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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this week's top stories good duffy must go g eight leaders he would like to call for the libyan leader to step down if russia agreeing to mediate a cease fire in the country's civil war. as the u.s. goes ahead with its european missile defense plan moscow boards the project risks unleashing a new arms race and the. party takes a look at why the arrest of general right cold laddish is causing anger among service to accuse the government of trading its people with europe's favor. and georgia's independence day so bloody big wash the streets after police clamp down on protesters demanding the resignation of president saakashvili.
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you're watching the weekly from our roundup of top news stories in the last seven days my name is kevin owen and it's now eight pm here in moscow first colonel gadhafi suffered a major blow at this week's g. eight summit in france as russia joined voices with nato allies calling for him to quit they declared israel illegitimate and discussed ways to broker peace but there are still differences on syria with russia saying it won't back any u.n. action he's innocent reports. new world new ideas host france but that concept on the g eight table at a time when it looks like the old ways aren't working a war in libya on the front line with the euro crisis in the background leads to questions like this and will sarkozy is the man who saved tens of thousands of
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civilians and bring garcia will be known as the man who brought france to economic ruin and never ending war a moscow g. eight leaders agreed word for word in their declaration about gadhafi saying he has lost all legitimacy now it's understood behind closed doors there was harsh debate on the sidelines russia was asked to step in and broker a cease fire it accepted and will send an envoy and we are in touch with both sides the new forces in gaza and representatives. we haven't broken diplomatic ties but i think it's useful in any case because we're trying to make closer approaches to reducing the reasons for the escalation of violence which is still ongoing we discussed it at the g eight not that creation says that we could laugh you regime has lost its legitimacy he must step down russia's approach to interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations differs dramatically from the west which appears eager to back some countries but not others and should choose to intervene
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in libya it does not suit has to intervene in bahrain those and those rational economic relationship political could show not about human. nations agreed a twenty billion dollars to poor package the arab nations that have toppled autocratic regimes and are struggling to build so-called new democracies on the euro there were statements like this could also go up because the euro is you everything that could threaten the future of the euro will threaten europe as a whole so while huge spending cuts continue in an attempt to prevent euro extinction so will the mission in libya and the spending of billions create leaders may. every consensus on khadafi but can the west now afford to push pick and choose politics even further russia's deputy foreign minister claims a resolution on syria won't even be read let alone signed by russia after the disaster in the bia the question now what will happen to the rest of the arab world
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facing revolt for now only syria is a possible target with some g. eight leaders going as far to hint a u.n. resolution similar to libya could be an option if damascus doesn't back down something russia is more than likely to oppose reporting from the g. eight and use the now a r t v france well as the nato jets intensifying their attacks against. the dow he told us that r t the lack of political will from those involved in the libyan conflict is the real cause of the stalemate right now there has to be political solution to this crisis. look. the libyan government. was wrong. i think all it was the accused of all. it was the ship of the balance of or.
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i don't see it was all. lies against if you. well to try to get more perspective on it the libyan rebels leader mustapha abdul jalil told us that r.t. that once again would have duffy's god will be no obstacles to peace. or mere acquirement is that one worker and his son should leave libya among those who served in the previous government that are that are merely refutable people with whom we are ready to have a dialogue so that they can become members of the executive orders of the future libya it's colonel gadhafi who does not support all of this in the first political you prevent us from creating secure corridors for medicine and food supplies the
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intervals needed but once he stops being literal the prospect of a dialogue will open up to an intermediary. just a short ag said there for the full interview you can see here on our team in twenty minutes time tonight. the u.s. is pushing ahead with plans to build up its military in eastern europe but it's telling russia not to worry the new agreement will see fighter jets deployed in poland which what scott says is alarmingly close to russia's borders the missiles are part of the us defense shield them will be in place by twenty eighty russia has repeatedly called for a joint system but washington wants to separate missile shield but the g eight summit on friday did meet with vettel said he's not happy with america's position and warned of an arms race if nobody leverage. what sort of a border unless we reach a deal before twenty twenty when the u.s. and the miss our system is finalized it could trigger a new arms race we have to get guarantees that this system is not aimed at us no
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one gave us any such guarantees we're being told it's against some countries that pose a threat when we ask you these countries are we keep silent when we are asked do these countries have been just missiles no they do not and who has the missiles russia has and the conclusion is easy it seemed to us. it's supposed to be telling me that america's reluctance to provide legally buy the guarantees on missile defense is aimed at stalling talks on a joint system to include divisions within washington well they are talking about how to make this a joint system the question is what does joint mean at this point they're talking about sharing early warning information and other radar information which would be a step forward but before they can get there before they can get to a shared system brushy needs to be reassured that this system is not aimed at it and again nato and the united states need to make a joint statement to russia saying that this system is not aimed at you this is
