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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2011 1:01am-1:31am EDT

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this week's top stories here in r t the libyan capital has been rocked by nato is heaviest air strikes since the beginning of the military operation with dozens killed in the attacks and anger of foreign intervention growing on the ground. moscow agrees to lift a ban on european vegetables it's their guarantees their free from deadly e. coli bacteria the assurance came from president bit of joining russia e.u. talks. also the e.u. prepares a new rescue package for bankrupt priests which sparks massive protests against further cuts in the country and outrages people in germany saves time the debtors leave the eurozone. and as people here in moscow prepare to celebrate russia day we'll look back twenty years to when the country staged its first free presidential
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elections. in the russian capital you're watching r t with me joshua welcome to the program the conflict in libya shows no signs of letting up as rebels and government forces clash in the western oil port city of zawiyah some fifty kilometers from tripoli so even capital saw intensified nato airstrikes this week with the heaviest bombing since the foreign intervention began back in march could obvious government claims more than thirty people have been killed in the attacks some of them civilians it comes as a leading leaders daughter filed a lawsuit against the french president nicolas sarkozy and nato for killing four members of her family in an april military strike argues maria for. national spoke to some of the citizens of tripoli caught up in the violence. saddam has been
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within a hair's breadth of death but doctors have performed any a miracle and the young girl is back home with her family she took her mother's pills to kill herself. if someone wants to kill me and bill to do myself. but who wants to kill the teenager so much native city tripoli has been under constant bombardment by nato forces for three months day and night forms have been falling on the city with a population of around a million no one can ever say when or where the next one would land. this week in the most intensive air idea that there have been sixteen nato airstrikes in just ten hours attacks against civilians must stop gadhafi must go and the libyan people deserve to determine their own future nato has frequently claimed success and the military operation is supposed to protect civilians but the libyan
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government has repeatedly protested that innocent civilians have been among the dead the claims have not been independently verified but one thing this clear since march nineteenth the live would normally peons has changed forever saddam is mother will never forget the day when her daughter preferred death to this new life my girl told me before that she saw death as a good thing when i entered her room that day she was lying on the floor there was smoke everywhere could hardly see what happened but i realized immediately it was something terrible this is not fair they told us they want a no fly zone he never said they were going to bomb us he promised to protect us but instead they scare us talking about who they are of obamacare sort of his father is more precise and the world no longer needs nato the second world war ended long ago and we try to live our lives we'll need starts wars and always intervenes in other countries problems we're tired of war our patience is running out let us just live our life nato has just prolonged its operation and leave it
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till september that means people here face months more terror from the skies one of nato is supposed to target khadafi its military arsenal actually landed here in this district it didn't destroy the colonel's compound but it's almost damaged the lives of one family as you can see the building has quickly been repaired now the question is whether the people will ever recover. tripoli. as more claims of civilian casualties emerge anger and doubt grows among libyans over the true goals of the alliance in the country. who spoke exclusively to the nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen asked him what triggered the intervention. but look at the lack of an entry strategy into libya it could be said that you were dragged into this rushing to regime change have you accidentally gone to war in libya definitely not on the contrary we considered this
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very carefully. we laid out certain conditions that should be fulfilled before we took action and the decisive factor was that the united nations correct me if i'm wrong but obviously the u.n. resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone cording to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in libya taking all necessary measures and that's exactly what we're doing right now all the necessary measures if i might speak of what admiral pollo has legitimize strikes on any command center in libya i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen homes bombed they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces
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does that three in a car on a phone or in a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say any means. i would like to stress that we are not targeting individuals we hate. military. targets. and of course control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show amount of control on military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook. who's from paris france wants to know why nato is bombing metropolitan areas in libya and civilians are being killed what do you. say to the navy. we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians against attacks and this is the reason why our commanders are very very careful in
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identifying legitimate military targets. and to find out how the nato chief handled other challenging questions over libya you can watch the full interview next hour here on our team. and this week saw clashes between protesters and government forces in syria continue as the country faced double pressure from the west britain and france have approached the u.n. security council with a draft resolution against syria both china and russia have said they won't back it in addition the international nuclear watchdog has raised questions over whether an installation destroyed four years ago by israeli warplanes was a nuclear site syria insists it was a peaceful facility but the atomic agency demands more evidence threatening sanctions. from the arab lawyers association told r.t. there washington and its allies are using the allegations as a tool to remove the current rulers in syria us now that the syrian regime is under
