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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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well you know revenge or an attempt at provoking ethnic tensions by russian nationalist icon is gunned down in the center of moscow a man with a former army colonel and have served time for kidnapping and killing a chechen girl. a nato official says it's perfectly justified in targeting of the libyan leader meantime france and britain continue their campaign against the president of syria party looks at the fate of civilians on the ground caught up in the west's so-called democratic. russia will resume imports of vegetables as soon as they guaranteed to be infection free that as well as
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n.a.t.o.'s missile defense plans and moscow's move for w t o membership all on the table during the latest high level talks. just after eleven o'clock on a friday night here in moscow you without see a reception a disgraced former russian military officer and a nationalist movement icon has been shot dead here in moscow. spent eight years in prison for kidnapping and killing a chechen teenage girl authorities have boosted security in the capital to head off a possible nationalist march as police say the murder may have been an attempt to ignite ethnic tensions controller has the latest. yury put down of a hugely controversial figure here in russia being
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a highly decorated military officer the commander of a tank regiment during the second chechen war he was stripped of all of those those owners following his two thousand and three conviction for the abduction and killing of an eighteen year old chechen woman he remains in prison in till late two thousand and nine when he was released on parole around twelve o'clock today here in central moscow as busy busy streets in the center of the russian capital he was gunned down just behind me to through an archway there in a courtyard of a apartment block police are saying he was shot four times in the head the investigation of course now in its early stages but they've already said that they have found a car believed to be used by the by the killers they've in that car they found a gun with a silencer fitted to it like it's vehicle was partially burned south and now they are saying that the driver of that car was slavic ethnicity and they will be giving
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us more information on that as soon as they get it no no no it's no lawyer has said this is no way in his opinion this was a revenge killing for the for the crime he committed in in chechnya and he believes that this is as do investigators that this is a crime to speak committed to incite hatred in the country which is taking into account to donald's personality and his history the investigation's not ruling out that his murder may have been a provocation there's also no evidence that one or another ethnic group was behind the killing. but that of was viewed in some circles in russia in some nationalist groups in far right groups as a hero an iconic figure for what he did during the chechen war you know we'll have to wait and see if there will be any response from those organizations or to be any protests but yes it does appear that this has what we're hearing from the best gates's on from the battles. it being done to provoke a reaction from those groups and to incite ethnic tensions in the country.
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right now what. a professor of islamic studies believes that the murder of an off could expose deep rift between various ethnic groups. doesn't use my will without even knowing who killed him and how exactly it happened it's obvious that there will be both positive and negative reaction to this tragic event and i think in the course it is they will welcome his death his he's very much disliked there but in russia some will see his death is vigilantism at the hands of north pole cajuns i think that this will cause a certain amount of tension this doesn't mean we'll see more scattering in the streets although in some places that can't be excluded but this is a tragic event which highlights the abnormal into ethnic relations inside russia authorities must be prepared to intervene in a sensible weight because if we see a significant escalation it will be part of a system intended to destroy the russian that multiculturalism and its diversity which would be incredibly destructive force. you out with r.t.
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live from moscow and still to come in the program top level top secret some of the world's most influential figures sit together at a meeting of a secretive. group that's giving people plenty to speculate on just what are they talking about. nato is deliberately targeting the libyan leader colonel gadhafi that's according to media reports quoting the alliance is a senior military official who says that you are no resolution justifies the action because as head of the military is an essential part of the command structure as comes as a fresh air strikes he said plumes of smoke over the libyan leader's compound valerie. jarrett's but the libyan army has fought back reportedly shooting down a nato helicopter hundred sixty or so kilometers southwest of tripoli meanwhile the country's rebels will get at least one billion dollars in assistance as money promised right governors including the u.s. britain france as well as some arab states because that is where for national
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reports the only thing is i'm going to be and have received the injuries inflicted by. saddam has been with you know has breath of death the doctors have performed any a miracle and the young girl is back home with her family she took her mother's pills to kill herself and. if someone wants to kill me i'd be to do it myself. but who wants to kill that's leading to. so most native city tripoli has been under constant bombardment by nato forces for three months they have been falling on the city with a population of around a million no one can ever say when or where the next one would land. this week in the most intensive air raid yet there have been sixty eight airstrikes in just hours attacks against civilians must stop gadhafi must go and the libyan people deserve to determine their own future major has frequently claimed success
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and the military operation is supposed to protect civilians but the libyan government has repeatedly protested but innocent civilians have been among the dead the claims have not been independently very while and a twelfth in this clear since march nineteenth the life ordinarily prince has changed forever son was mother will never forget the day when her daughter preferred death to his new life my girl told me before that she thought death is a good thing and i entered her room that day she was lying on the floor there was smoke everywhere could hardly see what happened i realized immediately he was something terrible this is not fair they told us they want a no fly zone he never said they were going to bonus he promised to protect his but instead they scare us talking about who they are after bulkier sentiment is more precise and the world no longer needs nato the second world war ended long ago and
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we try to live our lives from storage wars and always intervenes in other countries problems we're tired of war our patience is running out let us just live our life has just prolonged its operation and leave it all september that means people here face months more terror from the skies one of nature's supposed to targets gadhafi his military arsenal actually landed here in this district it didn't destroy the colonel's compound but it's almost damaged the lives of one family as you can see the building has quickly been repaired now the question is whether the people will ever recover. r t tripoli. well no conflict and history has ever been resolved by bombing according to american political journalist alexander coburn he also believes that there's no legal justification for nato as attempts to kill the enemy. has absolutely no no possibility the security council resolution one nine seven zero and one known so.
