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he points pushers and i would prince which is the splined in touch with the who tell me to let you rule the kitchen and google how would international flood achieve every green loyalty to intel who. file and xerox in the serbian capital belgrade as police clash with the far right protestors air raids that the arrest of former bosnian serb general ripe old wattage for war crimes. fighting for the rights of deaths activists highly concerns over freedom of expression all arrested for getting down at the jefferson memorial in washington. reviewing the week's top stories peacemakers g eight leaders say it's time for gadhafi to go with russia agrees to mediate its cease fire in libya to end the bloodshed. we report on the georgian independence day rallies demanding the resignation of president saakashvili that ended in
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several deaths after demonstrations were brutally put down by government forces. seven am in moscow i mad treasure bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on r t thousands of demonstrators are in the center of serbia's capital to protest the arrest of the former bosnian serb army chief ride home a lot of the rally outside belgrade's parliament was organized by serbian far right groups who consider a lot of the hero and his arrest an act of treason our correspondent kelli arena's are about as will. so all is quiet in the serbian capital belgrade right now but of course earlier that was not the case a meeting of some ten thousand people in the very heart of belgrade just outside the parliament building turned violent at some point with the youths
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a slowing stones bottles and firecrackers the riot police riot police started throwing out things back and at that point a decision to disperse the crowds was made they were a very efficient but also quite brutal in their dispersal we saw some people getting beaten with police the taunts being detained we know that a number of people were injured but i actually saw some people whose faces were covered in blood most likely from being hit by one of the rocks that were flying overhead a large amount of bricks literally bricks huge rocks i just flying up through the crowds at the riot police hitting that riot police doing everything they could to separate the crowd of course for a containing them easier and they did that review fast it was indeed too long before the riot was actually over and it once again we marveled at the efficiency
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of the local authorities they cleaned up the streets in a matter of minutes all of the overturning of the rubbish bins all the broken glass everything that was on the streets was gone in a matter of minutes and order restored but some riot police forces still remain in the heart of the serbian capital monitoring the situation brought them out of it is of course expecting to hear what the court will decide concerning his appeal against his potential extradition to the hague the court's decision is due today of course upon that matter and we do know that a repeat of last night's violence is possible of course keeping in mind events of a few years ago but the arrests are for a political leader out of a caught our attention. belgrade exploded in violent protest and it could be possible that a similar thing could happen which is why many have actually said that it is possible the serbian officials will extradite him as quietly as possible so in
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order to avoid protests but of course while serbia official belgrade celebrated the capture of former boss and general about claude h. as a great victory for this country a necessary step for serbia to come to terms with its past and hopefully open the door into an e.u. future for most of the people of this country the rest is nothing but a betrayal. and the sleepy serbian village of laws that have almost nothing looks out of place people garden or simply visit their neighbors or one house has said far too many visitors in the last few days and a permanent police guard. the initials on the doorstep are due on why they called a former bosnian general and allegedly war criminal article modish it was here but after sixteen years the manhunt for him came to an end the house of former bosnian general michael nottage was arrested belongs to his uncle which is no secret to anyone in this village or indeed the police but despite regular visits to this
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house in all the years that watch was a wanted man the arrest was only made last week and many have already questioned that timing olexiy one report stating that serbia refused to cooperate in the search for europe's most wanted man but most to assume membership negotiations would be cancelled a few days later the foreign affairs rep of that european union announced her upcoming visit to belgrade and hinted once again at the financial benefits for neighbors again helpful serbia really wants to be helpful. some kind of promise of the old problems now if serbia builds during the think it will be the first time in history that the rich has. a sinking ship captured europe's most wanted man on the day our top representative is in town is certainly an achievement really finally allow serbia to get one foot in the door to the union the enlargement commissioner a few lately said well this is just a day serbia is
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a step closer to being yesterday but they still need to do a major reforms that cetera will be arrested at home lodge the ambitions of serbian president boris thought it couldn't have been spelled out any clearer what his european farsightedness has caused him to overlook what's happening in his own country he's a serbian with his serbian blood he's our name he's our general right. he's the biggest criminal in serbia these feelings have already cost protests to erupt across the country and judging from past experience namely the arrest of ivan cogito another war crimes suspect serbia a spark of hope but certainly a large scale fires of public interest catherine as our team belgrade serbia several people have been arrested in washington d.c. for dancing at the jefferson memorial among those held was our t.v. presenter adam koch who talk with my colleague kevin no one earlier he says the
