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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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a troll has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria the alliances secretary general attempts to offer assurances in an interview to war even as the un security council debates a resolution against the syrian government. america's secret bombardment of suspected militant targets in yemen is that point tracking the critics say it's just a poverty it's a healthy u.s. ally cling to power. and the use of an ample drug to execute death row inmates in the u.s. could actually be torturing them to death.
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eleven pm here in moscow you're watching r t welcome to the program out of our top story the syrian regime is under pressure on two fronts the you want to talk to watch dog has decided to report it to the security council over its alleged nuclear program while the council is already considering a resolution condemning the crackdown on anti-government protesters but so far russia's effectively blocking that proposal spearheaded by france and britain are putting a port my is across the latest of politicians. but this what will happen next the u.n. security council will take up this issue now we have to remember that syria is being accused by the u.s. and its western allies of not complying with inspectors from the international atomic energy agency that to go in visit
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a structure in its north east region now this alleged structure in syria we have to underscore here was destroyed by israel in two thousand and seven and before that syria maintained that it was being used for kind of threat purposes it was it was maintained under the rules by the proliferation treaty which syria is a part of according to what's been reported the u.s. and its western allies believe that syria is attempting to build construct a covert. structure in the area that that i want to go to to build possibly nuclear weapons this is what is going to be discussed in the security council if resolution once a resolution is proposed if it is adopted syria could be slapped with sanctions obviously this is a lot of political pressure that is being placed upon syria by the u.s.
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and its western allies and so at this point we should mention that there was only seventeen states that voted yes to push this through from the i.a.e.a. to the security council there were six knows including china and russia and eleven at this so we see that there is a divide here by the u.s. and its european allies are having its way in putting this through to the u.n. consultations are continuing behind closed doors security council members to introduce a draft resolution that has been co-sponsored by france germany and portugal that calls for an international condemnation of the syrian government. down of anti-government protesters it urges countries not to sell any weapons to damascus it also calls for an independent investigation into what has taken place in syria over the past three months but these are these consultations are ongoing
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because there hasn't been a consensus reached despite the aggressive campaigning that has been taking place by britain and france we do know and we have heard in the past officials from russia saying that they do not support and they don't think it's in the best intentions to slap syria with a resolution we did hear from the russian ambassador to the u.n. to try to work in saying that he believes that diplomacy should be used for solving political problems not creating new armed conflicts and here's a little bit of what he said to see it was because he was concerned interfering in syria for years nearly to an escalation of violence because it may be misinterpreted by destructive opposition forces who want change of power in damascus such a position would definitely lead to more bloodshed and an exclusion of violence and it's important. dialogue is needed and we remember that in libya. we are led by coalition clearly this is a one two punch that is being implemented by the u.s.
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and its western allies pressure political pressure is mounting the u.n. and the i.a.e.a. are clearly being used as tools and avenues to crack down on syria but as we just heard from ambassador churkin not all nations agreed that there is this much pressure is going to help the circumstance it might even exacerbate it but of course we will keep our viewers updated on any developments as they take place. well as we've just heard the u.n. atomic watchdog is looking into serious alleged nuclear activities claiming a facility destroyed in two thousand and seven was an undeclared nuclear site john locke with from the institute for democracy and cooperation says the move is intended to turn up the heat on the basque. i think what we're seeing are the western powers ratcheting up the pressure they're trying to increase their room for maneuver so in the draft resolution you have crimes against humanity you have a threat to international peace and security and in parallel you have this cranking
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up now of pressure from the international atomic energy authority so i think this is a way of increasing the number of cards that the west believes that it holds as far as russia is concerned i think that it's pretty obvious that russia or the russian government greatly regret not having vetoed the resolution on libya which as we can all see was immediately exploited. to go way beyond the terms laid down in the resolution i mean by that that the western powers immediately started to attack the libyan government they've launched a war whose goal is regime change whereas obviously regime change is not included in the terms of that resolution so i suspect that the russian government is as they say once bitten twice shy and i'm sure moscow is very reluctant now to get involved in to get trapped if you like for a second time in the same way. well earlier nato as she found her soul rasmussen spoke to my colleague any said no way and he told r.t. that the alliance will not be sending military forces to syria and he insisted that
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in libya all the military bases are being targeted something as some of our viewers find hard to believe. but i would like to stress that nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria at the same time lots of critics expect that that could be the case if we see a resolution russell saying that the fact that it's even being debated is going to cause more violence in syria. there might be some kind of intervention do you think not if the u.n. goes had it goes ahead rather and it proves that resolution once again let me stress that we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that its share of the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population in syria the only way forward is to accommodate the. aspirations of the syrian people let's look at the lack of an entry strategy into
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libya the u.n. resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone cording to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in libya and we are not targeting individuals we illegitimate military. targets. and of course common control centers can be used to plan and organize that's actually against civilians show come under control genders are you commit military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook. the who is from paris france wants to know why nato is bombing natural polls in areas in libya civilians are being killed what do you say to. we do
