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expedition to the bottom of the earth on. the. last one of the lessons of the libyan stalemate minutes against a u.n. action on syria which is pretty heavily pushed right now by the u.k. in front. of a draft resolution against syria is being discussed for the first time behind closed doors at the united nations that story from new york coming up in a few minutes. russia's envoy to libya meantime says it's clear both gadhafi government on the opposition see talking not fighting is the only way to end the country's civil war. and britain's growing atomic appetite believes experts to worry over a possible nuclear nightmare in which terrorists target the country's energy
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facility. also in our business and while is up more than two dollars a barrel as opec decides to leave production levels unchanged join me in twenty minutes time from a. very good evening from moscow it's ten pm wednesday night and now you're watching the artsy international news channel with me kevin now in first france and britain to put forward a draft resolution to be u.n. security council later wednesday condemning the syrian government's crackdown on govern stray sions the u.k.'s prime minister announced a move in response to months of violent unrest against president assad's rule that is one important as across the latest developments in new york for us tonight. what is expected to happen is that there will be closed door consultations and all fifteen members of the security council will look over this draft resolution that
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will be presented by france and britain in this draft resolution there will be a condemnation reportedly condemnation against syria the draft also calls for accountability over the ongoing violence the draft also calls for humanitarian aid to be allowed into syria to help any of those people that have been injured in the ongoing unrest and according to what's been reported this draft presented by by two european countries urges other countries not to supply weapons to damascus though in the meantime the u.s. and its western allies is also putting together another draft resolution that reportedly calls for serious concern or expresses serious concern over syria's lack of cooperation with inspectors from the international atomic energy agency so this is one two punch of course this coming following months of unrest that have
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been taking place in syria some human rights organizations say that more than one thousand people people have been injured but experts however say that what is taking place in syria is a civil conflict that required that does not require and prohibits actually any kind of international involvement without russia and china coming on board there's no chance of any resolution being passed in the security council russia and china are both veto wielding members they they have expressed several times that they would not support any kind of resolution or harsh statements against syria this of course following what is taking place with libya russia has expressed the fact that some countries western countries european in the u.s. have extended beyond measures that were that were put out in the resolution against . libya that allowed for a no fly zone and according to the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov he says that more diplomatic measures should be used with respect to syria because the last
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thing the international community needs is to slide into another conflict because as publishing your course when it comes to the proposal to consider syria in a similar way as was applied to the libyan situation in which the security council and international community have already been conned. we believe that diplomacy should be aimed at resolving problems politically and not to create conditions for new armed conflicts we should support the process of national reconciliation on accord and constructive peacekeeping rules for neighboring states rather than trying to pass more and more of solutions which will fight mean siding with one of the parties in an internal political conflict meanwhile the british prime minister david cameron has said that any country that veto is against war does not vote for this resolution that is being proposed against syria it will be on their conscious so obviously a poignant statements trying to put countries in the corner and i attempt to garner
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support whether or not that will get support of provoking trees from supporting. will work remains to be seen but of course we'll stay on top of the story and keep our viewers abreast of what happens but is correspondent in new york where there was london a paris call for this resolution against syria the u.n. atomic watchdog also launched an investigation into whether a syrian facility destroyed by israel in two thousand and seven was in fact a nuclear site middle east analyst and political activism to me told me the timing to suggest and ask is could face pressure from two different directions. but there probably might use it as a tool in order to impose sanctions so if they want to impose sanctions the justification for the sanctions will not be the manner in which the syrian regime has been dealing with the uprising or with the demonstrators but rather the atomic project there the syrians. are alleged to have been involved in well this seems to be two parallel lines but somebody might have intended from behind the scene an
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alternative approach so if the un security council resolution for some reason doesn't work then we can go along the other route. that was some to me the director of the institute of islamic political thought talking about pressure being put on syria right now after talks with opposition rebels and colonel gadhafi cousin russia's envoy trying to broker a cease fire in libya says both sides want to nonmilitary way out now however fighting continues in the city of misrata and nato still dropping bombs on the capital while calling for a post gadhafi era artie's many financial reports from tripoli. precious peace mediator. gallup has indeed visited leave to persuade warring sides to start talking his mass for that purpose both opposition leaders in the libyan rebel stronghold and karzai and his cousin and closest ally in cairo as he has said to
