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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the girl has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. welcome back here with you here is a reminder of the top stories in the torrijos website hosted in finland and supporting one of the world's most wanted terrorist is in the spotlight again its editor is going on trial for smuggling illegal immigrants from the north caucasus but many claim it's spreading extremism that he should really be in the dock for. coalition leaders vow to keep up the military campaign in libya until colonel
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gadhafi leaves britain also proposes to employ security contractors there idea criticize due to the bad name of the practice. the russian president once again calls for alternatives to the make up of the existing financial world at an economic summit known as the asian dolls that's kicked off in china it comes a day after of the leaders of the world's fastest emerging economies agreed on the need to revamp the global monetary system at their meeting. next hour debate show cross stuck and talks to his guests about the future of ivory coast and the turbulent transition of power there. if you can. still. listen to. the only past archive you know about another legal intervention approved by the
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u.n. now in ivory coast a former leader is on seated at the expense of hundreds of civilian dead while the country's new leader be any different or will the west help him clean his image or is fast as it got rid of his predecessor. led. to. the. disgust of turmoil in ivory coast i'm joined by now log ok he's in washington he's a political analyst and founder of africa diplomacy dot com in paris we go to france watch and didn't we he is the founder of the african advisory board and in london we have are you johnson used the founder and director of viewpoint africa are a gentlemen this is cross that means you can jump anytime you want but first let's have a quick look at what has been happening in the ivory coast over the last four months . decisive action and immediate results princess nurture helped transform a calling i recognized missing to convert some justice to the country with one
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thousand four hundred french troops we're told over and over tow its longstanding leader refused to accept defeat in the last presidential elections the same this fall are iconic for the whole of the african world and mark in terms of the desperate sufferings the south ivorians brothers this is nothing less than a cool and at imposing outside their well and parents are still divided over the shift of power and your president officially won the elections our son the torah is making promises. our country has turned to painful page in its history. after more than four months of post electoral crisis marks my still really lives lost we are finally at the dawn of a new era of hope. but the friends clearly picked a side in their current conflict it doesn't want to miss in a stakeholder and invader backed by the united nations its claims its soldiers
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stopped at the gates of the presidential palace and left a final battle for over iran's no matter what it is called a smart intervention or just a small french contribution it's can be used as a selling point for further western military interventions in a separate trouble for cross-talk r.t. . can a gentleman like to go to washington first what we heard in the report was that a smart intervention on the part of the french and the united nations smart intervention or neocolonialism. thank you very much. for me to be on this show and i think you put it you know to paint you for your good work you do it. here in new colonialism and when i was given the opportunity to talk about the crisis in the country. by what was going on the country i have denounced a new group released and many many and their ministry media you know want to talk
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about that this is not the first time france has done that in the country they did that in two thousand and four when. they destroyed the i wouldn't. air force on the ground here because sixty nine i were young and the wounded more than one thousand people that want to overthrow the president in two thousand and four they did not succeed you know some seed this down and they did and of course it is pure new colonialism ok if we go to london eye or what do you think about that i mean it's very nihilistic on the part of the french and the west in general this is not the first intervention we've seen in i in the ivory coast and in a whole lot of other countries in the region and we might want to talk a little bit about libya later go ahead. absolutely i think the intervention by the west has always been their game plan and usually if they've got a need for regime change or if there's not something more personal in terms of resources location or land grabbing but nonetheless i think in this particular
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instance i think the french were very very keen and eager to get into the game play and i think it's a mistake because it sends the wrong signals that mess messy when they supported mr ouattara are very heavily that mr lotsa reza come paid on governance moving forward will be tainted to an extent by the fact that he is a supporter of the west he is controlled and he will deal with the west far kindly than any other leader would otherwise do but i think mr gbagbo found himself in a lot of trouble going as far back as two thousand when he came into power not to mention in two thousand and two when he refused to get mr ouattara to engage in the political machine in that country and of course the subsequent civil war that we had did not play in his favor more so most recently when he had the elections which were otherwise such a fight by international community that he didn't lose i think the writing was on the wall and the rest is history so while i think for all the intentions of the the
