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and their gender has drawn the. attention of the world community this is this rhetoric around the injured ground. we express our sympathy to the government people of which are proud of the last scale measure all in a man made disaster. proposed to develop the america's most provision of mutual assistance the in the case of similar desires those no guarantee and no excluded from that an inclusion i would like to see in my college for the all business like approach and discussed in the agenda i thought was sort of all there for a course i'm not only on two days but also on the long stand them. prospects within their long said incorporation i am pretty much sure that the arrangements that we have made today will consolidate the will call for all their multi first at the partnership but the should between their bric countries
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and they were so the interest of for the stability and development in the bank your past internet event is now going back to invite analysts and i think. your experience. in. your experience has been made we do. good experience here it is good. and experience to be think you could zoom in distinguished member of the media. i would like and whose experience he has to do to go out. this big summit is with him from the c.p.u. front. i think the economy can. argue warn us because. anything could be excellent if we. have the. i'm going to make the. warmly
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welcomed south africa as a new member of fix we have benefited from this injected him with why he's always been called gibberish. pretty fruitful discussions at this summit. given to do more international situation discussed international economic financial and traditions the challenges of sustainable development food security committee security and climate change. we adopt a few sun your education and include an addiction to deepen and broaden cooperation among our countries this is an extremely slow and vicious agent who covers the areas of secretive.
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business lng agriculture. small space pale green color. or does it need to subside do fieldwork agree on financial cooperation which just don't care to local currencies in cooperation in capital markets and other financial services and the sharpes in the years since our first summary can and cousin laying eggs has thus triggered a long distance equality became. a global economic recovery process the prince to a great nation and of the brics economies and for we have reason to be satisfied with the management of already calling moves but it is normal for complacency to developments in. a show in north africa only off
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dreaming of columbus federative the failed to have ended and finish uncertainties in the plausible recovered explosives at the same day they were called to news and happen with trips from security. forces of terrorism and international ideas as members of the can or to impede the brixton crease closely cooperate with the rest of the world. continue to do so because to fear or did not exclude g twenty summit in falls. is a unique principle and if this is here all the brics countries are also members of the later nation security council we have carefully can see if i can see patients committed because the media the economic and political challenges that face an
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important objective must be made in the form of institutions of governance and we truly view presented to you often completely. good. by the consensus and one has in the what international order it is a good piece on which it is spec'd the unity territorial integrity sovereignty and independence of individual states. like it picks leaders. for the next big summer came and went and i'm really happy that the wall accepted my invitation i once again paste into. all skin this summary him for his. maybe you believe if you in even you.
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can exceedingly thank me. right. back here thank you. my man think now they like to invite president attack of south africa to take the floor. see president hu jintao. selenski president to serve. the excellence the president margaret. yeah excellence the prime minister saying. honorable ministers and doesn't doesn't hide commissioners our friends the media ladies and gentlemen. we have just concluded with. rick's leaders' summit which has been a great honor for south africa as it was our first one
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as a member and. we thank the leaders. for a warm well come. and support. our presence here today underscores the changing world order. the original concept of but it. has evolved into a multi said turrill diplomatic force promoting. her litter to have been quantitative changes in clothes. although our bricks as our leading economies in the world and south africa are nevertheless planes unique attributes which complements the brig's mechanism. at
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a political level. our partners appreciate our unique value system wish derives from our history and a particular experience. we believe that they value the independent outlook we contribute to issues that related to international peace and security and development. that an economic level. they recognize south africa as a major economic player. in a growing africa. the country leads the continent in terms of mineral and industrial output electricity generation infrastructure. sophisticated financial markets and service
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industries. as you may be aware our previous partner but. are now the largest trading partners of both africa and south africa. they realize the exponential growth potential of our regional market. there will be expanded to opportunities with the eminent establishment in a few months time of the free trade agreement between regional economy economy communities namely south than african development community. because one market of east and south than africa and the east african
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community. it is just natural. that our partners will look at south africa as a springboard into the region and us provide guidance on economic development opportunities. a critical of the new for cooperation also advises from the fact that all prigs countries of. the u.n. security council this year. as permanent members such as china and the russian federation of nonpermanent members such as brazil india and south africa. this is positively for then hands to cooperation effort. south
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africa and other braves member states will also continue existing collaboration in various international organizations and formations such as the un the g twenty and the india brazil south africa. forum. south africa also views the non aligned movement and the group of seventy seven as important for south south in their action especially within the framework of the un. south africa has seized the opportunity of today's meeting to brief the brics leaders on developments in the african union's peace and security and economic programs.
