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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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then you'll see the really present in the czech republic in a pen that bad the video theft has since gone viral causing a lot of embarrassment for that world's world leader but klaus is no stranger to embarrassment on a more serious note he has previously appeared of the glenn beck show as a climate change denier but i'm getting the better of the doubt here and the pen factor was just part of his diplomatic strategy after all that and is. coming out america's growing obesity problems may actually stem from the appropriation of agricultural subsidies details on where your money goes.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here in the. i think. the the one well. we never got the shows there for keeping safe get ready because of the freedoms. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some of the part of it and realize everything you thought
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you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. on the back of the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour mother
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nature will soon have legal rights in one part of latin america to get up a similar law here plus your taxes may be responsible for this country's obesity problem to show you how farm subsidies are killing americans and we're number one really shouldn't be our motto nowadays because we're not the usa is getting smoked the economic reasons that it's military. one hotly debated topic in the ongoing budget negotiations is that of agricultural subsidies. money that you and i the taxpayers send to mostly giant agricultural corporations to grow or not grow certain crops since nine hundred ninety five our nation has distributed two hundred forty six billion dollars in egg subsidies and
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those who receive these subsidies of hired some of the most powerful lobbyists in town keep the money flowing but there's something a little strange about ag subsidies tend to support crops that make us sick they go to this chart the vast majority of subsidies go to meet barry and grain it's the things that make americans obese and diabetic and all around unhealthy meanwhile fruits and vegetables receive less than one percent of the subsidies so with one in three americans considered obese diabetes on the rise in cardiovascular diseases and answer the top two leading causes of death in america should we consider handing taxpayer dollars of the giant food corporations to make a sicker with more on this elizabeth because senator joins me now she's the director of public governmental affairs at the physicians committee for responsible medicine elizabeth welcome thank you great to have you here with us why are some crops subsidizing others. and i think that there might be a little bit of
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a lovely behind subsidizing it and we can see that those crops that are being subsidized are primary corn and soy is actually five crops that there isn't going to be crops feeding like felt there was they go into ethanol production and other things but the bulk of them are going to feed animals on high intensity feeding operations. animals then with eating. processed meats to teach children and clothing with them so. tell me if this logic chain works the reason why we're not subsidizing growing fruits and vegetables is because that would just be a straight subsidy of agriculture but instead we're subsidizing growing corn and other products that go to the meat industry basically and so now you've got to. in pain off lobbyist there's a lot of them too in this. in the processed foods after that and everything so well actually what are those industries what what why you know what. why is it that
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there's no subsidies for carrots are there all these subsidies for corn that seems like it's just a vegetable but as you said it's really really it's all about meat it's only really at all when it's processed for animal it's there it's not the kind of sweet corn that we would want to put on our plates when we look at the different love is that might be behind this we can see the seed engineers most of its genetic notified the people who are producing the chemicals that pesticides. decides and all of those kinds of things they're all the love is that of supporting this kind of subsidy. so it's a really entrenched system but it's not that we would say would suggest that vegetable should be subsidized we should just say that you know the market should be able to meet an extra librium and people should be growing and farmers should be growing consumers pretty neat and when we see what u.s.d.a. dietary guidelines suggest diet which is rich in free vegetables whole grains with
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a little bit of protein on the side of that rather than a bulk of heavily saturated fat and cholesterol laden meat and dairy products we should really be saying that if there are subsidies they should be going the other way but that's not actually the position that i would take or to say get rid of the subsidies altogether and getting rid of the subsidies altogether would be a loss of billions of dollars to basically it's three large corporations and the majority of which is a number of corporations overseen meat prices and packers what we're seeing is a vertical and horizontal integration of the food supply from production through to getting on your place and i would think that we need to be looking at the breaking up of those monopolies looking at anti trust regulations rather than supporting market dominance that large corporations. three subsidies there isn't a full subsidy small farmers are really struggling because these large industries who are the who are receiving the bulk of those subsidies are getting the markets that well i remember back in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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when reagan stopped basically enforcing the sherman antitrust act jimmy carter was alaska to do the breaking up etihad city and reactor that there was this mergers and acquisition mania that everybody saw on wall street it was actually happening on farm where i grew up in michigan and a lot of my friends you know grew up on farms and there are no living in houses on farms that have been in their families for generations but are now owned by con agra or you know some other big company figure out what joe you know. willie nelson was going around doing farming tours and things and salutes and and if it is this the the consequence of these subsidies or is this the consequence of the failure to enforce the sherman act or we're always told what do we do about all of the original so i worked for the physicians committee for responsible medicine and we really focused on the nutrition aspect when we look at how much money. the current congress is trying to cut from the budget in the billions we see health care costs
