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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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live. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the rush limbaugh the future of coverage. the morning that islamic radicals are gaining ground in egypt's political vacuum press the country gears up for elections in its transition to democracy also. we are one shark away from gracious while the world us about financial institutions one of the more impending dark times ahead there's concern that america doesn't have enough dollars to sort itself out. and with one in five young experience out of work and the prospects of getting the job we report on italy faces that's generation. and gold prices talk a record of fifteen hundred dollars an ounce for the first time ever on tuesday as
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investors turned the precious metals hedge against inflation more joined business out in about twenty minutes time. and online your team to r.t. welcome to the program the next chapter in egypt's part to democracy will see elections in september but groups linked to radical islamists could steal a march in the polls. muslim brotherhood gaining ground and there's more image reports the free vote in autumn single much stricter regime take control. the more things change the more they stay the same certainly that's how it seems in egypt where the army is clearing qarase tahrir square demonstrated to show everything's back to normal and they're not wrong after months of up evil it's very
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much the same people in charge as before there is a concern that they may have voted the dictator they haven't already the dictatorship the deep concerns as to whether the reforms are going far enough whether the restrictions on the role of the military is still too great for true. freedom to emerge in egypt and that is the debate is currently polarizing society but without the army a power vacuum and poised to step into that vacuum the muslim brotherhood links to al-qaeda the brotherhood is understood to be multiplying and organizing from the mosques according to their spokesperson they expect to win seventy five percent of the electoral seats they contest in september's election sun expect something more sinister there would be a deal. between the army and between the muslim brotherhood to share power and basically hijack the whole revolution this is the all those and the best organized political movement in opposition and of course if the field is more or less been
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leveled now after mubarak has gone they have more chances than others who are not well organized back at the beginning of the year european leaders appeared to adopt a hands off approach to supporting democracy in egypt. these democratic change has to start now. it needs to happen for greater freedom and democracy in egypt. but americans are now arriving in droves to exert their influence over the democratization process it's very worrying to see so many advisers from washington arrive in cairo and perhaps try and hijack the revolution for washington but we must always remember that egypt was a strategic lynchpin of russian foreign policy that all important sue is canal on the nile river basin so we'll see the forces aligned against any leader of the those emerging egypt washington will differ. but what if it's the
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muslim brotherhood although the west has had some dealings with the brotherhood it acted very differently towards its root organization hamas classified by some countries as a terrorist to win. zation in two thousand and six hamas won a democratic election in the palestinian authority in response the middle east quartet in paris to face sanctions according to the merriam webster dictionary the definition of democracy is government by the people but what will happen in european corridors of power if the people of egypt sees what's perceived the broad to be the role of government the world awaits the results of september. the rabbits . two leading american allies in nato the u.k. and france opposed to send ground troops to libya to train rebels that the u.n. resolution forbids a foreign occupation but britain's foreign secretary says complies with agreements
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protect civilians the opposition if the weak still. forces in the western city of misrata is increasingly making this restless and want to boost their presence it's not the only country in american science he leaks revelations that he doesn't see the fantasy positions that the country is also being torn apart and. the president has a decades old stake objects to get tested and. that some analysts washington's position is evidence of east anglia beijing. it goes way beyond libya in fact i'm working on a story at the moment the pentagon against china this is the big story in africa for the next fifty years i would say starts in the beginning of the two thousand creation of the african union duthie was
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a very important thing this mechanism it was a mechanism to give a political fries to africa in terms of unified africa in terms of political decisions and not know of course economic integration then china started investing much more than it was investing during the ninety nine is over african at least thirty eight countries we have more than nine hundred projects all over africa and then came the reaction from the pentagon two thousand and seven two thousand and eight would be africa command which has just launched its first african war when they launched the tomahawks three weeks ago against against tripoli basically so now this is the chess board it's the pentagon fayad africa on a guest chinese investments and in the middle. i would say at least fifty african governments and they were scrambling to say ok we're going to do now. well still
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ahead for you this hour the starts of claims of social benefits any ga running it hard to make ends meet system they're getting the systems. knows how a structure with a different card take a look at the source of their bills the next big thing anyone is convinced. global finance chiefs warning that swift action is or isn't mean to escape a new wave of economic crisis countries run into financial trouble that usually turn to the international monetary fund and the world bank and shop outside the u.s. . or explains the others are running out. and you will spring gathering about the world economy produced a dreadful financial forecast we are one shock away from a full grown crisis critics say through the establishment of the international monetary fund and world bank america has positioned itself as an economic dr to the
