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in india he's available in the movie joy below joel's the home of villas the gateway to the grand imperial truly the torch was to push her away until you can away with a chill closure here to say don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was hotel as used to retreat. it's now a six thirty pm here in the russian capital he with art see the top stories now the world's emerging superpower as a pledge their commitment to a new global economy and call on the nato led coalition to play by the rules in libya has been to me a treatment here that says the u.n. has some explaining to do for how its resolution is on libya and ivory coast being in. the u.s. is accused of manipulating a regime change in the hour of war through cyber warfare all under the guise of
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democratic revolution setting up an economy of online accounts pleading for western intervention in libya maybe just one of the tricks up the sleeve of the c i s. i the parents of russian children with a rare genetic illness please the government culpable which they say is being denied because of the cost of the two hundred and of fifty children with hunter syndrome here in russia less than half are receiving lifesaving drugs. and america's two thousand and twelve elections may be a year away but they already look set to be dominated by just one issue but of how to reduce the country's huge deficit republican politicians a favor spending cuts for social programs while president obama is a backing its tax hikes on the wealthy professor joseph stiglitz a nobel prize winning economist told us hear it and see that the divide between the rich and the poor in the us needs to be rapidly addressed that's coming up next
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right here on alt. joseph stiglitz is a nobel prize winning economist think one be a university professor and he's pushing for a rethinking of the global economic framework in the wake of a financial crisis and i want to thank you so much for joining us professor now you've written recently about the increasing disparity between rich and poor in the united states and you've even compared these conditions to what led to the our us we've seen in the middle east so what do you think are the factors that led to this and what do you think the consequences will be the point i raised was that the increase in the concentration of income and wealth in the united states has been enormous. what's happened in the last couple of decades is almost a quarter of older income goes to the upper one percent. around forty percent but now you measure it by the wealth goes to one percent americans used to think of
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themselves as a land of opportunity that everybody else thinks of themselves as a land of opportunity and they think of old europe as ossified data to show that need while we see protests taking to the capitals of states like wisconsin so is this reaching a tipping point i think they're beginning to realize that most americans are worse off than they were say a decade ago. so it's not just that all this wealth is going to the top and everybody we're getting better off you can say well some are doing a little bit better than the others but actually most americans are worse off than they were a decade ago. and that is it if you include the sense of insecurity the loss of jobs that will it insecurity about health rights that most people in europe take for granted in the united states people with they lose their job can lose all the
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access to health care one of things that i raised in my article was the the political that not only the political consequences but the economic consequences that there are many things that any society has to do together. you have to. look at education investments in technology. infrastructure roads. that means there has to be certain degree of consensus for a society to function even economically these are things the government has to do but if you have a very split society they're going to be very different views about what's important if the rich can buy their own parks they don't need to have public parks if the rich can buy their own education we don't have to public education if the
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rich can buy their own health care we don't have to have good health care for most americans and that's where we're winding up today so the people at the top that one percent. are using their political power to try to preserve their wealth and meanwhile making sure that the government doesn't do what is necessary for the prosperity the functioning of our entire society we're not seeing an increase in funding for and for structure or education or science and said we're think quite the opposite said you think this country is headed in the wrong direction that's right and that was what was brought home so forcefully by the what was going to happen in wisconsin and here you have people saying over the country you need to improve education. but what are they doing cutting teacher salaries now you're not going to attract the best people into education if you don't pay them in that simple economics and it's not a surprise in the context that it's a day in those standard ice cores that rate education all over the world united
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states is really not doing very well so who's to blame here is it politicians asleep at the wheel or out of touch with reality or are there greater flaws in a system it's both i mean there are some real. deep flaws in america's political system. our campaign contributions supreme court said that corporations are people i meet it philosophically i find that difficult but they say because we can't restrain the rights of free speech corporations have unlimited ability to contribute and that means they can use their money to get laws that allow them to escape taxation and to shape a political process that really works for them but not for the rest of the country and what i argued in my paper in my article was this was shortsighted if you don't