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in the trillions of looking at the obesity epidemic as you mentioned and if we took to heart disease costs protecting twenty thirty costs eight hundred billion here a year hundred billion dollars we cannot afford this and this is these are all preventable diseases type two diabetes obesity heart disease but the most part are all die related so if we start incentivizing the production to keep me there and start to actually allow the market to move in the direction of people being able to pay for fruits and vegetables and having those more accessible to them then moves the prevention rather than wouldn't it be accurate to say the cheap cheap theory actually cheap what is the real cost of seatmate you know it's an artificial distortion of the market so they get the extra now. is not mean is being paid for by us by the taxpayer and your question about what can we do about this and what's caused this subsidies are we see a lot by large parts of this no enforcing trust and trust regulation is another not
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imposing environmental regulations allowing factory promises to put a water and air in the land without room for some and all of these kinds of things where the government needs to really step up and look at what it's doing to our food supply and to the health of the nation we've got to have all those for example was and thanks for being part of that awakening thank you and thanks for joining us . look around the world you'll never see a successful nation with the same relation america's security has a lot to do the food we eat it's time to get our priorities in line and start incentivizing healthy crops and told major agribusiness corporations to go it alone . but libya is preparing to make history with a new law that expands rights to nature the law of mother earth as it's called will
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stablish a slew of new rights the protect the environment including the right to exist the right to be free of pollution the right not to be genetically modified and the right not to be developed if it harms the ecosystem this new was citizens would have more power to bring lawsuits against companies that harm the environment to live in vice president al barrow garcia defended the law same makes world history is that which is the new relationship between man and nature the harmony of which must be preserved as a guarantee of its regeneration so with the ongoing nuclear disaster in japan worsening and crude still washing ashore in the gulf of mexico thanks to the b.p. oil spill last year shouldn't was like the one bolivia's pursuing be taken up elsewhere around the world like year in the united states here offer his take on the issues seem oddly president a less government receiving top welcome back welcome back to you thank you are you the only person on the planet who is it who resides outside of nature you know. i would love to see you try to get
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a constitutional amendment through the united states doing what this ridiculous president did you don't think nature should have rights when i was a cheapens our rights and cheapens actual rights each you can for constitutional rights every time you throw the word rights around animal rights you know how i would ask a lion and. a gazelle about animal rights when you're going to encounter as a lion. since one thousand nine hundred we've lost seventy five percent of the time so this country. we're down to deforestation and forest levels are around seventeen percent i don't want you sitting up i don't know i don't want you setting up a we have a loss with the short game. so far to the left wing grievance group with the trial lawyers the environmental ones because i don't want the trial lawyers but if you want a stupid law if they're if they're defending the the president a future of our species that's ridiculous first of all have you forgotten climate gate have you forgotten the so called climate gate was an invention of
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a bunch of right wing hack right for by the koch brothers right and it was total rise and it has been disputed that it is going to be very has been refuted and of course it is disputed repeatedly has been feuding that all i'm sorry this is a koch brothers paid for it now and you know that it's a hustle and rightly so but rush it was a on the published work you know if you want to put on the earth to ruin the planet we're not running the planet approaches gore the largest mit where the we are now we've surpassed termites in the last five years is the largest single chunk of biomass we use more than sixty percent of the net photosynthetic productivity the planet it was only five percent in one thousand nine. hundred size if you want to has every other species on earth has to fight there and he wanted to we're going to get a primitive that is upon its occurrence of that we are seen species losses right now that we haven't seen since the end of the jurassic don't you get a woman edward and extinction no no the only extinction or software that's from the budget deficits that a boat bomb was proposing this is how you would if you want to assign africa to permanent perpetual adjured poverty that's what you're doing there i've been in africa us in africa i don't think that you could say either one doesn't know how to
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tell you that a lot of the destruction of africa is the result of colonization in the middle of it all structural you know are what i would imagine average as a kid who's been colonized then freedom is much better off than when they worked out so you're saying you say your same b.p. and tepco and all these other companies we should just not regulate them it doesn't matter what they are good mother earth and what not everybody has always said mother earth has no rights and they don't it's not a human being or it's so only humans have and have any rights only humans have any value of by definition this guy was talking about yes. i'm a stone and i walk in reality tom you know i'm glad i could introduce you i think that's really tragic so you know that that you would want to because see your women . try to get you are so separate from nature that nature try to try to get try to get a constitutional right for this the united states u. turns and states you won't get them genuinely as well but i think we're going to welcome reality in american political you maybe right but i you know i don't i can't i can't get why somebody would make the argument pauline kael suddenly you
