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russia's leading man don't rule out taking part in the next presidential election. should. president bush and the prime minister be the coming of the twenty club great for the president a. letter was to close the suspects linked to terrorist attack on the capital's metro system and confess it comes as the country mourns the twelve people killed in the tragedy. of the global power structure could be shifting with political experts warning europe for the us to watch their backs as the world's fastest growing
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economies grow. brazil russia india china and south africa put a united front as they strive to take an even greater slice of the world economy join me for the details in a few moments. here wednesday night. this is the r t news channel on our top story with the russian presidential election less than a year away public interest in who will be running for the top seat is higher than ever the country's two most powerful politicians have spoken about the issue explaining their positions sarah ferguson is called the details. present a better than prime minister putin had touched on the twenty twelve elections prime minister putin when he attended a medical workers foreign here in moscow nothing to concrete there was nothing
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really given away but he did say that nothing's being ruled out. i repeated the president made good even though i don't rule out the possibility that each one of us will run for the presidency our decision will be no taking into account the economic social and political issues in the run up to the election this decision will certainly have to be made but we have almost a whole year before the election and this election related force doesn't help us carry out our work a little bit ambiguous on the wording not clear whether he just insult and present . possibly separately running all potentially maybe but now we have heard. by mr putin's press secretary a friend a chill to be speculating really on the possibility of the base running a certainly the consensus is since. thousand and eight they faced a kid about the fact that they've reached that decision themselves and come to a consensus about it or not also you know it's russia's party's position as well
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that they see. themselves the president. laid to a chinese journalist is partly visiting china at the moment and he was asked about the elections and he said yes there is a list speculation everybody wants to know the question that he thought a lot and the same thing nothing to clear at the moment but that's everything's to play for the moment. i do not rule out the possibility of my running for a second term at the presidential elections if a decision will be taken very shortly since the elections are less than a year away this decision however should be fun. and second and should take into account the existing social city. should count political environment and most importantly the attitude of people before making any such decisions one has to weigh their chances avoid acting mechanically and instead with
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a clear understanding of the situation first invaded in that same interview also touch on himself and prime minister peters personal relationship is that they knew each other over three decades they have one relations he did specify that they both have different positions very different roles or that focused on the prime minister putin today when he commented that that was really if they could see him that all those elections are less than a year away that's still a good amount of time in the focus really needs to be a new minister to start kids as a people to be focusing on nevers not getting too caught up in this election of course speculation around this sort of thing always going to be right but the commentary that i think basically as he said nothing at this time being ruled out. all the while the program libya's future decided by foreign forces international groups. to figure out what to do with the civil war stricken country stay with us
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for some expert opinion on the intervention. for the first fatal terror attack. happened according to the president of the three suspects detained in connection with among the metro bombing of confessed to the explosion. for. the latest. big rollout and terrorist attack has been solved the president of the. people behind the deadly blast at nine pm on tuesday in a sting operation police arrested suspects belorussian the responsibility for this atrocity after long hours of interrogation that was investigated say they also confessed they would lead to other similar terrorist attacks in the cunt. his recent history in two thousand and five and in two thousand and eight when best to give us a breakthrough was in the c.c.t.v. footage which they got shortly after the blast the video shows one of the suspects
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answering the actual station and leaving a back there which is that exploded now meanwhile elsewhere means the first spiros have been taken place at the country tries to come to terms with the he will of course of this atrocity. i started to scream for help i was bleeding heavily i'm an injured woman can't be outside in the fresh air and i told that my leg and didn't leave me until the ambulance arrived that's man and woman might be unaware they saved not only irina but the life of your unborn child as well. on the day i was going to the city center to buy vitamins and terrible but i believe i got over not really there were people without armies with missing legs and hands and six months pregnant when my thoughts were about the baby. my instinct to reno hard old to protect her baby she was lucky people sported here in the thick smoke and didn't trample here in the panic which others vividly recall
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. the train was full of parents and then there was this bang and all of a sudden fire ceiling collapsed lots of people lying on the platform older i stepped over something and then i saw this was a girl's body. elian i was the cool osis to the epicenter of the blast she was the only to survive in her carriage again despite the panic others gave her a helping hand to escape the carnage from the city's busiest metro station this is what other two eyes of the music subway intercept on this explains why there was so many commuters tearing this evening rush hour on monday i witnessed a save that those other wanted were carried out on to the street from this trails and many of those waters still remain in critical condition in hospitals across the seas here many years of the tackle up to phone systems being flooded with people desperate to contact their loved ones for some delays and getting through the
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longest moments of their lives. mux you should call me to say there was a terrorist attack and then the line broke up and when we came to the scene and saw her we were shocked her jacket was all torn apart as if she had been hit by shotgun pellets only pays hands and clothes were covered in blood because she was trying to ease our shock you don't cry this is not my blood it here the blood that of others caught up in the city as the first funerals take place and means elsewhere people have been flocking to the site of the tragedy to remember solemnly and to pray we have little messages laid around the subway station or in different languages i feel some even words are just too pain. full. has anything changed for you since monday. lost lives. it hurts