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make these investments we're going to wind up in a divided society and an unproductive economy and even that one percent. will suffer and that is the link between what happened in tunisia and mexico. and in egypt and in other countries where they divide has grown and. it's meant that their economies and function and their societies have nothing since people are not functioning well what about the u.s. dollar because there is someone who is calling for a new global reserve currency but why because some say what's the alternative really what i've argued for is a creation of a global reserve currency. reserve currencies are might take the store of value. and the dollar has been very unstable. understandable given the difficulties you might say of american economy you know our performance was not
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a us dollar. but the fact that in a modern globalized economy twenty first century it's an anachronism that a single currency would play the pivotal role that the dollar has played but i argue and i've argued my book people globalization work is that the dollar reserve currency system contributes to inequality. that poor countries are lending to the united states or close to zero interest rate and then borrowing back in much higher interest rates an equitable increase it contributes to instability. and it actually contributes to a weakening of global aggregate demand a weak global economy because if countries are setting aside literally hundreds of billions of dollars you might save a cautionary savings. that's money not spent so you're saying essentially it hurts
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everybody to have u.s. dollars that are their currency that's right and what we describe what i've described in the u.n. commission that i share your commission on reform the global financial monetary system. explains how we can create a global reserve currency as really interesting to be here at bretton woods talking about that because keynes argued for this seventy five years ago. in the aftermath of the of the great depression he understood. the links between you case problem the u.k. being the reserve currency then and then if we're going to have global economic stability we needed to move off of the. single currency country being the reserve currency. bretton woods failed from his perspective in this
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respect and didn't do us a hey we disagree we want to be the main reserve currency and got their way so it would be us still have that same power if world leaders got together again today for another bretton woods conference i think if that same meeting were in bretton woods the world is markedly different china has close to three trillion dollars of reserves about a third of the global reserves about nine trillion dollars you're holding three trillion dollars you have some voice in what kind of reserve currency system you want to have and china has been very clear that it worries about the current dollar based reserve system right after our un commission came out in support china's supported it france's support or russia supported it so there is a wide understanding not unanimous but a wider understanding of the importance of of this idea and i think if the economy global economy remains weak i do believe more interest as one of the
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remedies to the current instability weakness in the global economy kind of also been critical of the united states for its policy of quantitative easing and if i read your writings correctly you seem to be thing they have a point for what is that really the point is the u.s. is creating liquidity us work very hard to open up global financial markets and one of the implications of that is when you create with quiddity if you go anywhere in the world it wants where's it going not where we need it here in the united states it's going where it's not meet it in china and brazil and other countries that don't want it so it's not only they don't need it they don't want it. we have to fix the banking system the united states our system of getting money. into small and medium sized enterprises is caught and the federal reserve has not fixed it you know they may contribute the creation of a crisis they didn't understand the basic economics and that's one of the purposes
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the meeting here in bretton woods but because they didn't understand the problems that they were creating they didn't really understand how to fix it and yes they brought us back from the brink they saved the big banks but they have not really gotten our economy going again i want to thank you so much for this interview. our. space is up on our national security there is no substitute and there is no alternative to military comes in space. bombs on target time bellman such. balin the truly are able to look through space to see. better. the
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film who cast her. ballot and we must. be. several hundred. other investment in the peaceful uses of space. on this incredible investment from the united states and from the european union to canada other countries like this this is completely in jeopardy if we start putting weapons in outer space. chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished.
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and became the first every man in outer space. hero of the soviet union and one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on flight. could he ever think that his life's work would cost him his life. what happened in those few seconds. and what secret season sealed the barrels still hold. your regard any. place on our team. they come in thousands. so long to play with. others one to take our spirits. but she is the jesus of the river.