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the resolutions as you well know were to try and ensure the safety of civilians how this is transferred into an assassination attempt which they've been trying for weeks now of course is beyond any reason the fact of the matter is that no war in history is over and no conflict has ever been shortened by bombing cities from the air it just doesn't happen you infuriate you first of all kill people innocent people secondly when a fury at the end happens at the city you aggravate tensions the other day the international crisis group which is a independent fairly reasonable group of. diplomats and so forth said that the entire nato exercise that where it's been conducted is ensuring the prolongation well what is it internationally illegal enterprise and is making it far more difficult to have any settlement which is obviously true. more updates on the
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violence in the middle east on our website r.t. dot com and you can also watch our interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen and have your say as we're asking how the deadlock in libya should be resolved let's look at the stats right now and so far the vast majority are around tooth thing nato should admit its failure and withdraw significantly less people fourteen percent say things that should continue the way they are into the conflict and others suggest the u.n. should send in peacekeepers and split libya. and the minority eleven percent support a ground troops. syria's military has reportedly launched an operation aimed at restoring security in the rebel northern border town of sugar authorities say at least one hundred officers government troops were killed there by quote armed groups earlier in the week calling to witnesses dozens of tanks have been deployed to the area human rights groups say more than thirteen hundred people have been killed since the uprising began with at least thirty two protesters reported
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dead on friday the u.n. meanwhile is still considering a new resolution against syria something that russia strongly opposes in about ten minutes time. cross-talk focuses on whether syria's neighbors and their region will be happy to see democratic changes in the country. and democracy would clearly be best for the region and for the syrian people first and foremost and then for israel. but the bite is a reference to will it actually happen. really reminded me with my doctor and my wife that i will stop smoking going to exercise me but. i think the clear very. good luck is the key issue of the blood is means this is the devil you know we would go to hell for that we go to bush has given us stability. because of. you can people it's ok if you support terrorism but he falls it later. but you know that i
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think is very is the keyword. you can watch of course talking about twenty minutes time here and i see that russia is ready to resume imports of european vegetables if the e.u. guarantees that supplies are not infected by the deadly e. coli virus the move was one of the outcomes of the today russia a new summit that your clinical trial has now more from russia city of it need not go to it that's where the talks took place. vegetables were literally on the table at the press conference the european leaders and host russian president dmitry medvedev were asked whether they had vegetables for lunch the answer was yes they had to be enjoyed them and moreover a certain breakthrough was reached on the issue of
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a russian ban on fruits and vegetables imports from the european union recently russia imposed their fall in bargo in the wake of the deadly equal eyestrain outbreak in order to prevent the infection from coming into the country this measure of what's called a disproportionately high european union officials and they said that it was going against the policies of the world trade organization the i watch it in its turn criticize brussels for failing to provide sufficient information on the source and containment of the infractions and today president made very big country could leave to disband leave the european union provides certain legal guarantees about the source of the infection and is more transparent on the computer we are ready to live on european vegetables after we are provided with sufficient guarantees. that much of the russian and the european health officials are following the laws in a certificate that proved to safety of the supply products this is
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a great result. of the water stays here on the international agenda where the two sides so i. russia strongly condemns nato military intervention in libya and again calls for a peaceful resolution of the call flicks and the war which has already resulted in power zones of casualties as also seriously cheney challenge to the e.u.'s foreign policy is to talk more on those challenges today in an exclusive interview with r t we're joined by high representative before it occurs and security policy in the european union catherine ashton and of course the first question was only. one of the big challenges and questions is how to make sure that for the people of libya way in which they go. on the assuredness of that departure is a fundamental part of moving forward in fact there has been a lot of optimism surrounding these twenty seventh russia e.u. summit and these all to music is built largely around president mubarak's quest for
