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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the leaders of the world's biggest emerging economies come together in a bid to gain a bigger role in blow bill affairs. hammering out a response to economic inequalities and interference in bolivia these are what dominate the meeting of brazil russia india china and south africa all the details from the chinese island in a few moments. facebook twitter and panic buttons the u.s. uses technology to spread democracy in the arab world but are their intentions
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really so innocent. pakistan demands the u.s. cuts addictively in the country as relations soured by drone attacks and civilian deaths can't their lowest level since nine eleven. is a day on the russian capital you're watching r t was nearing a joshua welcome to the program the world's emerging economic giants are pushing for a bigger cloud and global financial architecture and policy the leaders of russia brazil india china and south africa or the so-called brics have been flexing their muscles in issues ranging from a response to canonical balances and the crisis in libya well it's now cross slide over spawn of chess or cilia who is in a chinese resort to find out for us we're gathering is taking place already. it
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seems like that we are seeing the emergence of a new force in global affairs so what exactly are the five powers pushing for. well in a nutshell these are five countries really just one great influence in two major meet us first economically they really want to see a reform in the financial model that exists right now in order to favor developing countries countries given their significance in the global dynamics another area is politically of course we've seen that in the past three years this is their third meeting they've become more bold in expressing a united front when it comes to global affairs global issues that lead to president is that if he himself had said that it is more effective for these countries and this block to go for example to the g. twenty with a unified front on issues it is more effective that's the word that he use now is going into the economic issues that they have been hammering out they do want to see a broad based currency reform system ok we have china really wants to push for the one as an alternative to the u.s. although we have had heard talks of this for some time now especially since the
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crisis began but if china you want is to become sort of to the dollar there are so issues within this group that they have to solve brazil for example has been a vocal critic saying that they do believe that it is an undervalued law so they have to fix what they have the problems they have inside before china would progress in this regard another issue that they keep bringing up as they're very worried about the fluctuation in commodity prices food prices for example wrong materials all basic necessities for these economies to develop to thrive and they're saying that the western economies in trouble and the u.s. economy are the cause of these fluctuations so they they're saying that in order to balance this out to solve this they want more say if the i.m.f. if the world back to reflect their needs and reflect their position if this is their contribution especially to the global economy. so there are a lot of issues and on issues the blog has to tackle there but it's not just economic matters in showing
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a united front on is it. as i said politically they have been getting bolder over the years especially now with the inclusion of south africa which just expands the representation of this group at least geographically libya has really been at the forefront of the talks when it comes to politics they really had very strong words there there has been a draft of the draft the rest with draft paper that has been seen by some reporters as saying that they really do not agree and they do condemn the use of force and the intervention in libya that we know that brazil russia india china that abstained from voting for that u.n. resolution that allowed the airstrikes while south africa did vote in favor but still the consensus right now that we're hearing is that they are really not very happy with what is going on there it is in a nutshell again in the gist of this is that the power of this there's a shift in the balance of power moving away from western countries into this recess take a look at the story followed by my colleague in
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a country. well the old world order may be pumping money down the drain on war in libya the new world order is fighting battles that can be worn on the world's money and trade markets brazil russia india china and this year's new kid on the block south africa have gathered on the chinese island of hainan to talk business and it's not just about economy it's about politics as well the brics countries do put a heavy emphasis on economic issues broader political questions such as the situation in northern africa and the middle east are also going to be hot topics for discussions. or un resolution was very wise in terms of we're not going to get. just mass effect when the french and the british were the resolution there were serious objections from the four countries. traditionally it was always the u.s. and major of western nations like france and germany playing the leading roles in
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apology. so the economy but if you take into consideration the ongoing financial crisis and the fact that brics countries comprise more than half of the world's population and poland almost a quarter of the world's g.d.p. if it becomes obvious that a certain geopolitical shift in power is in progress or that there are several reasons these are game merging. europe as we all know is absolutely economically politically has. it's a fearful. result car countries there are have been less affected by the crisis and have the european countries the united states and these are countries that are going to continue to grow. rapidly moderately. the rest of europe and the united states seems to be mired in crisis european leaders