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them is no danger to you it's focused on dangers and threats from middle east not from russia there is the obama administration which very much wants our cooperative relationship on missile defense with russia and very much wants another arms control reduction agreement with russia certain republicans in the u.s. senate do not want those things so we have to make that clear distinction between what the ministration wants and what some members of the senate want so focusing on what the administration wants what russia wants they both want cooperation on missile defense and they both want to move on to a new arms reduction agreement and given that i think there's enough common interest to move that forward. next tonight several people have been forcibly arrested in washington for dancing at the thomas jefferson memorial and those held thing to the team's american presented coca she says it was slammed to the drone by offices the flash mob was organized through social networks as a protest against a recent court decision that forbids dancing up the monument the ban came in during
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two thousand and eight remarkably subsidies for arresting him from public data so you can watch the full footage of how the police treated the. channel. four news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. today. not itches denied ordering the killing of almost eight thousand bosnian muslims and . serbian police on high alert as supporters of the former bosnian army chief planned to protest in the capital and rallies are already being held in bosnia where he was arrested on thursday catarina there ever is in service capital belgrade. following the arrest of a former bosnian general about
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a lot of course official belgrade issued a ban on public gatherings fearing a repeat of the events of a few years ago what another leader of the attention was also rusted then of course the massive public protests broke out belgrade was a scene of many violent gatherings and of course official belgrade wanted nothing to mark its presentation at all but the law which to the hague tribunal to the european union which of course it does hope to get a membership into plus there are already several protests going on across the country there is another mass rally scheduled for tonight and i'm going to personally myself just on the way to the courthouse where we are right now i saw a lot of small clusters of riot police in full riot gear standing off the main roads in the side streets but in such a way that it's evident that should necessary back and forth and right massive group almost immediately it does suggest to say that violence could be
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unfortunately on tonight's agenda for belgrade serbian president boris tadic hailed the capture of former general of logic as a great thing for his country but the people on the streets of belgrade disagree he's a serbian with a serbian blood he's our man he's a general right we could restart each visit her assumes a peace with eighteen eighteen people if the people to. be either of you to give him the right tributes to money you know what i mean. of jews who believe he's the biggest criminal. not a single person we have spoken to here in belgrade have said that they believe arresting the former general is a good thing or necessary for serbia to come to terms with its past many going as far as to say that the real criminal in this situation. this crank president boris
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tadic for selling his people. his defense team said to appeal against is a traditional monday saying his health is too poor and for a first right to surge through coverage says that it is unlikely to get a fair trial when he gets to the hague anyway. having been to the hague both as an expert witness and as a material witness and well aware of the fact that it is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive. additional verification of the political position of the western powers that the serbs are indeed the main culprits for all that his country in the former yugoslavia and mark my words over the next few days instead of applauding serbia for finally catching lavage you will see in the western media yet another. serbia phobia reminding everybody of
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srebrenica and the alleged eight thousand dead because march is greatest alleged crime the serbian media more tightly controlled by the government today than they had ever been under milosevic and all of the media repeating in unison that the e.u. is some kind of atmosphere that will resolve the problems now if serbia does join the i think it will be the first time in history that a wretch has jumped on to a sinking ship. looking ahead tonight a controversial curb on a legal drugs russian vigilantes waged their own unconventional. listen your forty's aren't doing enough her story is coming up for you also this two. scientists all over the world are. warming is it happening or is it not i'm sean thomas in antarctica and coming up on our t.v. we explore what people down here are saying about the subject. now though georgia's
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a dependent state was supposed to celebrate liberty but there was little freedom of speech for those well to go hold the government to account for corruption they were pelted with rubber bullets and tear gas as they try to make their voices heard calling for president for his resignation the opposition claims some of their supporters might have been beaten to death. brutal crackdown on protesters in tbilisi. with thousands of vanity is closing in on all sides and angry protest is letting out. in main street and he believes he became a battleground. cannons rather pullets in tear gas but face indiscriminately into the crowds many people were injured including a number of journalists are teasing spanish correspondent was among those caught in the chaos the policeman appears ok the was very aggressive we did people start to keep all the people they don't make any arms with nothing and then suddenly being
