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a little bit of a girl with. but republican leaders met with president obama over how to fix the u.s. debt crisis need while a debt ceiling vote looms and if history serves is likely to be made so is all this just political theater in the meantime. i would like to be. in the so-called land of opportunity even minimum wage jobs are hard to come by these days we'll have more. and those in afghanistan may be having deja vu so as it becomes summertime in the city and obama plans to decide how fast to withdraw u.s. troops will the us go the way of other empires that have occupied the country.
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with the picture of that college student lawrence to. serve more on r t as we enter gate captivates the mainstream media networks today we address the mainstream criticism that r t is entertainment news and lacks substantive journalism. president obama met with house republicans today on the debt ceiling in an exchange that house speaker john boehner called quote very frank read that how you will but they reportedly reached no agreement and that's really no surprise now on the line is this bickering over the budget and meanwhile there's a risk that the country will default on its debts now it comes just after the white house voted down an increase to the debt limit by two point four trillion now the country has until august to get its act together and chances are congress will
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raise the debt limit as it has ten times over the last ten years so is what we're seeing all just what political theater well joining me now to talk all about it is see motley he is president of less government and caroline howled and she is professor of politics at occidental college i want to thank both of you guys for joining me so first of all can we just agree that the debt ceiling needs to be raised and this is all showmanship in the mean time big picture seen no no there's a new groups for ok we'll get to that professor hellmann what do you think. i think it definitely needs to be raised it's been raised one hundred times since it was established and republicans are generally the ones in favor of raising it ok so what do you say to that scene i mean there is the whole scenario that people believe that the with the calls on its debts that will send shock waves through the entire globe so how can you say that as you can that resonate you're not right that you couldn't root not raise the debt ceiling a penny and pay all or debtors how is that possible because the i.r.s. continues to collect revenue regardless of whether or not we raise the debt ceiling what many would argue with the economy would be in dire straits as it is with all
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this and still so high that this is really a rather new crisis more than anything it is a revenue crisis the government spends too much money we increase spending by twenty nine percent in just the last four years of the federal level so why do we cut defense you know there's nine million programs that are stupid wasteful abusive and demonstrably ineffective what do we cut medicare medicare medicaid social security let's start with the constitutional unprescribed duties of the federal government it mentions the national defense it does not mention medicare medicaid or social security all right professor help me get in here what do you say to that we cut. well i would say we actually look at what caused the problem which is not this one time spike in spending as a result of tarp and the economic stimulus but rather look at the structural deficit problems nine out of ninety percent of our structural deficit problems can be attributed to policies passed in the bush administration mostly having to do with cutting taxes on the wealthy and getting into wars we can't afford and about ten percent are due to president obama spending and the stimulus package so we
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can't go in with this big sword and start cutting things that didn't actually cause a problem do you think that that's fundamentally untrue because the deficit bush had was four hundred billion well obama's going over one point two trillion each year he's been in the white house the structural i got as a result of tarp spending on the economic stimulus with. the one time which was stupid spending the week interest of the great depression. the rest of the great depression prolonged the recession and let me finish my thought absent the structural fundamental problems or social security medicare and medicaid liberal socialist ponzi schemes that are crushing the the budget and consuming all of our federal spending but what about the u.s. economy like you know what would you say about the joblessness about the current events in the last thirty or so if there is no move away what is government experience the private sector contracts because it eats up more money it's going more money it's. more all of which i construct that is not very common but yes it's
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absolutely not at all what's happening right now i can only think of stockpiled more money than it ever have caroline i want to give you a second to respond to what the ingest said about what's really the problem in its economy what stapling growth what do you think it. well if it was stifling if social security and medicare were stifling growth seen the zero zero deficit spending that we had our under under bill clinton and you did say that those were the driving problems and that's where we should cut yes because the baby boomers are twenty years older than al the men they're now retiring they were going to be later let's talk about the effective therapy though i mean seeing what about in the u.k. where they've imposed fiscal austerity and any kind of one look at the cost that it's taken on the economy but what do you say to that whole that it's a computer game day here look i'll take just let me ask you this first consumer spending has contracted people are predicting that their recovery is going to be pushed out further as a result of austerity measures when results live in the united states yes it's not what's causing so you would prescribe that for the united states would slow down