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terribly people need some to stand in value every moment of their lives and remember those who died. i'm sorry but i can't hark. the explosion in music on the ground is the most tragic terrorist act which brother was has seen seems beyond of the second world war completely unthinkable and still be evening of april eleventh terrorism is now agree more than day reality for these country as well on these day of mourning nothing just supports our lodging in the country from around the world exceeding the actual r t means below us. coming up fifty years after yuri gagarin's first flight we investigated how it all became possible. and it'll cost more to spend a maximum of three hours in this position as part of their training while the test engineer has half the ones here four days in forty degree heat or cold join our team as we dive head first into some of the stopping tests of soviet volunteers
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then had to go through to make sure that manned spaceflight could be achieved. the world's largest emotion economies are in china to take part in a series of economic and political talks russia brazil india china and south africa also known as the brics nations are striving for a bigger say in the global financial architecture they're also set to go beyond economics to respond to pressing international issues two of these tests are still a report. what these five countries really want to do is to work come together to push for a new international financial model that will benefit developing countries not just a few quick numbers to show you how wide this region this grouping of countries is becoming really an important part of the the world is the world's dynamics first of all they do i have to pass include two of the most populated countries of the world of course china and india and in terms of trade their volume has reached two hundred thirty billion in two thousand and ten that's about fifteen percent of world trade eighty percent of the world's g.d.p.
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now these numbers may not be at their peak at the moment they do admit that there's still a lot of room for improvement in this regard but the number the population itself and the potential that they hold is clearly not to be ignored by the by the world in this case the actual summit will start to morrow but there have been meetings between the russian president and the leaders of various countries today he's been meeting with the indian prime minister the south african president as well as chinese president hu jintao to as this is an economic forum the cannot ignore the what's happening in the world so we can't just stick to economic problems another issue of course is the issue in libya now we know that the four countries out of five that brazil russia india and china did abstain from voting on resolution nine hundred seventy three which allowed the. air strikes on libya but something did vote in favor of that however still the consensus here is that they are not happy with what nato is doing in libya now are we did hear from the chinese side
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that maybe maybe raise they're going to show a strong front against this rule by the west all the countries here do agree that cooperation is needed not as in terms of the economic solutions they are to find but also in the political arena especially before they go to the g. twenty that will happen in a very in france now that definitely is a. shift in the global politics the dynamics of the world moving away from the western countries to those countries in the regions that make up the brics while the old world order may be pumping money down the drain on war in libya the new world order is fighting battles that can be won on the world's money and trade markets brazil russia india china and this year's new kid on the block south africa have gathered on the chinese island of hainan to talk business and it's not just about economy it's about politics as well though the brics countries do put
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a heavy emphasis on economic issues broader political questions such as the situation in northern africa and the middle east are also going to be hot topics for discussions the recount to stare all. or un resolutions was very wise in terms of we're not going to get involved in this mess in fact when the french and the british were drastic the resolution there were serious objections from the four countries brazil russia india china traditionally it was always the u.s. and major western nations like france and germany going to leading roles in politics and economy but if you take into consideration the ongoing financial crisis and the fact that breaks countries comprise more than half of the world's population and pull in almost a quarter of the world's g.d.p. it becomes obvious that a certain geopolitical shift in power isn't progress for that there are several reasons these are the emerging powers of the twenty first century europe as we all
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know is absolutely dead economically politically has no leads and on speaking out even organized foreign policy it's a fearful continent car countries there are have been less affected by the crisis than have the european countries the united states and these are countries that are going to continue to grow if not rapidly moderate. while the rest of europe and the united states seems to be mired in in crisis european leaders themselves admit to losing stable ground in recent years everything that we have taken for granted for two centuries american and european dominance to the point at which most of the world's manufacturing goods most of the world's exports most of the world's investment was done in these countries is no longer a fact so it seems europe and the us are finally beginning to understand the
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emerging power brakes nations i think the western countries are already and. the strength of the brics economy is. expanding what was to this leave the g eight now it's the twenty and it is within the g twenty really the brics countries have been playing a joint. thing which has been very effective i certainly think that there will be changes in the economic architecture i think that's inevitable as these countries grew up while the western powerhouses continue pounding away on regimes they find undesirable a new economic and political architecture is emerging and these five countries are keen to prove they're not just another brick in the wall it goes court t.v. sonia china. the nato led international group has wrapped up a meeting in qatar discussed how to proceed with its military intervention in libya while calling on gadhafi to step down the group agreed to provide the rebels with
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some sort of unspecified material support your one goal times read through the transcend page university says france and the u.k. try to bolster their positions in africa nato. there's a very heavy chance of a ground invasion and i think we have to see it in a sort of grand perspective this is not under the us empire but western imperialism colonialism in a last stage making desperate efforts to regain something of what they lost and france was the biggest colonial country and a cause england hold the same size these two together dominated africa they think they have found an opening in libya that they can use at the same time as the us is practically speaking bankrupt forty one percent of it all of this been fed through the goes to servicing that. at the same time i think that when france and nato really entered some years ago they put some very strong conditions for t.