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french taking part in this equation and supporting mr watson and getting involved in the politics i think it's for the right reasons i need to send a signal to mr blagrove that he lost the election be that his controversial because it was a bug or was it always that he won those elections france why in paris what do you think about that because water has been called the bretton woods candidate i mean he used to be a functionary over at the i.m.f. so he does very much look like the west man there and no insult to them a gentleman who does have a french wife on top of that i mean is he really again a fine consult with the ivorian people because that's one of the problems that the country has there's a lot of ethnic strife religious strife i mean there's a lot of divisions is he the right guy to be overcome those divisions in this country. this will be up to the people of course. but regardless of what happened on the way the this conflict has been concluded by military intervention i think that this is something that is disastrous even we have to
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start with law or continue with law and finish with low and when we talk of law we have text and we have actions this french and u.n. intervention was based on the result of nine hundred seventy five and in no place in no paragraph in this intervention do you see any justification of a massive attack as the military after the one you have on the contrary in point number two this resolution said that. all the all all the parties to continue to try to find a political solution here and this these resolutions even praised the african union decision to appoint a special a special envoy to solve this issue. these special and who have been exonerated it was the minister for no great to of a cup of elder but mr what president but were accepted but what i can't refuse this
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guy so it was possible to continue to find another special envoy to try to find a political solution to this so i think serving a problem the this way is a disaster is a disaster because you you have refused because when you act like this you refuse the voice of the people you have history of the electorate the electoral process you choose the military process so we no longer in the logic of the voice of the people through elections this means that people are being frustrated and these are the if mr what are start a precedent if you have a very difficult. ok i'd like to go back to design a lot of what i got out to washington because i think you bring up a very good point here i mean international media goes a really bad guy and maybe is ok but is the new president sitting president now is
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he any better be it a meeting does he have any less blood on his hands when it comes to this conflict because it seems to me it's very one sided there's a good guy and there's a bad guy but it looks like a look at the two main players have a lot of blood on their hands are they going to be both held accountable. hello yes thank you very much when i i was talking to democrats in our i said that and i record it was not a matter of one person being a hero and the other one being given a one be an engine another one being a team on both tragic heroes is what i said on the progress in our when i lost under my what i. think i can even tell that he has more blood on his hand than the book because came to power through this means when and then he became president of course there was some moments of repression and then there were some you know some people were killed by u.s.
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forces which i have denounced but the last hour don't know what created the rebellion in ivory coast in two thousand to split the country in two and then when the international community said that is the winner of the election which can be disputed because when the agreement of the electoral commission in last that the prosecution read in the second round was the one percent that could not be possible because they were sources said that the presidential recount goes beyond seventy percent so now when the like for us are said in paris when they were traveling for the peaceful resolution to the conflict now the united nations are you with friends they have given a green light to us on the what about the last really they're all fancy another two are part of the army of the ivory coast and kill innocent people and ministry of millions as a mistake it was even reported this morning by a french newspaper there are certain people and they killing that was a protest everywhere in abidjan in some to do it it wasn't part of the country so
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of course there are some of that is disqualified to talk about hope and change and then and then peace in ivory coast this is not only in the us i'm going to you but i mean the new president now he has french military backing ok i mean he has a free hand right now doesn't he i can you know this whole neocolonialism card is in play you can only lead a country when you have powerful western backers and what does he have to give up to keep that support. well that's what is the price he who pays the piper calls that you're absolutely spot on but i think the intervention is wrong but i personally think that mr ouattara has his work cut out because he's got to find a mechanism to support the entire country and for the country such a creating us one on how he galvanises the people of the south how he got a nice as they use and offer employment training and such and such identify with it as far as creation and needs remains to be seen whether it's capable of doing so
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and he's going to need all the support he can have internationally and very much so from the french and international community and otherwise what you will find over time is that you have that a tiny rebellion against starting in the south building up to outstay him in the future so as to avoid that and i think the international community the french have got to support mr ouattara he clearly is the man of the flavor of the season of the moments but above and beyond that the mr ouattara has to find a mechanism as to how we can unite the country how we can disarm the thousands of ammunitions out there lots of people who have guns how are you going to make those streets safe how are you going to encourage people who have left the country to come back and i think the international community would have been here long talk about the end game later even if she if there is one actually after the break we'll continue our discussion i mean ivory coast state. still. if you.
