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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2011 9:01am-9:31am EDT

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the week's top stories on our t.v. nato launches its heaviest and most promising air strikes in the libyan capital killing dozens of the rebels complained the alliance is ignoring the real frontline meanwhile the force of international condemnation over syria gets burned out their . anger promises to boil to a boil in greece the government moves to make deeper cops and public spending in exchange for another new balance in germany those footing the bill say they're getting tired of the pain of this day. and it's a day that marks the birth of modern russia celebrating the country's declaration of sovereignty and its first free elections which led to the historic fall of the soviet union.
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its five pm in moscow you're watching our t.v. on need to know away with our top story libyan rebel fighters on the mediterranean frontline are reportedly trying to retake the major oil port of the we are just fifty kilometers west of the capital tripoli the offensive marks a breakthrough for the opposition which was swept out from the port fire tillery fire in the text of shelley the pro-government troops about three months ago here talk is force gadhafi forces to close a key supply route from tunisia rebel leaders have complained that nato airstrikes and supporting their military efforts have focused too heavily on tripoli rather than on the front lines in the strada and so we and this is leading to even more civilian casualties as our teams with the notion of reports. saddam has been we know has graz death the doctors have performed any a miracle and the young girl is back home with her family she took her mother's
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peals to kill herself. if someone wants to kill me and myself. but who wants to kill the teenager. summer's native city tripoli has been under constant bombardment by nato forces for three months day and night forms have been falling on the city with a population of around a million no one can ever say when or where the next one would land. this week in the most intensive air idea that there have been sixteen nato air strikes in just ten hours attacks against civilians must stop gadhafi must go and the libyan people deserve to determine their own future nato has frequently claimed success and the military operation is supposed to protect civilians but the libyan government has repeatedly protested the innocent civilians have been among the dead the claims have not been independently very high and with one thing this clear
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since march nineteenth the live would normally prince has changed forever saddam was mother will never forget the day when her daughter preferred death to this new life my girl told me before that she saw death as a good thing when i entered her room that day she was lying on the floor there was smoke everywhere could see what happened but i realized immediately was something terrible this is not fair they told us they want a no fly zone they never said they were going to bomb us he promised to protect his but instead they scare us talking about who they are of obamacare said of his father is more precise and the world no longer needs nato the second world war ended long ago and we try to live our lives we'll need starts wars and always intervenes in other countries problems we're tired of war our patience is running out let us just live our life has just prolonged its operation and leave it till september that means people here face months more terror from the skies one of nato
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is supposed to targets gadhafi his military arsenal actually landed here in this district it didn't destroy the colonel's compound but it's almost damaged the lives of one family as you can see the building has quickly been repaired now the question is whether the people will ever recover. tripoli. this week a russian envoy began his mission in libya in the latest attempt to bring both sides of the conflict to negotiating table we who visited benghazi for talks with the opposition says the coalition bombing campaign will not help resolve the turmoil we seriously think that airstrikes never sold political problems and we said it here very clearly that as long as the bloodshed continues the longer it continues the more difficult it will be to build a national reconciliation process off to the civil war so we are very much in favor
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of building political bridges so to speak and we are ready to help. at least thirty people were killed in the vag a string of nato airstrikes on will be in capital according to a government spokesman and amid more claims of civilian casualties many now question the humanitarian goals of the alliance and interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen i asked him to clarify how the coalition defines a legitimate target actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone cording to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in libya taking all necessary measures and that's exactly what we're doing right now i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen homes bombed they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces does daffy in a car on a phone or in a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say any means. i would like to stress
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that we are not targeting individuals we hate legitimity military. targets. and of course command and control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show amount of control centers are legitimate military targets. you can find out how the nato chief handled other challenging questions over his full interview on our team in just over an hour or you can watch it anytime by logging on to our website arts dot com. tensions are also peaking in syria where government troops are attempting to storm the rebel northern border talent. with tanks and military helicopters the army has entered the city in order to quote cleanse it from rebellious armed groups which killed at least hundred twenty police officers last week meanwhile britain and france are still pushing for a un resolution condemning the brutal crackdown against anti-government activists
