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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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stepping on been done in libya a french official calls to ground troops about sarkozy's biggest battle is convincing his own people to. live and let die for critically ill russian convicts police entries and like officials are adamant that euthanasia is not an option. and better ins in georgia say they've been abandoned by the country before for many unable to afford basic necessities leaving them struggling to survive on charity.
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that you're watching arts he will live from moscow welcome to the program there's the clearest indication yet that foreign forces are eager to get ground troops in libya even though it's expressly forbidden by the u.n. resolution france's foreign affairs chairman is warning the campaign will call it doubt on the ground the french public there are unconvinced meeting president sarkozy fighting a new front back home town bushel of what's. france is now fighting in three wars the first four states to go into libya the lol just falls in ivory coast civil war and this just sent more troops to afghanistan but what's the french media and this is what you get the americans are responsible for the rising civilian death toll and there's no mention of the french contingency the locals welcomed their western liberators with open arms. we're being for propaganda
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relationship to the truth we're told the community is behind us but france just wants africa's resources. this reporter explains how the french government dictates national coverage you wolf basically follow our editorial line on foreign policy or you will not be invited or included to come back and ask questions or press conferences and we will not be cooperate with you when you seek interviews but if you turn to the internet the view of president sarkozy's policies a much more critical french people are growing increasingly worried about their country being labeled as imperialist with little record for its victims opposition to the war centers on the rising number of casualties and the damage it does to france's reputation activists say france's media coverage is one sided but the real story will eventually get through after almost a decade of war in afghanistan news of the dozens of french soldiers and thousands
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of civilians killed is finally hitting home war in afghanistan popular. although the media treat it. quite positive. the invasion of iraq the biggest and she will rallies in history there were experts say libya could become so because iraq and disappoints government's efforts the truth on france's current wars is also coming out. of c. paris. in the libya's western city of misrata nearly a thousand people have been evacuated from the rebel stronghold the opposition is struggling to lift a weeks long siege by colonel gadhafi forces saying no chance of resisting the help of nato airstrikes journalist russian writer and c says their rules and me another player in. china is part of this equation that worrying washington it's a rather more than european union leaders but definitely one of only have to look
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at khartoum to see trainee's investment in africa and get out he was one person who for all his privatization and later suddenly coming back to the western fold he still didn't like africa only american defense network in germany regarding africa some people would say that china ironically has some some colliding ambitions as it were when it comes to libya because bahrain and saudi are currently in the throes of demonstrations not covered on western corporate media and ironically china needs a stable saudi arabia and bahrain for its own energy needs so u.s. interests and trainees interests are one in the same to a degree according to one national security agency advisor to donal and he said the reason we went into libya one factor was we had we could no longer be leader and it
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would look to iran is if we make threats that we don't follow through on. there with r t r live from moscow on the way keeping a tab on european aid cash the book sends the news abroad about their claims that instead of meeting honestly it's propping up crude regimes from. different urges that the u.s. state voted organizations sponsored goals in the arab world we hear why there's an impression upon change in libya that's coming up. a terminally ill russian prisoner is pleading for the rights to die but to say that i think once again his condition is critical now to combat the treatment and desperately needs while in jail and he's already been told that there is it is not an option because it's a burden russia but it is worth an option there has been to meet him. in at least
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forty five and he's done. and it's an independence diabetic his last sixty killings in ten months. now own mind he can hardly distinguish objects in the backyard of the jail where he's serving his sentence for murder his gangrenous legs heritage and doctors forecasts he want we've crossed trees much longer if you leave the room chair because. you're paying the bill. but what about anybody. if you board here it's. a baseball. and foremost soldier and war veteran can argue no longer has the energy to fight for a life when instead his specially fighting for draft. is not his health has not always been so bad he deteriorated rapidly after he was put behind bars in two thousand and seven he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison canady needs specialized treatment and care something he just cannot get here.