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know i don't know how to nixon was i don't know anybody that voted for him i understand you're in a little club are all possible i understand that but out here in reality we get it we're going to this is absurd and i'm part of i'm part of the natural world and story here that we're nature is to be protected from. from from us right now no we're the ones artistry need protection from nature now the climate control do you did i like easy i like you didn't you didn't i wait for your answer the point about the loss of species that we have recently because of the time six extinction no new series of all of the time right now the normal rate of species are in cities all the time but we didn't even know existed open seat and you genuinely think you must not only like your present halt you know the hubris involved we can genuinely affect the world especially when you come up with fraudulent scientists like that each day we university in climate gate that was i was there was no you know what about it i suppose scam was paid for out of koch brothers then why do well you're right you're right wing why did it appear in russia why did we get out of it i want
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to show you is here without is my russian i don't notice it now by the koch brothers this is you were this who you were it had as you want to acknowledge it then you were had one of your fake scientists and you want to know even a why do you keep coming back to this you because it is really the biggest global warming if so because it's only going to warming in the last year lists climate happen because you know it's not but yes it's certainly going to do was awesome paid for i because it rather is a lot more about it doesn't change the fact that it was a fraud i don't care who promoted it citizen trying to correct it without for all you're saying that nature doesn't know i'm saying he doesn't write you don't carry my beings i'm so you don't get rights like this idiot you're supposedly says and you get it but what you it doesn't get rights you know i just i just i just have to say again i'm i'm just i'm going to see i think it's going to tragic when you're promoting these kinds of lies first of all first i'm astounded by the i was genuinely angry and they were liars i'm a genuine used and it was live and secondly i'm just astounded that you are like.
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you mentioned hubris that if you write you ignoring that we can just crap on the planet that we can use sixty percent of the total gross of it is our grossly but we're also the greatest country on the planet not really discussing the planet i know you realize that sometimes i think the human race yes. well there too we're part of the process ok see if i were to a lump of coal or if it were not if it were planted to demand i say it's what art what our planet is going to end up looking like here its own mortality your answers and also to god it was like an awesome fuel flow but i haven't seen it it's good to see it we should say the rights are reserved only for humans and not for nature frankly to me makes no sense we are part of nature we destroy nature we destroy yourselves if we give rights to nature we're giving rights to ourselves mother nature is speaking to those circles. not night if not about nature.
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not. after the break how the us is dropping down to the bottom of the economic food chain well it's once we've heard reports of making huge arms. let's not forget that we had an apartheid museum right. i think the funny beautiful and funny well. we have the government says to keep him safe get ready because their freedom.
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you know sometimes you see the story and the scene so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you saw you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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world you go. through. and get all. over the good the bad of the same way i would first up the good robert zubrin can ocean county supervisor in wisconsin is officially launched his campaign to unseat republican budget chairman paul ryan in next year's election that's right paul ryan is from was. and his challenger is first made over is launching the web site and off my grandma dot com. it's actually grandma would be so it is in response to
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ryan's budget plan of privatizing medicare as the site says ryan's plan will end up medicare as we know it raising premiums and cutting benefits for more than twenty million seniors across the country ryan is wrong and we can't let him hurt our scene well done. so but soon see it sees. the bad house republicans as though their budget isn't bad enough they're breaking their own rules to pass it while in the majority republicans constantly criticize democrats for not posting legislation online for seventy two hours for lawmakers and the public to read it so now there and speaker john boehner pledge that all legislation would meet that seventy two hour requirement at process that promise lasted all of two months republicans passed a bill to defund n.p.r. without proper notice and they did it again two weeks later with another bill and tomorrow they're going to bow to the budget bill that was posed to the two am this morning leaving less than thirty six hours for that. republican party bringing
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hypocrisy to a new. and the very very ugly on a good crowd on fox so-called news was night talking head probably explain why bertha myths continue to surround the president they go with. number one he wasn't properly vetted no way number two since he's been president this gets to come to this point he's adopted some policies that are seriously and medical to american values here really i'd like to name one just one policy that's antithetical to the american values has been promoted by the right. on the other hand george w. bush used torture still legal wars for the size of the justice department read the wealth inequality gap collapsed our economy you know seems all of those things are actually pretty antithetical to american values so maybe bush wasn't really a bush they do find his birth certificate a donald trump are you listening anyway it's all very very.