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police weren't there for public safety but to control the population. you can see from the video footage that what we were doing was entirely peaceful we were expressing ourselves through dance the police force of america does not exist for public safety it does not exist to provide for the needs of the people it does not exist to solve crimes or hunt down criminals it exists to generate revenue for the government and control the population and what we did in our demonstration was the true brutal nature of the police force and the kind of people who are kind of thugs the mentality of those who make up that police force the people who think it's ok to vavi slam somebody and show somebody because they're doing something that you don't like and their excuse yesterday was that what we were doing was causing a disturbance at the memorial and presidential making it impossible for other people to enjoy the memorial and if you compare that to the disturbance caused by their arrests which led to them shutting down the moral itself down for thirty minutes they were clearly the greater distance we had to order there from
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a little of my n.b.c. affiliate kicked out of the memorial these guys were there they were filming the interview floor of the event they got it all on camera they had their camera man in there recording this thing and the cops keep them out of the what is highlighting i go by what you're talking about just now is old principle of it to the dogs and say the police violated their right to free expression at this point with a dozen of these in the us constitution that guarantees of freedom of speech and meetings if you look at what i was doing a lot of people are saying there's no way you can get arrested for dancing because you can't dance and i said. that i don't think it meets the cultural definition of dancing what i was doing well on any legal definition of dancing but if there is some legal definition that says moving a body in a rhythmic way of some guy legally qualifies as dance you know i gotta get it that the officers if you see that video clearly i deserve. a world power as i've united to call for colonel gadhafi to step down at this week's g eight summit in the
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french resort of deauville russia has stepped up pressure on the embattled colonel with president medvedev saying moscow would help broker a peace deal in libya or he's and he said now reports. new world new ideas host france put that concept on the g eight table at a time when it looks like old ways aren't working a war in libya on the front line with the euro crisis in the background leads to questions like this. one is the man who saved tens of thousands of civilians in vain garcia. who fought rounds to economic ruin never ending war in libya he must go g eight leaders agreed word for word in their declaration about gadhafi saying he has lost all legitimacy now it's understood behind closed doors there was harsh debate on the sidelines russia was asked to step in and broker a cease fire it accepted and will send an envoy and we are in touch with both sides the new forces in gaza city and representatives of gadhafi we haven't broken
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diplomatic ties i think it's useful in any case because we're trying to make closer approaches and reducing the reasons for the escalation of violence which is still ongoing we discussed it at the g eight nations says that we could go after the regime has lost its legitimacy he must stick down russia's approach to interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations differs dramatically from the west which appears eager to back some countries but not others it should choose to intervene in libya it does not suit is to intervene in bahrain those and those rational economic is geopolitical it's not about. nations agreed a twenty billion dollars support package to arab nations that have toppled autocratic regimes and are struggling to build so-called new democracies on the euro there were statements like this which could also go up because the euro a zero everything that could threaten the future of the euro will threaten europe
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as a whole so while huge spending cuts continue in an attempt to prevent euro extinction so will the mission in libya and the spending of billions create leaders my. we have reached consensus on could daffy but can the west now afford to push pick and choose politics even further russia's deputy foreign minister claims a resolution on syria one to even be read let alone signed by russia after the disaster in libya the question now what will happen to the rest of the arab world facing revolt for now only syria is a possible target with some g. eight leaders going as far to hint a u.n. resolution similar to libya could be an option if damascus doesn't back down something russia is more than likely to oppose reporting from the g. eight and use the now a r t v to france emerging economies are speaking up in favor of cancelling the right of him throwing a european is the head of the international monetary fund stressing that
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a new cabinet should be chosen on merit president medvedev emphasized that developing countries should get a fair chance moscow has expressed support for the future of. the national bank grigori marchenko in his interview with r t marching said that changes will said changes that will see the overthrow of europe's monopoly are just around the corner . is very nice a message that the developed countries and the european countries would like to maintain the status quo which is not necessarily for him that i think changes for her of all that he. probably didn't go for it enough. in about fifteen minutes cross talk host pittel bell and guest discuss who could become the next head of the i.m.f. and if all members will have an equal choice. is the i.m.f. a political tool of the west or an unfortunate mississippi five western european
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heads for fifty plus years and the next thirty is likely to be european as well i mean that's clearly under look i think. america which has less than five percent of the world's population as a veto while the i.m.f. path is clearly under. the governance of the i.m.f. or to be completely democratic run like the united nations and it would be much less effect and i think that emerging markets have earned. the right to have one of their own as a magic director of the i.m.f. and it's for a bunch of reasons and none of them are democracy. the. u.s. is pushing ahead with moves to strengthen its military presence in eastern europe with plans to deploy fighter jets in interceptor missiles and poland by twenty eighteen the u.s. has moved to allay russian concerns about a plan to save missiles on its borders in two thousand and eight america side