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market dynamics around the find out what's really happening to the global economy which makes cars or there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r.g.p. . players can. start. going to the full. well the microsoft i'm going to call to mind you were talking about the ivory coast intervention. look you can see the flow. ok if i go back to france one in paris one of the biggest problems with these interventions as of late libya or maybe even afghanistan and we
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can look at iraq is the and game now has anybody smart people that planned this with military of vans with their bleeding hearts thought about the end game. what comes next year are we going to have a fair trial for the good that opposed or is it just going to be winner take all yes this is a very an interesting question because this is this can sure give of an idea of what the people who planned this operation think what we should try as much as possible to remain neutral here and to look at the reality and the facts and the question here is not to to count or to measure who has more blood on his hand whether what our or or our book we have an electoral process and then after that we have an electoral disputes don't matter was how to solve this electoral dispute and again you have to go back to the text. of deval was
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a sovereign country with a constitution what did the constitution said because he said that it is up to the constitutional court to decide who was the winner but the constitutional court had decided that rather was the winner but in fact given all the things that we miss decision in life in life in my in my view was not fair this isn't and i think this is where the biggest mistake come the decision of the constitutional court was not fair because of many things because of its law it would be very wrong to do to explain here what i've missed the people who have concerns reconsider this decision an hour of the african advisory board we have proposed a way to solve this problem which we could have started first but to but undoing this decision and try to see all the claims of the book ok so prancer let me jump in here let me ask this is the lead up here i think this is important or ok go
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ahead quickly this is a very important. yes not only. because you're going to jump in go ahead going yes ok yes you know like he said if he's going to get too long probably call decision about the. results my point is that i listen to what is perceived and it is true. and he did and his best sieved there fresh governor in the country and his best about somebody always going to sun city. to to the. cry of many. of these big media believing people are traumatized and then when you you allow your you know your your forces you know to be good by war and if you want to think that their results they were way way way way way through this probably six percent of the country how probably country cannot like the way that we're and his wife have been immediately when you do that and you come and talk about
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reconsideration there's going to be difficult second thing if you will. be received from friends and the united states and the international community there is no way i sometime know what are is going to drive and and what the needs of the people in the country because he has to say first the interest that the international community and second is one of the person who believes that you know you can you know you can still be good enough to get where you need to go and i was under my rock that i. saw him for good so there is no way you can really be elected president we're going to take ivory coast to the next level ok in london now and i think to you one of the things in researching this program i find it remarkable how many times internationally recognized president ok if he is if he is the outside community and we all know when the international community means it means western europe and united states that's the international community when we hear about
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public opinion it was almost as if it was a drumbeat here is that the west today already determined what the outcome was going to be in ivory coast and then they found finally their tool to do it in in their favorite one is military and intervention am i wrong about that. yes to an extent it's the mind said this this is a battle of hearts and minds and the west has got to understand that if they go in premature if they go into countries and get involved in politics that they're not understand if they fail to understand cultural and tribal mixes and how that integrates on the ground itself then you can find that they can have similar situations what we find in afghanistan and iraq and most recently that's all of somalia and of course now we're seeing similar situations with libya so it's a lack of preparation lack of foresight and a lack of understanding and very much so they could get so wrong and they do not seem to be learning from the lesson that i think the united states has learned because this is why in in libya especially they decided not to take before the