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themselves admit to losing stable ground in recent years everything that we have taken for granted for almost two centuries american and european dominance to the point at which most of the world's manufacturing goods most of the world's exports most of the world's investment was done in these countries is no longer a fact so it seems europe and the us are finally beginning to understand the emerging power of the brics nations i think the western countries are already. strained economy is. expanding what was. twenty and it is within the g twenty really the brics countries have been. strategy which has been very effective i certainly think that there would be changes in the. thing that's inevitable as these countries grow while the western powerhouses continue pounding away on regimes they find undesirable
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a new economic and political architecture is emerging and these five countries are keen to prove they're not just another brick in the wall it goes quality china. and we expect a media conference by the brics leaders on the results of your meeting to start shortly and we'll bring you full live coverage of that stay with us for that we can . now defilements from an international contact group on libya are calling for girl khadafi to step down and other people determine their future representatives from the u.n. e.u. an arab league man in qatar on wednesday the rebels have also made their first appearance at this summit the group called the gadhafi regime and his presence threatened any resolution of the crisis that's been gripping the country for about two months and other efforts to forge an end to the civil war will be made later on thursday in cairo meanwhile the u.s. is straining as a government activists from the middle east and north africa on how to spread
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democracy with the help of technology as artie's guided she can records there might be a hidden agenda. the u.s. is providing high tech help with innovations for anti-government activists in a number of countries throughout the world one of the latest developments is the panic button according to the state department the application can be uploaded on activists cell phones should they be detained the software instantly raises the contact between their phones and sends a warning alert signal to other activists sounds great one question and it's all gone probably mungo's thanking the u.s. government for the quick knowledge you are going to be drug dealers and terrorists but american officials of course claim the best of intentions saying the innovation is to protect pro-democracy forces in other countries to help use the technologies more effectively the u.s.
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has organized training sessions for thousands of activists the one held just weeks ago in the middle east including anti-government campaigners from tunisia egypt syria and lebanon and as the newly trained and equipped activists return home the u.s. as one state department official put it counts on the ripple effect for any interference doesn't have to be a military invasion or a bombing campaign or you know some kind of special operation on the ground in that country it can also be a training and funding and the political support given to individuals who then promote those foreign interests and that's one of the newer strategies that the u.s. government has successfully been executing in different countries around the world that it doesn't consider subordinate to their agenda and it's a way to do it subtly it's it's harder to detect it it's harder to denounce it and it can often be more effective the u.s. perceives they are net and social networking platforms as major tools for spreading democracy and pumps millions of dollars into developing systems to help people in
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the middle east and china get around internet blocking far walls but at the same time american companies provide. bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites and when the us government purports to be spreading democracy it's simply a sham it's a pretense it's a lie the goal of u.s. foreign policy is to put its people in public office and in foreign countries the u.s. military has recently launched an online management program which enables it to generate multiple fake identities on social networks the false personas are designed to contribute to the flow of conversations on facebook twitter and other websites people are using social media for cyber warfare i mean that's what we're going to see more more and more of i think from from whether it's governments or non-state actors are going to try to find ways to use the internet and social media to
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gain an advantage in their own battle the recent turmoil in libya suggest orchestration of twitter with fake users only around five percent of libyans have access to the internet and the number of twitter users there is so small that analysts couldn't even calculate it yet in february this year a surge of legal twitter accounts appeared reporting in english and virtually all begging for intervention we know that. since the beginning of the war that libyans still don't get access to them to that but those people don't check this essential fact they take all this information so be here you which is the real purpose of rickey to get you trained activists provided with panic buttons another technology scores of false identities on the air and spreading certain ideas the u.s.
