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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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in the movie. this week's top stories a terror attack shakes the capital of belarus as a matter of blast kills thirteen and injures hundreds the authorities claim they know who is behind the bombing. of finland based website slam for supporting one of the world's most wanted terrorist is again in the spotlight as its editor goes in trial but not on charges related to extremism. also this hour of the russian presidential race for two thousand and twelve draws near a but not clear as prime minister reported tries to quell the hype over whether he's in the running. the arab unrest echoes in europe as
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a massive influx of immigrants sparks around in the e.u. after italy offers tales of thousands of residents of permits. coming to live from moscow a marina joshie the week started with tragedy in when a deadly blast struck metro in the capital minsk thirteen people have now died and over two hundred were injured after an explosive was detonated at a station during the monday evening rush hour two days after the bombing president lukashenko declare the sorties knew who was behind the terror attack five people have been detained including a man who is suspected of setting off explosives three of them have apparently confessed the motives for the bombing are still unclear part is a question which up describes the first fatal terror attack in the country's modern
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history. five forty nine pm means comes a grunt a man steps on the platform of a crowded metro station who sees hobby back on the floor and walks away for several minutes you can see him cold blooded waiting for the right moment trains going in both directions make us. doors open. i started to scream asking for help i was bleeding heavily i'm an injured woman carriage me outside into the fresh air they taught my mag and didn't leave me until the ambulance arrived. that's man and woman might be unaware they saved not only irina but the life of your unborn child as well. come on the day i was going to the city center to buy vitamins it's terrible but i believe i got over not only where people without eyes were missing my eggs and hands on six months pregnant my
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thoughts were about the baby. by insisting to rina huddled to protect your belly she was lucky people spotted here in the big smoke and didn't trample here in the panic. of u.v. the train was full of parents and then there was this bang and all of a sudden fire ceiling collapsed lots of people lying on the platform older i stepped over something and then i saw this was a girl's body. alina was at the very epicenter of the glossed and one of the few to me a wreck illicitly survive in her carriage again despite the panic others gave her helping hands to escape the carnage from the city's busiest metro station this is where the two allies of the music subway intercepts and this explains why there was so many commuters cheering this evening rush hour on monday i witnessed a save those hollywood at work carried out on to the street from these answers and many of those still remain in critical condition in hospitals across the seas here
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the news of the attack letter phone systems being flooded with people desperate to contact their loved ones for some delays in getting through the longest moments of their lives and it's valuable not us who knocks you should call me to say there was a terrorist attack and then the line broke up as. when we came to the scene and saw her we were shocked again it was all torn apart as if she had been hit by shotgun pellets almost always hands and clothes were covered in blood going to be good she was trying to ease i shall go around you don't cry this is not my blood it's a cheer the blood both that of others caught up in the atrocity twelve killed at the scene one more died in a hospital as funerals were taking place in minsk and elsewhere people were flocking to the site of the tragedy in their hundreds almost a week after the attack and many are still struggling to come to terms with the human cost of the atrocity. lost lives.
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it hurts it hurts terribly people need to understand and value every moment of their lives and remember those who died. i'm sorry but i can't all. exhibit a virtue of what archie means bellows than a symbol of here's a british conflict resolution analyst says the minsk matter explosion could be part of a pattern of attacks across european capitals. this will fall into a term of similar terrorist attacks that we've seen in different european cities. has not been a target before in this way and it's not perhaps an obvious target for a terrorist attack but clearly the los is not immune to these kind of incidents that we've seen in moscow that we've seen in london that we've seen in other places
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and so this would obviously be a number of alarm bells amongst the authorities and a bit of russian capital speculation over who was behind him instead for a bombing lead to focus on internal politics in bellerose from government opposition aspirants were quick to blame both terrorism expert says president lukashenko grip means is rivals are incapable of such an attack the president looking sankoh one highly disputed election in december there is a deeply disgruntled opposition but the opposition has never showed any signs of being able to be involved in something like this nor the sophisticated methods that are needed and moreover some people have told me that most members of that know not position of either being in jail or under a twenty four hour observation from the k.g.b. so that they would be able to plan something as complicated and sophisticated as this. well deloris reels from the shock of tara striking its capital alsa war in
