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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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i think either one well. we never got the says they're going to keep you safe get ready because of the freedom. they tell marvin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new web site gets twenty four seven live streaming news towns like to do about the
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ongoing financial heart of unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never find one mainstream news. so. maybe the political. parties are just saying. hey guys welcome to shell and sell on the obama show we've heard what are just some of the sound the topics now i want to hear audio is going to use you give video responses are to twitter for thought of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday to show your responses we want to go.
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all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to donald trump but now for being a burger and then taking credit for obama releasing his birth certificate we're going to get to that in just a moment now tonight we're calling out the donald for his comments over china since he began talking about a possible presidential run next year trump has been calling out china in the media just take a listen to his rhetoric i mean this is a country that is ripping off the united states like saudi arabia has ever done before certainly wouldn't be saying as i've been hearing you for the last few minutes as your representatives that people who show up and saying oh we're making progress we can't use are not friends these are enemies if you look at what countries like china are doing to this country they are eating our lunch we're building china we are really building china because everything we make is made in china or the country's major we don't make things anymore you have such a huge deficit trade deficit with china currency is artificially low and she was
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forwarded to the chinese trip we're now destroying two dollars in order to try and compete with them we shouldn't be doing that we should be keeping the dollar strong and stable and we should tax chinese products when you have charge. over three hundred if you're running for certain against our country it's also taking a lot of our jobs because they're making all of our products or a lot of our products i mean eliot you know really what i order curtain walls that when i'm building buildings i'm getting a lot of those curtain walls and a lot of those products from china. i get it i get it china is our enemy and they're ripping us off those are some harsh words from the business mogul so far this morning salon dot com now to report on dollar trump and his vast business connections with china he donald has a men's clothing line called donald trump signature collection and it's actually collection has suits shirts and ties for matt but if you look at the labels on those clothes well they say made in. china so what's some of trump's clothing is
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made in china how could that possibly happen he says the chinese are enemies so why would he be doing business there see trump asserted if he were president he would tax china so heavily to even out the trade differences between the two countries but would not hurt trump's bottom line what's funny about this story is the trump obviously is having his clothing line made in china due to the availability of cheap labor he then sells his signature collection for much higher profits here in the us and all around the world so he's making a profit with the help of china and i would call that being a hypocrite but what happens of trump is actually elect it would be heavily tax his own products coming to the us i doubt it so that's why donald trump is tonight's top time winner for his china bashing while being inveterate the chinese when it comes to his own personal business. you know it's a really sad surreal kind of day when you wake up and the breaking news on every channel is that the president released the long form of his birth certificate
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that's right thanks for the further rumors that have only been ramped up as of late thanks to the donald using it as one of his is one way ticket to constant media attention the president of the united states actually had to cave to conspiracy theorists and racists and media whores to prove that he's really one of us but i feel like if they didn't let it slide without taking a dig at the media. let me just comment first of all of the. ok get their words or you can. listen to the child through surrogates is not going to be talking about national security with all of the networks rooted opposed talking about the you know. you know he's got a point and so now the birth certificate in his long form has been put out there can we finally move on can we talk the wars in iraq afghanistan pakistan get in
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libya or is this just make way for the next theory to take center stage earlier from our studio in los angeles i caught up with an experienced host of young turks university and i first asked her if she thought that obama made the right decision in caving in to all the rumors. i don't think he made the right decision because i feel like he felt the beast you know people who deny the fact that he's a u.s. citizen will continue to deny the fact that he's a u.s. citizen he said that during the press conference he said look even though i'm releasing this long form and even though i'm trying to clarify you know all the rumors people are still going to deny it people are still going to be skeptical and i can't change that you can't change that so don't waste your time with this press conference it's just going to allow the media and allow people to drive this story all longer and i feel like we should be focusing on more important subjects but we definitely are the seen a lot of responses a few burgers out there that are convincing are saying ok fine we'll let this once
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live and alex move on to the next theory out there orly taitz skills and convince you think that it should have said negro instead of african that it's a different social security number i mean i definitely think you're right that he's feeding the beast here you know that we're only going to see more going on after this what do you really think is that the bottom of it you know i mean we even have people like donald trump who at first he was on the burger bandwagon obviously now he's saying that he wants proof of obama's grades to make sure they really deserve to go to columbia university and really deserved to go to harvard what do you think is the bottom of all these. well trump is trying to imply that the only reason why obama got into columbia or harvard harvard is because of affirmative action and that he didn't really deserve it and you know why didn't he deserve it because he's black you know are you questioning that he was an achiever because of his skin color i mean some people are saying that birthdays are racist and i think that's a blanket statement but when it comes to trump and not all these you bring up the
