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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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results much beverly plaza hotel macam riviera hotel macumba cintra hotel mccaughan . in the am. the international community comes to a dead end unable to agree on how to stop syria's bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters. washington's a support for opposition movements in the middle east and north africa could be backfiring on its biggest ally israel fears it's actually boosting a radical islamists. compulsory transcended treatment process that sound on trucks with new measures aimed at more secrets to keep up it's possible the details of this is just it's.
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a very warm welcome to you this is art's here live from moscow well russia looks at the u.n. plans to condemn a serious brutal crackdown on anti regime protesters and saying there are no grounds for international interference u.s. and european nations of call for strong measures if damascus rejects appeals to the violence syria's leader faces international criticism for using it troops and tanks to put down the uprisings of a five hundred people the thought of being killed as a result washington has threatened unilateral sanctions in response however moscow believes that foreign interference to do more harm than. good in our view outside interference in syria could be a real threat to regional security that includes attempts to push really mean solutions or take sides it's becoming increasingly clear that some of the
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protesters in syria and elsewhere are hoping that an escalation of events will force the international community to step in and take their side there's such an approach provokes a never ending cycle of violence that is virtually and invitations to civil war. meantime political analyst mikhail towards q says that the nato campaign in libya has caused some to consider whether international action in syria is remotely appropriate well i think in the situation with syria they had to choose between bed and worse and indeed syria is located it is a much more sensitive region. the autopsy we'd. like to see. there and secondly the international community here the late summer is only. really stretched right now with the alteration going on in libya and their operation is already causing international concern and objections
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another wave of islamic inspired uprising sweeping the arab world is alarming the region's only non muslim power that of israel washington's behind the scenes efforts to support democracy in the region may actually be fueling a rise in extremist and anti israeli movements artie's has now from tel aviv. these gunmen mean business and they're upping the stakes just that little bit higher at least years the egyptian regime like the zionist enemy trying to stop us fighters and girls that we always got the weapons we needed to fight design mr enemy. and now they're getting more than they could give a hopeful one for me gyptian president hosni mubarak's men gone the borders couldn't be easier to get through the big wins in. worlds and smuggled. who. have much more freedom to do whatever they like. and
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they doing it smuggling weapons into gaza the result two attacks in three months on a natural gas pipeline that supplies a quarter of israel's electricity which is why is the us claims it's bringing a new tomorrow to egypt most israelis would rather remember just a year the eagerness of the united states to topple the former egyptian president hosni mubarak and bring about regime change as ironically most harm the closest ally in the region is well the u.s. says it wants to establish democracy in the region but instead of democracy there's a very real possibility that radical islamic could come to power the u.s. strongly supported the opposition in libya despite al qaeda connections among its ranks now it's apparently governessing support against syrian president bashar assad but the wiki leaks website claiming that washington has been funding some anti-government factions what is afraid that if you go the way the muslim brotherhood killed exhibit so instead of incident in syria we're going.
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to swapping one dictator for what could be worse if and when radicals come to town where they're likely to direct the arms at israel it will be very conscious of the fact that syria is not libya and the fact that if you do decide to intervene in syria you will have knock on effects across the region in iraq in lebanon. there is israel palestine what if when you throw it israel my face from an even more hostile arab world emerging from the president stability some experts believe the security of the jewish state is not under any grave threat israel has never been and also plays one of the greatest lies and mother and father of all lies as it relates to the israeli palestinian conflict isn't israel's been in danger of annihilation i detail in the three volumes of my book it is a complete israel's existence is never going to be in danger from any combination of arab military force is unlikely to change in any foreseeable future
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but the fighters on the ground aren't giving up hope and they are minnes warning is that is worse to come. and the time of defeat and retreat is over now it's time for the israeli people and the israeli enemy to pay. is what is keeping quiet amid the current chaos in the middle east and north africa but behind closed doors they'll be plenty of disquiet here about how much america's desire to make new friends in the arab world is fueling serious instability policy r.t. television. well as he caught up with her in the middle east reporter alan hans for his insight on events in the arab world to bring about the full interview in about twenty minutes time here on tape. well interest a few hours time of barack obama is expected to announce big changes to his national security team he's said to be preparing to bring in a new defense secretary head of the cia commander in afghanistan and a new ambassador to kabul to talk about his father we're now joined live from the