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europe they are seemingly turning a blind eye to extremist lengths later in the program we question why a man to long behind a terror link website is on trial for smuggling and not for supporting extremism also this hour. the enemy wasn't born on september eleventh he simply rooted feeling from the church's support and allowed him to get to his feet. r.t. talks to a prominent russian expert on transnational crime and says the war on terror won't be won unless each country pulls its weight. russia's prime minister told party colleagues this week that it's too premature to talk of him running for the twenty twelve presidential election but the report met members of the country's leading united russia party calling attempts to portray him and president medvedev as rivals thomas following what's being. certainly it has been an interesting week and it russian national politics especially when you talk about
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the two top two positions in the country and arguably the two most dynamic men in russian politics and that of course is dmitri medvedev the president and bloodier putin the prime minister now any time these two get together or there's a possibility of there being a differing opinion or one who will run the international community becomes very excited and that's what happened this week when it all started head of the brics summit in china when the chinese media had an interview with president medvedev and i asked him about some of these possible divisions and how least two men think in that interview president medvedev said look there will be differences of opinion in how things should be done but he also talked about in that interview how this is part of the dynamic democratic process and that you don't have to have agreement all the time and that those types of discussions are what allow for a healthy country and a healthy democracy but he also in that interview said that he was not going to rule out running for president this of course promptly the united russia party
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which blood in your putin is the head of to start kind of saying no no no we want our candidate to be in that position as well and kind of hinting towards putin basically allowed putin to go in front of the united party officials and say hey look this is all premature we still have the state duma elections coming up on december thirtieth and it is premature to talk about the presidential elections which are in two thousand and twelve when we have the state duma elections this year just coming up in a few months now again in the international community a lot of people like to put these two together they've been friends for a long time in vienna even said in this interview that he's known at logan airport in the for half of his life and they're linked politically they are linked as friends and so if there is a difference in opinion between these two people like to exploit that so a lot of interest in this but of course this week putting the prime minister coming up and said you know what it's time that we focus on the task at hand. chantelle
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mustering us latest there and as the months countdown towards russia's president election we've plenty of coverage building up for you dot com so steve rest of all the twists and turns in russian politics with expert opinion for you to really delve into what's happening check out the twenty twelve section at r.p. dot com. the man behind a web site in finland that's linked to an internationally wanted terrorist has been tried in helsinki but it's on charges of smuggling people in the country into the country rather the court's decision will be announced in three weeks but the case is raising questions over a why is being held over illegal immigration and not charges of supporting terrorism and he said now he has been following the hearing. he may not look like a supporter of terrorism but. founded and runs this website center a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the world's most wanted terrorist and declared
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by the un to have links with al qaida don't go morrow is responsible for some of russia's most horrific recent terror attacks the moscow metro blast and the dillman dead of an airport bombing which in total killed almost eighty people and injured nearly three hundred cycles doku umarov a president transmits messages about those he views as his enemies and carries ads for books about the life of a mujahideen islamic fighter situation is that the standard. and he's associated they are working for the politicization of islam used to be our spring feel about europe. they want to make radicals anywhere else stores or is being prosecuted not for aiding terrorism but for illegally smuggling some one hundred individuals into finland people who he calls freedom fighters the way the percent of writes about that situation it's contaminating the finnish media.
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writing of the same way. underworld what are they writing rewriting of its couric to do to make sure a terrorist attacks in russia this is the company that houses the website located right in the center of how simply meanwhile appalling islamic extremism or those who speak out against it are being persecuted by finnish authorities for allegedly violating minority rights you harm all or a finnish pastor was defrocked fired from his ministry with no severance pay and forced to divorce his wife to protect her from death threats he received these came from joke more of himself and said the pastor and his loved ones would have their heads cut off the clerks church decided he was threatening a legitimate website and criminal cases for inciting racial hatred have been launched all the research he's trying to make something positive out of losing his
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job because although i might have been busy with my work i know have. concentrated to subject and spread awareness about a site that has ripped his life apart burning propaganda about a man who's torn apart the lives of thousands and he's now a r.t. helsinki. with more of the story online following up the plight of a pastor in trouble for speaking out against terrorism but he tells our energy dot com and on the way a few minutes the french face off against muslims it's to the niqab and a ban for the burqa as the french government gets accused of being into our line policies to the far right plus. what it's like this will serve as a reminder for a future generations advance first journey into space but for now there are still those who could tell the story of really got an end that momentous day from memory adding another layer of color to history. as it becomes more apparent out of the
