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which piece in which bryson if you remove the song from plans to transition. team don't come. this is artsy for moscow headlines tonight russia says the unity of palestinian factions plays a key role in shaping a future palestinian state came off the russian foreign ministers meeting with hamas and fatah in moscow. the opposition in georgia threatens to overthrow president saakashvili within days the country's been rocked by violent protest demonstrations pledging not to give up their fight against what they've dubbed their criminal regime. in the greece's debt spiraling out of control the rift with the lenders deepens the rising tension between the two schools and fault lines
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which some say another threat in the entire unity of the european union. now let us know lots of stories in half an hour for you here on r t but next our special report on post soviet life in moldova. a country where some take pride in their wine family ranks wants other world's best but most of those warnings are not much different from down. others have to select kidneys to support the families needed morning now because of the money my health is gone in the first year of independence the country went through a civil war. nobody believes a war was possible at the end of the twentieth century moldova could have yet to come another former soviet republic to experience the color revolutions. what would be the outcome of the patrik to crisis in the country what future course
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will it choose for itself many inside and outside moldova eagleson as the answer to those questions. i. am. i am thankful the seventh two thousand and nine central question now the capital of moldova several young people made their way to the roof top of the presidential residence took down the national flag and in its place raised the european union's flak protesters announced that the revolution had taken place in moldova and the president had fled the country. president vladimir voronin was addressing the nation from his second floor office other presidential residence i don't little the civilizational into prisons or the ones behind these bad beric we so-called demonstrations. his interests place of. men who benefit
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from them are only too obvious. we will certainly find out who is planned and masterminded these disturbances that open minded indians. are much for the most don't like place. under a student of the kitchen now polytechnic was among those who stormed the government buildings and had joined a rally without any idea of how it might work out in the end at the time the young man was sure the police deliberately allowed protestors to seize the parliament building and set it on fine. as you can see now police are well equipped. but about time they were ill prepared to deal with such things. they were only twenty or thirty policemen on hounds they certainly couldn't have coped but i'm sure there was a special purpose unit nearby. if they had used force everybody would have gone
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home right away. meanwhile preparations for widespread unrest were underway throughout kitchener the slavonic university as you know is only russian language institution of higher learning was the source of greatest concern it was feared the crowds might go on the rampage there by midday a large mobile nationalists that gathered in front of the university students were determined to defend the university by any means possible. we did start worrying after learning that a crowd was heading in here about getting the hoses as we intended to use them as a last resort they came here. the fact is that high school children as well as university students come here to study. and not day april the seventh many believe it's another so-called color revolution was unfolding in
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downtown kitchener several former soviet republics had already shared the same fate everybody expected pro western politicians to come to power on the back of protests against communist president vladimir voronin but the following morning everything fell into place and emerged victorious this is. of course if that evening vision with somebody had resulted in the crowd why and for whose sake they had come there. and what they knew about the outcome of the election. the story i'm certain that ninety nine percent could not have answered those questions honestly duties new creature would. be nothing but our discussion today will focus on what caused the events of april the seventh two thousand and nine and their aftermath our guest is we tell the public and clear leader of the national
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liberal party the leader of the ultra right programme mainly in party which. is really invited to speak over the radio national liberal party's manifesto echoes the macho people who run page from parliament moldova and remain here are a single country. but if we want to join nato and the european union that's the position of the national liberal party but that's can only be achieved through a union with romania and this should be done without delay as we do not have. does it say to the boys what's on the minds of the very many people in our society with . the town of several k. two hundred kilometers from kisha no it is the informal capital of the romany people in moldova stones on the high bank of the nice to river it's romany population is nearly twenty thousand.