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in syria which opposes any attempts to intervene in the conflict that it won't and who are world observers insist serious troubles are an internal problem and its people must find their own way. i think we have to remember the revolution and the revolutionary process that has taken place in the middle east is one in which ordinary people take time to take control of the society and what i think is happening in syria and what has to happen in syria is the syrian movement for change has to win over just sections of society has to win over aleppo it has to win sections of the army and i think this is an internal struggle if you like for the future direction of syria the problem is when foreign powers start into fearing then then you can have a regime that then can strengthen its position by saying this out you know. what happened today was going to happen to us if you carry on with this movement and so on so i think it's very very dangerous move by britain and france to do fear in the
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syrian revolution because both countries have a very long history in this region palestine lebanon and syria and i think it will be seen very much as western interference in the internal affairs of syria. in addition syria's been accused by the international atomic watch talk of building a covert nuclear reactor and failing to supply necessary information about it syria insists it's a non-nuclear military site but the agency is demanding more evidence and threatening sanctions but some critics believe washington and its allies are using the allegations as plan b. in case the u.n. resolution completely fails there probably might use it as a tool in order to impose sanctions so if they want to impose sanctions the justification for the sanctions will not be the manner in which the syrian regime has been dealing with the uprising or with the most leaders but rather the atomic project that the syrians. are alleged to have been involved in well there seems to
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be two parallel lines but somebody might have intended from behind the scene an alternative approach so if the u.n. security council resolution for some reason doesn't work then we can go along the other route. staying on the subject outside influence in the arab world later in the program a helping hand or influence. the international monetary fund extends a three billion dollar loan to egypt but some say there are strings attached to the purse and that's the theory of the still one stable country where the last one. kind of woman aiming to be the legal guardian of her children launches a state against russell societal attitudes and even death itself i doubt if she succeeded in just a couple of minutes. but first russia will restart the import of european that's
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troubles if the union guarantees the safety of its products meaning they're free from the deadly e. coli bacteria the statement was among the outcomes of this week's meat. surely she would know we had vegetables today and yesterday i don't know where they came from i suppose we'll have to wait and see and we were discussing ways to restore shipments of vegetables from europe to russia we already had done in european vegetables also we are provided sufficient going she's going to the e.u. us. president medvedev has also urged the e.u. to speed up the decision on russia's entry to the world trade organization with the e.u. commission chief joseph manual barroso saying access then is possible by the end of the year the two sides have also discussed using a visa regime saying the agreement on the topic could be made next month the next russia even summit will be held in brussels in the winter. so as european officials ready the next life of greece's bailout the european central bank and the german
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government are arguing over how to get private investors to contribute just one year after the first payment the next stage comes with conditions calling on athens to implement even stricter allstar of the measures tens of thousands have taken to the streets of athens in protest against yet another round of sweeping cuts during their weekly video podcast german chancellor angle. merkel stated it's important not to shout it's put in danger the global economic upswing has europe balance it that crisis in greece and beyond that many germans are angry at their government for paying for others' mistakes that number still has more. the euros did long leave germany says top lawyer marcus kerber he's suing the german government to stop its bailing out bankrupt neighbors you cannot save the euro by saving grace on the country you have to get rid of greece greece is no longer worth
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a candidate no longer worth the number of the european monetary union the nation's labeled in the region by some as the peaks of europe portugal ireland greece and spain must drop the currency now before they drag down other members warms kerber. things last year raised the pension age to sixty five and could early retirement of the country's believe that greek workers work less. we'll bail you out a second time says chancellor merkel but if you want cash in future you must work longer the statements caused to rule ring greece but they're not happy in the e.u.'s cash capital frankfurt. believing the greeks have had it too easy because if we are going to chill sixty seven it's not possible to declare why other people should go with six fifteen which are certainly not responsible for the debts and the deficits run in portugal greece in the pic states raise the age
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when when the greek people retire. sorry all three people what we have to work along as well germans or wrote boiling point anger which could spill out onto the streets the powerful greens are now suing merkel's government claiming it to keep facts about bailouts from the public people in germany i ask you do we have to pay these so we have to give answers and the answers we don't get from our government even the ruling party is revolting klaus pizza will she's fighting all rescues since he argues leaving the eurozone is in the interests of the struggling countries they should take the chance to say ok we get out we. solve our problems we will have our dept restructured those who gave money for high interest rate would lose some of their money and then they can qualify again for
