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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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her freedom. hey guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show part of our guests not to sound the topics now i want to hear from the audience says go on you tube the video response or to twitter for part of the question that we've posted on you tube every monday and on the first day of the show and long response is the only place your voice be heard.
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get us some closure see a story and it seems so horribly sleep is if you understand it and then a glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know much on her blog or the big picture . hard time for tides and tool time award and tonight because to a politician from illinois democratic congressman jesse jackson jr is going after apple and i pad he believes the i pad has cost people their jobs here in the u.s. and he spoke on the house floor i claim that i pad is part of the reason that we
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have thirteen million americans out of work take a listen. steve jobs is doing pretty well it's created the i pad. it's made life more efficient for americans but the i pad is produced in china it's not produced here in the united states so the chinese get to take advantage of our first american our first amendment value bet is to provide freedom of speech to the i pad to the american people but there is no protection for jobs here in america to ensure that the american people are being put to work. yes congressman steve jobs and apple are doing very well you see apple is a multibillion dollar company and guess the i pad is made in china but that the technology was developed right here in the u.s. apple has over fifty thousand employees worldwide and the company it won't release the total number of u.s. employees but it's believed to be more than twenty five thousand jobs based right
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here in america but congressman jackson had more to say about this i pad and its job killing ways. a few short weeks ago i came to the house floor. after having purchased the i pad and i said that i happen to believe mr speaker that at some point in time does new device which is now probably responsible for eliminating thousands of american jobs now borders is closing stores because why do you need to go to borders anymore why do you go to dance you know. your book download your newspaper they lade your magazine. you know the congressman does have a point yes some national book store chains have already closed and others that will probably close but can you really blame the i pad for all that we go with progress such as the rise of the internet and online shopping that that comes with changing economy but let's face it when it comes to shipping jobs overseas apple is really not on the top list of offenders in fact apple is one of the companies in
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this country that thanks to its innovation creates jobs now congressman jackson also claimed that publishing companies are going to close because of the i pad and that's actually false many publishing companies are expanding to meet the demands associated with i pads and other computer products so it's good to know that we have elected officials who don't actually understand the way the u.s. economy works they just try to place blame wherever it suits their political purpose so congressman jesse jackson jr appears to have gone off the deep end here on this misguided rant stop bashing technology the world is changing get on board encourage more companies to innovate and why don't we put more federal money towards research to make that innovation happen not just bash apple because they're doing well and that's why you are it's to a time where. on the international monetary fund and world bank wrapped up their spring meetings in washington d.c. this weekend and during the meetings they discussed the concern over a global growing global financial crisis but as they turn to the drawing board for
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solutions critics are saying that it's those original eye of policies that helped create this monstrous meltdown our chief financial correspondent lauren. mr house the story. thank. god. i as protesters to cry their capitalist policy. the international monetary fund meets and the prescribe or of austerity reflects on the state of world economic progress their recoveries and the way it of them brought him and most countries to hark this worry over jobs comes as a greek labor unions announce fresh protests over i.m.f. policies they accuse of making their country's economic and job situation worse austerity measures public spending cuts tax rises and privatization part of the i.m.f. doctrine for debt crisis management is now imposed on greece a policy that has been forced on many developing nations for decades i think most
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western policymakers think it is just imposing tough tough love mark by reliance on the free market and not on the role of the state that critics like economist gerald epstein say hurt these countries and contributed to the financial meltdown just as leaders of these institutions brace for another we are one shock away from a food crisis and financial crisis taught us that prevention is better than cure. we cannot afford to forget that lesson but a group of thinkers believe the curriculum is all wrong behind this very door the international monetary fund was signed into being by world leaders decades ago and behind the door is a different group of economic and policy leaders have gathered together who believe it's outdated and needs to be rethought altogether calling for a shift away from western dominance and thinking we've really been looking at this
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through our problems in our lives and most of our countries have not been subject i had enough programs but even as some of those countries that have such as brazil as part of the brics block calls for a greater say in the i.m.f. some don't see any real change in the works i expect that the next president of the world bank will be an american in the next manager of the i.m.f. will be european. construed and that's the same thing with that since those institutions were established despite the limitations to global economic effect of this yes of course and that's a major limitation of major weakness of the government but again it's not going to change anytime soon a warning over what could be in the pipeline as the i.m.f. talks austerity with portugal to secure its debt crisis loan lifeline and an economically strapped egypt talks about getting billions in soft loans from the bank and more things change the more they stay the same lauren lyster r t washington and new hampshire. now joining me for more on this is our team is lauren
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lyster lauren let's talk about how attitudes are shifting within the i.m.f. and even towards dion that's right of course a lot of people will say that the u.s. basically runs both i.m.f. and the world bank but a lot of the policies that they try to enact on other countries they don't necessarily abide by themselves that is one of the major criticisms you know we see the united states indirectly through the i.m.f. pushing policies have austerity on countries as a remedy to their debt and their deficit problems has been very representative in the developing world and what we're seeing now is. all countries in europe such as greece and what they're discussing in portugal need while the united states runs trillion dollar deficits has fourteen trillion dollars in debt and that hasn't been a prescription at home the united states has not imposed austerity on itself it bailed out the banks will stop without reorganizing or restructuring them the kind of thing that they would require through the eye and in other countries so those are the kind of things that critics bring up and it's an interesting time to bring it up on a day when we saw s. and p. get a negative outlook on us on the u.s.
