghanistan and then three overall he doesn't have an objective assigned to him from the pentagon he has not given the pentagon a mission either and it's a big it's a big could own group he doesn't have an objective to go forward with jim you seem to be laughing here what's so funny i find i guess the entire way obama has handled
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this to be almost a disgrace you are not laughing. because it's sad you know this is a man who's decided that he's not only not going to lead he's going to try to put america in the back of the plus you know i mean it's ridiculous he has tried to now to nato. and pretend i mean when the world dials nine one one of the pentagon or let's just be perfectly clear and everybody knows they're all right so the idea that nato is not america well when it goes south we're going to get the blame. siding with the new i think about i mean i mean libya is where libya in turn is a large al qaeda cell with the libyan islamic fighting front. there's al qaida fighters so we have in custody and they were the right we are signing a rack of insurgents the good guys know that it's not radical to say but we are so we are siding with some al qaeda elements and what's going to come up we're going to end up to certain we're going to have a we're going to have a line drawn kind of similar to the thirty eighth parallel we're not they're not going to be able to move past that unless there's nato forces aligned with the
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insurgents or with every little detail but is it a new situation what was obama supposed to do right because if you think about it had it there been no intervention and then there was some type of a bloodbath and ghazi or in tripoli that it would have. lost what you are saying what a sad that but i mean you know i mean like back on a massive scale then it would have gone he said is that all for not intervening now we have intervened now we have absolutely no idea how it's going to end if gadhafi stays or if the rebels take hold who don't necessarily have the interest that we do in mine and it's also going to be our fault i think i think the president says no he says to the international community no this is something that you have to take priority of the reason that why we haven't had an effective national security policy for north africa the middle east is since the cold war since you look old war the united states has not challenged the international community to take over their security which is why the pentagon is the number one cause the second problem is the second problem with this whole apparatus is that we have found ourselves in
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the gauge and locked down and bush's erroneous convictions of weapons of mass destruction and obama's childish versions of nation building in afghanistan both of these reasons have where we can't effectively confront the problems of could get. for you or any of these other failed states and syria yemen except. when the secretary of defense goes on t.v. and says that the place where we're now waging war with part of the international community has no vital interest to the united states do you know when you're in trouble i mean why would we choose libya over bahrain or yemen or syria places where you could argue that we do have more of my interest i have absolutely no idea . but i know you criticize obama for dithering on libya ok what would you have done that time i would have liked him to come up with a coherent policy for the middle east are either going to be team america world police and we're going to go in and save people which is part of the transnational
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and the un's concept required to protect our two p. all right that's an internationalist multinational way of approaching tyrants and events that require an intervention was trying to subordinate the united states who is still the muscle of that entire action to the rule of the u.n. and the transnational and in the reason why i couldn't. read able to truly rare shouldn't be great i mean all we ever do right eleanor never dies is talk about the u.n. and how useless it is how weak it is how it has no power it is that when i see the it's you can point fingers and say the rule the u.n. is ruling here because we're doing we're trying to put our troops under control we got muscled into this we got muscle then because the arab league and nato came together and said oh united states will you please bail us out they specifically france england france england italy the oil companies are all revenues ask the united states to make sure they could continue have free access to libyan oil that's why we got into this and because we have pulled them into ongoing wars in
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iraq and afghanistan we felt obliged that was probably one the second problem meanly of us is that the united states especially the united states does not know how to do with the tri part civil war taking place with the islamic world the global i was young people the theocrats the conservative muslims and then the secularists. and of saddam hussein and our president all these other guys this is why we're got in this we don't know what we're doing and i think the president gave the word by not being able to say no here we're going to take a quick break because we're going to look at this term limited conflict a quick enter now it's what we keep hearing about how long this is going to last but i'm not so sure our case christine press out it's a deeper look. there's of course in those days you know a limited military action in libya. the question now on the minds of many just how limited is limited three days later in el salvador president obama said this about the timeline i said at the outset that
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this was going to be a matter of days and weeks but five days after that here are two of the president's highest in charge secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates on a.b.c.'s this week do you think will be gone by the end of year will the mission be over by the end of the year i don't think anybody knows the answer though here's what nato said shortly after taking charge of the operation what we have decided tonight is to take. responsibility for enforcing the no fly zone with the aim to protect the civilian population. and. the mandate doesn't go beyond that nato has approved the mission is for ninety days an option to be extended so what's the answer should be read deeply into the title operation odyssey dawn those in charge of naming it say it was totally random there is a group of planning officers led by
