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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the libyan capital wakes to the most intense nato bombing since operations began the russian peace envoy beats rebels in benghazi to use talks instead of or through some of libya's crisis. france and britain wants action against syria for using violence on its own people but the kremlin says it's determined to prevent foreign nations interfering. britain steams ahead with plans to expand its nuclear facilities being concerns that terrorists could be eyeing the sites as targets.
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carrie johnson of the program where we start in libya where nato is keeping up its heaviest bombardment of the capital since airstrikes began and watch the attacks continued into wednesday morning with war planes hitting tripoli more than sixty times government representatives claim the killed thirty one people because gadhafi remains defiant in the face of nato's rates he will never surrender they've been state t.v. broadcast an audio address which the coalition and the rebels meanwhile tension is growing between nato commanders and that would be an oppositional bengazi when rebel leaders accuse me of taking initiative what is essential in people's uprising russia's special envoy is in the rebel quarters on a peace mission to try and split a dialogue with tripoli to take with. the visit. the
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russian special presidential envoy becoming a caliphate is now here in libya to try to mediate in the civil war that has lasted for months already and has already claimed many many allies including innocent civilians we seriously think that strikes never sold political problems and we said it here very clearly as long as the bloodshed continues the longer it continues the more difficult it will be to build a national reconciliation process off to the civil war so we are very much in favor of building political bridges so to speak and we are ready to help that comes following president medvedev said on some and after the g. eight meeting in france that's colonel gadhafi has lost its legitimacy and should step down no one can predict how successful this special peace mission of the russian federation will be here in libya but one thing is clear that will
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definitely not be easy because of his government has repeatedly strongly retracted the possibility of the colonel qadhafi standing down while these is the major and the most important among all the radicals people who come with conditions the un and something else done something big in the nation because they are saying to the libyan people you do not know what is good for you we are going to choose for you so if you are really interested in peace what you do is you come and see the future of libya should be decided by libyans the russian peace mediators the rival coincides with an intensification of nature as a military activity here in libya we are actually not allowed to leave the hotel where we are staying now in the center of tripoli but from here we can see and hear that nato has intensified its strikes on the curb. no here
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in the states just. because. the first time started using attack helicopters research foreign secretary has declared after visiting the rubble. that they have. lost. his actions in. brown's operation. this is so. strong russia has always been strongly opposed to. political means. conflict. reporting from the very heart of the cause there and to follow what she's seeing her twitter. underscore she's monitoring what's happening throughout the day
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to keep you updated on the latest developments in. mediating peace in libya russia says it's also determined to prevent foreign intervention of country in syria the regime is continuing its crackdown on protesters. at the u.n. for action russia's foreign minister says the kremlin. services but those are your thoughts when it comes to the proposal to consider syria in a similar way as was applied to the libyan situation in which the security council and international community have already become bogged down we believe that the glue must cease to be aimed at resolving problems politically and not to create conditions for new armed conflicts we should support a process of national reconciliation on accord and constructive peacekeeping roles for neighboring states rather than try to pass more and more resolutions which will
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in fact mean siding with one of the parties in an internal political conflict. world watches insists the serious troubles are a problem and its people find their own way but if a journalist has written extensively on arab spring he's warning against the former colonial powers for reasserting it. it's a very very dangerous move by france interfere in syrian revolution because both countries have a very long history in this region palestine lebanon. itself and i think it will be seen very much as western interference in. syria we have to remember that a revolution the revolutionary process that is taking place in the middle east is one in which ordinary people are taking time to take control of the society this is an internal struggle if you like for the future direction of syria and you feel there's a sense now that france or president sarkozy of france is moving like
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a demon to try and. place france back in a position of power inside the middle east and i have to repeat we have to remember that france had control over syria in from the end of the first world war and there was a very very long struggle for syria to get rid of the french for independence so the idea that this is somehow some kind of benevolent force coming in to help the syrian population i think cuts very little life so i think it's a very unwise move by the west to interfere. still ahead in the program they held back hindus who attended a convent one of india's lower caste groups is fighting social stigma make their way for places that are not. nuclear officials from the twenty biggest economies are meeting in paris as atomic energy exports increasing on the back burner for countries of the crisis in japan germany and switzerland to close all that nuclear axis but britain is committed to