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birth or issue he's also bringing up the fact that he was that obama went to an ivy league college or ivy league colleges and he's trying to question whether or not he deserved that i think that's definitely racist where was donald trump when bush became president where was donald trump when bill clinton became president how come he didn't question any of them because they're right so i think it reality what's at the bottom of this is donald trump is a racist. i've definitely within their right nobody questioned how bush really got into yale and funny and somehow i just don't think it was really based on his grades i think maybe his dad might have had something to do with it there but do you think that you know donald trump also you know the things that he's saying is going to translate to the rest of the republican base if we look back at some of the polls that we saw last week forty five percent of republicans still thought that they didn't think the president was born in this country now they've seen the certificates long form of birth do you think that they're going to start questioning as well whether he deserved to go to an ivy league school if there is
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still it is paranoid about this idea of and other there is still just something that makes them uncomfortable about president obama sure donald trump is being racist but you think the rest of america is too. you know a large portion of republicans will always question obama and the one thing that the obama administration needs to keep in mind is that regardless of what they do they're never going to change the republicans might it the republicans are going to randomly wake up with one morning and having a pity and say you know what obama released the long form all of a sudden i'm going to vote for him it's not going to work that way obama needs to focus on his own base the majority of democrats and independents the majority of sane people in this country support him and know he's a u.s. citizen so he should just focus on that and stop trying to worry about you know convincing republicans that you know he's a us citizen and he's for bipartisanship all of this nonsense he needs to let it go i i personally don't care what the republicans think if they want to question him
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being a u.s. citizen and they're just going to look like fools and clouds and have at it well i guess the bigger question here is is the need going to be able to let this go i think that obama did a good job kind of digging at the media today saying hey guys one of you can give me some air time had this been a press conference about some national security matter about the war in afghanistan or how about the war in iraq or how about the war in libya you know when burgers come into play i mean i woke up this morning and this n.b.c. was covering this nonstop it was breaking news you know savannah switched for once again to the pentagon correspondent who tried to say that there had been a troops killed in afghanistan today and was apologizing for interrupting the breaking news about obama's birth certificate so what is the media going to do now . you know when obama said during his press conference that you know paraphrasing but he basically scolded the media and told them that they should be ashamed of themselves for giving this hour so much coverage i agree with him one hundred
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percent all the major networks are talking about this issue nonstop there are even some online shows that are doing this which is really surprising to me we have to stop focusing on this this is not news this is not important we need to focus on the economy what's going on in afghanistan things that actually matter to us so the fact that we're giving people like donald trump attention and that also continues to feed the beast you know what i think of donald trump i think of an under musing class clown ok so he's a class clown he's constantly acting out just to get a little attention and he's not funny or entertaining but we still keep giving him attention we still give him exactly what he's looking for and exactly what he wants and we need to stop the media needs to stop. devaney is a beast and i think that the media was waiting patiently anxiously today trying to see what donald trump's response would be and then he gave a press conference and it was it was a response that i think. could really give or take a look at
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a clip of that. i'm very proud of myself. because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish i was just informed that you are on the helicopter that our president has finally released a birth certificate. i don't want to look at it but i hope it's true. and i'm so proud of myself on the greatest person in the world be this guy is just an egomaniac in every respect. do you think that now he's going to fade away now that he can't keep going on every single network and on every t.v. show talking about burger ism are people going to start paying less attention to him or is he just too much of a master of the media i think so far he's been a master of the media i'm worried that people will continue paying attention to him and there's a he's going away ok the birth or issue was the first subject and now the second
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thing that he's focusing on is whether or not obama deserves to go to an ivy league school as soon as that subtle to find something else ok as long as the media keeps giving him attention he's going to continue doing what he's doing he's not going to be satisfied he called obama one of the worst u.s. presidents in u.s. history ok so he'll find still find other things that he wants to pick on and it's it's sad it's pathetic and we have to stop paying attention to it but i definitely think at least one perhaps sign of hope or glimmer of hope here is that the other republican candidates thus far or even possible republican candidates for two thousand and twelve haven't really been focusing on this so much and they've been staying away from it so hopefully this isn't going to be an issue anymore when it comes to the next two years and to the elections and donald trump also by the way said that he would release his tax returns when obama released his long form birth certificate so we'll see if he actually comes up with a promise and i want to thank you very much for joining us. thank you. well still
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to come tonight g.o.p. is facing a major backlash from voters but are people angry republican town hall meetings are we come back and us state of considering a bill that would send someone to prison for life if they were convicted of converting marijuana to have a conversation about this proposed law with matt welch editor in chief of or even magazine in just a few minutes. then we head to the far right. doesn't. need to wonder well. we never got the face of the earth from safe rather than freedom.