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the growth we can order for austerity you know you're linking two things that are fundamentally diametrically opposed to one another government spending. demonstrably damages private sector recovery as we've seen with you nearly one trillion dollar stimulus bill which did nothing to try you all are you that that should have been more and that in fact i guess we're at thirty you going to put a name there in the main or james keane spends club it didn't work in the thirty's it prolong the great depression for a decade and it hasn't worked now what has worked extending bush tax cuts we have seen that money benefit the rich but i mean it hasn't trickled down corporations it has regulators either ok has gone up but the poor are still poor judge people are starving because. of the government is creating uncertainty at every turn the f.c.c. the e.p.a. the national labor relations board are all assaulting the private sector with regulatory regimes that make it impossible for them to know what's coming next and they will not create jobs they will not expand their businesses in such an
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uncertain regulatory climate as is being fought for by president brock now with caroline let me get in here because many people would argue the last thirty years we've seen massive deregulation of many businesses industries wall street being one of the biggies what do you think. well see i don't think you can simultaneously say that government. when government spends that it causes a private sector to shrivel up and then look at the facts which is that the stock market has rebounded four thousand points during this economic. years me excuse me i need to finish my thought here so that it doesn't answer already w. bush. we have seen corporate profits go up about forty percent corporations are stockpiling piling trillions of dollars we have never seen the sort of recovery where wealthy people are getting wealthier and corporations are doing so well at the exact same time that the government is spending all of this money which actually saved wall street which got us in a liquidity crisis in the first place so how do you how do you balance those two
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factors because you just made my point for me government spending why use the. us government overregulation why does the gap between the haves and the have not answered i. don't know a dr let's take let's try to address what i said let's look at me and caroline what do you think he needs to answer. i think you need to tell me why corporations are doing so well given your theory that government spending somehow stifles the private sector that's a great question what do you think of that because they're they're sitting on money that was handed to them by the federal treasury they're not they're not creating the well operations are i mean. paid back their money no no no a lot of them have not that's been paying with the government money was done that g.m. has done that a lot of the wall street banks have just taken other government money to repay other government money it's not going to recovery. obama claim we're going to make a profit on the bill you know we're not here just now announced today that we over
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all you know we're not we're going to obama just to now say we're going to lose twenty percent of our money sixteen billion out of the eighty we spent i mean let me erica i you know it's his number not mine ok let me get in there i want to ask a question you say that the debt ceiling does not need to be rates what about. where the united states has to be able to sell it get boring as far as the investor is in order to finance that operation and what happens when investors no longer have the faith that the united states can pay its bills and it calls on a debt of what about debts what about reality the reality of the reality is i would have more faith that if we actually start to rein in spending or they're going to have more faith because if we continue to. artificially inflate the ceiling you know how they are going to say when there's a question i think they will take it we're going to get tim geithner is being fundamentally disingenuous he runs the show if we do not raise the debt ceiling and his magic date which by the way he's already moved once if it's such a die hard date why did he not it was borrowed from peter to pay the pensions and
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that's what he's the one that comes into the treasury. if he wants to pay off the debtors with want to comes into the treasury if he wants to play games and play chicken with the economy his words not mine he can spend the money elsewhere on all the stupid programs that are going to exist you guys aren't ok it's as he does and i think you're talking about things like medicare people want but how do you bridge the gap that people don't want these programs. rather rely on if we can take people want free ponies too but we can't focus for that anymore either is medicare free pony. wow you're equating making sure that elderly people have good medical care to free pony's government medical care isn't good medical care that's good so that's one of mentally contracts that is that it that is fundamentally you are fundamentally wrong about that we actually spend less and overhead costs that's because they probably shift and if you understand what they do you know the interest in what they do in medicare. much lower rates for goods and services the amount of i don't i don't think they pay when you pick up a terribly with our private sector insurance they shouldn't because i'm happy to do