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not too much around me is a room in a barrel any just to be in the know about the problems facing all run many families help them deal with them and add their grievances to the authorities the most that a normal although most people in so lucky change their old casa plush german and japanese makes october first a drive his old soviet made digital economy. is a rocky is the maca of all romany of the former soviet union and schools and this fact affects their culture civilization and traditions. the cradle of the room many people use here the guns go in the. room and traditions on it and so
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rocky the baron enjoys public respect grimly seek advice from him on any matter of importance or that they intend to build a house will give a name to a baby. and i think that the hello hello. it's been a big hit whether i know about my last few months like the barren. actor. that says they did nice tr is in the shape of a horseshoe us or awkward. we settled on this blasted into sacred land more than five hundred years ago in a separate the many of. the large been very forest is two hundred kilometers downstream the denise to river. yuri outpost a lucky a businessman is the most important person here during pre talks the ex president of moldova and big time businessmen have been known to join him on hunting
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expeditions in the forest but nobody has offered help in resolving his main problem is homes are in one country but his office in the forest area he ministers is in another. look at this road here was a dividing line between the two warring o.c.s. . the moldovan volunteers way here are the trends newest the ones are the best soldiers of. the part of the moldavian republic on the left bank of it's nice to declare its independence even before the breakup of the soviet union was officially recognized the fact of the matter is the want is now called trans to nice to became possible data when it was a soviet republic because you now did not recognize a self proclaimed transit needs to republic after moldavia achieved independence the tens political standoff degenerated into an armed conflict the first shots were
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fired in the spring of one nine hundred ninety two. by the summer of ninety ninety two massive. hostilities had already broken out the bitterest fighting took place in the translates to town of ben derry an enclave on the right bank of the denise to river. if we go in that small forest over there they set fire to the military hardware. and by that monument in the distance i remember that there were two bus loads of dead bodies from local police from a different which is love melcher cough and his mother often come to the bridge is an easter it was on this patch that the bloodiest clashes between moldova troops and trends in east of volunteers took place when she slaps served in the russian fourteenth dami deployed in france than easter his father served in the cossacks to
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bend area the russian soldiers had to maintain neutrality even though moldova and troops constantly front on their positions it was then which a slap decided to join his father's unit where i told him i was going to take part in it i said if you don't allow me to join your unit i will sign up for another so he took me on because he knew that i would a police be close at hand. moldova's leaders insisted they were not at war with the self-proclaimed republic rather they were trying to establish law and order in reality what happened in the summer of one thousand nine hundred two was a full blown military standoff on the verge of becoming the bloodiest conflict in the territory of the former soviet union everybody waiting to see which side the russian troops would take.
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twenty years ago in large this country. to certain places. if. one had been trying. to teach the janitor. where did it take the. wealthy british scientists scientists and time to find. markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with might cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report. more than
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a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers flaws make sense arctic is so special and attractive for many of the wildlife in antarctica. and the sun's. expedition to the bottom of the earth. of kuka is a traditional suburb. moldova's principal treasure is tucked away on the ground. with twenty million liters of wine was kept to mature here demand generates supply now you can find. branch and gary in rimini and moldovan barrels here each contains
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up to one ton of wine. one likes barrels made a book white wines are normally aged for eighteen months or two years some are kept from the six months red wines are kept here for two three or four years the labyrinth is one hundred twenty kilometers long on this winery looks like a town complete with streets and avenues it's the only place of its kind in the world people here are not prone to modesty when talking about the miles upon miles of tunnels hiding fountains of barrels of red and white wine the same i would say that it's the eighth wonder of the world. there was a time when wine making was an important part of the moldavian economy and first came under attack by city that leader mikhail gorbachev declared war on hard drinking then the odds of the total area of thousands of fighters were cut down after holdover achieved independence the industry could not be restored to previous
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levels either in terms of quantity or more importantly quality. moldova's biggest customer russia stopped importing as for jews at the turn of the century. even why no longer conforms to strict russian cemetery standards moreover the russian market was drowned in produce in european one because. family french wines are the world's best moldovan wines are not much different from damn old only situated at the same latitude as france in this season only a short distance away so russia certainly lost out in this case. basically it's those are ways take some types liz's the post-surgery wound the
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stage and the scar to get in but a doctor at this hospital in the village of men jia has created to several patients like grigori people in the surrounding villages might report about a hundred cases of this kind they share a common fate some have sold one of their kidneys for money others would keep them to selling them criminal gangs would support the potential donors in moldova and take them to turkey for back alley surgery we have thirteen people in our village who went through this. and one of them has already died of kidney failure patients. selling their kidneys for money in order to be able to support their families was the only option open to most of the employment and although it was regions is hard to come by the villagers will pay from one thousand five hundred to three thousand dollars for the operation but. i heard that one kidney is worth
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ninety five thousand dollars around one hundred thousand they just cheated this. guy shouldn't have gone to take heat but i needed molly now because of the money my health is gone there's nothing i can do i can't go back and change it all i can do is go on. gregory's spent the five hundred dollars he was paid for his kidney in turkey a long time ago the money was just about enough a minor house repairs and clothes for his family despite protests by his doctor to go or is again toying with the idea of going abroad to look for temporary employment he sees no other way to get money for his family according to various estimates the money moldovans earns in foreign countries accounts for approximately one fourth of the republic's g.d.p. up to one million citizens of moldova permanently reside outside the country. my older daughter wanted to go to college and i had no money i had to get some money