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credit rating for that very reason of not dealing with that stuff i wondering i mean do you think that there could be enough pressure there with other outside forces starting to influence the u.s. like the s. and p. downgrading the moody's didn't do it didn't do it but still the stock markets really drop very very quickly to this day that's kind of a short term reaction yes i mean we will have to see what actually happens but many people that i have you know that it covering this today and analysts and writers believe that the timing is very collectable that it in essence this negative outlook is to influence the debate in washington to get leaders to enact some kind of program for the deficit which is a highly partisan issue that we've seen divide the parties and we haven't seen a lot of movement i mean even with the near government shutdown we saw such minimal cuts and minimal real action to tackle any of those kind of cutting issues so many see this as a political what if they actually went for it and really did downgrade our credit
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rating or something you can say that really this is kind of minimal grading the outlook i says in an official rate but would that be catastrophic many would say without the kind of strong that we did people that i interview economists financial analysts they say yeah that would be catastrophic they say even putting the united states on a downgrade watch list would be catastrophic for the global financial markets the u.s. bonds are considered the risk free asset in everybody's financial models it's literally consider risk free so suddenly saying that actually has a risk would rattle markets all over the world and you have. remember central banks all over the world hold u.s. treasuries companies all over the world investors it would be that have a huge impact and the united states might have to pay higher interest rates in order to borrow which that means less money and sharper cuts for programs at home now one thing i just want to mention which is interesting last week we got some figures from the u.k. who have acted very measures and it turns out that retail sells their plunge that household income went down so was there anybody who perhaps at these meetings over
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the weekend arguing against austerity saying see it didn't work there why should we do it not that i know of if i am after however i did recently here larry summers president obama's former chief economic aide who up until recently was his right hand economic man he had a very candid conversation at a conference a couple weeks ago at bretton woods in new hampshire he said he thinks the policy is oxymoronic he thinks that it's a total wrong way you know this coming from a man who prescribed austerity and was many of those measures in the developing world saying it's absolutely the wrong thing for the united kingdom tricky tricky which weighs a great ago then i would say for medicine today and people. also comes the night we have a new and improved showing tells a stick around for that and the new polls out show that donald trump is leading the field of possible twenty twelve presidential candidates so does his surge mean a revolution is taking place inside the republican party talk show host david will join me to discuss that in just a moment. let's
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not forget that we are in a park right. well . we have a global leader. get ready. to go. a charmer in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new
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website with twenty four seven live streaming news towns like to tell you about the ongoing financial power of unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never saw one mainstream news. in the media so. maybe the political. posts aren't so much to say. hey guys welcome to shell and sell on the ellen show we've heard our guests not to say on the topic now i want to hear audio is going to use you to video response to our twitter profile of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is.
