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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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it's. the u.s. is under mounting pressure to stop its drone attacks which killed scores of civilians abroad but americans at home also fear the technology might be used over their own heads to. travel to the streets and squares of greece to vent their fear and over the nation's dar economy dances after all could spill over to other states against invading athens out's once again. islamist group the muslim brotherhood is declared legal in egypt ahead of the parliamentary elections for the country to receive a three billion dollars loan from the international monetary fund. and russia's gazprom says a may start focusing on gas the research page as opposed to the
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european union now why is that find out on business interests and. international news in comments live from our studios here in central moscow this is t.v. latest the us drone attack in volatile northwest pakistan has killed at least eighteen people on official reports claim the casualties were minutes and some witnesses name civilians among the victims and as drones have become one of washington's most favored weapons americans fear the technology might soon be used to snoop a little closer to home and the church can has this report. this was when the us drone hit the house of this young man in pakistan he lost an eye both legs and three family members. these people are demanding the cia be held responsible for
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the deaths of their loved ones but to no avail with the use of drones comes a lack of accountability those are being operated by somebody at a command center willingly regina they're watching it on video on a video screen they're pressing a button they're deciding who lives and who dies and then they go off for a weekend where they have barbecues in their suburban virginia in suburban maryland homes and who pays the price the people who are the victims of the attack is there accountability none whatsoever drones have become the symbol of america's undeclared wars wars that seem to have no state all the gold boundaries we've all been over new realm of warfare a new room of breaking international and domestic law. using pakistan yemen and elsewhere they have killed scores of civilians the former chief counterinsurgency strategist for the u.s. state department has estimated the drone attacks killed fifty non targeted persons
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for each in candide target one of the things the united states kind of pretends is that we are morally superior we are better just able to judge what is good for other people and therefore we are entitled to inflict our judgement on them and that we presume they will be grateful to us for it but that is not what happens ever and it's not what's happening in yemen it's not what's happening in pakistan they are furiously enraged with us washington is looking to increase the funding for droom development by seven times over the next ten years a large part of that will go towards an armed surveillance drones the u.s. has for years been using them in another of its undeclared wars against drug traffickers in mexico the mexican government allows you. u.s. spy planes despite public discontent there's a lot of concern that the use of these drones by the us government has more to do with u.s. control over mexican territory actually going out to the drug lords and winning the
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drug war while issues of international law and sovereignty trigger a little interest among americans the prospect of having surveillance drones spying all across the u.s. itself surely does us police agencies are asking for drones for domestic surveillance raising the alarm among those who think that could be the end of american freedoms and specially when you look at constitutional activities like free speech activities that are going to be hovering over crowds that are merely maybe protesting the war or protesting some are governmental act and they'll be chilling free speech the girls will be equipped with some sort of weapon so some people are saying lasers will be able to punish who are advocating against the government they've already been used in some instances in the united states alone two thousand servant protesters in washington d.c. noticed small objects floating over here that look like dragonflies turned out they were robo flies and all that by the pentagon now surveillance devices as america continues developing this play station mentality killing any intelligence gathering
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in practice that people leave in fear that it need time they could become a target of the most deadly videogame and media here in the last year that with their rapid expansion of supply drones over their own territory they could one day wake up you know to my police state i'm going to check our reporting from the heart . in greece people are venting their anger against the government as it bates implementing harsh austerity measures to secure further re the e.u. and the international monetary fund of approve more cash for athens in a bid to save the country and the single currency from defaulting but it's not eternal bushell reports there are those ready to go to court to stop their country footing the bill. the euros did long leave germany says top lawyer marcus kerber he's suing the german government to stop it playing crop neighbors you cannot say that you will base a walgreens on the country you have to get rid of groups is no longer worth
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a candidate. member of the european union the nations labeled in the region by some as the pigs of europe portugal ireland greece and spain must drop the currency now before they drag down other members wards kerber although athens last year raised the pension age to sixty five and could early retirement other countries believe that greek workers work less will bail you out a second time says chancellor merkel but if you want cash in future you must work longer. we can't have a common currency us some get lots of occasions time and others very less so that won't work in the long term. the statements caused through ring greece but they're not happy in the e.u.'s cash capital frankfurt either believing the greeks have had it too easy because if we are going to chill sixty seven it's not
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possible to get clear why other people should go with sixty fifty nine which are certainly not responsible for the deaths and the deficits run in portugal greece and the big states raise the age when when the greek people retire. story all the people well we have to work along as well germans or wrote boiling point anger which could spill out onto the streets say some experts if the problems of the euro become more bigger and bigger higher and higher that it is also not a student good german people go on this week because they say ok we don't want to pay any more powerful greens and they'll suing merkel's government claiming it did facts about bailouts from the public people in germany i ask you do we have to pay these so we have to give answers and the answers we don't get from our government even the ruling party's revolting close pizza will she's fighting all rescues since