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told big pain in my stomach and relate the hit me with some kind of bullet this kind of bullet is the bullet and they give me and then they start. the depleted to the riot police didn't train as a surprise to any of us then it was the scale of the operation that was such a shock. when the police dispersed the crowns they were following me my friends with the song goal to kill us journalists he tried it in a thousand and seven protests they hit. resulted in violence police presence this time was even greater and just as severe and violence the more shocking given the age of many of them in status. there's been dubbed by some people the silver revolution an older generation that see in the crowd these people as struggling with low pensions and high right there in the us the mouth worried relatives and
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friends searched the hospitals the missing people. who told them we came to point b. fifty million aged between twenty and forty people there and we don't know where they are we come to the hospital but they won't let us in and they won't give us any information telling us to ask the police the numbers of people injured or arrest this have prefix stream li hard to carry each but we know a lot of people who are arrested and government giving us any information about that unfortunately we received. two more. persons from martin i am afraid that this people are happier because. there are now international calls for the government to investigate violations of protestors human rights that in its talks of freedom of speech many protestors have paid a high price for trying to have their say. i can't trust anyone
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anymore i'll never come to a protest rally again i just want to be safe. yet protesters have once again taken to the streets despite wednesday's. people here refusing to be silenced so that the police the. putting today's news around the president of the occult the republicans died she was sixty two passed away earlier on sunday morning at a moscow hospital devote his cooperation republic through its sovereignty from georgia which is a trade in two thousand and eight parties top our ports. surrogate gap's came to a moscow hospital last week following surgery it was reported that he had difficulties recovering from that surgery and earlier today it was announced that he had died. i was elected to the presidency of our cars here in two thousand and five he led the country throughout these years up to now and through its defining
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moment in two thousand and eight when the country for the war of independence against neighboring georgia it won independence and surrogate was at the country's head when it did so so what now for the future of our cause you well for the next three months his vice president will take over the country until elections are held and the country chooses its next president. of millions of people dying from drugs something laws and public awareness campaigns are enough in the battle against the evil with their own methods the russian vigilantes are on the warpath against drug dealers but as our reports they are not always welcome. it said all is fair in love and war and perhaps even more say in the war on drugs drugs that killed two point five million people every year across the globe and almost two hundred fifty men women and youngsters every day in russia alone some are fighting their
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own control virtual battle against the threat posed as customers they arranged to meet alleged drug dealers and once they have satisfied this suspect as a drug pusher they serve them a black mark and leave them red faced. people have to know their enemies would look like people will be free to go out next time because next time police may be there . these guys are not alone in rushing there and conventional methods of fighting against drugs their colleagues from the drug free city movement have been accused of torturing addicts after they used handcuffs to force them to kick their habit they've also marked drug dealers houses to shame them in the community. but it is our uprising against the drug dealers do you think it's better to sit at home and watch how the drug dealers will be killing you we managed to unite our forces and declare war to the drug dealers. sociologists a mob just as occurs when people become disillusioned by official efforts but the
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public taking the law into its own hands is an unwelcome trend growth in the north of the border there are a lot of enthusiastic who are striving to eradicate this horrible evil by any means possible the women actions don't comply with the law the law is against them for sure we can eradicate this evil but only by legal methods there are over five million drug users in morden russia past amounts of money has been blown on reducing drug demand and treating addicts a sadistic so just getting more and more gloomy. this is how some moscow activists are trying to stop the mess in the country with waterproof dye they must do as they say will have to hide on the public for at least three weeks some are skeptical about their methods are others even accuse them of all the goodies but the antidrug bit different is argue their form of justice is war fit if it helps
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a bit least one life. r.t. moscow. and if you'd like to find out more about russia's daily battle against drugs we've got more on our website and see dot com while you there the stories are going a lot of clicks as well israel fears an escalation of border violence was egypt relaxes restrictions its cross into gaza supporters say will help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the strip so you can see both sides the argument online tonight out. of a glitch in a u.s. prison computer system releases over a thousand dangerous criminals on the streets of california what went wrong comeback story of our t.v. dot com. emerging economies are challenging the tradition of appointing a european as head of the international monetary fund brazil russia india and china joined with south africa to say the candidate should be chosen or merrett president vet of stress the developing country should get a fair chance the idea was echoed by promise to vladimir putin to he spoke highly