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art it's time for show and tell on tonight's program last time we spoke about the conflict brewing on capitol hill over raising the debt ceiling and although only sixteen percent of americans and recent polls said that the debt ceiling should be raised we wanted to know what you thought of the issue so today we're calling our team producer patrice in a sense to tell us some of our viewers thoughts. lissa poe's you have an uncle named sam one day uncle sam kahn sure house and takes all your credit cards then he maxes them out on whatever he wants to buy so when you catch up to him he tells you that you will have to pay for all of his stuff because he's broke in by the way because you increase your line of credit because there's still more things he wants to buy if that happened to you wouldn't you get mad at your own call sam well that's how the majority of our viewers felt when we asked do you think congress
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should raise the debt ceiling on facebook's got broadband told us were raising the debt ceiling will slowly but surely devastate what's left of america's economy jonathan mohanna greece he said raising it displays a lack of financial discipline as a government so jonathan if you think the government has been showing financial discipline up till now i like to know what country you're living in. a few of you suggested we get some money back from the banks nice idea except now that we build out the banks there is no way the bank surveillance that in return among unhappy response is only one stood alone any mark he said that congress should raise the debt ceiling because consequences would be too dire otherwise well and he may think he's a voice a reason and other viewer dino morris may be the voice of the sad reality you know holders if they do or if they don't i think they going to truly have the you know
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guess only time will tell there and that's what our viewers wanted to show and tell us today remember if you have an opinion we want it right here. thanks the trees and here's our next question for everyone at home we just finished telling you about the obama administration cracking down on popular online poker websites but do you think that it's ethical or is he overstepping his bounds so let us know what you think is the takedown of several popular online poker sites and overreach by the obama administration you can respond to us on facebook twitter and a huge new brand who knows your response just might make it on air. now for the past few weeks we've been bringing you constant updates on my old so contentious budget bill to occupy the time of every politician on capitol hill but today we have a rather surprising update for you he never when we explain the details of the budget bill we told you about some of the riders attached to the plan one which defunded obama stars well today the president had a change of heart when it came to section twenty two sixty two the part which
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defund certain white house advisor positions as in the tsar's you see the republicans but they claim victory with this policy provision because they've argued for a while now that these unelected bureaucrats have too much power within the white house and of course a member of the sars don't have to face that approval like most other positions which allows the president to appoint them as he pleases now on a side note as he pointed out previously this writer would in fact courts ours and three of them have already left there is our position and the fourth would be affected by this provision but now back to the court where obama changed his mind you see the president released a signing statement on friday explaining the rights that he has as commander in chief and he explained how the president has the ability to exercise his constitutional responsibilities and in this signing statement he ended with the executive branch that will construe section twenty to sixty two the provision about sars not to aggregate these presidential prerogatives so in other words he's not
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going to hold or follow these rulings made by congress and i was going to pause right here for a moment that's really weird because back when obama was still on the campaign trail he vowed his supporters that he was not going to use that signing statements if you became president. do you promise not to use presidential signing get your way. this is part of the whole theory of george bush you can make laws as he's going all i disagree with. the constitution for ten years i believe in the constitution the lower. the constitution of the united states without the least saw the. world. so i guess we can just add that one to the long list of broken promises by obama once he actually got into the oval office now as the rest of the media world is catching on to the move by the president i just like to point out the level of hypocrisy obama made this promise about not using
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signing statements to another repeatable source aside from the clip that we just showed you he spoke to the boston globe that really makes me wonder why we will use this approach knowing that there is blatant evidence of him going back on his word from what he said just a few years ago obama chose to make some of these issues the important elements of his campaign and repeat them over and over so we can't help but wonder what else will change his mind on what else will do to confuse those who supported him before he reached the highest level of u.s. government and another thing we should point out while there was another rider in the spending bill to prevent any guantanamo detainees are being tried or transported to the us obama has said he'll work with congress to repeal those provisions but is that actually going to happen and why did he choose to defend his beloved stars with a signing statement well actually like his hands were tied over the much much much much more important goal of trying detainees in civilian courts frankly at this point obama hasn't given the public supporters or not
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a reason to believe and so i'm just going to leave her with the following statement i'll see it i'll believe it excuse me when i see it. and what is going on in the political world especially the g.o.p. world by now a number of expected candidates have officially filed their papers that mitt romney's team paul n.-g.'s and rick santorum is of the world but no one sees a clear front runner yet no one looks exciting except for maybe donald trump. everybody that even gives any hint of being a birth or a word you didn't use even a little bit like sheen you know maybe just maybe this much of it is the label that is a movie to tell you i'm a really smart guy and we want to lay we're going to brain power we don't use our brain power we did one thing brain power ok and what would be your one big idea to get opec to start charging so time consuming which was and it's the messenger i
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don't want to get our feet i read to them a piece of land he paid me one hundred ninety three spirit when it was right for the holy spirit for two years i don't get a lot of news the way and that's what we should be doing mitt romney is a basically small business guy if you really think about it he walked away with some money from a very good company that he didn't create he worked there he didn't create create them but. so although he's embraced burger ism and now the theory that bill ayres was the ghostwriter of obama's first book published shows that people like him so how do you put those pieces together is a frustrated anti-establishment rage that's fueling the polls is it a media machine that allows entertainers to win out in the political field or if all of that is true is that the end of the g.o.p. is a longstanding rules of conduct a revolution within the good old party joining me to discuss that is david pacman host of the david paterson show dan thanks so much for joining us tonight first starters before we get into the real analysis here obviously everyone is still