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radical reforms in russia who organized the nation it also resulted in breakthrough agreements between brussels and over the past months like the long awaited russia's accession into the world trade organization for seventeen years that is way longer than any other beating country russia has been in membership talks with w t o and now finally we expect that by the end of the year russia will join the club today president reached his european colleagues just sort out all the formalities within the next month and to speed up the process russia's joining the group. right now a terror attack is going forward in the southern republican southern russian republican squeeze made of. local police called the gang of six militants who were called planting explosives in a road they were planning to blow up a large economy of police that was shuttle to travel through the region two of the gang were on the federal wanted list once i was one was killed crossfire and five
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injured. while an invite only meeting of the world's political elite and financial magnates the group is currently underway in switzerland the annual event has long been shrouded in secrecy something that's given rise to a strong protest or lorimer about reports on just what might be on the main agenda behind very closed doors. the exclusive ski resort of sam ritz in june is perfect build a territory out of season and crucially practically deserted there are two hives of activity in town though one's the luxury hotel subrata where around one hundred thirty of the world's most influential politicians businessmen and saw friends are meeting behind closed doors and the other in a much cheaper hotel where concerned activists are determined to break that wall of secrecy down they've set up what they believe is the world's first alternative
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media center they'd work for mainstream outlets too but they're not here just not enough. western media not enough from the u.k.'s it's quite appalling news agency is just really some names of this year's attendees and on the list is the chancellor of the exchequer george osborne i would have thought that makes it news other build a burger regulars include david rockefeller the editor in chief of the economist magazine the greek finance minister and the president of the world bank they're all rumored to be here this year unlike another regular former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn on bail in new york for alleged sex attack there has been interest from the swiss national press this year bill de burgh which is widely believed to support big government and economic consolidation runs entirely contrary to the swiss idea of independence local government and neutrality manfred
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petritsch has run a successful campaign to that effect playing on the reported ten million euro taxpayer bill for securing the spanish builder. except that a private meeting because that's what they call themselves the private. security. by the taxpayer and i think a lot of people understand that especially when the government. well we don't have money for this. and here we go and it costs a lot of money to secure this private meeting with these people the agenda is secret along with everything else but builder but is it believed to be deciding on who should replace their friend d s k at the top of the i.m.f. that was concentrating on how to save the euro which was leaked to show their brainchild we don't want to be don't want to. but these are all the things that actually create. is a construct because the euro is
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a construct of the us this is different from spanish securities much lower key first start and there's no kilometer wide cordon around the hotel but secrecy still dominates with process to say even the swiss government. every year there are more and more activists and increasing media attention they're saying if you told us what was going on we wouldn't have to speculate you are and it's. just one in twenty minutes past eleven pm here in moscow you with artillery strike out some of the world headlines for you in yemen the thousands of come out on the streets across the country and so week after the president left for saudi arabia ali abdullah saleh was forced to seek treatment for injuries received when his compound was attacked demonstrators are demanding a new transitional government to be formed once the president steps down hundreds of people have been killed in protests against his rule since the beginning of thank you. croatia is set to get the green light to join the e.u.
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this according to the union's justice commissioner give you a reading of the membership is likely to start in two thousand and fourteen and would be the second post yugoslav country to join the twenty seven states you know after slovenia started membership talks about six years ago. a new satellite has been launched. saltiness seawater turn prove knowledge on the cycle and ocean circulation at the international aquarius mission led by the u.s. and argentinean space agencies blasted off from california on friday morning this is the first project of its kind of hope it will help to improve weather predictions canada france brazil and italy are all participating in the four hundred million dollar question. right now it's time for our russia close up series i where this time the team travels to north.