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expanding its facilities which explains it's leading to security threats. the lake district famous spirit queen villages and spectacular. views it's a hillwalkers paradise but one can't help wondering if people would be quite as happy to holiday here if they knew what was right next door here right on the edge of the picturesque lake district sellafield nuclear plants improbably it's home to the world's biggest plutonium stockpile a waste product of civilian nuclear fuel plutonium is one of the deadliest substances known to man poisonous and convertible into nuclear weapons but nuclear scientists have a plan inside these buildings they take the waste and recycle it into usable
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nuclear fuel called mox it sounds great in theory but the reality is very different there is an existing plants about solar field. which has been a tiny fraction of what it was supposed to do and it cost an enormous amount of money cables leaked. the us described it as a big industrial embarrassing and a white elephant the majority of the sellafield plutonium stockpile is british but managers were so confident it would work they took in from other countries promising to send it back as fuel a major customer was japan which now says it would buy the mox. has changed the landscape because there is now growing concern in japan about the whole new clear. business in particular the business in recycled to fuel. the purpose of what's plans of solar fields was to make fuel that would be sent back to japan using
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japanese kitani and even before fukushima the p. tonia reprocessing plant at sellafield was considered one of the biggest disasters in british industrial history producing just ten percent of its planned output huge cost but that hasn't stopped. government plans for building yet another plant it could cost ten billion dollars much of it taxpayer money is really getting rid of pluto. more expensive to produce it uses to make it work and it produces nuclear waste is much more difficult to deal with the stockpiles here to stay posing a massive security threat the biggest fear is. that stock will be targeted in some way. by crushing craft on. this enormous.
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use by terrorists for five kilograms. and remember we have something something approaching one hundred tons of it five kilograms of this to make. for many many years so the field has been affected by global events recently in the wake of the killing of osama bin ladin five men were arrested taking photos here on suspicion of terrorist activities they were eventually released without charge but the incident highlighted the hazards of storing such a huge amount of deadly material sounds like a good way of getting rid of it but following fukushima there's no market worryingly that hasn't stopped the government plans to pour billions into a second plant nor ever its r.t. sellafield. members of the oil exporting cartel opec meeting in vienna are expected to announce the first. twenty two thousand.
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at the r.t. business there to explain. why the pressure has been on for a while make a difference to prices and basically that's why why this is done but opec is likely to increase production quotas they say by roughly one a half million barrels a day. push fuel prices lower and also take some pressure off the world economy and this is done to replace the lost levy on supplies now alice however think that the move will be largely symbolic since most opec countries already produce more than that daily quotas and raising the quota could allow some countries to boost production even more now the u.s. is saying that the demand for oil is you know is going to increase but clearly the economic data doesn't show it. doesn't suggest that so we'll be watching how the prices on the oil react to this to these decisions at the moment all is down point
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seven percent and light sweet is trading at around ninety nine dollars per barrel and brant is around one hundred fourteen so we'll be keeping you posted on oil fluctuation prices throughout the day ok i'm all for you better thanks christopher . gardener if you get it so not see the change which taxi drivers say is just not fair hailing a cab in the capital it's usually essential in most countries controversial. to protect the room and scoot back from a new porsche or to close. the crowded lift off as a crew of three headed for then they stay on the international space station explore the relationship between and then work it. india's clone structures on the world's most rigid people who want to do a cost held back from opportunities or even basic liberties but one such group is
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breaking the mold of thousands of years of tradition though it is on this. reassuring reports claiming the cost of data is not easy. it's who wants to be a millionaire indian style and today in india more people than ever feel like they too have a shot at making it big. meet. he's the owner of every spawn pipes a cement pipe making company worth three hundred fifty million rupees court eight million dollars so what makes him different than any other rich indian well he's a dollar the lowest caste in the ancient hindu caste system also known as untouchables for centuries these people were restricted to work such as cleaning stewards and picking up dead animals from the streets and i thought my mother the support of those murders that we have from this cost and how we have lived.
