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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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i realize that everything is a. chart because the big picture. let's not forget that we have an apartheid regime right now. i think the media wanted well. we never got the book says the confucius a few get ready you can hear the freedom. hey guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show with part of our guest stop to sound
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the topics now i want to hear from audience just going to video responses or to twitter or follow the question that we've host on you tube every monday and on thursday the show your responses please play more of what they have. it's time for tonight's tool time award and we have
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a repeat winner for you this evening the hate mail and crazy bryan fischer he's a conservative radio host for the social conservative group the american family association is not a fan of gay rights he's against abortion and he has a lot of problems when it comes to immigration and on his radio show this week he took the issue of muslims coming to the u.s. last month he bravely declared that muslims have no first amendment rights now he believes that the u.s. should out right restrict immigration from muslim countries so we allow unrestricted muslim immigration in the united states we are welcoming to our shores welcoming to our borders. who are determined to destroy us they've said it themselves it's in their own writings it's in their own words they're out to eliminate and destroy western civilization is just an absolute folly to invite that kind of toxic cancer into our culture but that's what we're doing. yes bride all
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muslims in the world are hoping to arrive in the u.s. someday and impose sharia law and blow us all up every single one of them do you ever heard a more closed minded fear filled bigoted approach now fisher has also called for all muslims to be deported and says that the u.s. should not allow any more mosques to be built here in. cuz they are dedicated to overthrowing the american government you know this guy really needs to lay off the hater a he is way too obsessed with muslims taking over america he's so full of hate and bigotry that one can hardly believe that anyone out there actually listens to him or even appears as a guest on his show but oh it turns out that brian actually has no problem landing the big interviews take a look it's clearly spelled out and i'm quoting a british newspaper who really were expressing the outrage of the brits for that first being returned and the point was that they thought might be due to obama's father and grandfather it could be to just version of it and you about the moment revolution was very different and most of the people who were absolute brought in
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the united states but if you were asked the question should pack provide a place at the table for an organization like go proud and what will you say you know your. friends can go but you know i'm a i'm a conservative i'm a social conservative. speaker speak a good working speak for myself and for sure that it's legitimate to those concerns that anybody who would seek to be your leader and have a job with the power in a responsible presidency he should feel free to answer any question and to probe and to render a judgment about the total person. if you see that how could be gained rich and teapot all possible title candidates all appearing on this man's radio show helping him to spread hate why would they appear well how about because the g.o.p. base loves their culture war and dr fisher has no problem exploiting social issues
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for political gain by spreading misinformation and fear and that's why he has tonight's told time whether. now a new poll for possible presidential candidates in two thousand and twelve is raising quite a few eyebrows donald trump came in second place and the n.b.c. wall street journal poll and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann is also on the way up bachmann spike in the polls has to be a little bit scary for the g.o.p. establishment the reason that these two are trending up is because they're playing to the crazies let's first take a look at donald trump and the last few weeks he's become a burger he's going on talk show after talk show to question whether or not president obama was born here in the u.s. here are a few highlights of his recent media blitz. that he was born in this country i am really concerned you with this or started a week ago i used to have a look you have no doctors remember you have no nurses or the president of the united states who wish to have a little doubt just
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a little because you grew up with nobody knew when you interview people if i ever got the nomination if i ever decide to run you may go back and you could do people from my kindergarten the remember me nobody ever comes forward nobody knows who use of till later in his life it's very strange the whole thing is very strange i have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're finding you have people now they have their research i mean in hawaii absolutely they cannot believe what they're finding. so the donald in about three weeks went from being not sure if obama was born in the u.s. to now having investigators in hawaii trying to find his birth certificate so he's the g.o.p. nominee nominee next year and i smell a democratic win now let's take a look at michele bachmann she started the tea party caucus here in congress she's dettori is for being fast and very loose with the facts and lately she's had some trouble dealing with the national media that's actually called her out on some of the things she said which are provably false take
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a look at the michele bachmann media real. you hear the choices she. one point you're wondering the troops tonight would you give me the same answer tonight i would question i put to you. i think i think the american people are the ones that finally are speaking tonight we're coming out of really we're coming out of there ok look i think people are thrilled tonight i answer that pearl is probably really not quite succinctly and you're like anyone i know you're close to him. only extreme. who really you're just. wrong who was. the president's strategy for recovery was to spend a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus program fuel by borrowed money instead of a leaner smarter government we bought a bureaucracy that now tells us which light bulbs to buy because of you i'm sure the tea party is going to overlook her lack of knowledge when it comes to u.s.
