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yes you stop still. enjoy life on the go. video on demand on cheesy line old cars and streets now in the palm of your. question on the faulty job com. that's how to look at the headlines the u.s. introduces new sanctions against syria targeting the country's president knows what is the latest move that he can choose middle east policy. scotland is set to consider a break from the not to kill them put into pundits the polls show voters are still unsure whether they can get to know the. european union's mainland generally loses patience with that in the states that are seat belts demanding strict till stance
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in measures before they're off with any food made. by the scottish national party now the biggest party in scotland has produced a photo i suspect from the united kingdom he spoke to justice minister and mccaskill about his vision for a possible full independence. today i'm in edinburgh talking to kenny macaskill who is the scottish justice minister he's a member of the scottish national party which of course recently gained enough votes to be able to promise a referendum on scottish independence within the next five years kenny macaskill thank you for talking to us now tell me first what would scotland gain from independence well who grew of being control over a resources for you to responsibility for the problems fiesinger a country going to be able to stand up and speak to the issues that matter to us. taking charge of the whole me through that we have
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a voice abroad and how would it work economically and socially well scotland's a rich country we have the largest oil and gas producer of the european union we not only have a boat in terms of oil and gas but you know about your terms of renewables are drug free for the first time you know history is probably to advantage so we've got great potential and the tragedy in scotland's never been heard bad things are it's home much better thing food be and we can translate normally that stuff at all but to be able to transform the economy under society we should be able to do that but resources from oil were used by thoughts of the smiter organized labor and indeed by tony blair to face an illegal war in iraq is there any idea in your mind that this might start some kind of snowball effect whereby the welsh and the northern irish then want to secede from the union as well that's a matter for the welsh and organize for you stand for election and scott for the nation of scotland it's for others to decide what they need to use to do scotland's
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in are distinctly unique position we obviously have friendships with other parties elsewhere but we can only comment for the people of scotland do you identify with their independence movements in europe for example the flare and i'm also thinking of less peaceful groups like the basques and the northern irish or you. we worried that independence in scotland could be an inspiration for those more violent groups all the scottish national party and the homeless issue of nationalism scotland has always been peaceful there has no truck with violence or disorder in any shape or form and so we do have you know equally been a party of the left of center and we want to make scotland the better of our fear of police we want to make sure that those who have the most contribute the most. with envy and indeed friendship to scandinavia and to political parties not just nationalist parties but parties of the state the left of the globe what about being an inspiration for those left. but again it's for the people of those countries to
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say what we want to do we would never support can do in violence in any shape or form clearly or for other countries wish to pursue an agenda then they'll get a great deal of sympathy from us as others do but certainly violence will not be tolerated in the ship or for and we've been elected to monday it's one is to pursue a plea for independent scotland in the right for the refrain them equally we've been to late to the government to make scotland the police and we seek to do that by driving a record of me forward and making our country theatre a cleaner safer we all feel healthier it's got and it's gained its independence how do you see your relationship with the year in union changing do you know think that you would in significant the thought of. well at all countries into the pain new nation no matter who is of independent in the world in which we live whether it's dealing with global warming pollution dealing with the market economies we're
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all interlinked but what matters is for the you are represented in the institutions of poker it's only nation states are represented in the european union the only nation states that are represented in the united nations countries such as we can see in cyprus most of you know small of them scots and the all have representation of the european union. they can vote them out of fundamental to scotland even for example in fishing when they thought we would have any relevance to them so we have to be a need to be represented so that we can argue and speak for what matters for scotland the european union and so we can also go to the united nations and stand up for what's right and also make clear which wars are not in her name do you think that you would also massively get a seat in the un and representation in brussels well all international law sure was that we would. see dealt with in terms of european union representation for germany once the former east cutely east generally became part of the generally
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historical precedents and of what i know so we thank you for recognizing that the people of scotland wish to become an independent nation it will be recognised by governments so to the border and the right in the world that marcos importance being unfair so far is that political parties in scotland would refusing to give the people of scotland the right to decide that or destiny in a referendum or not be a for the people of scotland to say that there was something manifestly wrong the party support appear to have a referendum on the voting system but were not prepared to load the people of scotland to decide the constitutional future you mentioned the referendum on the alternative fate that's now been down to that as a waste of time are you worried that the same might happen to a referendum on scottish independence or i don't think you'll be seen as the tide i think when the referendum comes it will be seized by the people of scotland we don't take anything for granted but we think and we hope that and expect that we will win nights i've been told through my lifetime that there would never be