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u.s. capital by retired army colonel and the out right so the former architect of the surge in iraq and afghanistan general david petraeus looks set to become the new head of the cia but he has questionable experience in intelligence and the current head of the cia leon panetta rumored to be the next man for the job as defense secretary has barely any experience in the military this seems a like a bizarre shuffling of the furniture well indeed it's the recycling of everyone who's been involved in really ten years of u.s. wars is a retired colonel and is a former u.s. diplomat think that we certainly need some new ideas some new initiatives in this in the score that united states is is involved in and just recycling the same old people and switching jobs with them is not the way the you ensure the national security of the united states in my opinion so you're saying
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a recycling of people here but why why is washington doing this in the first place . well they've obama administration is just continuing the war strategies of the bush administration and in fact obama has increased the war in afghanistan dramatically he's bringing back into to the mix a retired u.s. ambassador who i first met and two thousand and two actually in afghanistan i was a part of the u.s. embassy in kabul afghanistan in late two thousand and one and two thousand and two and ryan crocker was brought in as our first chargé d'affaires he then went from there to iraq in two thousand and three for sure tour and then into pakistan is the us ambassador and then into iraq as the u.s. ambassador and then retired from there the being placed in what seems to be kind of the republican think tank called texas a and m. university where our current department of defense head but gates had headed up
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the george bush school of public administration or something like that then ryan crocker has been in there in an interim time until he was brought back in by the obama administration as well as you're saying you're saying that the obama administration is just continuing the ultimately the water and legacies of the bush administration so so who's pulling the strings hit a couple home. well the administrator can certainly is just shuffling around it's the same people one could say that the congress certainly is. in the war spending mode still here it is ten years said at the great peril of the national. security of the united states the budgets that have now over fifty five percent of the american budget is related to military expenditures and yet we see schools that are laying off tens of thousands of teachers we have a health care system that's going down the tubes and yet we spend fifty five
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percent of our budget. as we know the american military defense budget is bigger than the combination of the entire world put together now the top u.s. officials have repeatedly said that americans will be. honest on by two thousand and fourteen quote come hell or highwater. change when these new leaders step into the office well actually that dated changed just as the obama administration made their current embassador they are retired army general karl i can bury corrected by president biden when he said the u.s. was going to be out in two thousand and fourteen and the u.s. ambassador corrected the us by surprise that by saying no the united states will be an afghanistan for a long time and i can i can verify that from a trip i made in december of two thousand and ten where the extraordinary build up of u.s. military bases all over the country and the u.s. embassy where this year alone they will be expanding it for five hundred million
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dollars into that embassy which they now say will be even larger than the big home of embassy u.s. embassy and and that dad which is supposed to have sixteen pounds of people in it for the u.s. embassy in kabul will have even any even larger number of u.s. employees there now when you when we talk about the recycling of the reshuffling of authority here in washington. you see on capitol hill what you know the current head of the cia leon panetta general petraeus who some say might actually be tapped to run for the presidency in two thousand and twelve let's talk about that two thousand and twelve could obama be reshuffling the furniture to try and woo woo voters that there is change actually happening on capitol hill because as we all know his whole campaign record was was about to change and also what the american public think about america being embroiled now in three wars iraq afghanistan and libya well the polls are showing that obama's popularity rating is taking
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a dramatic drop that americans are saying we need to be out of afghanistan and they were very upset that that secretary of defense gates was in iraq just a week ago saying to the iraqis if you want us to stay you've got to give us some lead time essentially you know putting it on the on the table we want to stay you've got to ask us and that's not what the american that's not the change the american public voted for for barack obama there's a lot of this satisfaction among those who work very hard for obama on these war policies now when it comes to obama and these will policies when it comes to the media and government rhetoric coming out of washington d.c. how is president obama justifying intervention and what's going on in libya at the moment. well it it is the rhetoric from washington with the egyptian revolution it has it has moved it has varied from time to time from week to week right now the u.s. has announced started using drones assassination drones in. libya the
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administration is getting deeper and deeper into. i would say ground combat but it's even though it's it's relinquish the the overall control to nato some of the things that the u.s. is doing and pleading the use of drones and no doubt cia paramilitary operatives that have been helping the resistance in trying to organize. i certainly wish leaders distance good luck khadafi and his rule as orrible for for libya however the undeclared u.s. military intervention in libya is something that we are very very concerned about that the administration needs to be up front with the american people in the congress on what it's it's it's ideas are its plans and to get congressional approval. essentially military operations and yet one more country live from
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washington retired u.s. army colonel an expert without right thank you you thank. still ahead for you this hour here in our changing face of india they have a cast they want to splash and you class of big spenders emerging with an appetite for all things and global. drug addicts in russia will soon face much tougher punishment for their habits under a proposed new law clubs bars and cafes will also be held responsible for allowing drug use on their premises the measures are designed to deal with an epidemic of narcotics abuse across the country let's live to our correspondent. for more details on this. so how much more severe is the door going to go for drug users do you think. the president mentioned it because what are the governments to announce the current the answer to introduce top the punishment. which is used against drug users as of now they can only be fined up to two hundred dollars sounds arrested