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fire this. trial has to be opened so that the international community the u.s. gets the u.n. and the way to accuse syria of violating international law so they can take them out there to this community council so that we get more precious yet again abuse of the international institutions for political whether it's to die or with the council this is what the u.s. is doing this is a building which has been inspected by the. time and number of guns but there they want to have. this it is out doing they told them a number of times that this is a military installation and this is nothing to do with the nuclear and the g. or power or a reactor the saying since you are not telling us what else you're going to use it therefore it must be a nuclear facility and that's why we're going to take them out there the security council. marty live from moscow still have for you this hour the dangers of drones
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open up a new round of warfare a new realm of breaking international and domestic law as the u.s. plans to expand the use of its deadly weapon look at why some people fear the technology could be used on american soil. three months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan a look at the continuing radiation crisis and social exclusion faced by many evacuees. russia is ready to put european vegetables back on supermarket shelves as soon as the e.u. guarantees of products is free from the deadly e. coli bacteria the move was just one of the outcomes of this week's russia e.u. talks. we are ready to lift the ban on european vegetables after we are provided with sufficient guarantees by the e.u. . and the russian and the european health officials are following your lies in a significant that proves the safety of the supplied products this is
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a great result. apart from matters of o's the leader is also discussed russia's accession to the world trade organization with the e.u. commission cheve grows older saying it's possible by the end of this year you also agree that libyan leader colonel gadhafi has lost its legitimacy and should go this comes after may's g. eight summit in france where russia agreed to step in with ceasefire mediation efforts in the north african country. the european union and the international monetary fund are preparing a second rescue package for greece which according to some estimates may total as much as one hundred twenty billion euros just one year after the previous rescue package the new bailout comes with conditions calling for the greek governments to implement even more cuts tens of thousands of taking to the streets of athens in protest against yet another round of austerity measures but there is also anger in germany where people are tired of their country paying for reckless neighbors as
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artie's daniel bushell reports. the euro's dead long live germany says top lawyer markus kerber he's suing the german government to stop its bailing out bankrupt neighbors you cannot save. greece. the country you have to get rid of greece greece is no longer worth the candidate although there were a number of the european union the nations labeled in delusion by some as the pigs of europe portugal ireland greece and spain must drop the currency now before they drag down other members warms kerber although athens last year raised the pension age to sixty five and could only retirement other countries believe that greek workers work less will bail you out a second time says chancellor merkel but if you want cash in future you must work
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longer the statements caused greece but they're not happy in the e.u. cash capital frankfurt believing the greeks have had it too easy because if we are going to sixty seven it's not possible to declare why their people should always sticks. which are certainly not responsible for the debts and the deficits run in portugal greece in the pic states raise the age when when the greek people retire. sorry all three people what we have to work along as well germans or wrote boiling point anger which could spill out onto the streets the powerful greens are now suing merkel's government claiming it hid facts about bailouts from the public people in germany i ask you do we have to pay these so we have to give answers and the answers we don't get from our government even the ruling party is revolting klaus pizza will she is fighting all rescues since he argues lead. the
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eurozone is in the interests of the struggling countries they should take the chance to say ok we get out we. solve our problems we have our dept restructured those who gave money for high interest rate will use some of their money and they can qualify again for the euro maybe after ten fifteen years greece protests the euro's a straight jacket which blocks traditional ways to boost your economy like devaluing the currency or adjusting interest rates even greece's european commissioner says that the country's membership of the common currency is at risk unless athens takes the painful cost cutting medicine prescribed by the e.u. and the i.m.f. greeks now agree with germans who say that it's out of control the question is will
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weak states quit the euro and reorganize or stay and bring the single currency down with a new bushel r.t. in. well creation of the euro was a mistake and the currency is heading for imminent collapse that's what french nationalist leader of marine le pen says and here is a preview of what's to come later today. but the bosses today the years data to think it is just waiting to be signs old reluctance means that they're used to built in the currency wrong they have told you so you're a little green growth employment raising. really loving us to counterbalance the power of the dollar and the share story the reason is the weakest in the world and to be. able to do all that said the year is going to die most. this week u.s. armed drones and fighter jets hit a number of suspected militant targets it comes as the yemeni government washington's ally clings on to power in the face of an uprising as
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a war activists are flounder says america is not be honest about its motives. this is just another criminal illegal absolutely and it's lawlessness on such a scale of hypocrisy at the very time that the u.s. is using the un security council the international criminal court to bring charges against other countries for terrorism and it is clearly exposed in international terrorism itself in yemen and of course in sabotage teams in syria and in bombing of libya not to mention the devastating wars in iraq and afghanistan in yemen it is to protect a complete thirty three year dictatorship of salo who's now for. health reasons and saudi arabia an effort to protect his regime potentially bring him back and it's being used against a people's movement or anyone that the u.s.