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a treaty with poland paving the way for an american to entitle a state missile shield to be placed there those plans were scrapped a year later to boost relations with russia this time of the g eight summit president medvedev warned of an arms race if the situation isn't resolved to russia's satisfaction. let's we reach a deal before twenty twenty and the u.s. anti missile systems you could trigger a new arms race we have to get guarantees that this is still is not a guitar so no one gave us any such guarantees we're being told is to get some countries that oppose us through it when we ask who these countries are we keep silent then we do these countries have the interest missiles no they do not leave. russia and the conclusion is easy it seemed to us. from the arms control association told r.t. earlier that u.s. russia collaboration on missile defense may be at risk if washington doesn't
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address moscow's concerns. well they are talking about how to make this a joint system the question is what does joint mean at this point they're talking about sharing early warning information and other radar information which would be a step forward but before they can get there before they can get to a shared system russia needs to be reassured that the system is not aimed at it and again nato and the united states need to make a joint statement to russia saying that this system is not aimed at you this is tim is no danger to you it's focused on dangers and threats from middle east not from russia there is the obama administration which very much wants a cooperative relationship on missile defense with russia and very much wants another arms control reduction agreement with russia and certain republicans in the u.s. senate do not want those things so we have to make that clear distinction between what the ministration wants and what some members of the senate want so focusing on
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what the administration wants and what russia wants they both want cooperation on missile defense and they both want to move on to a new arms reduction agreement and given that i think there's enough common interest to move that forward. stay with us here on r t still ahead in the next quarter hour fruitless efforts look at how president obama's middle east peace plan is leaving both palestinians and israelis under happy plus. science and research and antarctica is not only done in the laboratories in fact most of it's going to out here in the field or in this case the ocean john thomas in antarctica coming up we look at the lives of the scientists here. but first georges independence day was supposed to celebrate liberty but there was little freedom of speech for those wanting to hold their government to account for corruption they were instead pelted with rubber bullets and tear gas as they tried to make their voices heard calling for president saakashvili is resignation the opposition claims some of their supporters may have been even beaten to death or he sara for reports on the brutal
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crackdown on protesters in tbilisi. with thousands of town the police closing in on all sides and angry protesters letting out war cries and main street in tbilisi became a battleground. water cannons rubber bullets and tear gas fired indiscriminately into the crowd many people were injured including a number of journalists artes in spanish correspondent was among those caught in the chaos the policemen appears ok he was very aggressive with it people start to get all the people they don't make any arms were nothing and then suddenly being so big bang in my stomach and. it me with some pain a bullet it kind of bullet is rubber bullets and they give me i mean they start. this is clued into the riot police didn't come as a surprise to any of us that it was the scale of the operation that was such
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a shock so. the police disperse the crowds they were following me my friends with the song goal to kemas journalists have it in a van bitty thousand and seven protests they had also resulted in violence said police presence this time with even greater and just as. the violence the more shocking given the age of many of the demonstrators. there's been tough people the silver revolution and all the generation that family be in the crowd these people are struggling with life and hyphy pride in the aftermath worried relatives and friends the hospitals the missing people might think you. know we came to find fifty million aged between twenty and forty. and we don't know where they are. they won't let us in and they won't give us any information telling us to ask the police the numbers of people injured or arrested of prefix stream
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lehi can. reveal a little for people who aren't as well have been arrested and government giving guys any information about them unfortunately received and. two more. persons have. and the rate at this people here be to until this there are now in seneschal pools that a cover meant to investigate violations of pretenses human rights put in its two weeks of freedom of speech many created paid a high price trying to have their say and me out of. my contrast to anyone anymore i'll never come to approach is truly again i just want to be safe. yet treat this is have once again taken to the streets despite when states violence people here refusing to be silenced. the tbilisi the president of the republic has died sergei big option was sixty two passed away
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early sunday morning at a moscow hospital doctors say he failed to recover from complications after a recent lung surgery by god was the head of our powers us since two thousand and five he led the republic through its fight for independence from neighboring georgia which is chief three years ago for the next three months he's vice president will take over the country until a new leader is elected. for more stories you can always check out our website r t v dot com here's what's a click away right now. says president alexander lukashenko authors a recipe for settling the currency crisis the russian and other foreign media outlets thoughts. on a u.s. prison computer system releases more than a thousand b. interest criminals on the california streets i doubt how it happened at r.t. doug. stalled middle east peace talks have once again driven
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a wedge between israel and the us israeli prime minister. benjamin netanyahu flatly rejected barack obama's call to return for pretty nine hundred sixty seven borders with the palestinians refusing to withdraw from occupied land as artie's got it shipyard reports a solution is are likely to come soon have been america's unwillingness on willingness to challenge its part. of president obama's call for peace and it two state solution fell on deaf ears both with israelis many of whom the mere mentioning of going back to pretty nine hundred sixty seven border lines is unacceptable. it's so much. because it is going to retrench and with the palestinians who believe there is nothing but words in what the u.s. president has said is that in a fraction of pressure on it you know the prime minister of israel or at israel's government. it's like a process it's like a lose lose thing like it's very hopeless like we have here the right things means
