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if. he. had two thirty pm moscow time these are the headlines on our to me the libyan regime has bluntly rejected it deals with posed by the opposition you offered a cease fire in exchange for troop withdrawal and the resignation of colonel gadhafi. and israeli ambassador gets seven years in a georgian jail after being tarzan bribery as it was a setup by the georgian government which shows him off hundred million dollars in the fuses to pay the tab. was trouble continues workers prepare to seal the breach
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at the town stricken nuclear site as radioactive water seeps into the pacific ocean . next week take a look at the russian side of paris with martin interests. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program of life history and culture in paris to stop in the epicenter of. the lewis museum. the place to find out. who's pulling the exhibition holy russia. from ancient times
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great blues decided to organize a major display. is on the loose medieval sick she's she's watching top names of late russian drawn. to. see how as a couple her. there has. been forceful. where using. the words my fifteen. percent. which shows are. within the framework of the russian front. paintings scope. and video performances they reflect the evolution of russian all to see tradition this is a grand space creates a specific series. complete opposition to the concert and people have been
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displaying the russian contemporary awesomeness still in you know not just here in far all around the world but hopefully exhibitions like this. of a movie. flirtation isn't about cooking shows on new flavor but talking about elisa i was struck in all five second team groups probably. but first a drink and a little entertainment. a focal point was how classical curls because you know sort of proof look about for fall for a specific about difficult area you look at raising kids and was a problem rushing through here now. this is like cabbage rules the russian dumpling school mini and also beef stroganoff i don't mean items on our menu traditional needs issues such as just sneak and also to procure among we don't just plow very
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impressive it seems a little strange to be eating traditional stroganoff here in paris but it smells or looks fantastic throughout the strike. world that is very very tasty. many russian famous figures such as the right since tolstoy and to see if he does it in paris where she immigrate started losing to france in the nineteenth century we need to date thousands of brazilians of links to brush up. on next. limits me now tell me your parents were both russian but you are a fact born here in france but do you but is a part of you still feel russian well my i have three children. all speak russian perfectly. wonderful lives in
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moscow since ninety one tell me about the russian community that still you know here in paris well community is a great world because actually my association which is called. central. dorothy salter the long trooper's. russian language should culture. now a must for a past and to. speak english and. gives a name in english because we arrive at the paper. which is called in russian it is called. in french it just called it. is a french word. a long. and loud it. come out
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in english to tell me what you think of the relationship between russians and french people. trouble is that french people don't know any sick of all russian history french people people in german people on everybody in europe know ellis and so. a journalist can tell. what he wants people will believe it and that's why i felt it my paper because it is. information about russian thank you very much for your time. so what else is influenced by russian culture in paris the church of the three seventy five is the oldest of the russian immigration of the revolution nine hundred seventeen celebrating its eightieth anniversary this here the parish
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responded in nine hundred thirty one is small building which was originally a carriage you can see any and in terms of church and still it's richly decorated inside i mean i can of the terraces brutes of france. me in eight hundred twelve and in the one nine hundred thirty s. his relatives who went in and teach shop decided to sell it. the church congregation didn't have the money to. put a miracle happened there was a rich woman. who just joined the church she understood the cathedral needed the icon for people to pray to so she sold. the emeralds. the church. in paris was founded in eight hundred seventy five percent exiles named after the famous russian writer he donated books from his private collection over the years the library funds grew considerably during world war two its collection of more
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than one hundred thousand books disappears in one hundred fifty nine. publications from its original has never been found. it. was founded in one thousand nine hundred five to support and develop connections between the two countries in various artistic and scientific fields and hosts more than one hundred cultural and educational events every year including visions film festivals close its any comfort says. language classes. every year the principal. is free. and also. a teacher of the russian we've. developed world. you know these are courses for russian.
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forces. and for. a first class field just because if. if they're being sued by the russian french thais sculpture of the famous general and statesman charles de gaulle created by a young russian sculptor and it is she coughed now decorates the museum of the army in paris the bust was given as a gift to the museum to celebrate to boost one hundred twenty thousand first rate the work was appraised by the office to community for its resemblance of the kitchen of the general's character. driving a law file location over here backstage at the famous leader it sounds company started all the way back in ninety six and the current south meaning happiness has
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been seen by almost four million people either as a business or cost sharing many artists from russia and the former soviet union in u.s.s.r. where i was born there was no much thinks to go for it golfing on behave. so i had luck to go to work play and then i asked to use the porch about. three years and now in limbo for eight years. for yeah i find it i'm very happy to have got here for many of the performers who train constantly in russia or elsewhere and we too tall to continue korean ballet such shows like the leader in paris provided them with alternative stage work seventy artists six hundred costumes twenty three cents and a real eye strain but he told the spectacular show something to be see and little interest across the french english ukrainian a straight in russian dances to name a few as leader with some of the form she can say it's
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a sign of the times true can operation be. seen. as france and russia become closer as a result of strengthening ties the two worlds have exploded with opportunity russian culture as fascinating. for reasons that decades the sometimes misunderstood thing is clear times change. whether it's awesome sports food or. prisons it's all the records. absolutely brilliant and with the supports some recent talents excellent fortunately that's all that's how we have on this week's show i'll see you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew and the sos elisei here in paris around.