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allied strikes in libya are aimed at helping the rebels topple gadhafi the russian president underlined a nato must keep within the resolution that allowed the airstrikes in march but is a nuisance so the u.n. resolution must be filled in accordance with the wording and meaning and not with free interpretations of some states because we voted for a no fly zone to stop the escalation of the conflict so that we could separate the two sides but what we having now is a military operation it may not be on the ground yet but it's certainly going on up above a number of countries who are taking part and then nato stepped in with a resolution doesn't say a word of it. moscow also used an opportunity to express its concerns at a russian nato council meeting in berlin foreign minister sergei lavrov told his counterparts that discussions of any ground operation can take place because that u.n. resolution doesn't allow us it comes after leaders of the coalition countries pledged
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to continue with in the operation with the operation and kill colonel gadhafi goes russia abstained from voting on the no fly zone resolution last month but didn't use its veto to block it. nato is facing accusations of using depleted uranium in air strikes on libya the deadly substance causes cancers and other illnesses and physical normalities in babies born in areas where it's been used in weapons by western forces such as the balkans and iraq are just going to count investigates please be advised some viewers may find images in this report disturbing. these leave young men cheer on top of a tank hit by coalition forces unaware of the silent killer they could be breathing in as they celebrate though the western coalition denies using depleted uranium in bombings in the country others say there is a good chance weapons with the highly poisonous radioactive element have been used
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that kind of damage. has a really good chance that was the deal you rode. in ninety percent sure there was do you. use to anybody who's on it who's giving an exposure who or what will the wind blowing. the particles are in the air. so all these people in cars you. know lisa stary served in the u.s. military during the first gulf war in the early ninety nine clearing out battlefields in kuwait back then the u.s. dropped more than three hundred fifty tons of the pleaded you rhenium over kuwait and iraq pictures of bombings from libya seen all too familiar to see how those touches of red that's the. see how it. instead of a cold street and you've got the flare at the bottom that's a new explosion depleted uranium in military terms is highly efficient relatively
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cheap and powerful enough to penetrate the heaviest armor nato flatly denies its use in libya even though the u.n. human rights commission has called for a ban countries who refused to sign up include the u.s. the u.k. france and this will the smallest particles of you arrange them nanoparticles are the most dangerous ones inhaled they get into the lot and to spread into any organ including the heart brain liver also particles penetrate your cell place or this is when you get all kinds of kinetic we patients and people in iraq for example grieving that contaminated air every day and experts say there is no way to fight it in fallujah or in iraq where the u.s. dropped thousands of depleted uranium rounds after the two thousand and three invasion a quarter of all babies are born with a range of horrendous and normality higher rates of cancer leukemia and infant
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mortality have been found here then after the it tomic bombs were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki the u.s. and the british military admitted widespread use of depleted uranium in buying bosnia in one thousand nine hundred ninety five for a legacy felt today with cancer and leukemia rates several times higher than normal and got toward medical coverage and all around pollute. you're a rock the help of picture of the radio and we see it throughout iraq are shorter arabia kuwait afghanistan somalia the balkans and again now we're seeing the movement into libya dr dog rocky was a leading specialist in the cleanup after the gulf war says there is no way of actually decontaminating affected areas that will give it a written memoranda lie about the health and environmental protection re-emission he in south was exposed to depleted uranium almost all of the members of his team are now dead some theory that the suffering of those bombed in areas where there
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will be no western troops will go unnoticed and i think happens in. libya i suspect just because it is going to find it has. to start saying hey look everybody is. masons and so forth i don't think anyone listens and pleaded you rhenium as a whole flight of four and a house a billion years hence its description by some as the silent killer that will never stop killing. our t. washington d.c. and find out more on the story on our website that's r.t. dot com. our bloggers have plenty to say about what's happening in the troubled country with a look at how the u.s. is blowing billions on state of the art weapons but argue that it's a sledgehammer to crack a wall not us. and check out how our cartoon satirist are seeing the world
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this week they're all lined up at our team dot com. france has become the first european country to ban wearing full face veils in public places the car versa log came into force this week meeting with the fines from some muslims and leading other e.u. countries to consider following suit but as artie's daniel bushell reports it could all backfire and stir into racial tensions even further. in just become a criminal from today a new french law bans covering your face in public is designed to make muslim integrate in society but the softly spoken single mom says it's had the opposite effect. my friends have simply stopped going out and all the new rulings made some
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scared to speak out and many valid not to change the way they dress and move undermines what the french republic stands for says this businesswoman he pledges to pay the hundred fifty point for anyone who continues to wear a veil and is taking it further that we are soon france in the european court of human rights it's about freedom of expression. that was fired as nicolas sarkozy integration advisor last month after criticizing the president's approach he now calls on french muslims whereas similar to the one forced on jews by the nazis. these government should learn how to negotiate opinion polls show record low approval ratings for the french government with accusations deliberately stirring into racial tension friday prayers in paris muslims are