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is in her past me. feeling. chasing a dream our. headlines are on our team and of the world's emerging superpower as a pledge that commitment to a new global economy and i say the time some call on the nato that coalition to play by the rules in libya president dmitry medvedev says the u.n. has some pics planning to do about how its resolutions on libya and the ivory coast being played out. the u.s. is accused of. of manipulating a regime change in the arab world through cyber warfare all under the guise of democratic revolution setting up an army of online accounts pleading for western
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western intervention in libya maybe just one of the tricks up their sleeves of the cia. and the parents over russian children with a rare genetic illness plead for government help which they say is being denied because of the cost of the two hundred fifty children with hunter syndrome here in russia less than half our receiving life saving drugs. are those are the headlines here with all the latest sporting. welcome to this live sports of dayton r.t. and here is what's making the headlines this hour a champions league semifinal lineup now set up with real madrid joining manchester united and barcelona in the last poll stage. club action resumes tonight we've called the finals westpark top will be hoping for a miracle off to go into wrong in the first leg for cold. and the new russian
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hockey champions could be decided later today. for their final series against. the semifinal lineup in the champions league is now complete. dating second winston a solid first leg performances on branston night shall be shocked into last week basing the holders five two in milan and they were at home as well as to trade for more el madrid man role scoring one and setting up another in a second straight stunning performance for standing between them and champions league final place now on mention stay in i told. me matches against manchester united it is about the same as it was against inter we certainly are outsiders when everything works perfectly in these matches then there might also be the chance for us to make it into the final. but you're going to. would like to
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congratulate show for reaching the semi for me is the first time in the history and this is obviously great for the club so once more my congratulations. really is a special player. a fascinating clash meanwhile awaits in the other side of the door real madrid setting up a semifinal valve's with main rivals alone off a single spurs five nailed on all the hating the only goal of the second live five minutes after the break there so to. man's dream date here on the continent now but if the upcoming all spanish encounter that has valves watering the match marking the third time the sides will meet this month alone. it's a case of taking each game as a separate entity not of the opinion that whatever happens in the first game could maybe influence what happens in the second third or fourth tour evenly balanced game the first leg was going to cost us badly. obviously.
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they're strong they're strong soil and over over the two legs is every job syllabi is really living men in in madrid quite comfortably who knows but certainly having clear no going away from home made it an impossible task for. and for bloodshed on the continent continues tonight with spartak moscow badly need of inspiration they are to have any chance of making the europa league last for but every. court off the being thrashed five one in the opening match. i think it is wrong to think it will be fully little five nil we have to go to the beach and show that what's happened in portugal and apart from trying to turn from minutes in the first time it wasn't so little that should be the first some sense of i don't think there's a need to be looking for some special words. and here is the list of the rest of the second leg is due to take place later on thursday billy arreola joint favorites with f.c. quarter for the final and they will be confident of leaving the netherlands with a sizeable aggregate win against pepsi twenty having already beaten them five one
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anything else than a three nil victory for pearce the will see benfica st leave to the semi's as well the only quarterfinal that doesn't look at the product it's not like he match up which is going to be boys the pond it's not a coach many expecting a nail biter in this one. very well there's a noise to the first round was very hard on thursday a match with lots of difficult one. now over an english football call status won't be able to help the city again struggles united in the f.a. cup semifinals the day they are sometimes up to hamstring injury month is a would little pull it down felt good side lined up to four weeks manager roberto mancini's hoping for six hours. is it great for much as it's easy to wean itself from. fortune because if they do that we will be able to get us to use military.