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he argues leaving the eurozone is in the interests of the struggling countries they should take the chance to say ok we get out we. want to have our restructured. money from high interest rate with some of their money and they can qualify again for the a.b.s. came fifteen years greece protests the euro's a straight jacket which blocks traditional ways to boost your economy like devaluing the currency or adjusting interest rates. even greece's european commissioner says that the country's membership of the common currency is at risk and this takes the painful cost cutting medicine destroyed by the e.u. and the i.m.f. greeks no agree with germany out of control the question is will weak states quit the euro and reorganize or stay and bring the single currency down with
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a new bushel. before more in european belt you can logon to r.t. dot com you can also share with us what you think euro zone members should do we've asked you if germany should continue handing out rescue packages to its failing neighbors and so far most of you believe it should close its coffers as you can see there on screens it's since it's in country's best interest to leave the euro behind now if you haven't yet done so you can still have time to to cast your vote and get to hear from you just. got com. spain's another european country on financial brink has its fruit and vegetable exports have been wiped out that's after germany wrongly blamed spanish cucumbers for the deadly e. coli outbreak was later believed to have originated on a german farm but officials now say that is not the case either financial analyst she believes the initial allegations could be part of a plan to drive a wedge between euro zone members. when something goes wrong when it is only human
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nature to try and put the blame on somebody else and germany did that very powerfully accusing poor innocent spanish cucumbers of being the cause of the e-coli outbreak now nevertheless i think that there's probably a more subtle agenda be highly all of this that is closely related to the fact that there are increasing centrifugal forces within the european union that already made a lot of people's talk about fractures powerful break ups we just heard in the previous nodes that if greece doesn't find its way around it's cool its financial crisis then what it might put a lot of the european monetary mechanism the euro will very often one could even imagine that germany how many germans or many powerful people in germany are probably wondering why the image of themselves into europe to begin with so i think that it's not it's it's not good to just a job to the first obvious conclusion of a piece of news are we real people who must try and find other layers of truth and
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reasoning that might lead you to. well coming away shortly here in r.t. border disorder fear of renewed clashes after israeli troops opened fire on probably in protesters as israel blames syria for trying to divert attention from its internal crisis it's. also still to come for your mission towards a final frontier as the new i assess crew is set for and pulse of this world journey. two days left before plastered up here by car parts not around we'll bring you details on the final preparations. for the powerful islamist group of the muslim brotherhood has been declared legal in egypt for the first time since its inception and is set to run for elections is considered a terrorist organization and many countries around the world egypt's transitional government has accepted a three billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund to help relaunch the country's economy what's more on this now talk to radio host and blogger
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stephen lemon joining us live on his webcam there in chicago stephen good to hear you once again here in our team billions are being poured into egypt but if the muslim brotherhood considered by some as radical islamists to get elected is there a concern on how they will be using that money. there isn't. actually. rather know what the fringe groups religious or otherwise the muslim brotherhood was created it's a precursor to the muslim brotherhood was created by british intelligence in the nineteen twenty six. august society image of a society for propaganda. it became the muslim brotherhood leader but it was the brotherhood really stand for. the egyptian people. most of the road is pro business. pro why is there
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a longstanding we really should intelligence. it really was the cia here which created no g forty so. much so the idea of. clean the terrorist organization is a writ hearing. ok let's talk about the situation in the country at the moment. barack obama nicolas sarkozy they've already pledged to aid egypt and of course tunisia but interesting enough these are two countries they have interim government they haven't had democratic elections and such yet so why would they be putting money into elected on established governments at this stage in those countries. well the governments of the west like spears the notion of democracy in tunisia egypt and my goodness in america those are things that are absolutely intolerable to folks and want to do to force whitehall being able to
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work friends or so-called. they like governments they couldn't throw so he has a military whatever you names to merge forward because the relation of each are. holding the names will be nothing the whole behind the scene woke early will be gyptian our gary nairn will be from washington and beyond here of egypt or any other country chaney and i am your floor before you get christened trouble he doesn't know what is surely these countries are on their knees economically won't the people benefit if there is an injection of funds into their economies which are collapsing at the moment they need to attract investment they need to attract tourists the people there need to earn a living doesn't that injection help them right now which is the opposite bill. loan comes with very very dangerous three privatisations or state industries mass
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layoffs wage freezes social benefit cuts the reason the people in greece people i'm speaking speak people or else worry you're protesting what streets here steve neoliberal policies. come with i have never flown if louis cayennes the sovereignty of these governments. is so he can strip mine countries of their assets of the material wealth to exploit people the more money he's country safe from the i.m.f. the worse trouble will be so it's a real saying that in the past that being held to ransom but why. when you see that part of the reason for the revolt in tunisia and egypt were because of poverty surely financial aid will actually help the economy and prevent any further unrest within those countries when to promote peace and development that could be