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for that. so just that made it his mission to get an education he worked on his business during the night and went to college during the day while just the claims that he didn't feel any sort of discrimination of members of the dollar community say that this growing up of millionaires and billionaires had to triumph over ingrained societal stereotypes. the ability was not allowed to be in the same group as agreement he had to stand next to the door bell it said it was constant and it was forbidden to fall on an uphill cost. jumped up says that these preconceived notions actually motivated him to succeed after completing his education juggernauts business began to grow and today he sells pipes for irrigation purposes all over western india despite his accomplishments he still trouble about his journey reborn. business.
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in this part three this is a hard one to this is a work i would be. promoting in this factory the millionaires themselves say it's a side effect of india's paul. the that opened up the economy to foreign investment in one thousand nine hundred one since then and many businesses including ones like idolaters have thrived. entrepreneur is also say the government's efforts to make quotas for lower castes in schools and government jobs has helped them get an education to improve their lives even though many dollars have overcome their social casting become successful entrepreneurs most of them still live right here in the slums this site is examples of success many of them feel that the indian society is structured to keep them bright where they are so much they look i belong to the village gods and people from other does to look don't. push it to study. in the society. people don't care about us and don't come to see how we live but
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one piece of his ego a man government should take care of them if they have less money and should give them proper education. but the millionaire is believe that if they can do it then other members of their caste can chew the. prison and he could. just be here. using their will power to overcome the odds prehistory there are t. a india. taking around the world now with the other top stories clashes in a southern yemeni style that's reportedly held by al qaida that's left at least forty five people in the capital to continue to rally since he's away he's currently in saudi arabia for a serious injuries or a rocket or activists want to use his absence to regime change.
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human rights chief has condemned israel's deadly on the rest of us were up to forty people have died in recent weeks i've. expressed concern that syria has. people to protest in an area filled with landmines israeli police fired on civilians who were protesting on the un question of a nineteen sixty seven eastern will soon learned seized from syria. extreme weather that's pounding several caribbean countries has killed at least twenty three eighty mudslides and flooding swept through crowded slums and it's also hundreds of thousands to homeless often lost as most of the earthquake forces say many of those killed in the warnings to regulating the area aid groups warmness a very weather could worsen a cholera outbreak already. germany's health minister says the outbreak of a deadly new strain of heat the worst is over objections so killed twenty four
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people and left a further two thousand four hundred europe move the risk pledging one hundred fifty million euros compensation for affected farmers but spain which was wrongly blamed for their products being the source says that's not enough. to catch a cab in moscow just stick out your hand and then only a few seconds someone is like and pull over and over it's usually a member of the public trying to make a few extra googles so the law is tightening up but genuine taxi drivers say it's them who suffer as they go grow their reports. it was a law that was meant to protect them instead it's made moscow's registered taxi drivers take to the streets. with the best will in the world there's no way i or anyone can comply with the new regulations so just appearing to lose my job. we
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want to changes but not these changes the new law was written to kill small businesses like ours the new law was meant to stop legitimate taxi drivers and undercut by so-called gypsy cabs which dominate russia's big cities these are all bangers often operated by immigrant drivers who lack local knowledge and pay no tax at the risk of large fines all drivers all soon have to pay in one of a limited number of licenses paying their car color equipped with a meter and sign a written contract with every passenger in theory it should ring the last market. is perfect and this one might only work half of the time but at least it shows the authorities are doing something instead of nothing as in previous years. but according to the being in the taxi drivers union will achieve exactly the opposite
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of what it sets out to do you reckon signing a contract for every trip is unworkable and making every cab including private hired cars the same color will be expensive and unnecessary. this is pure bureaucracy and instead of helping normal cabbies it will make us on competitive. he also worries that the licenses will not be distributed fairly. what will remain is a two tier system a few expensive companies who can afford the licenses and the authorized drivers who didn't have a law and will carry on ignoring it. the new regulations are supposed to come into force in september they want her first three registered before there will be. treated as a little break out of the woods nobody quite knows how the new law will work in practice but one thing is already clear as it was being designed not all of the interested parties were consulted the ball is now but the lawmakers court but will
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they listen. out see moscow. well now we have more on making the most of life in russia our own websites and a couple russian media section here's what else what country are talking about right now taking in all these people a russian marin a fan or song she's sleeping no. one can sing. and stalking the streets driveable don't want from there so why is it cracking it's raining heads in moscow so don't see that come back. three men are on their way to the international space station after blasting off just a few hours ago the russian american and japanese crewmembers will spend five months in orbit but plenty of work plan to keep busy while in space parties as you watch
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the liftoff from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan. the three men have been together for nearly two years proper preparing for this trip they've traveled all over the world preparing in different models of soyuz and getting ready for what is really this final push into space in what they say feels almost a little bit like home as craft as it may be the soyuz is something they facticity for so long now that it feels a little bit like home as they told us just the other day let's listen first of all when you sit in the spaceship the younger son says he's yours it was made for you it should bring you to orbit school and hopefully bring a gun and you love the space shuttle and we've starts working you can hear how everything is working and running this is life for you and your family differences between the shuttle and the so you have a mission. to help carry. things. so you have to.