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that but i'm not about to make sure that your friend has no ok haircut. money every month or so for. what are you let me get on to my next question because i want to move this ahead let's one thing i want to talk about the u.s. recovery obviously the debt ceiling is something that we all feel has something to do with it in one way or another so one thing that many people would argue is a big part of that is jobs and jobs numbers that we just saw come out for an a.d.p. pete payroll numbers were much weaker than analysts were expected it showed private sector job growth just thirty eight thousand jobs this was far below the one hundred seventy thousand that were expected that means people are worried about the friday government jobs numbers that are about to come out and are teaser an important one of our reporters look at where americans are vying for jobs and i want to play that report. there is a golden arches that stretched across the globe from london to brussels to moscow and millions flock to mcdonald's in search of french fries in big macs but what
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about those in search of a career if i wasn't dire straits i might go to mcdonald's but the entire time i was there would be looking for something not to offend employees i would look for other things first that's for sure i don't know but it's yeah no. just the worst about the job. meanwhile just across the atlantic the same a roma. but a much greater sense of appreciation for spirit work and i was able to go from a real person to restaurant manager. the benefits going benefits working with people. it is a security. and a security in the us we're nearly fourteen million people are unemployed a career at mcdonald's has become appealing back in april the fast food chain
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launched its first ever national hiring day nearly one million people applied for a job but only six out of every one hundred applicants were hired. mcdonald's created sixty two thousand new minimum wage u.s. jobs in one day but for the past seven weeks more than four hundred thousand americans filed new claims for unemployment this has forty five million americans are reportedly already receiving food stamps khana missed an authoress leopold says washington is ignoring a ticking time bomb we have the richest country on earth who can put its own people to work that's exasperated waiting to happen that's why for the people in the wake of those. some of the assassination u.s. leaders say terrorism continues to be the biggest threat against americans there is no doubt that there will continue to pursue attacks against us against
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a country where some forty four million americans don't have health insurance a reported one in seven children are homeless america's double war bill tops one point two trillion and the richest four hundred americans hold more wealth than the bottom fifty percent combined to one find words and tax cuts for the super rich they lost their focus they no longer half their eye on the prize which is you have to put the american people back to work back to work in what's being dubbed the jobs u.s. recovery where a nationwide recruitment drive by a low wage employer still sends ninety four percent of applicants back to the golden arches q we're in a port and i am artsy new york ok so a million people applied to mcdonald's on that one jane april sixty two thousand got jobs not a high rate of employment more than forty percent of americans who are employed now
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according to some figures on the business insider are now in service jobs paying low wages and they can disparity in this country hasn't been this great eighty years so what do you do and what do the american people that are making minimum wage do without medicare social security or medicaid well you get the government out of the way but when i do this on the way down i'm not sure what you said but the disparity between wealthy in poor is greater than it's been in eighty years which takes us back to the great depression which was the last time the federal government was this proactive and this active invading the private sector there is not a disconnect here to connect is the greater activity at the federal level into the private sector the greater insertion of the government into the free market invading the free market creates what when you talk about i going to do it now without food stamps forty three million people need to be. what a great economic recovery it's not saying anything in the trailers and recovery in forty three we're on food stamps already has the right question what are people
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going to do without food stamp through the bottom made because look this is magically be able to eat carolina or they can eat. well you know as someone who received food stamps a number of times when i was a poor child i can say that seen it doesn't sound like you have actually been in economic straits because you know i want to talk about i was uneasy shang lepani cake the whole point is that we need these benefits especially when you're unemployed and especially when we have wages that aren't living wages it's not an issue of other government interfering in our private yesterday it's the decline of unions who we no longer have living wages so if you don't like insiders and want unions by issues like jobs who provide a certain i will not use something and i'm certain that i mean wages seven point two percent of the private sector is unionized that's it's a dying industry if you want to have unions argue there's been a war against. the last two months you know over the last thirty years no the people of chosen not to utilize states vote themselves. you see let me let me tell