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hey guys welcome michel ancel on the i want to show the part of our guest stop the sound the topics now i want to hear audience is going to you tube to video response or to twitter for part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long responses please let your voice be heard. for. c. c five sixty.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know but i'm sorry the big picture. there's a strange thing that's taking place in town halls across the u.s. these states you could call it act two but this time it's the g.o.p. that's in the hot seat take a look at this. you want to take a publically administered program such as medicare and turn it over to a private corporation tell me how my grandma is going to benefit from that you should share. your risk in the older you take on the insurance companies when we can't go so it's one of these right so. you don't know anything about medicare.
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that's what i'm driving at when i look at your pleasure as you cutting with things that that i agree with and terrible programs but i don't see you doing cross the board cuts with the military. those are a few upset citizens going after republican wisconsin congressman paul ryan is plan to cut medicare spending and to eventually face about proposed deficit reduction plan was voted on by the house just last week right before they all left washington d.c. and not surprisingly not a single democrat support of the measure and only four republicans voted against it but while most americans haven't yet fully grasped what this plan if implemented would mean for their lives a small number of voters have finally started to get upset that the safety that which took decades to put in place is being dismantled and congressman ryan isn't the only g.o.p. member of congress who is facing this backlash from his tough voters.
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there are. the it. was. a picture that i didn't expect me to her from this right here where i have been that if you're i really sure that was me curious how do you think someone can hear you really are. you sure it's coming from there are sure you tell us what you. just. over. sixty. billion dollars. let me take all. your time to consider your first. yeah so seems like the g.o.p.'s plan to cut medicare not really going over so well with the senior citizen crowd now the vote the g.o.p.
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had last week on the budget could finally be opening for democrats for president obama to head into next year's election to explain how they plan to stick up for americans against these cuts and remembers remember seniors don't like change but they do love to vote and if you're feeling a bit of deja vu then you must be thinking back to the summer of two thousand and nine when it was the republicans or shall we say tea partiers who were showing the passion in town halls towards democrats for health care reform. snapshots from the health care debate in michigan. where. the question is coming from the right in georgia they've decided that we're just stupid you in congress have a cadillac health care plan in order well those angry people translated into votes and democrats a lost control of the house after the health care reform vote so could the g.o.p. be giving the congress back to democrats and keeping the white house or keeping
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obama in the white house for another four years i think the only time will tell but it's definitely nice to finally see some energy from voters who are upset with republican policies upset with republicans using the deficit as an excuse to destroy the american safety net so it looks like the republican honeymoon as come to an end just four months into this new term. that will for get into the details of this next story let me just remind everyone the u.s. has the largest known incarceration system in the world but. swat teams raid homes which too often result in injuries and even deaths for nonviolent drug offenses and that these nonviolent drug offenders make up a very large portion of our prison population but if oklahoma has its way big bird just going to see even more of that it's monday the oklahoma state legislature passed a bill that's now heading to the governor's desk to be signed which would mandate a sentence of up to life in prison for converting marijuana into hashish now the state already has a law that allows those convicted of cultivating or selling marijuana to also be
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sentenced with up to life in prison it's just another example of the tough on crime mentality that's breaking up families creating a second class of citizens and fueling an ever expanding prison industrial complex but is there any way for it to be stopped here to discuss it with me is matt welch editor in chief of reason magazine back thanks so much for being here tonight sir. i don't know what you think about this but i just think this is the craziest being i have ever heard in my life i understand being tough on crime. no matter what people think about drugs about whether they're good or whether they're bad how can you possibly justify putting someone in prison for life for selling weed or growing so we or making hash out here we are the short answer is that you can try to buy something we want to send a message that's literally the quotes they use they do have a hash problem in oklahoma but i didn't think so i was going to ask you a little tash in the united states of america is something that you do when you're in amsterdam right i mean it's not even in a sense but i hear that's what you hear. but no it's not something that americans
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even do but so one politician has heard about it and so it's something that must be stopped i think so this is like creeping sharia law and now we have creeping hashish we have creeping you know any time there's rumors of a young person having fun you have people who want to get in there and make it illegal and we have a series of people who are serving time right now sometimes up to life poor nonviolent offenses for transactions that have nothing to do with violence or guns or anything bad just having to do with. drugs i think you should take those forty four senators or forty four to vote in the oklahoma senate anyone who votes to extend a penalty for nonviolent infraction to life in prison why not make it mandatory that they themselves have to spend seventy two hours in jail just to see what it's like because we've had forty years of this drug war without ever expanding penalties for everything and it's completely corrupted american life in a way that it has abstracted itself from from normal conversation people don't even