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often because from. your bullshit all of your career but if you're going to pull children. what's going addie's calling for a doctor to help him die is officially forbidden and not popular in russia before. when i started in who could kill who could facilitate a suicide nobody even the most zealous euthanasia supporters very said that they would do it themselves because they would become murderers if they did noida from the point of view of russian legislation nor from the point of view of international law or ethic norms can euthanasia be justified. there is a huge debate on whether terminal patients have the rights to and their own life to escape chronic pain there is against euthanasia and they are the majority claim among other things that even hopeless cases can sometimes be the recklessly hailed
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but a voice from behind bars where miracles rarely happen may change their perspective . as usual if they know that the rest of their lives will be suffering was the reason to prevent them from doing that especially those sentenced to life in prison and that many letters from these people they ask for death as life becomes unbearable conditions there are after all so why not. fogy ninety a strong orthodox believer euthanasia has been a hard decision and it won't be without its victims on the other side of the prison bars. no i will not allow him to die i will not. deny his mother can understand what's pushed her son to sick dad that she can't reconcile herself with the reality of their decision. if you guys are die with him or what would i leave or who fall. in id is still
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a lie but is waiting wishing for death whether it's natural or mask. to central russia. use eleven billion euro aid budget has come in for some sharp criticism of waste and accusations that it's helping to buy private jets for tyrants of corrupt regimes europe david campbell bannerman says that you can't control its own budget let alone what it sends abroad . clearly this system isn't working i think this report makes very clear but it is no surprise i mean from our point of view here you have the european union for sixteen years in a row they haven't signed off their own account because of auditor's you know so much fraud in their cars they can't even sign them off so it's not a surprise that you know there's a allegations of private jets being bought by certain country leaders shortly after
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receiving this kind of the u.s. aid the whole thing is a mess it needs discipline i think it's better done by nation states but of the two thirds of these actually goes to normal poor countries i mean the biggest recipient is turkey which is doing pretty well economically and a lot goes missing i mean some is going to terrorist groups like hamas in palestine and you've got incredible figures like in mali where job creation scheme is costing one point five million pounds each individual they actually find a job for so there's a huge amount of waste here. there are plenty more reports of blogs out analysis just a click away at r.t. dot com here's a taste of just some of the stories we cover of life in. india a former u.s. marine it was the view from the inside of the real facts on the ground poles fighting for long term tanks what's artie's new show. the steps of capitol hill.
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if. they've got their trunks and belts coming back a pair of elephants from moscow to break their scottish holiday plummet because their story at the dot com ok that says to all our best videos online china. is. going to. be official policy allocation enjoy. showing. video among all
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cheesemonger old girls. now in the palm of your. on the call she told com. now if you are prepared to die for your country the last thing you would expect is your country to turn its back on you but for many veterans in georgia all the francs they get is an income of just fifteen dollars a month from this country as are the reports from the soldiers across a protest they felt the full force of the war. there memorials like these all over the world set up to honor all those who fought for their countries a sign of respect and remembrance but many of the veterans here in georgia feel that they have been completely forgotten captain davidson sons are one through war and highs in the one nine hundred ninety s. a decorated officer he now has to survive just fifteen dollars
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a month. because i don't get a pension now and i won't until i'm sixty five what will i live to see that money we used to have some sort of support the hospital the free treatment social benefits the big old got taken away in two thousand and five and i go by in two thousand and three with no explanation one. dirty clothes in a house that he claims is unfit to live in yet to send his family away because he can't provide them with food. my house has no gas no running water i can't pay for any of it i can't get a job the only reason i'm still alive is because of my friends i live in what they can. and their leader is not alone it's like more and more veterans in georgia feel the lack of support from their government when they try to draw attention to it recalling a hunger strike they were simply. some or even arrested according to officials who are refusing to comply with police orders and being under the influence of alcohol