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more people people in a small amount of work. i mean very hard. wired to you fred point from. the three men say they will be taking very special items into space with them albeit very few items pictures of loved ones and so on to also be able to talk with their families every day and we've talked to the backup team they're very excited to watch this they say that it's something it's an amazing emotional thing to watch let's check it out. it will take them about eight minutes to hit orbit around the earth two days to
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talk now to three bed when they get there will be undertaking over for. forty scientific experiments among them cancer research and the ability to actually grow food in space. right the earth just shook tremendously you can really sense the power in that as as it took off i'm sure the family and friends are very shaken up what an experience that was. the next we're going to see what sort of taking off in the business world with korea. hello and welcome to this year r t thanks for joining me russia and ukraine will stick to existing gas supply and transit agreements the key figures i kept saying gas prices for transit tariffs that's one of the outcomes of the interstate commission meeting held in moscow on tuesday ukraine which imports about sixty percent of its domestic gas from russia has been trying to negotiate
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a lower price future economic difficulties cost and ukraine are also set up a special joint working group to deal with natural gas and. russia's biggest lenders burbank is working on expansion into europe one of its first steps is to bid for austria's folks back international as burbank c o herrmann graf is to offer seven hundred fifty million euros less than the owners expected the austrian banking group put its fifty one percent stake in its eastern european oh. and its leasing business for sale in december bangkok to raise one point eight billion euros. i'm pretty sure major b.p. says it has no plans to sell down its stake in its russian venture ten k. b.p. the company denied earlier media reports that it threatened to do so b.p.'s russian partners and think the b.p. recently blocked the share swap deal between the pretty sure major and state run ross now but despite the wrath b b p says it focus is on developing taking
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b.p. which is also the country's third largest oil producer. and staying with all members of the oil exporting cartel opec are meeting in vienna to look at possibly increasing quarter it could be one of the most volatile gathering since the gulf war it's believed opec wants to replace a drop in levy and supplies and meet the growth in demand later this year but industry analyst. doesn't think much will be achieved. most of the country has not given up. their say good for expansion so the soviet our social spending numbers soared persistent courage from spending reduced coming your way once you see that in russia british according to the russian russian budget was balanced in two thousand and seven with the war that's. now it was granted brown says that hundred ten. once you just saw some solutions and things
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were out to pull back especially in these world countries so somewhere around the house between a hundred maybe a hundred ten maybe even slightly more than up with would be just very very price that everyone's moving out of the moment so i don't think i don't think oprah has is ready to change not. now as a collective the markets who fell in new york are raising early against the next speculation opec might increase its target with output like sweet is currently trading at around ninety nine dollars a barrel brant is trading at around one hundred sixty dollars at the. markets in asia lower japanese shares a razor early losses but struggled to stay positive stocks away by a sell off the meter is the sector as a tokyo electric power lost over six percent automakers are also lower with honda and nissan going around one hundred percent to go to setting up to help some stocks and down over worries about monetary tightening time. here in moscow the odds has
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trading flat at the opening on tuesday was installed jumped the most and if we can my sixth at it along one point eight percent. and that's it for now but i'll be back with more in less than one hour we well you can i could always i lost or is not that so i thought cost must. so.


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