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and held for up to the team takes the toughest sanctions tough punishments will also be imposed against those who distribute hot sun think the secret of those trucks the aged also using to these lines the owners of nightclubs sent out these same news will also share responsibility there are news trucks in these banks that this has also shifted from just punishing truck addicts to for punching people from becoming users said mitchell the data suggest that the story credibility take should be. and should be given to people think it's a minor drug related crimes that they made or the time to be honest. we're looking at a major come down here on drug use in russia but how big of a problem. such circumstances the drug abuse here in the country. six hundred and fifty thousand drug addicts are registered in russia as of the beginning of the year but some experts fear that that figure is much higher than that estimating it
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to be anywhere up to three million people and the bad news is that seventy percent of all truck users in russia are young people want to be aged thirty mitchum of it also points the finger of blame at the mass media in russia for the most popular uprising drugs which can get caught from nuts and sold at pharmacies and he believes that these websites should be closed and he also was at the government on thursday to not the current federal law and to use cars which constitute the school kids across the country the age of those whose first to use drugs in russia has towards a peak and it's allowed them to fall here to these circumstances the president believes that all schoolchildren all the country should have those ties but of course this initiative has ways that heated debates with them on some as a similar drug testing initiative they tried first raised fears that it would encourage corruption amongst boys for some of the visuals and of course there is
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a leadership that extends human rights here as are to use to go abroad news reports talks houseless worry that the focus is in the wrong place. this small school student is taking a drug voluntarily but the freshman president dmitry medvedev has his way hundreds of thousands of students and even school children as young as thirteen will be compulsorily. a lot of parents are saying the compulsory drug testing is unethical but i think what's behind their reluctance is an unwillingness to face a problem with prevents their children from receiving proper treatment our country has not dealt with this problem with compulsory drug testing in education establishment has already been in several russian region although so far only voluntary schemes for the range have been approved countrywide. field employed by an influx of drugs from again is there and it's estimated there are over three million regular illegal drug users in russia most of them under twenty five despite
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protests from human rights groups fearing this legal advise they should have young children by association with drugs officials insist they must start at school but it would we want to catch people not when they are drug addicts when they're younger and just try drugs to ascertain whether there might be a potential risk for developing an addiction. the initiative has raised questions of not just ethics but effectiveness and there's voluntary rehabilitation so moscow has skepticism about the tests and everything but i don't think it would have changed anything for me when i was in school i wanted to take drugs at the time so we just did towards the end of school i wasn't even hiding my drug use that much. more the aspirin i am categorically against these tests i remember my own reaction to them test will be alienated and provoking these are making him trust those around him even less also some will cheat and that will give them
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a sense of invincibility a. psychologist at the center say the proposal actually don't go far enough. in this measure will just give us the statistics of who takes drugs not the solution but we're going to kick out all those who fail we will those students go what are they going to do to treat them. that moment there are only one hundred sixty states drug rehabilitation clinics in the whole of russia about one for every million of the population hundreds of new ones will have to be built and thousands more addiction specialists trained simply to cope with it upsurge of patients identified by the compulsory drug these initiatives have called the headlines but now the government has to prove that beyond them it has a cogent program that will stop people from trying drugs ever earlier age and this is something that governments both here and abroad have tried and failed to do before you go out see moscow quite honest take a moment to check out some other international headlines now this hour there's been
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a massive explosion in morocco with at least fourteen people reported dead around twenty eight injured including two russian nationals last occurred at a cafe in america show in the main square which is a tourist hot spot because of the blast is being investigated by the local government now saying it might have been a criminal act. for a number killed by storms sweeping across the southern u.s. states has risen to one hundred five so there's catastrophic damage in several towns in alabama where most of the victims were dozens of roads are impassable hundreds of homes have been destroyed power lines are also down and a state of emergency has been declared in alabama arkansas and tennessee the number of dead could rise with more victims thought to be trapped under that bridge. at least five people were killed over a dozen injured in the pakistani city of karachi when i rode a bus carrying navy personnel it's the third such attack in the last few days with