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who cause the most outrage among staff veterans and the international media was the fact those detained got slapped with a two hundred twenty five dollar fine not one of them has that kind of money. for the police came of break up our protest the president drove by the stock lowered his window looked at us one hour later we were pushed out of the way like we were nothing since a dozen n.g.o.s and human rights groups demanded an official investigation into the actions of the police and that arinze who've already sacrificed so much for the. that largely ignores them are being drawn into this war as well thinking about our journey about what catherine is or about our team b.c. georgian. it's emerged that's us involvement in the recent arab uprisings runs deeper than previously thought new york times reports that the government funded organizations coached youth up to this and campaigning and using new technologies
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but even as american cash called into egypt yemen and bahrain they money was on occasion for libya. which a contributor explains the significance if anybody had any doubt about the united states meddling interference or guidance of arab uprising their way this revelation said modern out of state sponsored n.-g. o. speculation is to rest really a disclosure about freedom house democratic and republican institutes in fact a war financed by the united state department and the us congress give this carefully leaked media report he's to believe that the only country that was so ill never wait a minute it was. a mission from this carefully poor triggers a very counter-intuitive gesture if for any peaceful uprising to be
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successful in the muslim and arab world it better be a guided originated by the united states otherwise if it is not american left. then the peaceful uprising care turned into a violent one like it happened. to be successful no violent you'd better make sure your political opposition carefully selected rude trade violence and guided by the united states. russian officials have confirmed one of the figureheads for islamic radicalism in southern russia. and their son has been killed in the same region security services have surrounded the building which is hopping an unknown number of militants there reports of heavy gunfire on things of course is correspondent. following the latest developments.
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well everything happened on sunday night two cars were stopped at a checkpoint in dagestan but when the driver refused to open the car and opened fire the police fights back and out the four terrorists including the emergency lead is that john of were killed and these terrorists cleaned responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks not only that but across the russia's north caucasus a very jonathan also known as the new first son was a believed to be responsible for training women to become suicide bombers or for future terrorist attacks across russia and the national committee says that russia's most wanted terrorist. appointed by the john of to be very hands of terrorists in dagestan enough to work twenty times indeed in other ways also
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a major terrorist operations is underway here in the north caucasus but still a d.n.a. test showed no evidence of. and he's a not only on the list of russia's most wanted terrorist but he's also on of the list of the most wanted terrorist in the united states he claimed responsibility for most school dumb idea the airport terrorist attack of this year and a number over the moscow and natural warming that happened last year but still after a number of anti terrorist authorizations that took place here in of the north caucasus there is no clear information of where they might be. well the north caucasus has been the name terrorist hard for deadly attacks carried out nationwide the head of the church explain to us what it is what drives young men from reaching to join extremists. they will cross the border it is
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something that no one understands i spoke to a man who was to become a suicide bomber to sacrifice his life then i asked why he wanted to do it he didn't understand me but i told him yes lamas encourage the chechen republic are you not allowed to build mosques or to take the hard shell what are you banned from where he job serving the song why do you come out and say i played in the name of allah we are all muslims everything we do is for the good of muslim people and all religion where i am an abiding muslim myself i live by the laws of islam which what is happening between us you didn't answer me most of the people who chose to become suicide bombers are mentally retarded there is usually blind or deaf they find these people completely disconnected from the outside world and use them because of what is happening in our republic the caucasus russia and all over the world. version of our interview less than fifteen minutes time here not. i look around the
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world now at some other international news the south. argyria president has approved a car after writing spread over this election it's legal to look jonathan to more than fifty percent of the vote was considered a largely fair poll for writing that broke out in the north which is an instrument that crosses any people killed in the clashes. is divided between the christian the american sell them to join a muslim youth. program government forces her father hundreds of protesters in the syrian city of homs refusing to leave the main square until the president steps down reports say that taking us has been eased soldiers had earlier fired on crowds who gathered for the funerals of people killed in the city or somebody in the rights campaigners say two hundred people have been killed in the technical act and since protests began.