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better understand both sides demands and position and following these meetings has come to the media to say but both sides taffy and the rivals agree and understand that there is no any way to end this crisis through military actions through the war and that this conflict could only be resolved through negotiations mr mandela that the rebels. would be ready for that. it is going to to have a clear picture of the positions we see. cousin presence of the political elite in tripoli when things. are well aware that the current situation in libya cannot be resolved by military means in the country. and the. only way to describe this. in just a few days we've seen
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a dramatic intensification of nato strikes on the libyan capital tripoli on tuesday night launched at the most intensive strikes since the beginning of operation libyan government spokesperson has come to the journalists saying that at least thirty one people have been killed in sixty strikes and we can expect even further intensification to their defense ministers of a meeting in process and just ahead of this secretary general rasmussen has said that he would use this opportunity to appeal to the countries to demand more contribute to the fight against gadhafi and just days ago they started for the first. time using attack helicopters in this mission meanwhile what we are hearing from the other side of the frontline from bin ghazi from the libyan rebel waters shows us that the radicals are frustrated with the natives actions and frustration
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is rising as they are worrying that nato is taken control over what they think is a national are prizing. correspondent reflection of there are still ahead here on the program tonight in our city with me breaking the habit. in the media indian man who cast off his cast to become a successful businessman beating society's prejudice against the untouchables is story coming up also got this for you to. ever go through explorers head for the international space station we relive the exhilaration and excitement of the final moments before the last of the. next there's been an international demand for all atomic reactors to face stress tests at a meeting of nuclear safety in paris that's in the wake of japan's disaster at fukushima which is already persuaded germany and switzerland to shut down all their nuclear
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plants but the u.k. is committed to expanding its facilities i was artie's the remedy explains next there's a lot that could go wrong too. the lake district famous for its quaint to villages and spectacular views it's a hillwalkers paradise but one can't help wondering if people would be quite as happy as a holiday here if they knew what was right next door here right on the edge of the picture escalate distrait is sellafield nuclear plants in probably it's home to the world's biggest plutonium stockpile a waste product of civilian nuclear fuel plutonium is one of the deadliest substances known to man poisonous convertible into new clear weapons but nuclear scientists have a plan inside p.'s buildings they take the waste p ternium and recycle it into
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a usable nuclear fuel called mox it sounds great in theory but the reality is very different there is an existing plant sellafield but output has been a toilet fraction of what it was supposed to do and it cost an enormous amount of money cables leaked. the us described it as big industrial embarrassment and a white elephant the majority of the sellafield stockpile is british but managers were so confident it would work they took plutonium from other countries promising to send it back as fuel a major customer was japan which now says it would buy the mox. has changed the landscape because there is now a growing concern in japan about the whole new clear. business in particular the business in recycle. and the purpose of the mox plans of solar field was to make
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fuels that would be sent back to japan using japanese kitani and even before fukushima the p. ternium. processing plant field was considered one of the biggest disasters in british industrial history producing just ten percent of its planned out put a huge cost but that hasn't stopped the government plans for building yet another plant it could cost ten billion dollars much of it taxpayer money really getting rid of plutonium doesn't it with. more expensive to produce it uses to make it work it produces nuclear waste is much more difficult for now the stockpiles here to stay posing a massive security threat one of the biggest fears. is of course that stop could be targeted in some way. by crashing a craft onto the cycle whatever this enormous. use by
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terrorists in some shape or form five kilograms of this material and remember we have something something approaching one hundred tons of it five kilograms of this material would make large parts of london uninhabitable for many many years sellafield has been affected by global events recently in the wake of the killing of osama bin ladin five men were arrested taking photos here on suspicion of terrorist activities they were eventually released without charge but the incident highlighted the hazards of storing such a huge amounts of deadly material worryingly that hasn't stopped the government plans to pour billions into a second smocks plant your avatar t. sellafield cumbria. for generations in b. is. worthy of being in the same room as the upper castes alone to work side by side with them but yesterday's untouchables are becoming today's business men of entrepreneurs. one man who left tradition and society's prejudice.