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a lieutenant colonel to sit down in the early days of planning it came up to look at the list and they decided to call it odyssey just because they like the sound of odyssey still others find the name concerning it sort of i combination of terms and i don't see him. why is that where i don't longer. need to read any of that lone journey so in english and sort of. research and of not just the dictionary definition to be concerned about and about homer's epic and i do mean epic poem the odyssey it's basically about people wandering around the mediterranean for ten years unable to find their way from this book to the history books the meaning of a limited war has been transformed time and time again here's president bush talking about iraq now the conflict is calm the only way to limit its duration is to apply decisive force. decisive force came and went
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to the troops while they stayed on which we expect. it will go on until the regime is gone saddam hussein also went and still the troops stayed even when it seems they may go here's president clinton speaking about the need for the u.s. to get involved in kosovo in one thousand nine hundred nine my fellow americans today our armed forces joined our nato allies in airstrikes against serbian forces responsible for the brutality in kosovo we have acted with resolve for several reasons. we had to protect thousands of innocent people in kosovo from a mounting military offensive we act to prevent a wider war just how lied that war got continues to be debated was and then there's somalia intervention there led to the death of nineteen americans two black hawk helicopters were also shot down and the civil war there is pretty much
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still going on so much of the american people expect well if history is any indication then what is limited is also relative. christine for is now r t. so gentlemen no one can seem to make up their mind because nobody has the answer as to how long this might last what is obama going to say tonight what should he say tonight to try to address some of those concerns he's going to say it's not our fault that his entire plan is i'm not responsible this this is not america's war this is the international community's war so we're handing off control we'll provide support and we want to save those civilians you know we talk quite a few bombs on places that have absolutely nothing do with civilians that you know there's a lot of little you know hours worth of missed you know he's really going to be either because i don't think we have a place not only that he's going to say but he also needs to say exactly how long these he expects us to be involved because if he doesn't lay that out it's going to be open ended so if we don't hear the words the u.s. will hand over leadership tomorrow and we will move our sort resources then we if
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we don't hear those words then we're going to get a lot of that because the words that we're hearing is that nato has taken full command but what is nato without this is limited so you know to say that the u.s. is going to lay down could it militarily is almost good it ending wars it doesn't really concerns of winning it jim if you like so you know we but we did he go he as well leaving iraq we have no deal to stay there i mean there's if you keep using my day's work there right now we're not leaving afghanistan is going to announce tonight probably that we're leaving the air over libya just. you don't know which way you're just you're silly we're not leaving afghanistan we're not leaving iraq and we will have permanent presence inside of libya as well to the president and i hear a shake there doesn't seem to me i haven't seen any real clear evidence that we're truly leaving anywhere i heard i last point. just because you heard there's a middle ground and said it on television. but it's very quickly go back to earlier
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we're talking about violence right now in bahrain and yemen and syria places that are of far greater importance you could argue to the united states now we already have certain people alike. senator joe lieberman saying that we should go into syria and we should intervene there to do so if we start hearing these words you know start to be from the lieberman is the mccain's of the world then i read this going to start intervening everywhere real quick on this the neoconservatives lieberman's and mccain's they are. out there slowly and surely finding you to be able useless in terms of foreign policy syria is in a really bad situation we've got shiites moving into damascus nobody ever thought that would happen it's becoming sectarian and i my prediction is that yemen syria and libya will fall in due time what that means is that there's going to be a political vacuum and in order to fill that political vacuum the nato un and the united states are going to have to take some sort of intervention i mean so i mean we do need to intervene we have to not militarily feel
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a vacuum because those governments are going to fall and they're behind a little bit and fill a vacuum without bringing up some type and we have every reason to uniting people i honestly don't have relations with the people on the ground but we don't have any way to know who we're supporting so going in and doing that is a little crazy but it is for you looking at our actions in all of the revolutions in the middle east it kind of seems that if you used to be a friend of america we're not helping if you're a tyrant or a bad guy well you know you can go and slaughter people in streets why does assad to kill people in syria and we're not bombing him he's arguably worse dictator a bigger tyrant than i don't in fact last question of what i think about situation the question is going to be raised internationally as well because what we want here supposedly right is this positive image of america going in to help civilians but that's only going to make it worse for civilians in other nations that aren't being helped are necessarily asking for yet either very quickly we touched upon a interesting story the name odyssey john do you think that's just a coincidence you know i mean do they type this into some kind of operating again