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and three and i belong to those who at the time thought the car this is because he's planned he wants to dominate nato and maybe obama in a sense is willing to give some of that to him in order to get out because obama is now fighting six muslim countries at the same time. now so course they want a ground war because they know fervently a way that they are not trapped by their own propaganda this is not a humanitarian action this is a regime change and they are linked to the people in bring say they know that they are in a bit weak position and they were hoping that by quick action they could obtain what they want. good news in brief suicide bombers killed at least ten in an attack on tribal elders in eastern afghanistan a close ally of president karzai was killed in the blast the attacker approached the elders after a meeting before detonating explosives strapped to his body but taliban has denied
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responsibility for the attack claiming that the victims had quote their own enemies . to depose egyptian leader hosni mubarak and his two sons have been placed under detention for fifteen days the move is part of a police investigation into corruption and abuse allegations barrack is currently in intensive care after reportedly says with a heart attack the former leader had been under house arrest since he was overthrown in a popular uprising and. you know ivory coast french and u.n. troops have seized that munition from forces loyal to former president laurent gbagbo he comes out he surrendered to french forces who supported al assad or to the internationally recognized winner of last november's elections but was now awaiting a criminal investigation for his actions and those of his entourage the resulting conflict between the two provinces claimed nearly a thousand lives. and it is japan's fukushima plant to continue work on emptying highly radioactive water from one of the nuclear reactors there the latest tests show that radiation levels in the sea
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near the damage facility of spite and choose day to pan raise the level of nuclear alert at the plant to the maximum of seven putting it on par with it should not be disaster recovery efforts came under threat as a series of powerful aftershocks in the area near the power station it had a month after that massive quake and tsunami devastated the country leaving over thirteen thousand people dead monitoring stations around the world have been picking up small amounts of radioactive particles spreading from fukushima environmental expert christopher busby told me that the full scale of the situation has not yet been disclosed. the accident was really much more serious than anybody had noted at the time and it's still more serious and people are admitting not oh one of the problems of course is that you can't get close to the reactors because they are still fissioning there's still material there that is producing great radioactivity as a result of the fission process and many of the reactors are part of damage to the
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point that fuel is coming out of them and you just can't work under those conditions and nor can electronic instruments work under those conditions because what happens is that microchips run the robots just don't operate when the grady asian field gets up to a certain level we do know that the nuclear industry is very powerful is very powerful lobbying system and there's an enormous amount of money running on the back of the nuclear industry is from uranium shares and people who have shares in the development of nuclear and so on so it would be an absolute disaster to have to admit that this was a serious as it was and i think it was shockingly responsible of you know nearly criminally responsible for these people to top down the accident in the way that they did i'm basing my predictions on on the health effects of the two not all accidents but four hundred thousand people will develop cancer in the two hundred kilometer radius if they are not moved we're talking about a seven point eight million people living inside that two hundred kilometer radius . make predictions there from environmental christopher busby talking about earlier
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. as the world marks russia's achievement of selling a first ballot a space fifty years ago we look back at how it became possible volunteer risked their lives to gauge what humans might experience in space diapers government one such person who lived to tell the tale. he went through hell on earth to be the first man in space john boehner little name for russia not a volunteer who just did the equipment needed to reach orbit any took him to the limits of human insurance but no one in the world has ever experienced what i did nineteen g. on the centrifuge that means my weight increased nineteen fold blood was using for my paws later i was forbidden to even mention it back then everything was a secret in one nine hundred fifty nine when they didn't all became a test well until no one knew just how humans would be edited by zero gravity extreme stress or even the sense of endlessness space was the great unknown and the