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realize it anymore they just want to rubber stamp one war extra penalty for i like that idea that seventy two hour eighty and now i feel like finally though you know we're starting to see a little bit of headway in the sense that we just had we had grover norquist on the show a couple of weeks ago when he teamed up with and he with the a.c.l.u. also saying that it drug war needs to be heard tales that our prison system is getting too large but it always you know of course grover's way of looking about is that it's just too expensive and no we cannot afford this anymore but i don't understand why we can't also look at it in the sense as i was saying earlier that recreating a second class of people we're tearing families apart you're just if you're creating non people you're also operating in marginal rate reading a very insecure loss' you're creating permanently disenfranchised people who can't vote even if they've served their time in jail they can't vote when they come out i think you do hear that even from grover. and so even but from grover as well you hear that argument and there is movement now you have
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a couple of presidential candidates on the republican side who are staunchly anti drug war and in some cases explicitly for legalization there's a different kind of conversation about it we have this disconnect were people feel like that oh yeah we relax all the laws but yet we haven't we're still locking up eight hundred fifty thousand people a year just for marijuana in this country which is more than the prison population of any country and it's not even close so people think we've moved beyond their attitudes have moved on but the prison system the human the locker system. is still with us and is going to be with us for a long time now i want to get into some of those candidates that you're talking about we could say that even ron paul is one of those candidates or you could say that gary johnson is one of those candidates i feel like there is more of a libertarian wave sweeping through america right now but i'm just wondering do you think that it's going to take a conservative lawmaker a republican in order to really truly attract the drug war because a lot of people say the democrats have no say here they have no sway because they're always the ones that are so scared of looking after our country
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unfortunately that's probably the case but i think because the democratic base is so strongly in favor of decriminalization if not outright legalization but at some point in american politics if you keep smashing your bases nose into the dirt and saying and literally laughing at them which barack obama has done on repeated occasions just. lied to me about paul begala did it this week someone said you know what about the future of american politics is like oh you know we want to legalize pot. i mean it's not funny we're talking about as you put it ruining people's lives and democratic politicians want to make jokes about it so i think eventually they're going to get punished by their base who recognize that their talk about civil liberties and the drug war is the single worst thing that's happened to civil liberties in america in the last forty years and it's not even close if they're serious at all about is they need to respect their base or else they're going to get what they've done so far what the obama administration has done so far in terms of civil liberties do you think that that's enough to push even democratic voters
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away and push them on their own or they carrie johnson train i would hope so there's some sort of. progressive party that's very interested in guantanamo in these things and they are looking at carrie johnson especially nothing wrong color to a degree as well and there might be some new political coalitions but all you got to do is say hey tea bagger racist knuckle dragging want to program on the street food and you will rally and i'm sure you're aware of these arguments and you will rally the base back and it's a. it's kind of a pathetic exercise well worn at this point by both parties but it's enough to get people to vote against those who actually would like to end the drug war because it's wrong. i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight we need to end the drug war it is wrong and it's stop but i don't know if it's going to be enough ron paul just did declare that exploratory committee yesterday i'm really curious to see how his campaign pans out this time around thank you think of the situation is changing the country thanks so much for being here but for now where we go tonight
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it's time for our tweet of the day a lot has been said and written today about president obama releasing his a long form birth certificate proves yet again that he was born here so tonight we think that obama should tweet then list native born in the usa on the i pod on repeat it's a pretty night so thanks for tuning in and make sure to come back tomorrow and saravanan casa will be back on the show royal wedding coverage is going to be in full swing so we're going to chat about all the insanity why anyone really cares in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night you can always catch it all the you tube dot com show where we post that interview as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is adam versus than them.
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i tell marvin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. is he. he.
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says. wealthy british. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to come as a report on r.g.p. . the full.


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