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forced to worship on the streets the government looks the building of basic public prayer rooms more discrimination say worshippers against the muslim population. has seen ugly riots in recent years against government policies there are signs of more brewing whether it is a distinct possibility especially when the domestic. decisions and events in foreign decisions and events come together and those have also reached partners in europe joining claims from illegal. and. consorting are lies and cindy north african refugees instantly in the free international ngo fear from could no longer lakesha regimes like the room when it picks on its own ethnic minorities but critics of forming with the french government for its hardline policies simple point proof or politicians in the
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people of the last week quit. expected to do the same in the coming days the new push to see paris the issue of integrating muslims into european societies gaining momentum in light of a huge influx of immigrants from violence toward arab countries italy which is bearing the brunt of the exodus and now it's this week it will grant temporary residency to tens of thousands of people something that angering other e.u. states one m.e.p. told us that the situation shows a blocks border control system desperately needs reform. telescoping and his minister should have made it very clear that these people have no future in europe because by giving them just do just the hope of getting a legal permission to stay he's creating another foot waves so to speak you know other migration from from libya or from egypt from tunisia who find it a possibility to come to europe reality is really striking here i mean for now ten
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years my party an equivalence to my eyes you have been crying out loud against the open borders because it's created so many problems with illegal migration with with international crime and so on which the average population of europe is on a daily basis suffering on this now because of this flood of migrants we have a pressing situation which is pressing out in this essay for national border patrol the entire shingle idea has failed and therefore we need to step back. into the situation which we had ten years ago where there was actually national border control because it is for the benefit of the national states for the benefit of the populations of europe we need to realize that and i think snowie the elites the bureaucrats of e.u. is realizing these facts follow the story of my other card with more comments an expert analysis including how other european countries plan to deal with the delusion of immigrants. that live here and he tells r t that despite promises from the u.k.'s prime minister the country has no real mechanism in place to tackle
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the problem while the e.u. allows freedom of movement hear what he says and tell us what you think. it's now half a century since mankind pushed into the final frontier of cosmic your guards flight was less than two hours but it took him outside the earth's atmosphere heralding the air of manned space exploration are just as or so we have met some of those who witnessed history in the making. i'm feeling all right ready for launch. of the i have the honor of taking the cost of a great spacecraft into space first i was very happy to have it was only the beginning of april twelve thousand nine hundred sixty one the day utica got in blasted off into space orbited the earth and made history. a feat celebrated across the globe. it was incredible it was hard to
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believe that this actually happened the natural course i see but for this man it was also the day his name shot to thing you know i didn't. care if didn't know where i was serving they only knew i graduated from pilots academy and that the facility was working it was top secret when they heard that you regard being sent into space they soon it was me journalist came to our house to interview my parents but they knew nothing i think they could have had a heart attack while i was like this so it will serve as a reminder for future generations of man's first journey into space but for now there are still those who can tell the story of you to go got it and that momentous day from memory adding another layer of color to history adequate off scale was a doctor who prepared the garden for his first flight she recalls that very day fifty years ago. gary looked more pale than usual he was unsociable and quiet which was not like him and all he would answer by nodding or
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a short yes to all questions sometimes he would start humming some tunes this was a different guy in gear him up and hugged and i sound yuri everything will be fine and he nodded back. as soon as he got in return so worth he was a superstar a hero for his compatriots those who knew him admit they weren't quite sure how to act around him. and we were playing volleyball in the garden and a little guy approached us we all moved away embarrassed he was very surprised he said what's up let's play together those who played against him were giving away and never noticed innocent i was offended he said let's play fair ok. with you the hard pressed to find someone he knew got it and has a bad word to say after all he was chosen not just riza billy's as a cosmonaut but also for his demeanor and signature smile certainly not a bad reputation to be associated with for this and he got in this are silly our
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party. an update on the week's top stories coming up shortly. if.
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they come in the thousands. so long to play with. the others wants to take her spirits. but she is the diva of the rivets. there. is nothing in her stash to move. feel your lives. chasing a drain on our kids. if. russia would be so much brighter if you knew about someone from funston treasure.


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