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history there's such a forgiving group and what does that say about the g.o.p. his chances of winning in two thousand and twelve when donald trump and the shell bachmann are the ones getting all the headlines mean for the g.o.p. can't find a candidate that they think can beat obama so i'll be republican suits out there it's fair. now talk about an unlikely match the and only c.p. the a.c.l.u. and conservatives by grover norquist have teamed up on a cots one that's long overdue prison reform let me just remind you that america has the highest known incarceration rate in the world the two point three million people are sitting in u.s. prisons and that's nearly one in every one hundred volts and many of these people are there for nonviolent crimes but what would make the tough on crime conservatives want to actually join with the liberals on this one well what else money and states all across the country face budget crises it's starting to make sense that our prison system is somewhere we could definitely afford to cut without
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making the streets of america any more dangerous so today but at least if he released a new report on the issue called misplaced priorities under educate over incarcerate so could this high profile to be the perfect combination to finally bring about some change earlier i caught up with grover norquist the president of americans for tax reform who's also a member of the board of directors the n.r.a. and us all the advisory council of go proud and i first asked him if he thought that this was the perfect time to have this long overdue discussion if the fiscal crises in states are something that they're taking advantage of to finally have a logical debate. a lot of conservatives in state legislators who might is just deferred to whatever the police or the prison guards or the prosecutors wanted are now being forced to look at total budgets and saying how do we save money and one of the way to save money is not building new prisons are there ways of keeping crime down without putting as many people in prison as we do today but you know i
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also it's so obvious and this is something that you pointed out too that if you think about conservative principles principles like keeping the government's all fiscal responsibility then the entire attitude of just lock them up no matter how much it costs just to make sure that we can keep everybody safe and you know throw everyone in prison that we want those. things just don't add up but how do we get to this point where it's tough on crime no matter what well a lot of people just want to make a headline or get on television by announcing they're going to have a big. long sentence for some particular egregious crime and then for the next forty years we live with that i mean a guy gets to a speech and says we must fight x. so we'll have a very long prison sentence while a long prison sentence might be justified but also might be very expensive and maybe it's not the best way to deal with people with drug problems and well that's what we're seeing so much of these days are people that are going in for nonviolent crimes often for drug crimes and those are the ones that you hear about on t.v.
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you know that's not what people go on and they boast about is that i perhaps caught some single mother that had you know i got a bag of weed on her and put her in jail for ten years but people do want to know that violent criminals are locked up for a good length of time they're not particularly interested in locking up in prison at twenty thousand dollars a year or in some places in california fifty thousand dollars a year i mean it's not free to put somebody in prison there are some benefits to putting criminals in prison and there are big benefits to putting violent criminals in prison but you really have to do a cost benefit analysis and their new technologies no ankle bracelets home arrest all sorts of ways you can keep track of people outside of building a great big prison and put them in it do you believe in rehabilitation for these people or do you believe in treatment programs the i think we should take a look at what works we have fifty different states they should take fifty different approaches we've got thousands of counties. the county should have
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different approaches and we should keep very good statistics to find out what makes it less likely somebody comes back into what they call the system come back to prison come back in jail what is that drug treatment and how often does that work what's the percentage likelihood that it works how long does somebody. they need to be in prison if somebody is a violent felon are they still violent at sixty five you know it's their advantage to keep somebody in prison after they're seventy if if you're worried about the hurting other people maybe not some crimes there may be things restitution fines things other than building a physical prison which costs a lot of money and staffing it with personal guards which cost a lot of money it costs a lot of money but the money keeps being thrown at these prisons right front of the state to pay all these person guards that you think at the moment there's just there's no incentive to even look into other programs like rehabilitation like the string of programs because well why would you do that if you can just keep people in jail not for all the money is given for you interestingly the state is kind of
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lead on these reforms texas and that's and also right on crime which is a group i work with of conservative activists who are saying how can we reduce crime keep it low and get it low or while not breaking the bank how can we do it most cost effective texas is the state that's moved out there done some very serious analysis there putting fewer people into the system fewer people are going to prison and more drug rehabilitation for nonviolent first time offenders and they're finding lower receipt of the same rates and better results at lower costs other states are now looking at taxes you know if it's something that works a lot of people go that's from on i'm not sure i trust their judgment they're not called wrong instead it is perhaps the state that executes the most people. they're not weak they're not doing this for some silly academics theory they're looking at what works and that's why both conservative spokesmen on this issue have more