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disarming saddam hussein. passed charge of iraqi citizens. this event brings further assurance that the torture chambers and the secret police are gone forever. play flies again over embassy in kabul. chance to launch occupied afghanistan. now occupy sales at guantanamo bay. in the med. it is appropriate to that in accordance. with the kidney to. face
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flat stomach slap if you can. so that it shocks especially for you to stop but you don't actually break it in terms could deter evasion to use that we use it on tom cruise. yeah you. should see. such. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not inside the song so are some of the honest for his crimes so on is being honest no rational person from the night out saw has been punished is being honest and will
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be honest. as ours must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not. to mention. vengeance. because we've been immersed no matter what so ever. and i didn't come here just just. came here they first. started this new. trial martin. and i that is now.
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fixed for. fish fish fish fish fish fish. party's top stories the libyan regime has bluntly rejected a deal proposed by the opposition to offer the ceasefire in exchange for a troop withdrawal and the presentation. and the israeli ambassador gets seven years in a georgian jail after being charged with bribery he says it was the south by the georgian government which shows him one hundred million dollars and refuses to pay that back. and trouble continues workers parents still reach a pound stricken nuclear site as radioactive water seeps into the pacific coast. ports details and all the stories coming up at the top of the hour up next sport.
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hello there you're watching the sports and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes we've got latest from the russian premier league when you boys present a dog could top the table for the first time. russia's federer in miami to set up a tasty final against djokovic. trying to set the pace against india as the sides fight for the cricket world cup and. we will start with the russian premier league which is going the way hosting korea said yetto through after death first clean of the new season to be fairly ready played one game so far but wouldn't they notice three points afternoon. as half time approaches and i'm proud big trees that we put them level on points as needed through being inseminate on the days to playing tomorrow. could stop the leak tonight if they thought. it was not the other news
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breaking side gold. russian season will run for eighteen months to bring it in line with the european football calendar which plays through the winter questions have been asked about the feasibility of doing this in such a cold country but the plan does have the backing of for mathias i'm russian coach but any p.s.i.a. or. spring just doesn't want to arrive in most of russia to see am snow still plentiful in many places for a month go ripping off or to play europa league match in temperatures approaching minus twenty degrees the season kicked up a couple of weeks ago and playing conditions haven't been great. the usual assume those cuts in russia's northern regions have suffered greatly due to a late spring my club challenge your logic of course was supposed to be plain and much of latino due to the poor state of the pitch it had to be moved to moscow
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however i think this is just one other problem which a new solution to political power they would be worth because i have taken the time to look at the pictures and things you need to play on and you playing around bare championship games for the situation with my team speeches so it's a big games and the stadium which has an artificial cage just brings into question the russian decision to move the country's playing calendar to start a new option and fishermen spring this means no football will be played in summer pitches are a bit past the fine stand how to ensure subzero temperatures in the stands be heard was a similar decision to move the calendar to start the season indoors and finish in spring is a positive one and it will move our championship in line with clubs from around the europe which will make it easier for us to compete in the later rounds of the champions league and the europa league it would also make sense to increase the number of clubs in the russian premier league from sixteen to eighteen hours to the
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. desired is not a president of the line you're going to come because you're in the russian first edition after being sacked as manager of tonic here last year the fifty six year old was one of the russian football union's hottest critics when they decided to appoint was he didn't has been national team head coach however he's a lot more supportive of his successor to count because of his side says is being unfairly criticized for possibly pushed a lot of people have criticized the russian national side. recently and i think it is unfair we need to be supporting the sides not criticizing them they have played a number of matches away from home and i'm sure they will make it to the euro twenty twelve finals yes russia didn't play well against amenia but i've got sergeant still in with a great chance of all it's like watching spike taking time from coaching design is still seen as not the most influential voices in russia people just need to take b. to try and get his beloved on line you just can't turn back frankly which you don't
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see. now in english premier league leaders manchester united are in action in the lunchtime kick off at west ham with a chance of going eight points clear of nearest rivals arsenal and i'll be united manager predicts a tough game at the hands yeah you're always going to it's very hard to get away from for mr overseas newmar you go. there for the speed of course for for west ham it's an important game the. real tray were very sore. interest in code to all that is one of the games taking place on the saturday latest a. healthy within me tottenham and second place. in the late. let's switch to the ice with some about you i have missed the chance to come the first side through to the garden cup final following a four three things it's a massive magnitogorsk visiting as a low ball well for one up midway through the second period the home side did rally in the third but couldn't find the equaliser