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world using the institutions to retain global domination and fulfill the business interests of large corporations craving resources belonging to cash strapped contradicts what they do is they very often pressure governments to what we call prosecco and if the economy is weak or a recession and they want them to cut spending or raise taxes there can be very very dangerous i mean you can sort back into reserving rigorous searching words high tail all to familiar to latin america the middle east. and most recently greece. where tens of thousands stormed the streets protesting austerity measures public spending cuts and tax hikes. as the largest financial contributor washington also wields the largest voting power at the i.m.f. and the fairly i read it is run by the us treasury department and with some. from
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the european country that right there tells you most of the problem this is supposed to know. something countries and it's run by just a handful or maybe just one and american has always served as president of the world bank since its creation in one nine hundred forty four but now with its own backyard in disarray america is hardly in a position to hand out financial advice to others in two thousand and eleven america's financial management is best defined by a nonstop borrowing binge eat up the talk over there it's a running ticker of u.s. debt which has surpassed a ceiling of fourteen point three trillion dollars now the u.s. may want to consider investing in a bigger clock if you were digits on the disc like a problem so bad the u.s. president can't ignore it and the government can't seem to solve it we have to live with an army we have to reduce our deficit republicans have refused to support
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measures such as raising taxes on the rich or cutting defense spending we're approaching arsenal on a par with the total g.d.p. of the country this is very serious because most economic research suggests that countries tend to decelerate in their growth and have more and more severe economic problems once the debt to g.d.p. ratio gets above about ninety percent and we're about to go through that level all eyes are now on the nation that sets the bar for others to see if they could clean up its own bad debts at home or enough we're niamh r.t. new york. well some say the i.m.f. and the world bank might not be the solution countries need the cash runs dry but you've given marshall from the center for essential laws ation says the institutions are actually to blame for many problems in the states. the i.m.f. and world bank say that their interest in reducing poverty and development and other actions have set bother with some repercussions of their actions have exacerbated poverty. created
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a new developments you look at africa and latin america joining the sixty's coming out of farm loan. independence movements these countries are developing in right rapidly in africa the growth rates are extreme and you know well crises which are in fact it's in places were supported by the state department. and this created a flood. and on and through the western banking corporations again go into these developing countries the finance industry position they essentially act is new york no new institutions they have to do you construct rain forests in a group culture and focus on what's called exports and use growth and make countries produce a certain crops for exports and european nations and then that's making the pensions and from your emissions and other services and creates an evidence of not only are they interested in you manage the so-called world but they're also trying to integrate and advance the process global governance by remaining emerging
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nations such as china and india and other nations in its institutional apparatus of global governance by bringing them to the game essentially. well. it's the future generation which is feeling the force of economic hardship it's amazing young people face of the future millions of unemployed as a country that itself suffering the same fate as greece and ireland. for over a year now element has been trying to find a decent job with displaying having a degree in linguistics and fluently speaking german french and spanish the only word she's been able to find short term gauge says hiring interns is simply cheaper for companies well many of those with a higher education are left behind and. if it doesn't improve it i don't see how it can the only way to find
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a job is to look for it brock and too tired of looking for it here and ready to leave. but while many can't find a job this guy doesn't even want to start looking for a lady is twenty five but still lives with his parents who cover all his expensive weeping up after maybe then playing his guitar in the new games to him illness problems or as unfamiliar as a job application roman passion of a body or of his glory in neither do i care about politics or the economy this is a free country and everyone can do whatever they want barriers. italy's national statistics agency can can we say that one in five young people in the country is either unemployed or not studying that over two million people so many are unable to find a long term work and some not wanting a draw at all these statistics are quite grim to such an extent today's it really
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has been dubbed the last generation something totally incomprehensible to her elders. she. spent his whole life working at a post office now in retirement he says. that back in his day it was much easier to find a job and thinks the current situation is absurd the employees are somebody else is what life is there for it doesn't matter why they don't want to work what's important is that the government has to do something to provide work and make them interesting to have ot be here ok really central bank insists the entire economy is in need of a major legislative overhaul especially since the young italians who do good work are earning proportionately less than those during the one nine hundred eighty s. and production output is in decline for one of the world's eight biggest industrialized nations the last thing it needs is a future generation that's floundering while finding
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a job or flunking out altogether it's one of the room. well after all it's a dot com to get more on all our stories but i'm already has an analysis that. was a pastor in that spoke out against russia's most wanted terrorist is going to brought into the subtle distinction of the bill and to be take the store owner. plus the russian businessman held in new york on arms trafficking charges gets nuno as soon as they can get him out in america all stories not on what's in the actual news what's going to china.