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for her education. eventually she did not go. after the romany baron has his hands full now although it was romany have been increasingly involved in the country's political life once our torture route even ran for president but he says it was more a show a political gesture than anything else nowadays the romany people take politics seriously they have founded a political party and they expect to get several seats in parliament after elections. we're only always understood the meaning of politics. when you much about it immediately but we never tried to get involved in it no more than you did. this is what the political campaigning of the newly founded romany carty looks like folk songs and dances in front of government headquarters of the
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best publicity stunt of the new political association however the deputies a session of the moldovan parliament nearby paid no attention to the running of the flushing of. the country has been in a state of political crisis for a long time communist president vladimir voronin did retain power after the events of april the seventh two thousand and nine but his party lost subsequent elections deputies in the republic's parliament of so far failed to agree on a future course for the country because none of the parliamentary parties has the necessary majority of votes. or the people of moldova want to hear nothing of any merger with anybody in severance he is increasingly becoming an integral part of the normal life of mold of in society and the mold of an stage of jesica businessman yuri opposed to lucky has been
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a member of parliament for some time in modern day moldova it is impossible to do business of any significance without political assistance you're opposed to lucky runs a small enterprise. he is a rare example of a successful businessman in moldova during breeds hogs creates jobs and protects the natural environment things will be even better for him were it not for a border crossing his forest into. well i find it hard to draw a dividing line between in derry and mulled over. between the left bank and the right bank but i still do believe this is one country and i regret what has been going on in those banks. the narrative needs to revert divides moldova from the unrecognized republic or the political and economic gap between the two countries is much wider question now until the last poll have no diplomatic relations there are no direct telephone
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communications between the. eastern has its own currency economy and political system. no there we just look at him coming here. a treats me as one of his own. he goes near north has been the hound of the unrecognized republic for more than twenty years he is unwilling to talk about the nine hundred ninety two war and prefers to demonstrate the republic's economic progress. exist because there will always be an adequate supply of food to salute you because they will know how to work this land is they can support themselves without outside help but the problem is where can we sell work we produce. despite all efforts the population of the unrecognized republic has dropped from seven hundred thousand to four hundred thousand since the armed conflict and trans needs
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to twenty years ago some have moved to moldova others to ukraine still more to russia this is the result of widespread unemployment most of the leading industrial plants built in the city union have been shut down or bend areas over there. beyond been there that is where the fighting took place. reminders of those dreadful days are still evident in the enclave town on the right bank of the denise to the pockmarked walls of the administration building but traces of bullets locals take people on going to tours to show the positions of moldova sharpshooters. the snipers killed all civilians because they couldn't help the troops. but it didn't matter if it was friend or foe the only thing they cared about was the body count. the more people they killed the higher their pay was.
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that it make and nobody at the russian fourteenth army stationed in fans than easter could stop the bloodshed the army's commander general yes. declared ben derry a demilitarized zone today the russian peacekeeping force is about the only guarantor of peace that more than two thousand people on both sides lost their lives during not conflict. but when just about nobody expected any hostilities to kick off air nobody believed a war was possible at the end of the twentieth century. on the other side of the border a former trans nice to volunteer but just laugh natural cause reflect on what cools down pretty full on his way to his mother's house with. russian arms people entering your home traders are self-defense reflex people were defending their homes. but there is no hostility now. we need many moldovans over
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a glass of wine they are normal people like anyone else. in the also in the one nine hundred ninety two virtuous laughter march across father went missing that was when heavy fighting had already come to an end. my husband was abducted when he and another man went to inspect the territory. of a there was a law in fighting at the time. for us not to return it was clear that it would soon stop altogether. they abducted both of them while i tried to find my husband for a year and three months. each summer war veterans and bullets halves of the fallen countries some a treatise on both sides of that mr to light candles.
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scores of people have gathered in central kitchen now for the anniversary of the raid on the parliament building they tell it countless. it is noteworthy though there's only a few of those who would be involved in those events turned up. in april two thousand and seven dmitri was poised to defend his university from a crowd of thugs today takes his first steps into show business he writes songs up and coming moldavian singers after quitting university essentially year. there he realized that his country is his home yet but do it with him this way of the other patrons of my country my friends and relatives live here this is my land there is no point to linger in europe what can we give europe or from wine with those
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turbulent bernstein down a long time ago but the feeling of resentment is still with me today i still can't . figure out what's going on that all society has become insensitive to politics it option of the press with what is good. andre was among those who retired in the parliament building two years ago today he is of a much more peaceful disposition since then he has graduated from university and given up politics now he has other priorities. my friend and i have founded a small organization in our town it is called eco shame. we are in the business of making minor ecological projects. now but they are only small projects because we are still in the initial stages. a group of young people gathering in the center of the moldovan capital call their act the hyde park project a reference to the british tradition of open at public debates anyone can add their
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views on the political situation in the country speaking through a microphone the project was launched hot on the heels the events of april two thousand did not initially people queued for a chance to speak up for their enthusiasm rapidly petered out nowadays passers by a more likely to ignore the speakers. will. remain here the latest in science and technology from around four. we set up the future covered.
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in moscow all she's available in ft mary's grand hotel which colson royal marriage will run renaissance cooking on fun memories confluence of quality encircled the chief political analyst nothing.


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