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you. that at the bottom line if i get the care i know you want to say that's not true but it hasn't worked if you want to look at where wages have been increasing if you want to look at the place where you can actually live in wage jobs and. those that don't like a crisis but such as the economy is two point two percentage points better than the rest of the united states so they are not anything i'd look at boing boing. boing is leaving the hammer of the union in with washington state and i'm going to south carolina right to work state because it's cheaper to do business and creating jobs and they are cheaper to do business just you don't have any listeners on that that's of labor i'll just as the labor gets a paycheck labor gets a page out that their paycheck acid enough to eat or other benefit need to be on. there how do you get out of that like a large part of the way to go to the cyclist what's better having a job at a slightly lower wage or not having the job at all when going leaves the state let's say that are making today i learned that now i'm going to that's what i'm very want to pay you know like now because the government has
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a minimum wage with the minimum wage that all it does is price poor people out of jobs. that's not true that's our. salute you if you can afford of the afford to hire ten people at three dollars an hour he's only for the. people at six dollars an hour and that's what i'm doing i understand there you go do you understand that i understand math well i do understand basic math thank you very much. i don't mean i think it's really interesting that you bring out three dollars an hour because if employers could pay that then we taxpayers would be making up the difference people making mental case now who cannot afford walmart wal-mart gives an introduction to their employees where they pass out things for public assistance for food stamps and other other public employee programs or publications the mexican government here difference when you exit are not involved the mexican government hands out how to get food stamps and everything in our country if you want to get rich you want to drive up wages get rid of the twenty million illegal aliens that are here driving away jack you are guided by what if you target companies that hire an
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employee or if i tell you what i was like i work with analog on call on companies that hire illegal aliens absolutely. but i'm going to break that was caroline hellman professor of politics that occidental college in seaton the motley he is president of less government and while we spoke a little bit about defense and the u.s. wars in that last segment and this month president barack obama is set to decide how fast the u.s. will begin withdrawing troops from afghanistan which is scheduled to begin next month now this comes at a time when afghan president hamid karzai ordered nato to stop striking houses nato is saying no way and card is also warning that foreign forces are close to the behavior of an occupation saying that afghan people know how to deal with that that history is a witness to show how afghanistan deals with occupation but looking back at just how they did during the soviet occupation earlier i spoke with jury to indict he is a journalist he's also also author of this book captive my time as a prisoner of the taliban and i asked him about this instance this spring where an
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afghan man in police uniform shot two american soldiers killed them and was revealed as a hero in the very same region that ten years ago afghans were kissing the hands of american troops i asked him what this says about winning hearts and minds by the u.s. and afghanistan here's what he said. what we have here is the specter of general petraeus talking to congress talking to the american public talking through journalists saying that the war is going extremely well the counterinsurgency effort that was started under general petraeus and was done extremely well in my view under general mcchrystal has now changed where the united states is mine is now we have abrams a one tanks in helmand province we have launched more air attacks more night attacks on houses more civilian deaths than at any time in the ten years that the united states and its allies have been in afghanistan you are
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right in two thousand and one october two thousand and one afghans were almost universally happy that the americans had come and rid them of the taliban in the same way what we've had now is the united states initially went into afghanistan not to fight the taliban hundred under president bush we were there to prevent the united states or excuse me from the united states from being again attacked from afghanistan our goal was to dismantle destruct destroy in any way al qaida that war has evolved over a period of ten years into not a war against al qaeda there are maybe according to all intelligence estimates are all talks coming from the white house and so forth of about fifty maxon to one hundred al qaeda people in the country the war has morphed into a war against the taliban the taliban have morphed into a war which he was tied to nationalism and so what you have is that in my experience having worked as a newspaper reporter in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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there of the new york times in the last ten years more from c.b.s. that many people in the countryside do not see a difference in their eyes because they are judging solely upon the people who are killed in their villages in the continuation of this war and the lack of reconstruction in their eyes that the soviet union and the united states are both infidels coming close in the united states is coming close to being seen as an occupying power. that was driven by key is journalist and author of the book captive my time as a prisoner of the taliban. now this is the part of the show where once a week we now get a chance to respond to some of the criticism of r.t. that has come through the mainstream press that they didn't call us to ask how we responded so we're doing it here maybe you saw the segment we did last week and there is actually such an outpouring of opinion to it on the internet that we wanted to share some of the you tube comments on the show today the first one r.t. tells more truth about america than c.n.n. fox a.b.c. c.b.s. imus n.b.c.