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all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians and. and this is the reason why all commanders are very very careful. to find legitimate military targets well you can see that full interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen in just over an hour here on r.t. or you can watch it now i'll just head over to our website that's our team dot com . so nato is continuing its barrage of the libyan capital with no sign there will be any let up until colonel gadhafi goes we're certain arab countries are showing their support for the libyan opposition by pledging more money the rebels say they need a three billion dollars over the next several months to pay salaries and buy supplies the unfreezing of libyan assets to be given to the opposition it's taking longer than expected but the rebels have managed to make their first oil exports to the
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u.s. well let's get some more of this from a writer and filmmaker patrick henning simmons joining us from london thank you very much for being with us tonight and also with the oil now flowing from the libyan opposition do you agree with those who argue that this is what the u.s. had always wanted to get its hands of the country's oil reserves. i think in the mainstream media that's a popular talking point that was also a big popular talking point with the iraq invasion but really if you add it up money wise the oil business coming out of libya is not the main driver of this operation of nato's military operation in north africa it goes a lot deeper than that using a total restructuring or an attempt to restructure the state so this is like nation building a circus of nation building the rebels have drawn up plans way back in march to have their own oil company now the arabian oil company to replace the libya's national oil company and their own national bank to replace libya's one hundred
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percent owned bank so a complete overhaul was already drawn up months ago which shouldn't surprise anybody who's been following this story all right let's look at the amount of flies you mentioned because the u.s. service says financing the rebels would help protect civilians going to actually cause a broader conflict. financing rebels you know what's happening here is the u.n. is actively involved in a civil war and using nato as their sort of private security force you know i don't see how funding the rebels or arming the rebels is going to decrease civilian casualties in fact what we've seen of the officer by the ones guesstimate up to one thousand civilians have already died. under nato airstrikes so you're talking about thousands of sorties of already been flown and thousands of cruise missiles have been fired there is going to be
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a lot of collateral damage but obviously the western countries and the allied forces have not learned their lessons from iraq and afghanistan where the collateral damage has been massive and you can't even count the amount of civilians who died in iraq over the last eight years and you know let's talk about more more about the opposition and the u.s. sees the transitional national council in libya as a legitimate authority so they buy their oil supports and money and fights their war but why does washington stop short of officially recognizing the libyan opposition. well there's going to be a big shift i mean we predict that in the next month or two congress is going to completely go the other way with regards to the u.s. involvement with the nato operation in libya ok already one third of the house republicans have voted out of this off nato operation so they they don't want the u.s. involved you know there are political reasons for that obviously the democrats are
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in power in washington so they're no the the war administration of the day but obviously the same thing the tables were turned five years ago with iraq but that said this is not a very popular stance this nation building and you know in a few years this is really going to come out is an illegal war you know the u.n. has absolutely no legal mandate it doesn't jibe with the geneva conventions they're actively funding arming providing logistical support on the ground troops on the ground already in military advisers from the u.k. from france from italy and also cynthia mckinney congressman from from the u.s. reported that the israelis also have military advisers in benghazi and that was reported two weeks ago so it's a total circus a nation building circus all right just very quickly now let's talk about assets of the gadhafi family they could have billions of dollars of profit in a secret bank accounts if the reports are true and what do you think should happen
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to this money. well i think we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves i mean they're already talking about freezing the assets of could all feed well i think a bigger question is in your your viewers should also look into this and anybody is that the libyan national bank has one of the highest per capita gold reserves of any state bank in the world i think the only country that has a higher per capita gold reserve in bullion would be lebannon for the size of the country so you know what could off he might have stuffed the way in a swiss bank account or a collection of swiss bank accounts is minuscule compared to the state assets in terms of gold and oil that libya possesses and this is really been the game all along you know it's about converting this state this nation into a more privatized more globalist come under the globalist umbrella so a complete refurbishment of libya and also it's a beachhead on africa for the european and the anglo-american countries libya is
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the only country that voted not to join africa home which is the u.s. is strategic african command project which is the child of the project for the new american century it was started under george bush libya did not want to be enough for calm and that is one of the reasons maybe why we're getting the blunt end of the hammer from nato right now all right well thank you very much for insight writer and filmmaker patrick can except talk to us thank you. after a break of up to here america's covert war again it is up and running again on drones and fighter jets have had a number of suspected militant targets and the increase in strikes cons as the yemeni government washington's ally is clinging on to power the face of an uprising . is an antiwar activist who says america is not being honest about its motives. this is just another criminal illegal absolutely and it's
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lawlessness on such a scale hypocrisy the idea of using fighter jets and drone attacks and according to yesterday's new york times this has been going on for weeks. at the very time that the u.s. is using the un security council the international criminal court to bring charges against other countries for terrorism and it is clearly exposed in international terrorism itself in yemen and of course in sabotage teams in syria and in bombing of libya not to mention the devastating wars in iraq and afghanistan in yemen it is to protect a complete thirty three year dictatorship of salo who's now. health reasons in saudi arabia an effort to protect his regime potentially bring him back and it's been used against a people's movement anyone that the u.s.