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fears is a threat to them is now being labeled as al qaida and it's open season in terms of attacks and and bombs and drone attacks on any number of different resistance organizations u.s. drones have also been used in pakistan of words latest strike killed at least eighteen people while official reports claim the casualties were militants some witnesses named civilians among the victims and as drones have a common one of washington's most favored weapons americans fear that acknowledging might soon be used to snoop a little closer to home. reports. when a u.s. drone hit the house of this young man in pakistan he lost an eye both legs and three family members. these people are demanding the cia be held responsible for the deaths of their loved ones but to no avail with the use of drones comes a lack of accountability those are being operated by somebody at
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a command center willingly virginia they're watching it on videotape on a video screen they're pressing the button there. deciding who lives and who dies and then they go off for a weekend where they have barbecues in their suburban virginia and suburban maryland homes and who pays the price the people who are the victims of the attack is their accountability none whatsoever drones have become the symbol of america's undeclared wars wars that seem to have no state all legal boundaries we've opened up a new realm of warfare a new room of breaking breaching international and domestic law. using pakistan yemen and elsewhere they have killed scores of civilians the former chief counterinsurgency strategist for the u.s. state department has estimated the drone attacks kill fifty non targeted persons for each intended target one of the things the united states kind of pretends is that we are morally superior we are better just able to judge what is good for
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other people and therefore we are entitled to inflict our judgement on them and that we presume they will be grateful to us for it but that is not what happens ever and it's not what's happening in yemen it's not what's happening in pakistan they are furiously enraged with us washington is looking to increase the funding for drone development by seven times over the next ten years a large part of that will go towards an armed surveillance drones the u.s. has for years been using them in another of its undeclared wars against drug traffickers in mexico the mexican government allows us spy planes despite public discontent there's a lot of concern that the use of these drones by the u.s. government has more to do with u.s. control over mexican territory actually going out to the drug lords and winning the drug war while issues of international law and sovereignty trigger little interest among americans the prospect of having surveillance drones spying all across the
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u.s. itself surely does you as police agencies are asking for for drones. mastic surveillance raising the alarm among those who think that could be the end of american freedoms especially when you look at constitutional activities like free speech activities that are going to be hovering over crowds that are merely maybe protesting the war protesting some are governmental act and they'll be chilling free speech should your old will be equipped with some sort of weapon so some people are saying lasers will be able to punish the students who are advocating against the government they've already been used in some instances in the united states and in two thousand and seven protesters in washington d.c. noticed small objects floating overhead it looked like dragons well it turned out they were robo flies developed by the pentagon now surveillance devices as america continues developing this play station mentality killing and intelligence gathering in practice that people leave in fear that it may be time they could become a target in someone's deadly b.t.o. game and maybe here in the last year that with their rapid expansion of spy drones
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over their own territory they could one day wake up you know to my police state i'm going to check our reporting from our r t. let's check out the concept shannon our website the air american radio host alex jones explains why this technology could be the beginning of a global skynet. and to japan now it's been three months since the deadly earthquake and tsunami but there's still no end in sight of the country's radioactive crisis crowds took to the streets of tokyo yesterday to protest against the country's continued use of nuclear power reactors at a stricken from a new quickly current nuclear plant have released state staggering amounts of radiation into the surrounding area as the leaks continue three months on meanwhile tens of thousands of evacuees remain in temporary shelters dr robert jacobs from the hiroshima peace and city it says residents of the fukushima district have not only faced radiation exposure but also social exclusion. there are still people
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living in areas where there's high radiation and there's children going to school in areas where there's high radiation and so there's been a reluctance to move as quickly as possible and a lot of people from the machine may area who even people who were born there but who live in tokyo are experiencing discrimination in japan by people who consider them possibly contaminated even though radiation is not transferable to other people but there are a lot of problems ahead if i can give you one quick example in august there's a very important holiday in japan called oborne in which everyone returns to their hometown because the spirits of ancestors come to their burial places where their ashes are interned and the family welcomes them these people exclusion zone will not be able to observe this will they just holiday and welcome there the spirits of their ancestors who return obongo when people find that there are unable to carry out their familial obligations for decades because they can't return to these areas