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and all the newspapers combined that in itself makes artiest saint compared to the trash that to americans and the rest of the world that's why the attack dogs are out in force to try and discredit our t.v. i'm very pleased with the truth artie uncovers or at least asked the questions no one else is asking in the media thank you that was peral we want to thank you for getting us your feedback another one says i work for c.b.s. a.b.c. n.b.c. and p.b.s. and a twenty six year career in news and network programming from journalist to news producer i was fired for trying to expose the lies within the military industrial media complex about iraq and other endless cover ups artie's not perfect but they're far more truthful than the traitors liars and media whores that i experienced first hand that was from affinity net news thanks for sharing that experience on you tube and meanwhile also another viewer says our t.v. and the onion network go hand in hand kind of like watching jon stewart for your news hobo fifty nine and all of fifty nine i actually want to thank you so much for
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your criticism because that brings us to the point that we want to address today in an interview on n.p.r. when the guests from global media wars dot com was asked to describe describe our chief coverage this was his official announcement he said it's quote entertainment news and the gist of that entertainment is making fun of the united states their content doesn't try to take itself the. seriously and in that same interview seeming to continue on not just the interviewer of n.p.r.'s on the media said about the coverage of the osama bin laden killing well maybe they just thought the whole thing would blow over and there was a laughter involved and then also on global media wars that same source that was that was interviewed in there and else as they continued they said quote parties high production values cannot hide it's a lack of substantive journalism so you know to be fair we we wanted to check that out we wanted to look at that criticism so we looked back at what pollsters have
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documented cure research tracks the top mainstream media stories we did by week so you can see an actual great count of the top five stories during each week and looking back you know i had to admit there is a really great example where we totally missed one of the five biggest stories that was covered by the mainstream media take a look at that was let us begin with charlie sheen we don't have to tell you for the past week it is with wall to wall charlie sheen on t.v. it. is five thirty am charlie sheen climbs the series of his hollywood hills mansion five people brooke say he's taking his media blitz to the next level she deep line with the its own never before seen version of his reality tonight charlie sheen he's been everywhere for the last three days and at the end of our shooting we wondered as you no doubt will what did we just witness we admit it we missed it i guess we just weren't willing to compare it to look back at what some of the top
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stories were that week on our to america we put a little compilation together what you we take a look. america's middle class fighting a mournful ready historic. all of. this is especially true in southern california where peter formants have fractured the cohesiveness of the law community and fearful of retaliation because of. uncertainty over production has sent prices soaring mean a shockwave through the middle east turmoil are being felt worldwide the u.s. sixth wave has been repossessed and ships in the mediterranean u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton stated quote nothing is off the table and as we just saw british prime minister david cameron has echoed those sentiments. but as violence continues in libya the u.s. sends warships and more troops in that direction fueling speculation and other military intervention to the. teeth with.
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they're. getting louder. so libya labor protests f.b.i. informants and mosques charlie sheen i don't know you decide which is more newsworthy which qualifies as entertainment but to be fair we want to look at more examples maybe you know it was a big week for charlie sheen well given that so i want to look at another big story that we missed and on the day that this story broke we ended up missing what was one of the biggest newsmakers of the week number three that week according to pew research what we see that was arnold schwarzenegger i'm sure saying there are more to those arnold schwarzenegger arnold schwarzenegger the governor of california woke up today to a bob short shorts and anger admitting he had a child with a staff member who worked for the family for twenty years we now learn maria demanded he move out of the revelation yes his love child was
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a huge bombshell that we totally overlooked so let's see what we were looking at that day. and afghanistan today at least eleven people were killed and eighty injured when violent protests broke out after a nato raid that allegedly killed four civilians g twenty finance ministers are meeting in argentina to address commodity prices they're concerned about volatility now you may recall food prices have broken two thousand a record i think you have to recover course to misrata libya and it was the story was a really good day worth his life you know obviously the u.s. dollar is something that is the subject of a world bank report that's just come out saying that it does not expect dollar gemini in twenty twenty five and i apologize that we have to say this is a much of me i just happen to be anchoring that day but commodity prices the u.s. dollar we interviewed a journalist whose best friend had been killed covering libya or none of us read friend colleague and then you have arnold's love child i mean i don't know again
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you decide and even looking at today what is one of the main things that has been all over the cable news networks aside from wiener gate of course which is another great example but the story. part that new developments in the casey anthony murder trial the casey anthony murder trial now isn't it casey anthony's mother cindy breaks down on the stand analyzing every aspect with analysis and experts of what's one criminal case involving one family with as much press attention some believe it is going to be paid to. me as was paid to the o.j. simpson case back several years ago and also six hundred media have been credentialed for that so one case like that how many people doesn't really impact the verses of the economy the million people that are applying for jobs at mcdonald's the debt ceiling i don't know but it's certainly something to consider we wanted.


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