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two navy bosses targeted on tuesday it wasn't immediately clear who was behind this latest attack but the taliban claimed responsibility for the earlier. security experts say the navy was seen as a soft target with less effective protection and this could be part of a new military strategy. the spending power of the huge indian population is literally shifting the center of global influence but the emerging middle class formed by economic boom has developed an appetite for the finer things in life that circle the door for a wave of entrepreneurs. as the story. you need tell you all is living the dream age of twenty eight the former investment banker is now running a restaurant and bar in the heart of south delhi then years ago if i were to take off from the father would have to. the point of being. put in the past ten years india has experienced enormous change and with it came
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a new set of hopes for the world's youngest population. market is huge and the opportunity to huge. audiences they can spend money tails far is located inside this small one of around six hundred mega-mall that have sprung up in india within the past decade but it's driven by a good desire to. get a good. and there's a lot of money. so i'm buying the design and. he's going to give a big. today indians can get just about any international brand from hong kong to the u.s. to the u.k. it's access that is change the mentality of many to be for ten years the people. says the group is the globalization is the. thinking in a very different manner india's economy is booming twenty five years ago ninety
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percent of the population lives on less than a dollar a day by twenty twenty five forty percent of the population here will be caught the fight is middle class and with a growing income and you're seeing a new culture of consumerism and brands from around the world are ready to cash in on it it is a huge country with one point two billion. and so even if everybody spends so it's a huge sum but despite the success most indians are aware that the country still has a long way to go i'm all things are moving in a new direction and there is a large portion of the population who is at risk of being left behind and that this baby is widening their way to go a very rich closet in the region and up what love is getting but largely middle class indians and especially the young working demographic try to focus on the positive and watch with pride as their country comes of be and is able to achieve
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a global status they always believed was possible it's people better for us i mean earlier western good used to think pollution is a burden but now it is even the area lazing that the more the people the more the putting bow the more demanding the more they ignore guns power that is difficult for the world to ignore preassure either r.t. new delhi india. right now. that's our country. hello and welcome to the business bulletin for this hour russia is suspending export of petrochemicals in order to tackle the fuel shortage on the domestic knock it several regions have already suffered from the lack of pixel recent days alexander has a role from gazprom bank explains what's happening in the market the problem is actually bad the government has applied to the new tax regime for export. oil
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products so probably now for some oil companies is more profitable to export the staff or diesel outside roger russia rather than a seller to domestic retail stations also. or at least year expertise the crude oil was provided to very attractive that banks for their crude to export so basically oil companies also preferred to export crude rather than refining their brushing so together with minor regional e.g. states problems it turns into some regional deficits or cule in some russian regions. the russian government is to ease the tax burden for petrochemical produces in order to ensure a base of domestic fuel supply that's off the climbs of the current prices don't cover reduces costs the head of russian oil major lukoil had warned of fuel prices could rise by up to seven percent. but we are preparing for
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a possible fuel supply disruptions this summer of course. now we are already saving fuel to supply our customers if you time during the holy period but the current price on the russian market does not reflect the company's spending on petrol and diesel production and their delivery to customers all the terrorists for natural monopolies are in there just that's why we believe the prices may grow but not significantly we have a number of restricted factors a place we are discussing the issue with the government five seven percent could be a deterrent of course if the government will have to be excise tax which it had introduced on the first of january and this one year old has extended its run on the back of the declining dollar away by the fed's decision to continue to help shore up the u.s. economy gold is gathering pace and is at one thousand five hundred thirty five dollars this hour so that is also up at forty nine dollars an ounce meanwhile hong kong is annoying you trading in gold futures hoping to catch a rising investor interest in the metal. balance have
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a look at the markets those the dow and the nasdaq trading around around the waterline that's on news that u.s. economic growth has slowed in the first order to an annualized rate of one point eight percent compared to a three point two percent reported in the previous quarter analysts kind of the gross the growth has been hampered by light energy prices which continues to weaken consumer spending. in europe the markets are trading in the back that footsie is up almost one point. four two that point zero six percent is out and the dax is up point six five percent among the top movers dortch a bank is up three point four percent on the back of strong quarterly results. russian equity markets are mixed this hour with edging higher at almost point six of a percent the my six however is down a point three four of a percent that is take a look at some index moves on the my six. most energy majors are trading in the black is now gazprom is up almost half
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a percent and poly miso is up the same d.c.b. however is down one point six seven percent. and that's a nice as we have for the south we'll have nothing new next hour so you say.
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this time is silent for decades. current g five years are going to try or fifty thousand bob gratian all week radio down a preview of what the market waited more than three hours. but now it wants to be heard recently some people started receiving post notices telling them to pick up letters at this post office invariably i'm sure. the stories of the world long gone . doesn't have to be chosen. leaving the diaries of the ghosts of our choice.


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