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credibility than liberals do you know i think they think that's an interesting statement that you made is that conservatives have more credibility than democrats because democrats are looked at as soft on crime but i don't really buy that because in today's society you know in the political arena that we have it's no longer an option for anybody to be soft on crime. even for example rats well people have long numbers nine hundred eighty eight mike dukakis was a likely was the democratic nominee for president and as governor he let convicted murderers who were sentenced to life without parole out of prison on weekends ok takes a long time to live that one down for the democratic party and it cost them a good chunk of a presidential race so people remember that sort of thing and you're right democrats overreacting to their week on crime and reputation and go over the reason why we had one hundred one rates of putting people in prison on crack cocaine versus powder cocaine was the liberal side of the
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black caucus were out there the loudest the most just in the eighty's and passed that law. thinking they were protecting their communities and it's been. a lot of people have been in the backlash for the time and some restraint has been brought there it's been brought down from one hundred one ratio to eighteen to one now obviously like i said this is a very interesting pair here to have people like yourself join together with every scene he joined together with a.c.l.u. and while you may agree that prison our prison system needs reform in this country you don't necessarily agree on what to do with that money right he's saying that it should go towards education do you not think i mean do you not think it really shows something about the priorities of this country when we are making cuts to education. and not for prisons well. he says we're spending too much on prisons and i agree once we save money on prisons and look consistent with keeping
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bad guys in jail and keeping costs down and keeping crime love if we can spend most money and less money on prisons i would like that money to stay with taxpayers people like spend it on other stuff like that spend it on education specifically which i think that a lot. americans would probably agree with you that there's a difference between spending money on education handing it to the teachers unions and we spent the last fifty years handing more money to teachers unions and education has declined in america as we spent more dollars per child than anywhere else on the planet and more than we did five years ago ten years ago twenty years ago thirty years ago we've done nothing but spend more money and get lousy results we haven't done any better on our spending on education than we have on prisons we are beginning to have people ask can we get rid of teacher tenure so we can fire the bad incompetent teachers as florida just did as i don't know just did and the answer is yes we're getting reforms because the government's run out of money governments will only reform when they run out of money alcoholics only quit when
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they hit bottom so both the reform in education and the reform of the criminal justice system are both flowing from we can no longer afford to keep doing the same old thing and people are pleasantly surprised in criminal justice how much money they can save while actually improving crime fighting i thank you very much for joining us today and i think you're right i think it is the right time to talk about this there is a need for reform here and whenever money's involved and obviously everybody gets interested so we'll see if such a strong combination with big players like yourself and then at least he and the a.c.l.u. can finally bring about some that change thanks so much thank you. for taking a break but coming up forty seven thousand u.s. troops are still in iraq and what they really leave by the end of here as agreed to by phone i think at the top they can just about.
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let's not forget that we are in a park right. i think. we never got the word says they are keeping safe get ready if you give your freedom . a charmer over here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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your voice be heard. and the latest attempt to expand her empire russian spy turned entrepreneur on out of shot men is out to get another line to her resume modeling moscow's fashion week is underway in the red headed bombshell used her assets to get the crowds attention. but anna had a little malfunction her profit that she was supposed to carry down the runway fell out of her pocket but this proved pro knew how to handle that bags with ease she picked it up and carried on with the runway walk but needless to say the whole russian spy scenario that she pointed out was a little bit bizarre. i think it's safe to say that anna's real life espionage career wasn't anywhere near as exciting as that bit on the catwalk but may have been
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a little bit less awkward way as the saying goes if you've got it flaunt it and got it is an understatement for this woman her she's already trademarked turn aim to make way for her projects like her poker site her vodka line her clothing line and her social media websites now and don't forget that she's also amping up her political career as well so i just can't wait to see what she does next. candidates barack obama ran on the platform of ending the iraq war last fall he hailed the end of combat operations in iraq as a success and we all know that doesn't mean that it's over personally there are about forty seven thousand troops still stationed there who are required to leave by years and under a bilateral security pact between the two countries that still doesn't mean that they'll be out by years and what's said to be his last trip to iraq that is secretary of defense robert gates said again yesterday that the u.s. would be willing to extend the u.s. military presence in the country if the iraqis ask for it it's a plan obama has already approved and gates is now flying to pressure the request
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needs to come soon but politically can either iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki or barack obama afford to keep those troops there they're discussing with me is jim hansen retired special operations master sergeant and military blogger for black five dot net jim thanks so much for being here tonight you know this is one of the things that. obama promised when he was campaigning when it comes to foreign policy closing guantanamo bay obviously that hasn't happened yet but really number one what helped him so much you know to push back against the bush regime was that he was going to end the iraq war has that going not going so well so now if he decides to keep troops past this deadline how bad is that going to look for what i think at this point he's perfected the art of forgetting grech obama the candidate you know and has come to the reality is that in the commander in chief i mean honestly it's been one of the few things that i can say i like about him is that he's taken the realities of our national security a lot more serious as president than he ever did on the campaign trail but what are