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or a period of madness in the heart history range of letters maybe this will last ten years like afghanistan to maybe this is the beginning of the operation. well you know this introduced the whole philosophy of having philosopher warrior monks so maybe it is maybe they've been reading that. they were doing i think is is should be symbolic for this is the beginning this is the sudden rise of a new policy for the u.s. in terms of middle east and let me make a quick quick connection here what i mean intervention in the middle east when you have the world's petroleum resources that's funneling oil to the rest of the world and there's a vacuum with all of political security and you know seven of the ten countries if there is not some sort of international effort to stabilize that region we're talking about economic fallout for large parts of the world which is why it's incredible what does stabilize mean because even though do we stabilize afghanistan no but if ghana scan doesn't do anything largely for the world afghanistan is the moon with gravity essentially what what would the middle when or the north africa
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in the middle east are is the world's resource to life it's the oxygen for our economies and it is a legitimate strategic interest we have one there we don't in afghanistan it does not necessarily mean occupation but it means i mean doesn't need foreign troops on the ground but making sure that all of the world has its resources to oil if we if that's what breaks off it's big problem that once again we're going to hear these terms of a limited intervention in a. take operation and no one's ever just going to tell it straight so we'll see hopefully we aren't now embroiled in another conflict for years to come not watching others it's really a quagmire as you said earlier john and i thank you so much for joining me if you ask time for a quick break when we return as past weekend workers from los angeles to london marched in the tens of thousands of protesters attack on the middle class all corporations are getting off scot free. sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else here see some other part of it i realized everything you thought you knew you don't. because it. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think the media wanted well. we never got the show's movie or something safe get ready for the freedom.
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hey guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show with part of our guest stop to sound the topics now i want to hear audience is going to you feel does video respond to our twitter profile of the questions that we've posted on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is we play more of what they have. the piper workers' rights are spreading across america drawing their inspiration
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from egypt and wisconsin nearly ten thousand union members and their supporters clog the streets of los angeles this weekend to let everyone know that they're not going to stand for what they call an attack on the middle class. the reports. as we sell the country. we are not going to take this. kind of. coming here. my home or a local leader guitars of rage against the machine took his rage to the stage for political change pumping up the crowd as downtown los angeles became the new front in the fight to keep the american dream alive. as far as the eye could see people lined up in solidarity to let washington and wall street know that america's poor and middle class will no longer be the scapegoats
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for the nation's money problems bill they're the ones that it wasn't the teachers it wasn't the teachers union the red cross and steel workers cops students it was the bell thiessen spoke wall street right now going to be taking over the. four year program for a work of the would work fine for america. thank you thank you. you know. what the problem is way right. now people here are heading out and long long ago. the frustration of the poor and middle class is manifesting itself throughout the west coast and in many other cities across america with federal and local governments proposing major budget cuts and private industry still hiring at a sluggish rate the pain is hitting home for many games newborn is fighting to keep
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kids off the streets while at the same time fighting to keep food on his own table . sliced in the last six months been laid off from you use a student might. help people become successful and i am struggling to stay in the field like many here he believes the government solutions so far have only slung the nation backwards expanding any trenching poverty a recent study showed that nearly two million people in los angeles county are living in hunger i can go. and do anything you think. it's dangerous those concerns are shared by workers who fear their wages and benefits are at risk by the right wing movement to kill organized labor kelly pierce was encouraged by people taking to the streets she depends on her benefits to pay for her daughter's
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heart surgeries so she will fight for her benefits and for those of others i mean look at all the bad things on the street corners you know they fought for our country and you see more and more and more people that is now sally it's us standing on street corners asking for money and that's wrong it appears that mainstream is finally waking up a soul. they're developing really to fight for it appears system it's global i mean you see. it in the streets in cairo in madison in los angeles i think it's a real international groundswell of people standing up against justice this time is not made by presidents who are. running i don't know where you live this isn't your it's. a los angeles. archie. as an estimated ten thousand people marched in los angeles this past