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a scottish parliament though the race i was told that there would never be a scottish national party of government yes there is a no there's a scottish national party government that's a majority government in the scottish parliament people said that can never come a boat because they devised a voting system to try and make sure that there would never be a majority they said. and there's been a poll in the sun news. paper that says that higher percentage of english people want scotland to have its independence than the scottish people want scotland to have its independence which he states that all are welcome i've been. great at supposedly many family and friends who either live in england or english relationship between scot than england would improve the scots and being in pain the nation of course would lose perhaps some of the chip in the sure but it does sometimes come out to me have to address side some of the problems that we face and countries with their own problems with alcohol abuse appear to know someone all these difficult things all need people who can solve a lot of the scots themselves and i look forward to the deed when scott from
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england will hover literally from ship as frames recognizing the differences but as a see the british fleet that's artificial entity not scotland and england it's cortland yes and i should say that that's not a given the polls show a minority want independence in scotland at the moment do you expect any problems from westminster after all they're not legally obliged to let scotland's go even if scots do very yet no i think it's been need cleared by every prime minister never in major political figure so so the border with the people of scotland vote for independence then they will receive it so i don't believe all these are being put forward that this would happen about and a referendum will take police nobody will stand against it that's me be quite clear by the prime minister so from the border people being nice to see and suggest that we would we're not referendum we'll see never been into this parliament can be thought we'd never get a majority government but if we vote yes for the people for independence and i've
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no don't put governments not simply slopes of the border around the world to welcome us into the family of nations as happened with other countries with on my rating oil and gas from the north sea it's worth around about twenty one billion dollars a year to the u.k. treasury do you really think that they're going to just let that go without any kind of fight. yes but then the day we keep it in full gear subsidized one of the reasons that some things people in scotland are skeptical about independence is that we're told we're too poor to be managed and yet you just get used to figures showing the value of these sort of short on cash reserves to the kingdom treasury we recognise that these are matters for negotiation but there are matters that are fundamentally right to make a country and people better scotland and norway have discovered oil at the same time in some areas of scotland pumping convent and industrial desert but no really has transformed it society and its economy it has billions in the bank craters we've seen as we still do and missiles and weapons of mass destruction and the
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illegal wars so it's time for us to have read and use the precise mark to be distorted what coat but it's of oil and gas and it's over nuclear energy you keep mentioning illegal wars and i'm assuming that you were talking about iraq but how london's rush towards war in libya pushed further towards demanding independence no i think north africa is a different situation the water in iraq was illegal it was predicated on a lie told by tony and it's the media world the less safe police millions guide to the world institutions are fundamental such as united nations undermined and it's a see it to be the world are less safe place clearly there are significant problems in the north after per life must be protected but i think it's important that britain and other countries should adhere to they commissions. that if you make the nation to protect civilian life there's more to need to metion for regime change
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you claim sole responsibility for releasing al mcgraw he was convicted of the local people making even what's happened in libya now do you regret that decision and your durant i stand by that decision it was a decision made for allowing the laws of scotland and healing to the values and beliefs that we have here it wasn't an easy decision but i believe in. was the correct decision as justice minister how do you feel about the apparent impetus for the international community to rush into libya what do you think that that's about the state of international law but i think at the end of the day we have to protect life because people being brutalized by colonel gadhafi or by anybody else it's your obligation of the world to make sure that we do it alone from those and other things to come about so action has to be keeping these things as we have to revelation from iraq and collectively common humanity from the late and to teach to the on mondays so the thing we are concerned about prayer martyrs are
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hating but we still we support action to preserve life simpy says berg is hasting an international conference on legal issues and president medvedev has put the application of the rule of law at the center of his agenda what do you think they should be concentrating on as justice minister at that conference well i think what we have to do is to try and restore some belief and faith scots i'm still not represented in the international stage and until then you know we allow others to do their part we will speak up for what we believe that important to the interests of scotland and sports right and proper we don't seek to see to direct to other countries i think that's a martyr that hopefully this will produce some good because of our difficulties we do have to meet sure that life is preserved not simply in north africa but in africa and indeed elsewhere so we wish to present it where we hope that matters will be what toad i don't think it's for myself or any member of the scottish government to. diabate we simply hope that matters will or codes
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and we look forward to seeing when we will be able to be represented as an independent nation and to play a part this won't be solved by one country or the united states all russia every country has to play it's part and we look forward to us playing no part we need only be a small nation but we are nation with a proud history in which to do paternity to be part of the picture police kenny macaskill thank you very much thank you.