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a lifesaving win them for messing all the best of seven series back to free to later today atlanta could reach the final if they are saddled in the sand. for the continental hockey league is only in its third year but some new regulations have been drawn up to help it and the sport develop in the future to top off as much. well again aaron cops say the final models are at their climax the geisha losses reveal some new durations that will be enforceable in next three years these rules are unique not only in ice hockey but in terms of sports in russia their relations were enacted with a certain winter olympics in mind ending to develop you called in the country well many new laws have all to mean brought into to protect the rights of young players there are several important issues that the new regulations control such as the status of restricted free agents which will cause a number of transfers next season only five foreign players can be only team roster
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however this limit is set to be scrapped in a future two referees and two linesmen rule in force the rules while the all judges will be a bullish like a shill appearing to sign contracts with a few foreign referees which will probably boost the standard of the russian i know a lot of patients are devoted to the team's infrastructure development and new arenas must hold no fewer than nine thousand seats and the quality of broadcasting should become much better all these rules i aimed at making ice hockey more popular and to attract more spectators one more problem for the gay trail is cooperating with the best hockey league in the world the n.h.l. . we've talked with several n.h.l. clubs and make their demands for holding several exhibition matches in russia and other financial attitudes of the energy even higher and the ask twice as much and so destructive these matches. the progress of the cage hill doesn't depend on exhibiting matches with the n.h.l.
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clubs they're interested in money and i'll go and see understand that when a stanley cup winner and a garden cup winner will surely be nobis success so with such olympics in mind during their ongoing players the number of drug tests were increased with no negative results plus a salary cap will be introduced next season with more severely in force from the following see them well expanding the only he crossed europe has been an ongoing topic since the occasional was formed. from slovakia will be the only team added next year and the russian wanted to join the kid chill but it will happen next season however will be ready to embrace them the following year saw them from going to slugger is also very interested in joining from league as knows me will surpass my own talks with some german clubs. pundits say these are been previously proposals with occasional still it was teasing this
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move is an important step in the league development and proof of its ability is a model for chief. now the cricket world cup final between sri lanka and india has got underway in mumbai and i can tell you sure lanka won the toss and chose to bat first and are sixty three for two of seventeen over sort of the rangar went early for just two runs the ocean followed a few moments ago on thirty three. now let's go to the telescope world number one rafael nadal has thrashed longstanding rival roger federer six three six two the score in miami which sends the spaniard through to the final of the sony ericsson open where he will play novak djokovic chyna doll was in sizzling fall when dominated from the outset and seem to have an answer for everything catching federer here with a face forehand into the open court on his way to winning the first set six three. and it was a similar story in the second but there were moments where federer did have a say this was an amazing rally and went on and on this we're seeing to be on the
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defensive for most of it. but then he was able to produce a great cross-court forehand winner. but the greens were pretty rare and the former world number one now playing at the second set sixty four match a great win for him with also acknowledging federer wasn't at his best. i think for the record for me a week playing final here my sister was a very difficult for them and so they have been a very big. help you more mistakes than usual for the reason i was able to have more breaks but anyway being from myself. is much better to have a vote. so next up to him is novak djokovic the serve remains on the plate in the
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season not hundred percent racoon didn't look to be in any real danger against mardy fish from the great tennis from the world number two we closed the first set six three before marching through the last of the flurry of fifteen minutes to take that six one on a match setting at that eighty final with. amrish wrap of a place victory as a rang in the women's final in miami like today now let's have a quick look at what has been happening in the n.b.a. poland a place to death playoff hopes that they're up to six now in the western conference after beating i call home a ninety eight ninety one score in washington a marcus old man for the trial braces his city's point crucial in our victory is going with a couple of minutes left to make sure they win in for the chances of a post-season oklahoma already which pile. on goings on probably wins from memphis and instant fame knicks. and he's like that.
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and look at your team picking up points for indiana orlando philadelphia as well as washington chicago atlanta and miami. fine rookie golfer crisp kurt is the surprise leader of the who's the no pin in texas are three under par and if sixty nine saw him rise to the top of the leaderboard at the halfway stage he has a one shot lead over defending champion anthony kim and johnson. look back to approach apparently rebuilding his swing he looks to rediscover his game ahead of next week's masters harrington in a group of three two shots. one to watch out for that he is serviceable for moments.
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for the full slim we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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