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weekend in support of organized labor and in reaction to union legislation passed in wisconsin these numbers didn't really have anything on the up to five hundred thousand people that came to the streets in london to protest what they call brutal cuts in jobs and services so america is just beginning to see austerity reach the main stage they have to wonder if soon the numbers here might also resemble what we see in europe and across north africa and the middle east joining me from our studio in los angeles is ben cohen editor of the daily banter dot com ben thanks so much for joining us tonight now let's start with what happened in l.a. this week and really this is a reaction to what's going on in wisconsin and california itself we haven't seen any cuts really manifest yet so if so many people are coming to the streets before anything has really come to light is that tell you that this is going to be big. i think it does tell you that it's going to be pretty pretty big also california has we have been subjected to a pretty severe. downturn after the recession so california is already depressed
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economy is already pretty bad and the knowledge that more cuts are coming is obviously i think that's going to frighten people and it's great to see that they're on the street protesting because and i was going to comment really you think you can get much worse and the government is. going to see protests that's right california right now poverty levels around homelessness is hunger is all in california and this is before even you know some of these harsh actions are taken and you know some people even said that. what was going on in wisconsin it was the best thing to happen to the progressive movement in a number of years do you agree with that statement that it woke them up absolutely absolutely you've seen the tea party and right wing fringe groups take the place of what would be you would be more leftist movements to fight against the source there are two measures and depression and finally the movements of working up in america
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and it's great to see that actually fighting the right people at the right time rather than being angry at the wrong people at the wrong time but you know if we compare this to what has gone on in london what's gone on in europe here it has remained very peaceful do you think that it can get get to the point where here we also see you know more of a more of a riot where we see looting and we see violence. i think you are likely see political movements get quite as far as they are in europe because europe there's a big history of violent protest against government at least in recent times americans generally far more fearful of their government than they are and when they say britain where people of those who've writing against the police or the government so i don't think they're going to be that extreme but you never know i mean the austerity measures particularly california of. the past are going to be so severe that you really never know so i wouldn't surprise me i wouldn't expect it
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wouldn't surprise me but it's now also why you think perhaps fewer people come out onto the streets mean you know the u.k. has already seen these are take place but still five hundred thousand people on the street that dwarfs ten thousand people so there's got to be something in the culture itself that makes more people want to go out and protest in europe. i would say that there is a lot more awareness in british culture about the political system whereas in the united states is a lot more fragmented where you have a very kind of quite small sector of the population that's very politically aware or have an understanding of what's actually happening as opposed to people what fox news and and read the murdoch press who have all sorts of walton crazy ideas about our government coming to kill you or steal your grandmother's health insurance or whatever so i think in britain there's a lot more coherent anger directed at the right people worse in america eats
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a lot more diffused and doesn't really make much sense well i think we're getting a lot of news lately that probably you know is cause for more coherent anger in american anger british bigger attacks here in the u.s. and we find out the bank of america the g.e. the exxon mobile they absolutely no income tax the quite the opposite they get billions of dollars in return the corporate profits are now reaching unexpected highs and of the economy and unemployment are still completely stagnant. how does that make you feel what obviously paying tax on the very little amount of money that i own relative to these corporations is sickening but that's again us plays into the myth big myth in america that america isn't a socialist country roker is a socialist country it's just socialist the other way around it's a corporate socialist system whereby the rich. profit from from the government the government vote them out when they get in trouble and they get zero percent. loans
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from the thread. where as if you're poor or middle class or you're in your own business that you if you can survive the market you're on your own the rich however have a rigged system. that's relying on the taxpayers to bail them out when they get in trouble corporate socialism thank you rob something there ben thank you so much for joining us tonight thanks a lot of. now coming up next the legal mind behind offending bush torture just gave obama a huge pat on the back for going to war without consulting congress frontally all the time segment and then are the koch brothers being unfairly victimized elevate the issue after the break. let's not forget that we are the party. i think. he'd want to play.


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