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people's at an elementary school in brazil have returned to class is less than a fortnight after a gunman killed twelve children the principal says the first few days with counseling people here since its workers killed aged between ten and thirteen the murderer was a twenty three year old people who shot themselves in a good part of this. cubans are being allowed to buy and sell homes for the first time since the communist revolution martin fifty nine until now if you were on the other rooms to children and to exchange their complicated process was a very mean in the first almost party congress for fourteen years trying to stop are you struggling.
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well you just tell it so we hear from the head of russia's church and the public first though let's get the business news with you. thanks gary this is business r.t. hello and welcome to the program stock markets so a worldwide stand off on monday after one of the big ratings agencies question the united states credit state is standard and poor's cut the america's economic outlook from stable to negative and the worry is that there is no political will to tackle the country's spiraling that overnight the dow jones ended down one point one percent on reason bring up the story new york. here in midtown manhattan is possibly the best view of america's ugliest economic state right up there is the u.s. debt clock ticking away above fourteen point five trillion dollars and that is the
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reason why leading credit agency standard and poor's has downgraded america's government debt from stable to negative the first time since world war two the u.s. long term credit outlook has been downgraded to negative now all of this is happening because us and he says they are concerned over the u.s. government's ability to agree on our consolidated plan to reduce the u.s. budget deficit now of course this speaks to the landscape of american politics these days where policymakers lawmakers democrats and republicans are butting heads over every issue regarding finances now all parties agree that the u.s. is spending too much money they just can't agree on where to cut their spending from now we've seen in europe how austerity measures have been put in place social programs have been caught taxes have been increased but here in the u.s.
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the republicans refuse to take such measures of the democrats so far don't seem strong enough to push through those measures now this debt as it is rising markets continue to be concerned if they remain concerned if that concern gets even deeper there's a chance that the u.s. dollar can lose its value which would pursue pretty another financial collapse in the u.s. and possibly that could spread throughout the world's reporting from it's how many . we're. looking for the down the road. out on capital explains war if things will happen to emerging markets if the u.s. debt situation worsens. the general trend before this was that people were moving back into emerging market would be moving into developments the last couple of months they were not moving backwards emerging markets russia had been the biggest performer it seems to me that people rotating within russia of energy into
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other sectors and also there seems to be some indications there was also a rebalancing group or fall in favor of other other markets should the story develop and the cheering in the us all bets are off the table i think emerging markets is an asset class will become my chair away from that again but i also don't believe you will see a huge support for developed market equities it will be other assets currencies bombs that would be at the forefront again if this current situation a thousand years. let's have a look at the stock market reaction on the news from b.p. was here and shared saw a significant losses with the energy sector pacing and across the border for carmakers there also mungo worth the three hundred down around one point three percent while toyota is talking with a friend. here in russia the knock it will open in about two hours time but as the r.t.s. item i think to retain to you losing almost four percent in monday's session of.
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oil continues to liza values well prices drop sharply overnight reverberating from the news of american silver and rating brain created currently trading at around one hundred twenty one dollars a barrel while the light sweet of them out one hundred seven dollars a barrel. very different story for gold prices have set a new record high reaching almost right thousand one hundred and ninety eight dollars annals of slip products likely to inflation around the globe and if the answer is overdue as dads are sending investors to look into something that holds back the silver is also close to its highest level the three decades. that was our chief business update join us for more next hour and of course you can always log on to our web site that's artie dot com.
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good soaking has been to the chill youngins creature for the longest secret of thomas steel has been discovered. now archie goes east of lake baikal the longest russian railway line runs. through the sunday desert lies among
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siberian mansions to cover people full of the same routes as hundreds of years ago . welcome to the trancelike. russian flow so far to. download the official policy of location until i phone the i pod touch from the i.q. jumps to. one child she lights on the. video on demand on she's mine gold compass an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images and seeing
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