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shaking their heads and wondering if donald is serious about running whether this all is just a publicist johnson n.b.c. executive in fact said that today said now this is just donald being donald but if you had to make an educated guess what do you think is he going to run. i think it would he runs or not he's not running to win i think he knows he's not going to win i know that the polls say that he's running tied for first or second or something like that i don't think he really has a chance of winning i think it's brilliant in terms of publicity he's carrying on the birth there's he's preying on the tea party even though why why aren't we hearing about his proposed one time fourteen percent tax that he proposed years ago that doesn't sound to tea party like to me it's a brilliant publicity stunt oh let's not forget to a couple years ago that he said that he supports universal health care and there's a lot of you could go back to you know from his two thousand days but the fact is that he is popular in the polls right now despite the further isn't despite all of that so do you think that that is just a part of some kind of you know
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a rage and anger within the populace that they're just unhappy with the democrats with the republicans with anyone establishment but they'll go after some very unconventional and maybe kind of crazy candidates. i don't think that's it i think two things on that number one let's say he was the republican nominee just imagine what would happen if donald trump was debating barack obama in the final debate and he started talking about the birth certificate these a lot of the issues trump is talking about now are not going to hold any water if he somehow did actually win the primary and the other thing is it's not about antis anti-establishment wipe trying this party or he's popular now because he appears to be the real candidate he's taking charge he's saying oh what should we be doing in iraq we'll go in there we'll take their oil that's what we should be doing what's going on with the birth certificate let me send people will investigate the birth certificate he is actually seeming like the establishment i think that's why he's popular early but i think that he probably is being
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a little more forthcoming in the sense that you're right he jazz does just come out and say it but this is not a man that the establishment would want to be able to go for they wouldn't want him . to be a candidate they would want to fracture the republican party and so i think that here we have to also discuss the role of the media i think it's really interesting that we can see people like donald trump we can see people like sarah palin that even though those establishment figures don't want them to go through sorry there's nothing you can do now because you know if they get on t.v. they're on stoppable yes women question is whose responsibility really is it i mean will donald trump not actually be polling tied for first or second if it weren't for corporate media stream media talking about him without citing any of the reasons why we should be completely horrified that he's running i mean let's talk about corporate interests is there anything more corporate than donald trump and by the way bankruptcy and part of that corporate history as well. so i'm just
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wondering do you think that perhaps we are seeing though you know you could say dollar dr it's often publicized but the point is it's working do you think we're seeing a huge change within the g.o.p. maybe revolution is to going too far maybe revolution isn't going far enough but we're all the old rules are being thrown out it's no longer pay your dues wait your turn everyone goes at it now you have to do and many people are going to rock obama went very quickly he didn't wait his turn so to speak but the thing is i think the change we're seeing in the republican party is not represented by donald trump i think you now he can say whatever he wants because he's not going to win the same way that dentist who sent it off and says whatever he wants or ron paul does but the reality is that the republican party through over three hundred fifty antiabortion bills proposed so far and when you leaven at the state and federal local charting contraception i mean the pill book bill alone so i think we are seeing a change in the republican party but it's not donald trump who's representative of
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it so perhaps you're saying going a little more to the right a little more to the extreme then is that the change that we're saying it's these quote moral issues the moral majority the religious right so to speak back those are really big influences above and beyond the corporate interests we're already very familiar with that are really coming out in force as we get closer to two thousand and twelve i'm down with you there i think those are some of. the scarier interests that we really see at play because you know i don't know where does that stuff come from but you're right they're going after planned parenthood they're going after abortion going after the pale and i really think that they're bringing our country back in time david i want to thank you for joining us tonight and we'll have to wait and see maybe one of these days you will have to make a bet as to whether donald is really going to run or not but i guess he's going to announce that analogy of the show so a lot of you waiting here thanks can i thanks. now before we go tonight we have our tweet of the day glenn beck who is leaving fox news at the end of the year also
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says that he's leaving the new york area but he's not saying where is going to move his media empire to next so tonight we think the other forty nine states should tweet please glenn don't choose us to have their for tonight's show thanks for tuning in we'll be off tomorrow but make sure they come back on wednesday twenty one year out in the b.p. oil spill that devastated the gulf so i ask if anything has changed if it could happen again a look at where things stand at three hundred and sixty five days after the deepwater horizon explosion in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights before his cash and all that you tube dot com slash below to show where we post interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is adam versus the man.
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to live in a country that can understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one of them of this become a race of. get by as it. comes from the come home. crowd gathers a move beyond the ministry of. culture is that so much pain and anguish of coal mining company or to the brink of bankruptcy time is running out for the american budget deficit failure to raise the debt ceiling would have catastrophic concert. rachel martin here broadcasting
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live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada. for each day.


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