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many questions needed are searing. more than any emergency that could happen to a cosmonaut during a flight and in reality they really experience all this i had to endure once during a test to find a safe angle for an emergency landing seat i was thrown from a fourteen me to height just like that freefall another time i spent thirteen hours in ice cold water to test a spacesuit when the state commission came to check on me in the morning someone said surprised look he's alive. experiments using humans what top secret in the soviet union and it wasn't thing the volunteers were out there. we were brought up that way we weren't afraid of extreme situations there's simply no fear as the space program developed this became more sophisticated the imitation of weightlessness. immersion was invented and soon preceded in many trials one of the
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most unpleasant tests is being stuck in this capsule after the marshall. being battered by the waves of the open sea. a metal cross world spends a maximum of three hours in this position as part of their training while the test engineer has after the last four days in forty degree heat or cold. dick therein lasted the longest of all three days while his seasick companions gave up one after another we could. not everyone survived those tests and we never thought of ourselves as heroes we bled and hurt but told no one that we needed to prove humans could do it and after all those years and over three hundred experiments i came to the conclusion my input was made even more important for space science than if i went into space once or twice. nowadays the course on all
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survival calls is based on their work except potential cost ronald's are not pushed to the limit and they do have the chance of traveling to space one day period many of the tests engineers wanted to become cosmonauts but that's exactly going tragedy and they simply sacrificed themselves their names may be lost in history but in many ways it was them the unknown here is the made the dream of space areality carry pushed over our story city just north of moscow. let's talk about finn about twenty minutes time to go out with shot results and reaction from last night's champions league action but as coach of the business before that this wednesday. they're welcome to our business bulletin good to have you with me the five hundred block of the world's largest emerging economies is gathering this week in charge or
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the meeting of the so-called brics that is brazil russia india china and south africa has been as an attempt to see it as an attempt to develop a unified approach to global economic challenges i think that different but they do have some things in common they're all growing fast they're all big and they're all to a certain extent else lloyd the institutions of economic governance but we have in the world the g. seven in particular i think that what they can do is they can coordinate positions they can understand where they're coming from and they can put unified positions to the g seven and to the u.s. which will make them more effective in achieving their objectives. b.p.'s have to sixteen billion dollars share swap between the two companies this close to collapse the russian state run oil from has confirmed that thursday's deadline for the deal has not been extended and will make an announcement concerning its state model b.p. has been trying to rescue the chef's walk and actually exploration venture with
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ross and have strongly opposed by its russian partners b.p. now the wall street journal reports b.p. is now considering selling out of its highly lucrative take a venture. that's had a look at how the markets are performing on wednesday stocks in the u.s. declined on news president obama plans to cut spending and raise taxes to reduce the deficit and alcoa dropped at least one point four percent leading the losses in one nine hundred thirty companies in the dow jones and j.p. morgan chase slipped one percent reversing an earlier rally triggered by higher than forecast earnings the bank has said it will not lose dividends for the next two quarters. jazz and europe again rebounding from the biggest drop in four weeks before the finish point seven percent higher while the dax and the over eight percent building which here shares advanced across europe shares of french telecom equipment giant alcatel lucent jumped nearly five percent for broker upgrades and
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here in moscow the r.t.s. index ended flat and the miles it's been is tough to set higher wednesday let's look at some of the share movers on the my xix bank and that high on news that nearly doubled net profit in the first quarter profit have finished lower following the recent decline in crude prices that in addition to news the oil company will reportedly lose tax exemptions for certain fields here in russia and coal miner us thoughts gained on better than expected first quarter results. for the market is struggling to surprise. a couple of things one is the expectation of dropping bombs in the u.s. for fuel following a report by the i.a.e.a. . only this week and the second is the extent to which there's going to be inflationary rising inflation expectations ahead of inflation data on friday from china and from the us so around the markets just unsure about where to position itself. and that's not what's happening in business here in russia what can always
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find most always if you log on to our website. thanks so much. cooler emu the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've
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