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it's who wants to be a millionaire indian style and today in india more people than ever feel like they too have a shot at making it big. meet up he's the owner of everest spun pipes a cement pipe making company worth three hundred fifty million rupees eight million dollars so what makes him different than any other rich indian well he's a doll is the lowest caste in the ancient hindu caste system also known as untouchables for centuries these people were restricted to work such as meaning sewers and picking up dead animals from the streets my father my mother the. support of the oldest and most of the we are from this cost and how we have moved. to support that. so just that made it his mission to get an education he worked on
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his business during the night and went to college during the day while just the claims that he didn't feel any sort of discrimination of members of the dollar community say that is throwing cloth of dollars millionaires and billionaires such a triumph over ingrained societal stereotypes. a dalit was not allowed to be in the same group as a government so he had to stand next to the door give him another let's should it was constant and it was forbidden to fall on an uphill gust. jumped up says that these preconceived notions actually motivated him to succeed after completing his education jugs of space this began to grow and today he sells pipes for irrigation purposes all over western india despite his accomplishments he still trumbull about his journey. of business. doing this but this is our fragmented this is a work. from morning to evening and we are in this for the millionaires themselves
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say it's a side effect of india's paul. see that opened up the economy to foreign investment in the one nine hundred ninety one since and many businesses including ones like idolaters have thrived. entrepreneur is also say the government's efforts to make quotas for lower castes in schools and government job has helped them get an education to improve their lives even though many dollars have overcome their social casting become successful entrepreneurs most of them still live right here in the slums despite these examples of success many of them feel that the indian society is structured to keep them bright where they are. so much good looking i belong to the littlest of people from a good cause to look dominance. to study the race up in the society you need to carve you people don't care about us and don't come to see our own people out of his ego i meant the government should take care of them if they have less money and should give them a proper education. but
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a millionaire is believe that if they can do it then other members of their cast can chew go. to prison and he can do anything just to hear that we are. using their willpower to overcome the odds prius sridhar r t india. also making news around the world tonight germany's national disease control center says the number of people infected in an e. coli outbreak is still rising but the worst is over infections are so far killed twenty six people left over two and a half thousand others across europe will be is pledging two hundred ten million euro compensation for affected farmers spain which was wrongly blamed for the fall but not enough. in a letter to the european central bank and the i.m.f. germany's finance ministers called for a new aid program for greece the e.c.b. officials say further measures could. threaten banks across europe the country
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agreed a one hundred ten billion euro bailout last. you have that has been enough to restore the economy. in the yemeni capital protesters gathered outside the vice president's headquarters to demand a transitional government the opposition wants to prevent the president returning to office after his treatment in saudi arabia a little slave severely hurt in his compound last week hundreds of people have been killed in protests since his rule since the beginning of the year. in moscow to catch a cab to stick your hand and within seconds someone's likely to pull over however it's usually a member of the public illegally trying to make some extra cash on the side so that the law is tightening up for genuine times the drivers now say they're the ones who said the sufferer is r.t.c. go corrupt never report. it was a law that was meant to protect them instead it's made more scares registered taxi drivers take to the streets. with the best will in the world there's no way i or
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anyone can comply with the new regulations so just appearing to lose my job. we want to changes but not these changes the new law was written to kill small businesses like ours the new law was meant to stop legitimate taxi drivers being undercut by so called gypsy cabs which dominate russia's big cities these are all bangers often operated by immigrant drivers who lack local knowledge and pay no tax at the risk of large fines all drivers all soon have to pay in one of a limited number of licenses paying their car color equip it with a meter and sign a written contract with every passenger in theory it should ring to a lawless market. is perfect and this one might only work half of the time but at least it shows the authorities are doing something instead of nothing as in previous years. but according to get a live shot of being in the taxi driver's union the law will achieve exactly the
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opposite of what to do you reconcile any contract for every trip is unworkable and making every cab including private high cause the same color will be expensive and unnecessary. this is pure bureaucracy and instead of helping normal cabbies it will make us on competitive. he also worries that the licenses will not be distributed fairly. love will remain is a two tier system a few expensive companies who can afford the licenses and the only authorized drivers who didn't have a law will carry on ignoring. the new regulations are supposed to come into force in september a new one who fails to revert just before them will be. treated as a little breaker at the moment nobody quite knows how the new law will work in practice but one thing is already clear as it was being designed not all the interested parties were consulted the ball is now back in the lawmakers court but
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all the eager. to see must go. now along for most of the story just a click away at our home right now china confirms one of the worst kept secret since building an aircraft carrier and it's going to be based on the view that warship probably ugh stories online plus have a dutch girls keeping a loved ones close by very close by she's tattooed images of all hundred fifty two of a facebook friends on around the painful process of two weeks by the way she doesn't unfriend them. as well. and three of space adventures on the way to the international space station the russian american and japanese crewmembers blasted off early on wednesday five months in orbit the carrier dozens of scientific experiments and even tried to grow veggies in the zero gravity environment artie's lindsay france watch the launch of the cosmodrome in kazakhstan . the three men have been together for nearly two years preparing for this trip and
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have traveled all over the world preparing in different models of soyuz and getting ready for what is really this this final push into space and what they say feels almost a little bit like home as cramped is it may be the soil u.s. is is something they've practiced in for so long now that it feels a little bit like cold and the three men say they will be taking very special items into space with them i'll be a very few items pictures of loved ones and so on to also be able to talk with their families every day and we've talked to the backup team they're very excited to watch this they say that it's something it's in an amazing emotional thing to watch let's check it out.