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says it's all about promoting democracy but do these the clarity in cancun justify direct interference in other countries domestic affairs. i'm going to check our reporting for washington our. relations between the u.s. and its ally pakistan in the fight against al qaeda seem to be on a brink of collapse covert cia operations drone attacks and civilian deaths have prompted his lamb of god to rebuke washington and demand it reduces its presence in a country where you can often reports from the pakistani capital. here in islamabad officials say the relations between the u.s. and pakistan are today at its worst since nine eleven and there are many reasons behind these terry aeration a case in point is that of raymond davis a cia spy who shot two pakistanis died in brode daylight earlier this year claiming they were trying to rob him this incident exposed huge concerns over the activity
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of u.s. private security firms similar to those operating in afghanistan and iraq but others claim the real work was on neutralize in the country's nuclear arsenal which is to become the world's fifth largest pakistani officials here in islamabad say they have no idea how many you asked contractors are currently functioning in pakistan and their identities are nor their purposes and an acceptable situation the u.s. obsession with fire and drones into pakistan also threatens to critically destabilize the situation in pakistan targeted militants in the northern part of pakistan near its border with afghanistan march seventeenth drone strike is reported to have killed forty innocent civilians prompting a month long break by the us pakistani officials warn that drone strengthened
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not only anti american sentiment but also to military sentiment in this sensitive region making it increasingly hard to justify the continuing terror because trans prime minister in an interview with r t confirms that drone strikes are creating more problems rather than solutions in fighting terror. the. government and the really. do. feel. i don't really see the strategy or critical strategy. work different countries it's also worth saying that despite u.s. immunity undermining the pakistani government's top officials here in the capital it came to smooth over divisive issues to stress a key point that a stable pakistan is in the interests of all regional sheltie islamabad pakistan.
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the show on t.l.c. great if you're going for one called touch from the top story. geology on the. video on demand. money. on the registry now in the palm of your. machine. called. watching are you coming to live from moscow and as we have promised we are now crossing life in a press conference by the leaders of russia brazil india china and south africa well this is the first time a block of the world's largest emerging economies. this member with south africa welcomed into the group and twenty tell us now listen contraries have made positive contribution to the promotion of both economic recovery and great country
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as well continue to promote strong stable and balanced growth of the world economy we have decided to continue stepping up dialogue because the nation and cooperation in international economic financial and devout and fell's. exchanges inculturation is such areas as fine as i think times business science technology and i would. tap the cooperation by paschal in economic trade and cultural area is the outcome document adopted by the new team that correlation reflects the consensus of all the five. major issues in the international economic financial fellows and a child cause for our future development we have also decided to have the next great leaders meeting in india. will strengthen dialogue and called brakes on trees
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is required times and it's the common interests of all the members international community. they believe that the would call for action partnership breaks countries will be strengthened and broadened and be reached i think finally once again i would like to express my thanks to the present present the mad about of prime minister singh and president zuma for their contribution to the success of this meeting thank you. thank you present. now i would like to give a full present present to federative republic of brazil. so president was a. present always until present the nutriment for the president jacob zuma president. my more.
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ha sync is for me a great joy to attend. as president of brazil this. summit meeting of the brits in this beautiful island of one i'm actually. even happier to see the attendance by south african president zuma therefore have this in the african perspective on the agenda that brings us all together history holds some irony is because not until. all up until recently brics was nothing but just an acronym made by a financial system economist who over the focus of history has increasingly attributed new responsibilities the acronym bricks today reflects a group of countries that has reflected its dynamic strength in the context of the most serious financial crisis ever since nine hundred twenty nine our country's brings together almost three billion inhabitants even prior to south africa's
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accession to the brics the i.m.f. already for a test that we would account for about half of they were old school roth between two thousand and eight and twenty fourteen and we share similar visions on economic growth coupled with social fairness we have grown with income distribution economic miracle in bella's. economy could balance in reduction of extra no vulnerabilities it is a review of the true prosperity can only be the spirit that is shared too and while we are committed to ensuring a sustainable or any of our level of sustainable development of our economies we would like to go virtually itself africa for the climate conference held this here in durban. and we. brazil will host the upcoming climate conference in rio real plus twenty two couples thousand and twelve will that no nation however powerful it may be can overcome its
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challenges by itself we want to join efforts to promote our economic commercial scientific and technological relation as well as educational and cultural relations as well we wish that our cooperation will translate into incentives to was. because only high quality education will always to engage in ability to assure innovation and scientific and technological development with a view to ensuring our positioning in increasingly interdependent global economy and furthermore we are keenly aware of the fact that peace and security are closely . related to the fight against hunger development and also the creation of a potato both men and women particularly the young people. engaged in efforts to create a multiple or a situation or there with no hegemony of their disputes for areas everyone has brics is not organized against any group of countries in fact we work for
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global cooperation and governance mechanisms in line with the twenty first century and there is true for financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and the world bank which should continue efforts to reform their governors as well as renew their decision making levels and positions the same should be said about international peace and security. and the reform of the united nations and its security council are essential it is just not possible that as we start the second half of the twenty first century we still remain. attached to institutional arrangements that were built in the postwar period all of the bric countries are now many. as of the security council in two thousand and eleven at a level we can of course engage in joint efforts always in the understanding that recourse to force should not be all over hasty diplomacy and negotiation efforts should take precedence the creation of g.