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a good start for social good although he is the target of prices to western interest on which they in turn will hurt ordinary working people he certainly won't know them they really know almost ceased to be i don't have. the international lending agencies the ferry reserves the grade of being one the the e.c. the policies of the business of business some day it is and in doing so ordinary workers why is our employment so i am getting worse why is the same thing happening in europe why are these country suffering more three years after the economic crisis broke all the injections that money it would have to these. countries all the through fuel and fires me things worse they didn't
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meet and that's exactly what getting into bed with the marines so egypt taking money from the idea that it's caving. egypt so worse than creditors. steal your resources and absolutely earth future actual people they will discover it sooner or later people with wealth very interesting to hear what you have to say stephen lemon thanks so much for sharing us your thoughts on this matter joining us live there in chicago radio host stephen lemon thank you. well syria's nuclear program will be a key topic for the u.n. nuclear watchdog at its weeklong meeting in vienna amid pressure from the u.s. and other states the i.a.e.a. is discussing whether it was destroyed by israeli warplanes in two thousand and seven was a nuclear site damascus insists it was a peaceful facility but the atomic agency is the morning call create evidence to back up those claims suddenly from the arab lawyers association has told me earlier
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that washington and its allies are using the allegations as a tool to remove the current rulers in syria. now that the syrian regime is under fire this. trial has to be opened so that the international community of us gets the un and the way to accuse syria of violating international law so they can take the matter up to this community council so that we can apply more pressure us yet again and the ecb use of the international institutions for a political project is whether it's the guy over there is so this security council and this is what the u.s. is doing the findings of the. time and for the last few years has been there was nothing there this is a building which has been especially by the way the time and number of times but then after they wanted the plans all of this it is out doing they told them a number of times that this is a military installation and this is nothing to do with
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a nuclear energy or power or a reactor the i.a.e.a. saying since you are not telling us what else you are going to use it therefore it must be a nuclear facility and that's why we're going to take the matter to the security council being at the present moment the west is trying to change these regimes syria has mean one of the painters or for existing foreign western policy it's been anti israel and very clearly therefore it's time to get syria to bow down before you apply all the pressures of the mystically externally minded you must agree i think this eerie and regime is to blame for what's happening there but i think this is an idea of pressure which is being brought certainly raising this issue after all these years till now it wasn't ok they were not go a great thing but we don't say anything now that it is only seen on its knees we have to raise up this project. israeli troops are brace for more violence after a day of deadly clashes with protons twenty protesters on the syrian border over
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twenty people have reportedly been killed since sunday and thousand started march towards the israeli controlled government heights the protesters were marking the anniversary of the nine hundred sixty seven middle east war when israeli security forces opened fire on israel blames the syrian regime accusing it of instigating the violence to deflect attention from problems of democracy activist mr she says there's only one aggressor in this conflict. palestinians like. because what i getting peacefully nonviolently of the are demanding the same thing democracy freedom and peace the palestinians. and the palestinians are now two state solution it is that it does not but it will be nice palestine israel is the only country in the world that is a member of the united nations that does not have a constitution and did not declare out there now its borders because israel continues to expand and continues to annex other people's land and in the process
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they have created this long military occupation which has become now a system. in human history israel is the oppressor. apartheid system in south africa. could not continue because the people of south africa decided to struggle against it and deny the right of the south africans to be from the united states was the last time and this will be the case here in palestine the fact that the israeli lobby is very powerful in the united states would not stop us from demanding freedom independence i want a democracy and the world has to accept palestinians as equal human beings to the israelis and equal human beings to everybody. and will stay with syria in world update this state. television there are reports that a hundred different police some of been killed in a gun battle in the north of the country officials claim security personnel came
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under attack by armed gangs in a town near the turkish border government forces are trying to quell the months long protest against the rule of president bashar al assad. the former i.m.f. chief has pleaded not guilty to charges of sex crimes it was dominique strauss collins first appearance in a new york court since being released on six million dollars bail the frenchman is under house arrest and the guard was detained three weeks ago and faces seven different counts including the attempted rape of a hotel maid found guilty can spend up to twenty five years in prison. if you know something on our program you can always catch up on our website it's dot com plenty of other stories and videos there as well all the time here's a quick taste of what's there at the moment should you log on you can find out how george w. bush and dick cheney ended up alongside him on a list of the worst people of all time put together by a u.s. school. plus the naked truth a group of female activists in ukraine national journalists day with
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a very hot protest against corrupt media now to watch more of this video you can go to our you tube channel. we can count has begun at the baikonur cosmodrome version of the soyuz spacecraft are being moved into position ready for blast off in just a few days that carry three crew members to the international space station for a six month mission on board the most remote outpost lindsey france reports now from the launch pad. less than two days left before class up here at the baikonur cosmodrome and the three crew members are all in quarantine mike fossum sergei volkov and satoshi photo car were met with press family and friends today through thick glass in what was their last public appearance the mood was light as they talked about what they will miss most about their comforts of home to face. different foods but the thing that is the most brutal for fish was.