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fears is a threat to them is now being labeled as al qaida and it's open season in terms of attacks and and bombs and drone attacks on any number of different resistance organizations. well many more stories are available for you online twenty four seven at r.t. dot com and here is what you can find there right now on a legacy of civil war with side of the united states while a few enthusiastic way dressed up to reenact history millions of americans are still fighting for equal rights one hundred fifty years later. and that the designers of a dancing branch in southern russia face criminal charges for stealing over half a million dollars after a massive flaws were revealed in the reconstruction the full story is that our teams are. in the war enough north africa to. moscow's ban on european vegetables the range of issues facing russian and european leaders
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meeting on the banks of the volga river the traditional russia e.u. summit is being held in the city of nizhny novgorod hundreds of kilometers from moscow and r.t. if you got there he is there for us. on the first informal day of the summit host president dmitry medvedev showed his guests around the ancient city of groves on the river boulder to the walk down the river bank and there they were looking for a chink of light above the gloomy landscape of the arab world uprisings and the euro crisis well hope to me is must build largely around present quest for reforms more denies ation and also break through agreements reached between brussels and moskos since the last russia you summit progress on russia's accession long awaited accession into w two for seventeen years russia has been in membership talks with these one hundred fiftieth we may show in world trade organization at the moment
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russia is the only major economy still outside the club so in december last year brussels gave a formal green light to russia's and trivett and now these two day summit in mission in other words will clear the way for the country to finally and to the world trade organization does expected that all formalities will be sorted out before the end of the summer though there are still differences dividing the two sides like libya and other points of contention between the e.u. and russia are america's plans to build a new and to missile defense system for europe the european union says that it is not designed against russia but russia wants legal confirmation of that hugo guarantees which it has not received so far russia argues that the system will pose a threat that it will definitely neutralize its strategic potential will lead to an imbalance in morse's now another at below discord is russia's recent ban on
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vegetables from the european union in the wake of the deadly e. coli outbreak which two days killed twenty seven people and hospitalized thousands of others brussels criticize that measure and called it disproportionate russian. accuse russel's of willing to provide sufficient information on the source of this impaction but progress could be reached during the summit here in usually not great eve the e.u. is more transparent and shows more flexibility on the. r.t.c. got there you know great show over there reporting on the upcoming russia e.u. summit in. say a sedative used to cure everything from epilepsy to insomnia but some u.s. states have started using a controversial drug to put people on death row into an eternal sleep human rights campaigners say the drug inflicts a cruel and painful death on its victims and it's over bennett reports its use of executions is becoming more widespread. if you.