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georgia's authorities claim the fight against poverty. that's top priority for hope doesn't appear to be making a dent in the deep desperation suffered by minute audience as over reports that people should be helping. the small sunny country of georgia has long been known for its fresh organic produce recently it seems the fruit of georgia's economy has been rotting away. people come to the market and don't buy anything because they can't afford it out of both the goods here only the i knew them potatoes are local everything else is imported from greece and turkey and iran and so overpriced we stay here anyway because we have to try and sell something so we can eat. it yvonne
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knows all about having nothing to eat she hasn't even been able to afford apples for handicapped daughter too expensive you know the money i have no home no job no money and no social support all i can do is sit outside a church and beg so i can feed my sick child and the only money we get is my pension around thirty u.s. dollars a month and miriam's pension are together it comes out to about seventy five dollars a month with that we have to eat pay the bills and buy medicine from area which is impossible but young has cerebral palsy and is in desperate need of surgery it can only be performed in germany her family has no hope over raising the money other than me i mean on the she's already had eight operations and has five more but i've almost lost hope i even went to a charity t.v. show but they turned me down. get yvonne and her family live well below the poverty line and in this they're not alone.
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if you could percent of the population to borderline. you know. some of the nation. the georgian government has a growing social welfare system that includes cash benefits free or low cost health insurance pensions and vouchers for getting care the social benefits are aimed at the poorest of the poor however a two thousand and nine world bank poverty assessment showed that only thirty percent of those citizens actually received cash assistance and it seems qualifications don't help either. everyone is a professional singer and in these tough times. is all she and her daughter have. the only real music to their ears would be an offer of help something neither as much great they'll hear anytime soon. the government is claiming that it's doing
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everything possible in the current financial climate to help its people but with more and more georgians clearly have no money for even the basics like food medicine and living like this it's clear that the poverty line is very evident in the heart of the georgian capital. kashmir those are the r.t. b.c. georgia. look around the world about some of its national means the u.s. soldier accused of passing of state secrets to wiki leaks moved to a new prison was ten months bradley manning has been held arraigned based. decision to move him to a base and runs us comes out of growing international criticism that he's being held in conditions and from out. former cuban leader fidel castro made an unexpected appearance of a prominent spot in congress and the stars brought along the current president was the first time ever paid to get a sense on the news that it's not it was
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a show of support from major changes which are announced history encroaches leadership of cuba's communist party and then that started brothers with. the plane carrying america's first lady to abort its mandate for getting too close to college at aircraft came within inches of each other instead of a committee when a state show of promise that racially that it's safe it was almost a circle or at base so the current record clearly with this case is all looking into whether air traffic control whatever. it is the world's thirst for energy grows it's full speed ahead for the u.s. in the other thing is shale gas deposits but it's been considered to be agreed an energy source but research is think it could actually be a cause of serious environmental health problems. it's cheap it's readily available and it's made in the united states washington has hailed shiel gas as the
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next big thing in energy development over the past five years the u.s. has invested billions of dollars into the field bringing cheap energy to consumers still deposits lie deep underground and unlike natural gas shale is widely available in the u.s. which means the country doesn't have to pay for imports go out of me for shell revolution stems from high gas prices the main question right now is how will the shale gas industry survive now that gas prices are one hundred two hundred fifty dollars a barrel which is four times less than they were five years ago when shell development began. this tight that european countries are also looking at potential shale gas resources on their territory albeit with some hesitation brights now it's more holds then facts. more holes didn't question marks. and we have really to think realistically about this source of
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energy we don't want to think in the terms of cause in russia and america have thought another potential plus of shale of course is stopping countries dependence on russia which the players most of europe with natural gas namely already saying that if shale deposits are found in europe most of the advantage of supplying gas to other countries what the inhabitants of the gazprom tower don't seem to be losing any sleep over their supposedly regulars here is why. we're watching the situation withing that local it's very viable but it will remain a local gas supply it's impossible to extra gas at a loss for long and if you look at the shale gas suppliers right now you'll see that most of them are losing money there. shale gas may be easily available but if development does not come cheap. in order to get shale gas you must drill