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of course fresh fruits and vegetables are the most valuable products of years but only as frank toodles the most is that if you. like says. now before the three leave the ground they've received some very fatherly advice from sarah gable father alexander himself because women are so your point so i would give is not to go straight to the illuminator to take a look outside and move your head too much or you might get space sickness seasickness and don't do somersaults straight away because you take care of yourself for the first few days you have a six month mission ahead when this crew takes off on the eight it will take them two days to duck out the i.s.a.'s. with a summary of our main news stories here in about five minutes from now in the meantime let's take a look at all the latest business news with dimitri he's with us next.
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and in a warm welcome to business artsy promise fired a warning shot at the year over the hotly debated russian gas in the race to your company's c.e.o. says if the current price model does not suit european customers it would deliver its gas to agents that. were also believes the remarks are intended to spur china rather than the e.u. . i think is pretty much stating the obvious in the sense that everybody knows that sooner or later gaspar will start supplying gas to china and that will be quite significant but it's slightly less than half that of course it's now supplying to the e.u. . maybe even more will see how it works out but. it's very much repeating the obvious and giving it a slightly different color can you and it's also ahead of the economic forum and separate is because. we would like to see some kind of
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announcement or at least preliminary agreement between russia and china on gas supply lines. secret of the markets now and in the u.s. they are trading with a slight decline that after five straight weeks of losses there's a lot the selling financials with bank of america down three point two percent this hour. european stocks were mostly lower on monday driven by weak economic data that germany's dax was losing three zero point three percent of the close driven by banking stocks that were low across much of europe lloyds bank was three point eight percent lower leg or international i was the biggest gainer on the foxy up two point seven percent russia's markets ended the first day of the week of the flats of positive note for the r.t.s. gaining point four percent for myself by just a notch for a look at some individual shares or see that energy majors like growth their game point nine percent banks were doing pretty well unlike the rest of the world where bank of point nine percent now was bank one point eight percent after
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a reported one hundred fifteen million dollars profit in the first peter alexander is next with his wrap of the day started. to. be performance we should talk about the worst weeks in advance of the major theme or for you last week was the data from the us economy which was the trigger from different today we've got a very small market that we're in sort of broad thirty percent of the usual volume people are sleepy and people are waiting for the i think from the european central bank official speech shows that. castro could finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel the country has won approval for a free billion dollar loan from russia and its. inflation skyrocketed by twenty percent in five months forcing the government to raise some even prices people been
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desperately trying to buy foreign currency as the belorussian ribble lost almost half its value doesn't look a century is also seeking financial help from the international monetary fund and the editor in chief of business new europe magazine ben ara says both russia and the i.m.f. are pushing for the market reforms. that are a serious crisis i mean you could argue that the crisis in ninety one which looks like a put off by keeping tight control of the economy is finally right and they need money they need cash to keep keep the country afloat some have some money you know from russians through here a statement going and talking to the i.m.f. but of course in both cases they come with strings attached slightly different i mean the russians are pushing for privatization whereas the i.m.f. will come with a different set of strings which will be about bureaucracy and pension reform and spending reform i think one of the interesting points is that given the pressures it was subsidized. economy and when the increase in gas prices about three years ago subsidies came to an end and this approach crisis is
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a result of in essence russia's trying to put its relations with its neighbors are economic times business r.t. will be back next stay with me here in moscow. culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money maintaining ization it's even a lot of people at various saving the hero in the financial and political costs if you.


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