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were. a few in here we don't see the pics. from a dog's life to a dog's death prisoners on death row and now being killed with an animal drug planted bob dole's used to put pets to sleep but it's never been tested on human executions this can cause excruciating pain if something goes wrong and because we have no tests we cannot guarantee that it will go around to people at risk of being killed being tortured to death panted bob jules already been adopted in over twenty states is strictly an anesthetic and is normally just one ingredient in a lethal cocktail but in ohio it's killing alone it is not a painkiller we know there will be if you add other which have some what we call if it to get over that then you can be sure that there is no pain. so
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a drug is neither a pinky or self that will. produce for a danish company back it's primarily used on humans to treat epilepsy and seizures but it's already been used in nine executions u.s. prisons ran out of the usual pseudonym fired pennsville after britain and italy banned exports but denmark can't do that because the new weapons made in america this is learned x. headquarters in copenhagen despite owning a drug and opposing its misuse its protests in the united states have been unsuccessful because the government there sanctions the death penalty and is reluctant to remove pens or bottle from the market completely because it says it will do more harm than good ole crop of movers this product has been for the american market for many years so we are in there is a cold the limo where we can just start the production record for the market because they're actually. the people patients come into life threatening situations
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that the beast is still in we're in business indeed limbic cells fifty million doses of garbage will every year each claims it can't prevent going through using it is a killer because of a complicated supply chain but human rights groups bite people are beginning to realize that the statement there is nothing we can do is a fallacy and the pharmaceutical industry can do a lot and has a responsibility not to be complicit to executions reprieve claims lynbrook has the power to control who gets the drug since it does with other products but that comes at a cost at the moment when bricks not budging. a us presence using a federally approved drug designed to treat people to kill instead i do r.t. . let's have a look at some other stories from around the world our pakistani authorities are
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investigating al for a video immersion shows paramilitaries killing an unarmed teenager in a public park the harrowing footage filmed by passers by the city of karachi shows that malik begs for his life before being shot the paramilitary group says the man was caught while try to rob someone or the victim's family denies this as an innocent person has been killed. three more people have died for a vehicle i outbreak in germany are thursday bringing the total number of fatalities to twenty and estimated three thousand people have been affected across the world german authorities say the rate of new cases is declining but that it's still unclear whether that's because the epidemic has slowed or whether people have just start eating fruit and vegetables because he admits its response to the crisis hasn't been good enough. a british m.p. from the ruling conservative party has been released on bail after he was arrested
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over an alleged sex attack andrew bridge and is accused of assaulting a twenty nine year old woman and the party has declined to comment on the story saying it's a matter for the police. well in just a few minutes our fiery financial commentator max kaiser deals with the issue of copyright and away some of what paying up first it's a business news mitri. thanks to the british royal navy has confirmed its alliance with russia's ross never sorry for that but it's effectively dead the same time the company says it has no plans to sell its stake russian joint venture t m k b p e v's part of the problem objected to the proposed deal with rosneft the company adds it's going to focus on no expiration outside russia however a lot of media says we haven't seen the end of the soviet. i think.
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fairly desperate to carry out this deal to get the deal under way despite the protestations from b.p. and they're likely to approach rosneft again in the very near future and transfer i feel i think b.p. has learned a lot in last few weeks we would have lost all the goings on with rosneft around here in kerry and has basically got to bring. back to the table and get involved as well. as going to the markets in crude oil is continuing to rally after opec failed to agree on increasing our push this raise fears of supply shortages later this year like. domo stajan two dollars per barrel brant is one hundred nineteen on the high. he was markets are trading in the black rebounding after a long streak of losses on data showing the u.s. trade gap has narrowed in europe there's
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a positive feeling after you see the chairman john said a rate hike may be coming next month as he used the code word strong vigilance a word combination rather in his speech about inflationary pressures i thought these are point eight percent the dax one point four the court. russian markets matter suppose the third consecutive session of gains with one hundred percent my stocks one point six if you look at some of the individual share movers that the mining company is up almost three percent as it traveled its net profit in the first year in the first quarter of the year rather reaching three hundred ninety two billion dollars budget wise to make a wild card is up more than two percent supported by news is close to acquiring half of its belorussian rival bellowed carly and does blood bank was the top gainer among heavyweight stocks three and a half percent in one session you can from a species bank wraps up today. the russian markets have been quite volatile today and since the beginning of this week i reflected. the nervousness feel that we're
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seeing come to come from the u.s. in the euro zone however this news flow is partially offset by the strength of brant we're seeing myself performing developed markets heading around two percent on the week against the s. and p. which was strong five percent since it's been weak and actually it's the largest consecutive six a loss for the s. and p. since february of two thousand and nine worth noting perhaps that in the entire history of our simply over the last twenty one years there have been only fourteen instances of such as of forces that shows that a certain technical benchmark has been hit by the market. all right that's it for now business out see we'll be back eight am most go time on friday carrying the many camel be here join it if you can the headlines are next.
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