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who provided a briefing on the situation. in libya. and been portents of the african union on a road map which is designed to assist the libyan. to ards a lasting political solution which should be based on the will of the libyan people. we underscored our support for multilateralism. and the united nations this too. but i also agreed on the need for the reform of the united nations including the un security council to make it more representative and effective. we also agree on the need for the reform of international financial institutions.
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in order to promote a just people know make world order. we shared our spectator. for the seventeenth conference of parties of the un framework convention on climate change which south africa is hosting i did the and all of the. south africa ones to ensure a legally binding climate change agreement that will govern the world's that is prone to the increasingly visibly effects of climate change. ladies and gentlemen. we look forward to collaborating with the with the greeks problems. to deploy cooperation to benefit our respective peoples but also in the interests of
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ensuring a more equitable and better world for i thank you president. i hear from thank you president zuma a joint press conference now concludes thank you status thank you all for coming. but with bringing you live news conference from the brits summit taking place in china the leaders of brazil russia india china and south africa addressing the forum highlighted the importance of cooperation and also outlined steps towards further cooperation in areas of concern you can follow this in our website r.t. the comments rodney of course will bring you more updates on the summit taking place in china. well some take a look at our top stories we're following for you here on r.t. and of course of bricks ahmed brics countries call for peaceful solution of libyan
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crisis through dialogue as leaders are giving a press conference at the summit in china the world's fastest growing economies have come together in a bid to have their say in the global issues. that you ask is using the latest technological achievements just spread democracy in the arab world the trainings for the anti-government activists or hope to give a ripple effect but some say america's intentions are not bad in a sense. and relations between the u.s. and pakistan hit their lowest levels since nine eleven slam abad demands washington cuts the cia operations in the country drone attacks continue to cause casualties among civilians. because of the top stories here in our city back at the top of the hour with more sports next the meantime.
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thanks for another very warm welcome to sports today i'm you know neal our headlines this hour. then there were four a shelf out in real madrid complete the semifinal lineup in the champions league. breaking the rules and each are punished first feeling to feel young russian horn player in their premier league game with siesta at the weekend. concourse c. rushing ahead of their faith cup last four clash with. the weekend. football first the semifinal lineup in the champions league it's not a complete shock out on real madrid complementing their first leg lost eight wins with victories on wednesday shocked into a last week beating the holders five they were a class apart at home as well the two on scoreline not really justifying the germans dominance former real madrid mana raul scoring one and setting up another
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in a performance similar showing next time out against manchester united on shelf could start dreaming about the unthinkable champions league final place. and both of the upcoming matches against manchester united it is about the same as it was against inter we certainly are outsiders when everything works perfectly in these matches then there might also be a chance for us to make it into a final. thought you are going to. would like to congratulate show for reaching the semifinals is the first time in the history and this is obviously great for the club so once more my congratulations also to grow really is a special player who we honestly with. us living plush meanwhile awaits in the other side of the draw. real madrid setting off a semi final bite with all the enemies. after seeing off spurs five nil on aggregate result of having the only game goal of the knights in the second leg five
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minutes after the break so dream run on the constant comes to an end but it's the coming of all spanish in culture that has most bring this morning a much marking the third time the sides will meet this month a lot. of people it is a case of taking each game as a separate entity i'm not of the opinion whatever happens in the first game could maybe influence what happens in the second third or fourth game. i'm a first rate was to game the course just badly you know. obviously. get on usent strongly have a strong showing and over over to recharge it would be if we live in maine in madrid quite comfortably who knows but certainly have increased ten men away from home maybe an impossible task for. action on the continent continues tonight with spartak moscow badly in need of inspiration to make the europa league last for
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a very carp and man host f.c. porto after being thrashed five one in the opening quarterfinal leg because of them was actually your call it and i think that it is wrong to think about winning for neil all five nil we have to go to the pitch and show that what happened in porto apart from turn to turn five minutes in the first half it wasn't all level that should be the best incentive i don't think there's a need in looking for some special words you think it's great that russian football union's this a plenary commission has slapped a technicolor three nil defeat on sunnites in petersburg following their premier league game at c.s.k. the weekend much ended up one one but sneak monitor luciano spotty broke r.f.u. regulations by refusing to start a home bred player that is a russian citizen under twenty one years old the reading champions will also have to pay a fine of two hundred thousand rubles up to ride seven thousand u.s. the. leader who. was the executive committee of the russian
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football union included this issue in its regulations last year the main goal is that young clothes should play instead of sitting on the bench that's we develop our football and such rules stimulate clubs to nepal youngsters and let them play much. ok let's move to the international game where the last five weeks of global action have you lived plenty of change in the free for rankings the winners on running the twenty ten world cup they still lead the way but there's some bad news for russian fans dick advocaat charge is just ahead of france in the draw are five places the biggest slide for any of the top twenty nations world cup holders and finalists spain and the netherlands respectively losing over twenty right being points this time around but not much to hold on to their top spots brazil writes behind them after rising since. over in tennis russia led by.