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horizontally incessantly and that means the profit margin of the process gets lost very fast. and though the evolvement ministration has hailed shale as an environmentally friendly out from the natural gas a recent studies have put this under question several scandals have already broken out in the us because of the facts of shale gas development only environment and people's health. chill gases extracted by hydro fracking that means special chemicals around into the water to break up the rock formations the components of these chemicals are kept secret by the companies in the united states who claim it's a commercial secret put that water laced with chemicals ends up in drinking water so shale gas development poses a serious threat to the environment and health in the united states may have outdone russian gas production two years ago but like any seeming miracle cure
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shale gas need prove yet another false and dangerous economy. more scale. you will have sales business outlets. this is business hello and welcome to the program the flow of capital is one of the major headline headaches right now for the world's leading decision makers run it shifting some of clip from one market turn other hospital to destabilize and so the seeds of another financial crisis and one moscow based investment strategies says that has mixed fortunes for places like russia. the capitol has been dominant you
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rusher over the last three or four months has really been quite short in nature but not really been investing for the long term returns with university because the oil price is very high by brochures it represents a proxy for the for the oil price so you're never going to have some sort of risk event like what's happening in europe or in the u.s. we will terms of russian assets so you might see in the short term at least most of my outflow of capital as a result of the situation in europe a deterioration even further. gold futures have advanced a new all time record topping with fifteen hundred dollars announced nok gold wider placement that's concerns of bolstering precious metals which investors turn to when there's turbulence elsewhere so it's trading about forty four dollars pounds its highest level of three decades. while continues to recover from his eleanor says prices dropped sharply at the beginning of the week as a consequence of the knees and america's credit rating brant crude is currently
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trading at around one hundred twenty two dollars a barrel by light sweet as around a hundred and nine dollars per barrel. as of american markets right now a xhosa as a rebound that some losses in previous sessions after i know the night of class and wall street property developers and commodity producers are among the rises in hong kong with petro china up almost two percent their parents nikkei has gained around one point seven percent despite the negative data on the country's trade stuff it's there from nearly eight percent in march here and gets a two point two billion dollars as a result of the earthquake and tsunami disaster. here in russia the yahtzee s m i six are trading in the blind the r.t.s. is currently more than one hundred percent off with the energy sector leading the drugs. let's have a look at some individual share movies on the my sets so as you just heard energy majors are among the main gate is this hour as all prices continue to grow raw staff is up more than one of the prophesied this hour and precious metals producers are also on the rise with probably metal after around one point. four percent. and
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looking further down the road the road time monday for most krishna banks is not waters have a lot to keep an eye on right now the market will continue to digest one side of the economic outlook in the u.s. and consequently demand for oil. on the other heard what's happening in europe because of course that spreads for peripheral european countries and even rivaling and the market is extremely nervous of what is going to happen in greece so they'll be those diagram rates which the market will continue to digest away from that we're now getting into the first quarter earnings season in the u.s. will be also important for the market's going to gauge of. u.s. companies have been performing of the first quarter. russian railways has started to auction seventy five percent stake of its freight one subsidiary it will take place before the summer with a starting price of two billion dollars russian railways initially decided to sell the stake in the country's top freight rate of last year but took time to choose
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how to do it because he has also approved the flotation of another subsidiary it hopes to make another three hundred seventy million dollars by offering twenty five percent of trans container. that was also his business update join us for more next hour.
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the come to. the russian republic blends historic diversity with the economic diversification for oil drilling industry pushes for tomorrow's petrochemical products traditionally the issues the focus is on the front pilot through the government security committee six by going online to understand at the heart of russian innovation on technology update we dump the future coverage. live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one night in desperation a man breaks a. good bye as the be growing.


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