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situated in russia's north caucasus the small republic has been plagued by decades of violence and conflict today tens of thousands of refugees remain stranded unable to return to their ancestral homes for fear of the lecture but i thought it was a maybe not comparable reports people's heartfelt desire for peace is beginning to worry about some of the better. shacks that look like they're barely holding together actual houses lying in ruins these are the far from welcoming amateurs to strike you as soon as you approach the village of country lives one of dozens of residential refugee areas located head thirty four families have lived here for over twenty years in this terrible conditions a new generation has been born but for them nothing has changed they say they've already lost hope these people came here in ninety ninety two after
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a bloody atherley conflict between south the south koreans and georgians that lasted two years assertions by origin they were born in georgia good flags or fearing for their lives i do not judge b. of i was among them her husband became one of the many casualties of the bloody conflicts gourgeon by origin he was helping inserting in people and ask adonis was killed by his own lines along with two small children she received a one off compensation payment from the government but no official recognition as a refugee and the benefits that would come with it. it is very difficult to get refugee status that would cope with only through growth and the only thing that m.f. king right now is to give and still we could build roses and leave in normal conditions . just ten kilometers away lives a different house in a group that's. also experience the reality is of life and strife eugene's the
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ethnic conflict between english and this nazi and people that happen almost at the same time over thirty two thousand english people to leave their lands and spread out in the region of the north caucasus where thanks to a special government programs the vast majority are back home four hundred anguish tremulously of terror before the afghani conflict and almost half of them have now returned as a mass family is among those who came back despite the horrors that happened here it still feels it is his native land as a model lost two brothers and the fighting and his family was forced to move from place to pleas for several years but that's in the past and now it's all about to look into the future. this is my land i have so many plans in mind we want to create as many conditions for the youth to work as possible and they will do something useful and will not have time to think of any stupid things and
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yes me and my family we're all happy that we came back here as you people here see the same needs to happen for those that feel abandoned in can believe scared so the horrors of recent times are wide from the face of the village even if they're still kept in their minds was no question or russia calls up the republic of north and south korea. live from the heart of now searching for the rest of us are to me a tree is next. followed a warm welcome to business r.t. russia's largest oil producer ross after holding its first big meeting after the death of the long awaited arctic deal that's now out of the side what's coming next artie's and his philosophy is that the company's a.g.m. in southern russia. it may be warm and sunny for the a.g.m. here in the southern city of crossing the r. but stalker's during recent months has been in the icy north of the arctic it's
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failed plans for a toy up with b.p. and the share swap deal cast a shadow over the company if the deal is dead or sniffed still has the task of finding a partner to explore the blocks it's acquired in the arctic heading up that will be a new chairman because sichem is standing down in accordance with the new russian policy of splitting politicians from jobs heading state wrong companies it's not all bad news for us yet production grew faster than any other russian oil company currently it's pumping eight hundred forty million barrels of oil and twelve billion cubic meters of gas a year there's been a lot of progress on rosneft improving downstream capacity it's taken germany's route oil will increase three pointing and giving access to new technology and looking east a joint venture with the m.p.c. to build a refinery in china will greatly improve its penetration of far east markets so the new leadership will have
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a lot to smile about but solving the problem. in the arctic will be their toughest task. here reporting that russia is considering reducing its holding in a number of key state companies to blocking six state is looking into privatizing more of major roles now after being c.v. blank rule sell halls bank and power generating company reciter russia's plans to sell assets from more than thirteen hundred state companies without losing control in the key players. ever look at the markets here in russia they ended the week on the negative notes this was on the back of the climbing world prices and a strong second some of the individual movers on the my six most energy majors were losing with gazprom down one point three percent will snap also snapped four days of gains one of the biggest heavyweight losers at the close on friday despite boosting dividends for twenty ten by twenty. overall the week was very positive with both and this is putting on more than three percent since i'm qualified for
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all supply wraps up. this week was all boat all in gas surprisingly little people in russia still believe firmly in the domestics to relieve the banks and retail this week was a bolt over on gas as i mentioned gaspar was the one to make very strong performance on the back of the expected chaney's transaction deal and then subsequently the meeting in on wednesday as sensually didn't raise any quarter's comes once you know the fear that all price might come off. that. there was another reason to celebrate and rush as was strong will praise. and that's it from the business desk from now come up next some are saying the headlines two statements.
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in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph brin straight university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a man's. gone all the main risk issues that there is a ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are working for the produces side and only five percent are really genuinely
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independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there's a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if the transgenic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states or our legislatures rather will be avoid all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what could be more important than deciding on the eminent genetic future of life on earth. the close up team has been to the old grand river and then you know the turning point of world war two. this time the party goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by.


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