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are preparing to meet defending champions italy in the fed cup semifinals in moscow this weekend the italians are without top players francesca schiavone on labia panetta but that doesn't mean it's going to be an easy thing for the hosts. but being counter will be very tense because the talent national team previously proved several times that they're one of the best in the world despite the fact they don't have neither francesca schiavone nor floody have been that now we'll have to work hard against them they won't give us anything for free all of them aren't experienced all the matches will be very hard we know it and prepare ourselves for it. now world number one rough feel the dow has had another victorious return to monte carlo something that has become commonplace during the past five years the six time defending champion breezing through the opening round against your own even in the first major events of the cli season but dull taking
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little time to improve to a stunning thirty five to one win loss record in the event the fin simply with no answer to the dolls game with a spaniard to sixty six to the rich against a up next for the defending jumping. on the murray is back to winning ways after a feeling over radek stepanek in straight sets a six one six four victory marking the scots first victory since finishing as runner up to novak talk about. if you see man is one of the three remaining french women determined and he's next in line for the world. thing with tennis where st a williams could be back in action as soon as early summer that's according to a twitter feed the american is already training and is eager to return she says williams hasn't played since winning her thirteen singles runs on wimbledon last july was she there was no real but in the final she was only able to play after
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putting her foot on broken glass in a restaurant celebrating when trina underwent two operations on also suffered a loaner e embolism in february which further spiritual. ok no we've heard of a power. play and i stuck it before but ingolf nine holes to fly it's on each green providing for a shorter formats favoring risk by going for the harder fight that's is the new concept on world number seven golfer paul casey is sold with one of the organizers behind the parquet event comparing it to twenty eight twenty cricket let's take a listen. looking at. different forms of. life twenty twenty one twenty two and here goes into golf this is the first or seemed so for hormone worry it was misses the only one talking to a very good start i don't want to just be a donation and walk away. so as long as you recognize this not that it's. my
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involvement with the sheet i want to go a lot further and i think this is just the start that brings us to the canvas finally where moscow's quest to become the martial arts capital of europe received another boost this week mike ism beat us the latest big name kick boxer to lease our right here a berth though a very done yet he's got the story. the pride of greece in the heart of russia the russian capital welcoming minds and business fifteen thousand will keep books in kent then and one of the brightest cable stars oval based m.l.d. athens native faced another challenge of the hour but by the downtown muster with a w five grand prix championship vella stake three other words in the competition and russia's brightest hope in the world the way the vision who has watching him from inside. the men known as but one was keen to watch on another key one legend
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a better grouse in the fight nights tournament hell a new school is named after the fitting the dutchman but a unanimous decision as a gift claimed that he wanted them but is next in his way to cave in glory. but who they are but remember this man was aiming to right the street and he could have bought him a young and ambitious fire from ukraine was quick to shock the crowd a nineteen year old is down in the first round of their seventy one clash with classes class and he's starting to run out of fuel little by little while r. and mike bashing the support by the muscovites the firm and regain what he lost to take the bout to next round when she simply done it. on the russians turned out to be so hospitable i felt like i was fighting at home in greece i appreciate it greatly and i'm looking forward to taking polls and even more exciting battles.
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crimes invade his head one more war to see off one week in the w five touch although. he previously had been the knitter lens. to dagestan a russian now are presenting the united arab emirates killed scores to settle with and business they first came from. to face in two thousand and nine it was the greek who won by a majority decision them a skill with his longer reach knew the key was in keeping his feet and knees busy where there are few better punches in k. one bends and business and first iron mike look to have the edge with jabbar sitting in a loser no count three runs out and in the next action taken the arena. hard test for the judges who turned out to be in the end of the season i think and no title two months and it is collection. emotional scale not entirely concentrated
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how the judges see their role the fight is that this torments a very good honest and i have to give my old debate my opponents well that's what made this debate so spectacularly good so i always want my fights to get the fans excited. and you chose was a bit is coming from russia again. say we're. we're going to start negotiating with my exam davis about our fight right away like he wants to arrange this fight in moscow within the fight nights tournament and i'm sure mike won't have a problem with that and i watched the balance between hassock open cross and i didn't expect back to to win this proves he's a very good fighter and i'm ready to take him along more than him r.t. my skill. that is where we have to leave the sport for this summer i'll see you soon the world weather though it's coming up just after this.
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