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of the french finance minister christine lagarde who's kind of a see is backed by all members who put it also gave his support of aid of classic sterns national bank grigori chunkier in this close of interview with our team our changes said it's only a matter of time before europe's monopoly of the job comes to an end he. says very nice a message that the developed countries in the european countries would like to maintain the status which is not necessarily for. changes and you. have already started but probably they do not go far enough. will use a brief now and two when twelve children have been killed in afghanistan also helmand province by nato troops the target was supposed to be insurgents but instead civilian homes were fired on nato says it was in retaliation for an attack on a u.s. marine base in the region on saturday afghan president hamid karzai has criticised
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coalition forces for not doing enough to prevent civilian deaths. over the. two hundred suspected al qaeda government have taken control of the yemeni provincial capital after two days of heavy fighting the opposition accuses president saleh surrendering the town to stoke fears of a terrorist threat it comes after yemen's leader and tribal chief agreed a ceasefire following five days of clashes that have killed over one hundred twenty people so lazer depression a golden time following months of protests that is twenty. nigeria goodluck jonathan has been sworn in as president after a decisive election victory last month security was tight around the city's eagle square for you know gratian with kilometers of roads blocked off you know faces a divided nation though after a deadly post poll riots which killed more than eight hundred jonathan who's a southern christian defeated his main opponent in the main it was the north. plans for shame a plant could be hit by a powerful typhoon as early as monday officials said the quake and tsunami damage
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facility is not fully prepared for heavy tropical rain and winds some buildings are still wide open and it's feared that the storm could send radioactive material into the air and sea work has been battling to fix the broken cooling system and all five and now back online. it's the world's i.c.'s continent but scientists say the rate is growing it's classes of melting in antarctica could soon be a lush green valley thomas travel to the bottom of the earth and to find out why the world's coldest climate is getting hot under the collar. each week pull up with noodles hikes to the bone cells and dole glacier on kings george island to measure twenty nine different markers. by doing so he can record exactly how the glacier changes each year and it seems that glaciers in antarctica are getting smaller. if i consider glaciers are changing in size point search change in climates right now
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we know that since the middle or the end of the nineteenth century the majority of glass years are receding it means there is a general warming over climate antarctica provides a unique opportunity where scientists can get a firsthand look at how this warming trend affects the local ecosystem some greater amount of fresh water is coming from the land to the sea which forms a fresh water where on the surface of the sea water fresh water is lighter so there is some problems with mixing of the water coral which could possibly influence the structure of. plankton zooplankton and krill are the main source of food for the majority of life in antarctica clearly over the last thirty years in this region the amount of ice which is critical for coral survival in the winter time has declined that means that the area may not support the amount of
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cruel in the future that it has supported in the past penguins species i believe penguins and chinstrap penguins are declining in this region principally due to that decline in coral even though the overall global trend is pointing to what is in fact global warning some scientists are saying that we're living between ice ages and this is all part of a natural cycle in fact there is some evidence to suggest that we're at the beginning of the next cooling trend. no no because i mean indicator on the glass here is an equilibrium lane altitudes and it's the altitude where the accumulates in the minds of snow equals the males of the mines if they sow to chew to get hired it means that the climate is getting warmer and if the altitude gets lor it means that the climate is getting colder since two thousand and six this altitude keeps getting lower. and well scientists have been keeping track of how the glaciers have been reacting to changes in the environment they say it is just one part of
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a much larger system we have to keep in mind we don't have a situation where climate change is in the same way all over the planet it's somewhere it's getting warmer some where it's getting colder and somewhere there are no changes at all at the same time which tendency occurs in which area is also changing so if the climate here and right now is constant in the future that's kind also change although not all scientists agree on the levels of climate change most believe that it is becoming increasingly more important to monitor what is happening on our southernmost continent antarctica is a truly spectacular place it is changing rapidly and more knowledge about what is changing and why can only help all of us understand other areas of the planet that are going to change in the future so we might have a chance of being prepared for whatever comes down the line in antarctica sean thomas barty. more than
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a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is it and charge it up and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers far to make science articles so special and attractive for many wildlife in antarctica it is opposing the sons of. expeditions to the bottom of the earth or it seems. more from sean so now in a few minutes we talk to a libyan rebel official tonight find out how the opposition sees its future right now also support coming up with kate after the shock russian exit at the french open so kind of a kind of the next half hour my name is kevin irwin thanks for being with out see this sunday evening the twenty ninth of may. the.
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world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia . we've gone to the future covered.


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