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wealthy british style. sometimes the type of. market dynamics come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our key. mornings today violence is once again fled the film these are the images the world
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is seeing from the streets of canada. shining corporations are the day. u.s. president obama is to outline his policies for the troubles of middle eastern a major speech follows the introduction of new sanctions against syria which for the first time i'll get the country's president. scotland is set to consider a break from the about the kingdom for independence poll so voters are still unsure whether it's another. european union it's mainland germany loses patience with a member states that received bailouts demanding stricter austerity measures before they're offered any further any. doubts later sports news with andrew and well it
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could not have gone much better for one football manager in his first season in my truck area porto coach under u.b.s. bus has become the youngest manager ever to win a european title after his side became europa league champions last night he's being hailed as the new jersey and even speaks a bit like brits to feel. we've got the details in a moment. thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines. records tumble of course i was crowned europa league champions beating braga one meal in dublin. while russian champions in the lose their first home game of the year at the hands of buying the . hind you presumably all of russia to support their athletes ahead of the london olympics. the first quarter while the europa league
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champions after beating braga one nail in an old portuguese final in dublin on a night when several records were broken firstly ramadan found pro bowl with his seventeenth in the competition this season making him the torn. all time high status score and his coach underneath the east coast became a youngest manager to win a european cup at the age of thirty three his his first season in charge and couldn't have gone any better course of course i was a portuguese champions for the troubles when they faced with this in sunday's portuguese cup final of b.s. but it was this is your way into the success. of my first final. experience and incredible feelings in the game so were really good players at the same feelings as well. that wasn't a good spectacle that's the reality of it is nothing new in european finals the spectacle might be fantastic. knighted midfielder nani has stressed the importance
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of denying barcelona time on the ball ahead of their champions league final at wembley stadium or made it twenty eight united made history by winning the english top flight for the nineteenth time by drawing one one up blackburn on saturday they probably liverpool to become the most successful english domestic club and now united secured their fourth european championship title as they face the league champions barcelona in the final portugal winger nani has been one of the stars of united's what this season the swift boated midfielder is aware of the difficulties allowing pass their time on the ball to affect their fluid pass and start. this is a problem because. no one place to run. the ball or. try to get the ball all the time and the bird differ when that happens.