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that kind of implementation addressing the powerful pro it's really lobby in washington president obama has made sure to reaffirm that no pressure would be put on israel to advance the process and he's proposed solution was just the friend's advice use cannot be imposed on the parties to the constant. no vote at the united nations will ever create an independent palestinian state and the united states will stand up against efforts to single israel out at the united nations or in any international forum israel's legitimacy is not a man afforded by analysts say the contradiction of words and deeds has been a constant source of global frustration about the us foreign policy in the middle east one example feel bomb administration has called these really settlement expansion illegitimate but when it came to actually voting at the un security council to condemn the settlement expansion is illegal the us veto the resolution the failure of the united states to deal effectively with the israel palestine and
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issue. the president made a very strong case that we should not tolerate. their rulers but we do nothing with the israelis to do all these things. cost a. pretty high in terms of our credibility and persecution internationally and that's not important as surveys suggest president obama's ratings in the muslim world are as low as ever experts say the inconsistency with which the u.s. reacted to different episodes of the arab uprising is to blame president obama's speech on thursday was seen as a way to reach out to the arab world and say the u.s. supports men and women of the street as opposed to suppressive rulers but it seems he's worth resulted in more confusion about u.s. policies particularly when it came to these really call seen in conflict. said what
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he said in the last speech for the arab world. most of the palestinians feel frustrated. i was even told the. media. they are also a lot of those so i don't know who is that the i wasn't. speaks to president obama facing pressure from both the international community that has long been suggesting the two state solution in the nine hundred sixty seven border life is part of that solution and he felt like it's well we tried that proposal and really stake president obama's attempts to please both the international community and it's will seem to have resulted in yet another nonstarter and it needs peace process i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe violent clashes have swept across southwest yemen with rebel forces gaining ground across the region one taking control of the provincial capital in santa barbara clashes followed two days of heavy fighting in which twenty six people were killed one
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hundred fifty injured president of the sollie is refusing to step down despite a wave of popular protests in militant attacks sweeping the country. afghan president hamid karzai has issued a final warning to u.s. and nato forces after more civilians were killed in a suspected coalition air strike two women twelve children died in afghanistan's model helmand province after nato troops opened fire the target was supposed to be insurgents but instead civilian homes were fired on nato says it was in retaliation for an attack on a u.s. marine base in the region saturday. the u.s. space shuttle endeavor will start its last flight back to earth from the international space station shuttle commander mark kelly thanked the station's three crew members for their help write a devil's final mission with star cosmic ray detector this brings to a close america's thirty year long shuttle program after neverland's wednesday retired crowd will become a museum exhibit facing. finally in this news block if you ever find yourself and
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kartika a dip in the freezing sea probably won't be high on your to do list but for some looking to reveal the secrets of science and so on today's work john thomas reports . a backward plunge into the frigid antarctic waters certainly is not for the timid but this crew is making this dive a regular experience all in the name of science. the main purpose of our trip to antarctica is to establish a foundation for monitoring different species living on the bottom of the ocean we are studying the distribution of animals that live there and we are studying their nature each day during the short summer season as crew makes multiple trips out to sea where they get a firsthand look at what's below the surface. in this case one in the same biological community stretches from a depth of five so almost fifty meters there are certain variations but mostly the picture is the same it's impossible to say anything now it's too early to draw any
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conclusions we've got some little information just one section of you working out of the coastal waters of antarctica will not only help scientists identify the types of animals living here but by coming back over time they can study subtle changes in the environment and how the animals are affected by those changes in three to five years we will repeat our data collection and we can establish whether there have been any changes some animals might have gone and others me have replaced them we can establish why maybe there are some climatic changes that lead to changes among the populations so it will indicate whether it got colder or warmer here what they come up with can at times seem a bit questionable if not simply messy while other times their cash is quite clear but in all cases important to their research so what is logged in ships to russia what is then catalogue and still sometimes new discoveries are made constantly what i'm cataloguing many new types of muscles my colleagues are doing the same we're
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always finding new and absolutely unknown species proving that there is still much more work to be done in one of the world's coldest ecosystems arctica chan thomas forty. stay with us i'll be out with a recap of our top stories in a few minutes. culture
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is that so much of a taxpayer is limited to heights is going to real creative issues of relevance and even legitimacy as the jostling continues residents exceed the now disgraced so many stars coming. down the to be official on t.v. application on the phone the i pod touch for me i choose up still. shall see my. video on demand on cheese my old compass an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the call to the top com. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around.


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