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twenty was a step towards progress and the first token of recognition of the need for changes in the global governance we wish to enhance and expand our coordination on matters addressed within the g twenty while of course remaining open to a dialogue to reflect the aspirations of all developing countries this is a group that wishes to see solidarity based international order solidarity taken to mean the ability to promote prosperity not only to one's own benefit but also to the benefit of the less at least developed countries our agenda is not therefore determined by any opposition to any other agenda whatsoever we wish to erred. to the ongoing efforts and we have just adopted the sunnier collaboration which contains extremely relevant points and we have also sketched out a plan of action a road map which our ministers and governments will translate into concrete actions i think the chinese side for the leadership shown during this summit meeting and i
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. look forward with great joy to attending the upcoming meeting in india in twenty twelve i will go out of this meeting particularly optimistic as regards our partnership and its future outlook. thank you president. now well acted it. hasn't admitted. that russia. because the. you know their president who needs the room on a day of prisms with whom our. prime minister saying this is a man distinguish messmate hear it as if for the first of all a light to think there isn't a who for their hospitality and that they have wonderful organization oh this song
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that's here and in a tone of sun here this is indeed one of the most beautiful places or china who h. over the last fifteen years has done in the world class resorts we work with health workers who are you well and have achieved so important results and this brick summit has become the host soft of the south african join in the to our group now we have the biggest states of the three continents are now where you cannot make potential political opportunity to some prospects of development as a group of countries. in this unit can they break new horizons for cooperation in the many areas last year our group has made its not about progress in the threatening political dialogue mitchell trust has increased so has the mutual interaction in international affairs including the within the
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here in the security council the way china would like to stress this all brics countries so. we can remember sophie and i would like. to say that we have to take advantage of this special situation we have to annex so that to strengthen they put their show over the united nations and to contribute to . the effect that all the decisions of this. you're a dick and the general assembly will be respected and efficient i was there is to share every which is seriously in the issues of the report software i.m.f. and world bank the need for the further of forms of international. currency and financial system was discussed today at this made him on this legendary time here as so for the other agenda items like radiation.
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a wall prices for. products and descriptive decisions now the experts and their leaders on the edge of serious over countries are trying to specific by the agreement so that it's to raise them at the g twenty summit in cannes and now they import some events over this may turn his deduction over the action plan which purpose on the development of economic relations interaction with energy aid so framework as well the more active for inclusion and gauge moment in our preparation no for those structures of the civil society russia has made its contribution into the development of this plan and will be actively involved in his employment the asians when they say that we intend to develop new forms of preparation then scientific and technical in the innovative. areas so we are prepared the whole number of initiative and we do here with our proposals would be
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throughly elaborate there at the end we'll who can put me on this approach it's for the benefit so what's the it's been this summit's. of course hill the other background though they're quite difficult international situation which was reflected in the course of the discussions of the current political situation like any other bric countries russia is there because on the go the events in libya and there. no the civilian syrians coleman had been in his there for this should be addressed unsolved through the use of political in diplomatic means own way but not the use of force with the enemy in this context the way commands the mediation efforts over the effort and union missions headed by the president go for south africa. and mother a serious topic which has been a for a month.


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