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moral high ground and and push the campaign forward as they usually do in other countries were taking a back seat because mistakes can happen and the longer that these conflicts go on the longer they do not find a solution and to some of these crisis the more likely can make mistakes and the more likely public opinion can change on you and very much this battle is hearts and minds how you maintain the status quo locally with the population how you maintain the coalition itself and very much on how you maintain international consensus and when it got starts to change then the whole thing starts on rumbling and there are risks when you get into the sort of mindset and how when you get involved in other people's. missionary and was it's thankfully in this particular instance in ivory coast a court of law we did not find that to be the situation what interim ains to be seen how and locally whether mr ouattara can be embraced how the people in the south can support him and how very much so how will the country would move forward
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so i think only time will tell ok and i think i'd ask all three of you the same question and i go to washington first what message is this interventionist military intervention into ivory coast telling other leaders in the region i'm thinking about members of the african union are through north african arab north africa and beyond i mean where we just could have to get used to more and more interventions i mean it seems to be the flavor of the time if we go to washington first on that. thank you dear i'm going to take your party you know to say that obama sarkozy and the international community the lab hindsight inside enforce a new crisis they allowing military offensive in the country and again we know that . the dictators. have africa for many years i can talk about their first visit of ivory causal for one year i can talk about new killings that
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the that we can talk about you know rule for almost forty years and to go all of those leaders where backed by due west france in the u.s. and then of course now that time people were not going to they did not intervene in order to restore the go classy and now they're secretary of state of the united states hillary clinton set out to do the roosevelt to send a clear message to the world i think she was wrong because there are millions of africans who sympathize with. and who still remember african heroes who have thrived and are there to defend our african serenity in africa nationalism who believe in a pan african ideal and who are tired of the new clearly zameen africa and who are tired of the french interference in african affairs so those people they don't have this same understanding of. people see as. a leader who
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is trying to promote nuclear nearly them because if they want to weave their want to talk about democracy they can go to get us all where the president of the country. one of the they get best people you can have in africa cannot sankara and who was in power for more than twenty years and always been creating where's it pretty real where in liberia and sierra leone and now in ivory coast so these are the people they should go after but of course that we're not good they're not going to do that. because these are the proper they want to up because they like the leading african nations france often go to you and paris where you think how do you reflect upon that because it still looks like there's going to be an element within the political establishment of african countries that always look for the west to get them in power to choose them as their new dictator or new friend in a particular country and in the region in general it's still a bad habit that hasn't been broken yes yes you were talking about the messages
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what will this what messages come from this. military intervention i think i see all the negative messages the first one is that instead of solving the problem through a legal process through a political process the international community france and the us prefer the military option the military option is destructive secondly this is a foreign intervention in africa we no longer need this if the limits this could have been solved by african african soldiers fighting it can't we don't need foreign interventions you have they call us you have the african union's these are this is an african problem that should have been solved by africans this problem is not happening. in argentina or. so it's enough we can problems i don't know why french. all these foreign forces school intervent thirdly
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when it comes to this thing we see what's what's what is the outcome now. president if you consider the prison situation. let's say a president. somewhat as the president contrary to my brother from washington i don't have any any clue against him suppose he's a president i don't have any clue against the president ouattara suppose he's the president when will he be integrated under what's what's the constitutional test you see when you were president you had people rejoice people come out of the from the town by millions and the prove you there is based on the constitutions that said you are you are elected not this military intervention has created something unprecedented in cote d'ivoire you have a president we don't really know exactly who has elected him because this could have been solved it would have been again possible to see what is the voice of the
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people of the floor i generally manage i'm very narrow from the time we could have gone along a lot longer i'm sure many thanks to my guest today in paris london and in washington and thanks to our viewers for watching us here on arche see you next time remember across five things. still. to come.
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