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ever get the feeling like you're being left behind in the case of the united states is more than a feeling it's a fact our nation is being left behind in the global economy this week the name the leaders of the bric nations that's brazil russia india and china as well as south africa are all meeting in china to find common ground in creating a new global economy one not so dependent on the united states and the us britain nations are some of the fastest growing economy economy in the world representing forty five percent of all the current economic growth on the planet and nearly one fifth of the entire global trade market these nations also represent a lot of people forty percent of the world's population in fact their place in the
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current and most importantly future world economy can't be denied and for too long brazil russia india china now south africa have been so often screwed or ignored by u.s. based organizations like the i.m.f. and the world bank and now they seem more than willing to go it alone on top of that after the record thirty years of reaganomics they don't think they can depend on the united states' economy to keep the world economy rolling along or they see when they look at the united states today they see a nation under control by its military industrial complex launching wars across africa in the middle east that are very profitable for trans national defense corporations that leave america both financially and morally bankrupt and losing its credibility around the world for example but all of the bric nations disapproved of our military campaign in libya they see a nation unwilling to take the lead in the global effort to clear curb climate
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change. a nation that had two consecutive u.n. climate change summit dragged its feet twisted arms behind closed doors and sabotaged any hopes of crafting an effective global climate change treaty a nation whose sold out and bought off politicians are so beholden to giant oil and core coal corporations that they openly deny the truth right in front of their eyes if the world's climate is changing man is doing irreparable harm and something must be done the rest of the world gets it or invest in clean technology regardless of what we're doing a see a nation is government is so corrupted by millionaire and billionaire campaign donors the real solutions to fix the national debate completely off the table even the i.m.f. issued a warning to us the united states today to find a quote credible strategy and quote to address our nation's debt in response republicans in congress want to make our debt problems even worse by giving bigger
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tax breaks to the super rich and offsetting the caused by cutting pennies on the planned parenthood and n.p.r. in other words the i.m.f. is right we don't have a credible strategy and the bric nations realize they're all we're busy invading other nations and burning through reporter of the world's oil and burying ourselves in debt by a massive giveaways to trans national c.e.o.'s and millionaire and billionaire and campaign donors who spent more than a billion dollars lobbying congress to keep their tax breaks in place while we're busy with all that stuff the rest of the world is simply moving on because we're like a family member that despite all the interventions despite all the warnings and all the maidens still can't kick our addiction to money and politics and because of that we're being left behind our government has been taken over by corporations and billionaires who frankly don't give a damn about our future and our nation is headed down the road to destitution. unless we the people can take back control. the defense contractors interests
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national see. get money out of politics and like a real statesman and stateswomen again in america and we all have to come to terms with a troubling new reality that new world powers like brazil russia india and china will lead the way for the twentieth century of american dominance will soon give way to the twenty first century of american irrelevance bottom line here thirty years of reaganomics has not only destroyed america but during that thirty years this vast infrastructure has been built largely by billionaires like the koch brothers whose daddy was behind the john birch society to spread lies like there's no such thing as climate change to to encourage the massive transnational corporations and frankly bankrupt and destroy small companies around the world and around the nation and break our company our country our country it's
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it is you know the tax breaks that are being given to billionaires and millionaires they're frankly destroying this country we're got to stop. as the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website it's our dot com. also tricked out or you to pay you back on slash richer arts and this entire show is available for free. don't forget the marker see begins with you when you get out there and get active tag your it student.
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more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today.


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