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the realities of our national security right now what good is it going to do for us for our national security to keep more troops in iraq after this deadline after they've already been there for eight years after thousands of lives have been lost and after we really have made ourselves broke with this war well i'm pretty sure was to go troops in germany japan and korea and been very many wars there since world war two or the korean war so i think there's an advantage to having u.s. troops in the volatile zone there is a comforting force for everybody and i think right now the middle east could use a little comfort so if you know what the release in exchange for taking those troops out of germany out of japan out of france out of places where there is absolutely no need for them it was a fun place to be stationed out load i was in germany and japan i would do it for the airlines that are you exactly they are that's paying for you to be there i don't know that it's that much more expensive generally for us to keep troops in for more combat zones that it is to keep them in the states and train so i think you know given iraq's volatility given the fact that the iranians are trying to influence the region and the rest of the middle east is on fire i think pulling
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u.s. troops out of iraq right now would be insane but the fact that iraq is still so volatile right the fact there is still an insurgency there that just a couple weeks ago sixty people died and there was a bomb does that mean that we failed i mean how and why not how does i mean we haven't failed. we leave right haven't we been training of iraqi forces they can take care of their own country and they're ready i mean they set themselves their own p. we had all day on that strangers are well it's a longer process than candid obama and president obama ever envision it takes a lot of these guys know that i mean are we going to be in iraq fifty years from now and still training still going through this process we'd still be training i would hope in fifty years it wouldn't surprise me i don't see any reason at this point if iraq is going to be our ally and we're going to have an influence and not allow the iranians to be the major influence in the region i think being friends with iraqis and sticking around this is what i want to talk about that obviously they're saying that this is only going to happen if the request comes from the
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iraqis themselves but let's talk about the domestic situation that nuri al maliki is facing right now right within his own faction their people that want the troops out there want the occupation to end so can he even afford to literally to ask for the u.s. to keep troops there politically it's going to be tough i think strategically he has to and i think you will now the obama administration is saying that he might even last throughout the summer. is that well we have to take a week you know we did we have to go to peace you know with the country that we've got the country we want so i think in this case because it is now the one making problem your side isn't really into or if he's a shia and these are really into so he is trying right now to bring down the iraqi government the request of the iranians they don't want a deal done between us and iraqis because that lessens their influence so the idea that we would go ahead and leave a vacuum that the iranians and the revolutionary guard and everybody who backs up it would move into would put us in a very untenable position and i just don't see that but what kind of message are we
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sending by the fact that robert gates before he made his final trip to iraq just yesterday he was in saudi arabia shaking hands of king of fuel and saying that they shared an excellent relationship right that doesn't look so good for iraq especially considering that saudi arabian troops were just in bahrain to. trying to quell a shia uprising i think it's a huge issue and i think the saudis right now didn't like what we did to mubarak because they're in the same boat they could have a popular uprising so they didn't like the idea that we didn't back our own tyrant you know and now they're in a situation of what is their best a teacher who they've reached out to the russians and the chinese so there you go you know maybe the u.s. is not best friend i think will end up being their best friend in the end but it's also it's more it's another powerfully and i think the shia sunni dynamic is coming to the forefront in the middle east and that's. i also just one quickly want to ask you before they said that perhaps the state department would be the one that was really handling this security force is there any way to make that happen if troops
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are saying is the military at no stage right when drinks to put it forth by the hotel pool the military keeps things safe they may run some security but the main bulk of it will be run by the military and iraqi its original order thank you for joining us and well we'll see what happens i guess we all agree to disagree on this i won't be happy about my thanks and before we go tonight it's time for i tweeted today by the government shutdown looming today the white house declared next week national volunteer week how convenient so tonight we think that all federal workers should tweet a great idea while you mr president and all of congress work for free too i mean after a good idea that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in make you come back tomorrow it's the last day for congress to stop this shutdown so they'll be counting the minutes and we'll have another dose of happy hour in the meantime go forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch the dollar. show where he has the interview as well as the show in its entirety we have next is the news with
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the latest headlines for us. rachel martin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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