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force if something will be good you think if you look at yours. if you. were going to for every care for us change or if you. and there is a power struggle and it's not the english premier league side also in the meanwhile began as new majority shareholder american stan kroenke stalled in his bid to become the club so well nothing's to share of the total of five sports teams in the u.s. and recently increase these arsenal stake to sixty three percent was that born in russia most monitors now the last major shareholder at the club and says he will not let go of his twenty seven percent simply because he's a huge band of the team the billionaire was denied the chance to increase his ownership in the past and had to watch as those same shares were sold to crankier who himself needs to control seventy five percent of the club to make major changes
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in the way it is run. onto the ice now well one more big performance from celebrity life and if you always will see them become the new russian hockey champions victory over blunt meaning the third big companies in the bag for bitches love because charges because also head coach of the russian national team and he's used that managerial experience to helps a lot boss edge out of long in three tight games tonight's visitors now not winning by more than two goals throughout the pineapples look at what happens in the best of seven series there will be a new name on the trophy without having won the title is the previous two years course starts in less than an hour in the moscow region. now that it's wednesday it sounds when see eleven and be regular season is now officially in the books the battle tested two time defending champions lakers still the team to beat in the upcoming playoffs but as a dancer gorski explains their throne is under serious threat from both the up and comers and the other better in schools. because the second seeded lakers have
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gotten used to playing and winning in june over the past two seasons with their campaign for a rare three peat could also be their best chance to live the larry o'brien championship trophy for some years ago coaching legend phil jackson who won three titles in a row three times during his career is most likely in his last season on the sidelines all but two prominent players on the team are over the age of thirty with leader kobe bryant in this fifteenth season twenty three year old center and who by him has also missed significant time due to knee injuries the past several years and defending champions will those be hoping to finish of the seven seeded new orleans hornets quickly and their best of seven first round serious ascendance o'neal spurs are another championship tested better in team gearing up for a possible last stand thirty four year old tim duncan and coach gregg popovich should be in their team for the top seed in the west and the deal is aiming to add a fifth n.b.a.
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title says they join forces in one nine hundred ninety seven they'll try to avoid any underdog blues and their match up against the eight seeded memphis grizzlies. third seeded dallas are hoping to find that winning balance in the postseason the mavericks have followed a four game losing streak with a run of as many victories to end their two thousand and eleven campaign a potentially tough test against the surging portland outfit waits for seeded oklahoma city and five seeded denver provide for the most even the match spectacle of a force around in the west both teams also capable of doing lots of damage to those aging championship squads in the later rounds thunder youngsters kevin durant's and russell westbrook could prove a particularly tough test for the more seasoned crews of the n.b.a. statistically best team this year however resides in the east the chicago bulls locking up home court advantage for the entire post season after setting a league best mark of sixty can wins with derrick rose blooming into an end. front
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runner and a solid supporting cast in coaching staff the team are big favorites against the eight seeded indiana pacers the miami heat each of two of arguably the best players in the league to day but look bron james and dwayne wade alongside chris bosh and company have plenty of questions to answer at a time when games slow down and adjustments in the series become essential the second seed should make it out of the first round against philadelphia go without a problem the boston celtics are the east most battle tested group and they still remember losing last year's n.b.a. finals to the lakers in the deciding game seven it remains to be seen whether the original big three of paul pierce ray allen and kevin garnett has enough left in the tank it gives the run and gun mix featuring two all stars in their prime fourth and fifth seeded orlando in atlanta evenly matched seeding wise with the holes got swept by the magic in the second round last year so a few more shots for glory for the old guard as they try to fend of the new kids on
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the block i love the same thrill runs of course arche. now we've had of a power play in ice hockey before quitting golf nine holes and two flags on each grain providing for a shorter format favoring respecting by going for the harder flag that's the new concept well number seven paul casey has can grab a new goal chart twenty twenty cricket i don't want to just to be a donation and walk away. so as long as you recognize this now that it's. my involvement with easier i want to go a lot further i think this is just the start. and while tiger woods are a top is asian many today paying a visit to south korea the former world best his reputation has been large recently and still one of the most beloved sports figures and one young athletes some of them had a chance to take part in a skills clinic held by the fourteen time major break up. there are no facilities
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for this and her son still for me this is pretty sorry i mean this is you've got to be up here it's me. that's old school for the salic i'm not sure the wild weather while rory will bring you the news headlines right after that.
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in india polities available in the grand central shirts in mumbai the taj mahal in the autumn i'm buying polish president combining the shoes of famous results from one of beatrice a book close to gone taj mahal hotel charges being shown some record sound foolish kind of social cold close up on the radio alina judge the hotel's church in new delhi has.


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