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loud what it's like first just shock tremendously you can really sense the power in that as it as it took off what experience that was it will take them about eight minutes to hit orbit around the earth two days to dock now with the three men when they get there will be undertaking over forty scientific experiments among them cancer research and the ability to actually grow food in space. to grow we can keep most of that goes well you know not. coming weeks the present though it's not so it's not twenty three minutes past seven i was twenty minutes away therefore latest with details from last night so from the question. where does the business next though. thanks so much karen the russian dream of developing its own hybrid car is one step closer to construction of the first plant to produce
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a new generation of vehicles that started just outside st petersburg as artie's marina costa. this is one of radio not your morals and it's been in proctor's through more one is the hatchback and the other one a coupe now these cars were first introduced back in january and there were an instant hit their company got over one hundred thousand advanced orders and if you're wondering about the price tag this car was that right about twelve to fifteen thousand dollars this will provide a much needed boost for the russian car industry at the moment car ownership amounts to two hundred forty cars per thousand adults in russia and that's compared to about eight hundred in america but as the economy recovers the market is growing steadily the boston consulting group says the russian car market could become the world's sixth largest by twenty twenty selling about four million cars a year this will come on the back of more important ships more in isolation and
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more local production if these young well below hybrid cars prove to be a success then there will definitely help russia revive its auto industry and as the country's first hybrid it will be a step forward during our call serve our business our team. in the. state with the industry the joint venture between ford russian carmakers silence is being given a turbo boost they secured a two point seven billion dollar line of credit for a b.b. bag almost half of that money will be aversive directly into production assets which your company's agreed to do in february and the production will start next year as katrina hopes expects. the main goal of the joint venture is to double its market see here in russia over the next five years that's a lot of meaning but looking at the price it's. like being just the right place to take advantage of this exploiting the loss of russian manufacturers solace the
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benefits of being resupplied or maybe not i mean you're keeping that response right here in russia we've put an assumption out there that by the middle of the deck or games the russian industry will be about four million plus which incidentally makes it the largest industry in europe and we think that we've got more opportunity to utilize that capacity and we will have capacity up to three hundred fifty thousand by two thousand and twelve the big book two new cars of the russian market ford explorer and transit they're both popular models in the u.s. and european markets eventually also produce a brand new model the be plaster dan rather be possible be a compact car and its main aim is to compete with the polo and other smaller cars here in russia that still have to wait till two thousand and fourteen before that one comes off the production line. has moved through the markets now and crude oil
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is up significantly light sweet gaining one and a half dollars brant one dollar a barrel this is on the back of opec need big production levels as is while high was actually widely expected. market stateside still they continue to be shaky off the fed chairman ben bernanke is downbeat comments from the u.s. economy on tuesday because the kleins and one percent after a fourteen week sell things. are the markets managed to reverse from the red where they were trading most of the day and every wednesday session slightly positive continuing gains from tuesday let's look at some of the individual movers ross nafta and gatt one point six. two percent respectively on the back of high commodity prices the banking sector was actually weak point three percent and the pizza western front on wraps up things for. emerging markets in particular russia is outperforming developed markets and i think what we have howard over the last
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couple of days has been very poor actually last week as well has been ported out of developed markets the u.s. and particularly and today we have german interest production coming in below expectations i think the european markets and the u.s. market have taken a toll from the and people are again moving back into emerging markets slowly but it's not not convincing it was not a strong conviction of they were among investors as far as can see right i'll be back in forty five to fifty minutes with an update next.
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mission free accreditation free transport charges free maintenance free risk free stews nights free. download free blogs can split videos for your media projects and free media don carty dot com. the close up team has been to the boulder grand reach thank you all the turning point i'm learning more to. this time the party goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transition their ancestors. and where the mysterious city of a deadlock.


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