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the euro maybe after ten fifteen years greece protests the euro's a straight jacket which blocks traditional ways to boost your economy like devaluing the currency or adjusting interest rates even greece's european commissioner says that the country's membership of the common currency is at risk unless athens takes the painful cost cutting medicine prescribed by the e.u. and the i.m.f. greeks now agree with germans who say that out of control the question is will weak states quit the euro and reorganize or stay and bring the single currency down with a bushel linde. europe has become feeble and creating the giro was a mistake that's the view of the french far right leader marine le pen well have an interview with her later today here's a preview of it they both gave a year. just just waiting to be signs old really means that they used to build
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a car in c. wrong they have told us of a little playing growth employment. really loving us to counterbalance the power of the dollar and the shares so eventually usa is the weakest in the world and. while that change the year is going to die most. the i.m.f. plans to lend egypt three billion dollars to help stabilize the country but some experts have voiced concern that it may become an instrument of western pressure archer's paul the slayer has been following the story. as if the international monetary fund doesn't have enough on its plate it's agreed to loan three billion dollars to cairo a move critics say is absurd i think this is a bribe that the west is trying to give to the regime lest the new one lest it turns against the west but cairo is insisting the money will help stabilize the
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country's finances especially now with mubarak gone and the country going through a transitional period but observers say it's the same spin with only slightly different marketing these agreements are being made with traditional transitional governments and these transitional governments have. they come primarily out of some figures of the old regime they composed primarily of figures from your regime for example samir radwan the finance minister in egypt has been negotiating this loan was a mubarak appointee a bomb is promising cairo a billion dollars more in loan guarantees and on top of that another billion in debt cancellation while french president nicolas sarkozy has committed the g eight to providing up to ten billion dollars in direct aid it's a commitment the west says it's making to help each actions get back on the feet united states and the west are trying to reduce the damage caused by the revolutions very are. considerable financial
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contributions gyptian economy and the perfect ways through the i.m.f. which is heavily influenced by the united states for. many many years the i.m.f. has been considered as an orm of american foreign economic policies this regime that is unstable. would could be considered is a waste of money on something that is very shaky what's more it comes with particular strings attached. and that the deal could in fact spell trouble i believe is a major. victory exactly what i did really low and the money except the worst trouble. syria a country literally loses its sovereignty to the west bank is rhetorical orations the regime no way. country what most egyptians fear is that the money will get used
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up long before it reaches the pockets believing it's likely to be only a small elite as well as international banks who benefit from the loans the last time the i.m.f. injected a large amount of money into egypt was twenty years ago but since then the number of rejections of living below just two dollars a day doubled in february this year the i.m.f. praised the mubarak regime sound fiscal management in egypt as far as libya went it's the ultimate for the economy remains stable but just days later mubarak was all stood and tripoli was engulfed in anti gadhafi demonstrations so it's no surprise of many say the base of the i.m.f. rates the country the closer that country is to having a revolution highlighting just how wrong the organization can be. our team tell of. well for more coverage you can always log on to our website arts dot com where you can find all our reports expert opinions walks and much more here's
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a peek at some of the stories lined up for today a belt gathering of the world's movers and shakers we talk to activists who make a stand against the impenetrable media blackout scrubby and you will build the meeting find out some of the theories of just what's being find it behind the wall of silence and whether it's worth taxpayers having to fund it. it also crowded space the aisle says give three new presidents doubling the number of humans in orbit a combined international crew will form unique research including attempts to find cancer cure cancer be expecting a farewell visit from lantus the last ever flight of the current u.s. . it was a grieving mothers wish to raise her lights on children as her own but complications sudden when it emerged that were born to sarah gets with three years three years after his death or just like some a boycott takes up the legal wranglings. it was only at fifty seven that the amar
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understood the true meaning of having her hands full and accomplished scientist a wife of three decades and also a devoted mother none of these roles capture as busy as she is now her tragedy she became a grandmother only after she'd lost everything else which you just you know the death of my son created a hole in my life that will never close but the birth of my grandchildren certainly provides some solace is god's gift to me the mar son daughter of cancer three years ago but before his first chemotherapy a session doctors conserve his sperm but the help of surrogate mothers two sets of twins were brought into the world. the march husband left her her scientific career was put on hold. yet lamar says they're all trifles compared to divert a river meant brought about by her son's death. it's love which is fed by grief but