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we have to do to try to get the ball with the most scrupulous possible because if we have the borg cannot do the position and we can score a goal you need a mission if we have the war. before that manchin i could face relegation threatened blackpool on the last day of the english premier league season with seasiders manager in holloway reacting angrily to reports the league champions would be fined if they fielded a week contained on sunday people heck of an achievement if we did it yet poor me still gutted that i read in a paper that they will be fined if if blackpool when they play a weaker team and when it doesn't matter what point play the weaker team aston villa actually won with their finally we're. so what are saying they might find man united even if we beat them to every place. meanwhile dense and petersburg have tasted their first home defeat of the year the
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russian champions lost a friendly at the petrovsky stadium forty with the hands of german giants by nini things were looking good design eat at the start of alexander who could of sliced open the blind offense to school or after eleven minutes but the joy didn't last too long in this friendly reserve close to leveling matters just six minutes later the german world cup here again double belief it is just after the restart then golden boot winner in south africa last year thomas miller made it three one bit scrappy did get one back from the penalty spot sabol truthy doing the honors there but am robin wrapped up the forty school line and minutes later jenny losing for the first time in their home arena this season this was just a friendly guy organized after the need secured a sponsorship deal with man and a factor of swagger. now let's catch up with what has been happening in the n.b.a. playoffs and i am me he'd have tied the eastern conference final with chicago is
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now one apiece in the series after that eighty five seventy five of wave big three the bulls had tied the game with seven minutes to go but they couldn't stop the legs by the bron james top school with twenty nine points to lead miami to them when. only one where button and lose hamilton are confident mclaren can narrow the gap to formula one championship a second sebastian vettel at this sunday's spanish grand prix in barcelona button and hamilton spent cheese day at mclaren space in england trying to improve the speed of their two former world champions are looking to prevent red bulls vessel from opening up a runaway late in this year's drivers' championship the german is already thirty four points clear of second place hamilton has topped the podium once in china while button is fourth in the standings and how often is looking for a turnaround like catalunya in a race he's yet to win. i
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mean i've been close. for all the world or broken anywhere. from working this morning. to. the mall defending champion vettel was at sunday's grand opening of the new red bull ring in austria the german driver already has three wins and a second place from the all races so far this season but the twenty three year old insists he's far from unbeatable i. think everyone is beautiful and you know we have learned a lot in the last couple races and if you take shanghai you know obviously we didn't have a one hundred percent clean sunday we had some some problems i lost radio connection asserter and you see immediately there's someone who who gets to so you know you cannot approach that we can and take anything for granted now elsewhere
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family members fellow riders and friends farewell the fear of cyclists fight a veil and he died in a crash tally last week the ceremony took place a valence native city of kent elected rider was only twenty six he fell off his bike during the third stage of beyond. and died within seconds he leaves his pregnant. behind him was the first fatality in twenty five years to hear that hero and sparked a new wave of concern over security during road races the last rider to die at a major cycling event was italy's a limpid gold medalists car to tell him it was killed at the tour de france in the nineteen far. we know our president dmitry medvedev says ordering greens are in place to help the country's athletes deliver the goods at the next summer and winter olympics mr
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president speaking at his first question and the media conference russia's future silicon valley skolkovo just as side nasca. children of it i think we must all believe in victory that's the only option otherwise or doubts could be transmitted to our athletes but we must support them and believe in them till the very end not even when the chances look slim we all watch sporting events a little part of our job to help our athletes to support but as for their preparations i think they've been working the way they should and we do have chances to perform well both at the london olympics next year and in sochi in two thousand and fourteen tons have been allocated a lot of important decisions have been made so we'll cheer for them and i hope they give us reasons for joy but it. finally fans of people will enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame next year when they take part in the olympic torch relay ahead of the twenty twelve london olympics the first seventy four locations on the routes
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have been revealed in the british capital more places have yet to be confirmed but the relay already covers every nation and region within the united kingdom other countries comal county called sorry being the first on the list the flame will travel almost thirteen thousand kilometers and seventy days thousand torch bearers will participate ninety percent of them people we nominated from their own community something boxing champion david i believe is a very inspirational thing. it's great but it doesn't have to be a celebrity or somebody with a good well not a well established somebody in the local police if god is not good for example. love is a different. project to mr. so that's a sport for the moment more.
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hungry for the full stomach we've got it firsthand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on. the being as. good as. the book it was a short order cook. this is true still keeps the secrets of announced johnson reveal that the soviet files on oxys.
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repairing a broken ancient. highway construction and humanitarian aid. buses shady officials talk of the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan on the dollar. arts.
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