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people tend to blame themselves even if there are structural reasons so there needs to be some work done to help people through not just the radiation exposure but the social breakdowns that follow radiation exposures in communities. trail space explorers began a new journey to the stars on sunday the russian american and japanese current members blasted off in the early hours of wednesday for a five month stay on the international space station will carry out over forty experiments including work on new cancer treatment at its hands to grow food in space artist lanza france witness the spectacular launch and cast stamp. the three men have been together for nearly two years prep or preparing for this trip and have traveled all over the world preparing in different models of soyuz and getting ready for what is really this this final push into space in what they say feels almost a little bit like home as cramped as it may be the soyuz is is something they've practiced in for so long now that it feels
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a little bit like cold and the three men say they will be taking very special items into space with them albeit very few items pictures of loved ones and so on they'll also be able to talk with their families every day that we've talked to the backup team they are very excited to watch this they say that it's something it's an amazing emotional thing to watch let's check it out. loud what it's like the first just shock tremendously you can really sense the power in that as as it took off what an experience that was it will take them about eight minutes to hit orbit around the earth two days to dock now the three men when they get there will be undertaking over forty scientific experiments among them
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cancer research and the ability to actually grow food in space. all russia celebrates a holiday twenty one years ago to the day russia declared independence from the soviet union beginning its break up just one year later as the country voted in the first free presidential election and its history art is igor a enough has more on russia today. june twelve nineteen ninety one millions voted to make boris yeltsin russia's first president a watershed moment in the country's history. this was the first free election ever in russia the day after we left behind a totalitarian state and had a new job of building a democratic society that respected the rights of its people by the time the lection took place the soviet union had less than a year to live but no one knew how it would disintegrate its fifteen republics began to declare sovereignty one by one while staying
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a part of the year ceasar provoking unrest and even armed conflict and moscow two leaders also competed against each other michelle gabacho was the head of the soviet union chosen by communist functionaries boris yeltsin was in charge of a new sovereign russia and promised reform but calling for an open election yeltsin challenged the authority of the communist party over russia. with this victory in the election yeltsin prove that you can stand up to the communists establishment in an open and public manner he did not cut back room deals or try armed protest with this victory ensured that the soviet union could break out without armed conflict. unlike former soviet leaders yeltsin campaign like a democratic politician meeting their electorate and delivering stump speeches at factories and town squares what at his rallies attracted hundreds of thousands when the election night came we were hopeful would win but we still weren't sure after
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all it was the communist party that counted the votes but soon enough the results became clear boris yeltsin defeated the communist candidate handily with more than half of the votes. when he led the resistance to a hardline a coup that at summer his popularity peaked but over the next decade the support field. among russians dwindled as the country went through difficult reforms surveys showed that as the anniversary of the election approached if you remember and even fewer but it's been good i don't have any emotions about it i did vote for you all to nan but i'm far less political now the absolute neutral news i voted but i can tell you these are all just politicians games they have nothing to do with me . it's not surprising that those who lived through the difficult times did not want to celebrate this occasion but hopefully the next generation will truly appreciate the historic significance of this moment and of yeltsin as of now russia's first
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president himself remains unappreciated with only one in five saying to have a positive attitude towards him many outside of russia said at the even today it's democracy is not perfect and some inside the country said they still yearn for the soviet union but one thing is very hard to argue against as a result of these changes twenty years ago russians are wealthier of more personal and political freedoms eager of all to see moscow. brains have been here on r.t. i'll be back shortly with an update of our week's top stories. in
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one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph brant straight universe. pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a man's. gone all the main risk issues that there is a ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are working for the produces side and only five percent are really genuinely independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy.


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