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it's love nonetheless three years ago i couldn't imagine myself even smiling let alone laughing or singing songs but the little ones pulled me out of this abyss of despair. with her large family support lamar says she has no financial or parental concerns about raising her grandchildren her main problem now is the reluctance of the russian state to recognize her as the moderator of this children and her deceased son as their father. he lowered believes the law is on their side. according to russian law there are no limits on who can become appearing through the use of surrogate mother who of course cases like this one are still very unusual in russia and that's why some registration offices or court officials may be confused and refuse to register children but the law is definitely in our favor . that mara is the third woman in russia who used the sperm of her deceased son to
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continue the family's lineage yet whether it is due to her age or the share number of children involved her story a good many russians questioning the affleck's of this kind of parenting the work that you would. exercise is employing mechanics ultimately lead to this very ambiguous situation we can really tell the difference between a son and a grandson there are so many orphans in russia so she wanted to be a mother she could have easily realized her maternal instincts i think ultimately it's a very selfish drive to pass through genes no matter what. but lamar couldn't care less about societal attitudes too much suffering for the loss of your only son persuaded her that there is no such thing as too many grandchildren russian law has no age cap for people who are willing to adopt children the only cabbage is that a potential parent should be at least sixteen years older than the child and i must
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case these age difference is almost sixty years just doesn't sit easily in a country where most people become parents before they turn thirty and about raising even two kids is often seen more than a handful for the boy artsy moscow. it's twenty three minutes past the hour take a look at some of the day's world news in brief italians are voting in a referendum on whether to return to nuclear power while the germans have recently decided to abandon the controversial energy source twenty twenty two italian government is seeking support for its ambitious program to build new stations people are also voting on whether the current prime minister silvio berlusconi can retain immunity from prosecution wants to step down from power. voters across turkey are heading to the polls in a general election two parties are battling for power with current prime minister type and one running against the secular republican people's party and once targeting a parliamentary majority so we can change the constitution in favor of more liberal
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policies. but there's a festive atmosphere here in moscow and around russia today as the country marks twenty one years since it declared its sovereignty followed by the collapse of the soviet union just one year later it held its first free elections which resulted in victory for the reformist president. as. now reports even today memories of that bumpy road to democracy are still fresh in many people's minds. twelve nineteen ninety one millions voted to make boris yeltsin russia's first president a watershed moment in the country's history because this was the first free election in russia the day after we left behind a totalitarian state and had a new job of building a democratic society that respected the rights of its people by the time the election took place the soviet union had less than a year to live but no one knew how it would disintegrate its fifteen republics
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began to declare sovereignty one by one while staying a part of the us a so provoking unrest and even conflict in moscow two leaders also competed against each other me. hell gorbachev was the head of the soviet union chosen by communist functionary boris yeltsin was in charge of a new sovereign russia and promised reform but calling for an open election yeltsin challenged the authority of the communist party over russia. with this victory in the election yeltsin through the you can stand up to the communists establishment in an open and public manner he did not cut back room deals or try and protest with this victory ensured that the soviet union can break out without armed conflict. unlike former soviet leaders yeltsin campaign like a democratic politician meeting their electorate and delivering stump speeches at factories and in town squares what at his rallies attracted hundreds of thousands
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when the election night came we were hopeful would win but we still weren't sure after all it was the communist party that counted the votes but soon enough the results became clear boris yeltsin defeated the communists candidate handily with more than half of the votes. when he led the resistance to the coup laid out some of his popularity peaked but over the next decade to support fields and among russians dwindled as the country went through difficult reforms surveys showed that as the anniversary of the election approached if you remember and even fewer care. i don't have emotions about it i did vote for yeltsin man but i am far less political now absolutely i voted but i can tell you these are all just politicians games they have nothing to do with me. it's not surprising that those who lived through the difficult times did not want to celebrate this occasion but hopefully
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the next generation will truly appreciate the historic significance of this moment and of yeltsin as of now russia's first president himself remains unappreciated with only one in five saying to have a positive attitude towards him. many outside of russia so i doubt that even today it's that well kristie is not perfect and so been saw the country so did they still yearn for the soviet union but one thing is very called to all against as a result of these changes twenty years ago russians all wealth of more personal and political freedoms. all see moscow. much more fuel coming up next hour here on artsy including when killing becomes a video game america back it up with unmanned attack drone program with a growth here is a play station mentality proclaims thing morals constant warfare. and three months on from the onset of the fukushima nuclear crisis in japan and look at how
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government efforts to downplay radioactive contamination culminated in a massive display of popular range. will stay with us for a recap of our top stories on a special report on the inside works of american mass media after a short break. and . it was true.


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