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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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babyhood cleary collection the applause of the maiden so to believe that paul was the leader religious and shifty was punished but they promised. greek police fired tear gas at thousands of protesters who were furious that further harsher come to qualify for yet another international date and also this hour. draw pulls out from nature's european missile defense plan saying that it wants a bigger role in this project all details in just a couple of minutes. iran confirms to russia its total renouncement of plans to possess a nuclear weapons at the summit they should leaders here in kazakhstan to join me for the details later in the program. the way to bring the deadly air superiority
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to yemen u.s. drones allegedly kill schools the civilians as the u.k. readies helicopters and come on days to send to the rest of region. in business here russian markets close in the red with energy mages leading the poll will look at the figures and about twenty minutes from now in our business bulletin. world wide news around the clock this is art so you live from moscow well greece is boiling point with police firing tear gas of crowds of angry protesters thousands of demonstrators are trying to block access to the parliament building where the government is discussing more cutbacks to secure further rescue lots of the surface reports from inside the clashes and things. the clashes between the police and the protesters still going to be some of the cast of the state's new compared to. build
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a fire in the crowd you can see to such things all along the sides flare that was killed at a time. people here wanting to go stay out of the name of the police trying to find out that violence still breaking out so if i see you still i love the people on the street he's the nice people just implied with the castle still they really don't want anyone still that is seeing some of the people who the fire chief are breaking the police the people still missing i consider such a slave in a you can head to say custom things such as by the place they turned out to face as they get the proposal starting i said there i go about economic situation has been happening they called him they were there and. so we haven't really been told the president can find it till the end but you can see the chaos happening held in pakistan right at this very moment that is that silly sales of the state the police
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all over the place we were license and where to take out some think that's all i can tell you is not a pleasant experience he absolutely cannot break up the numbers of people who could . really cause. people. to stay because it is a menace people are really not seesawing people. so it's not the mike frenette place that. you can see right there the police need to set up going to be enough around to take us up to speed up the day and the people that really get stuff. that's out of. the way to look like i said i got sick of it was right out.
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that's our fourth reporting from the greek capital made what appeared to be quite a situation plenty of waste after yourself and lots happening in athens because had a twitter feed under school. details along with links to the latest analysis videos and the. like with journalist still young those are christmas numbers is in the midst of the general strike he's blaming international bankers for learning greece into a debt hole from which. we cannot be all the money they hits they tourist rates all the money we take is in order to pay the high interest rates this is this is robbery this is theft this is swindle i can't describe it anymore and the problem for them now is that people know that they realize that they see their income don't going down they see taxis taxis and nothing else their money does not go to their really corny period then everybody knows that if they don't
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come with a solution then they decide right we give you time to repay your loans but at the same time we help you in this specific factor of your economy to recover and now at the moment you see hundreds of thousands of people greek people that they know they demonstrate they know that there is no tomorrow they know that they have no income unemployment you think unemployment is this is what they clearly you know realign employment will reach twenty five percent sure and this is a chaotic situation and the only responsible for this situation is the international monetary fund the minister of finance i hear now that they would change him but it's too late somehow you know this government has failed. well while the greeks make their own god known about facing further cuts germans are no less furious about having to pay for it again later today german m.p. class plato bill she says that's why e.u. countries should take responsibility for themselves. and you would treaties
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if it was regulated that there must be any bailout because. otherwise you or. you will. ruin the public finances of those countries who are contributing to it. as long as each country is responsible for its budget it has to take full responsibility and the only right answer to that is you'll be out. here with r.t. it's good of you to join us today and i still to come on the program egypt's freedom to oppress the country's military rulers it's how over the revolution that toppled president mubarak all of it allegations of army abuse is sparking anger among citizens. are u.s.
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missile defense plans for europe have suffered a major setback prague is now refusing to take part in the system check officials say they're not happy with washington's offer as r.t. has a lot of skill points. brock wants that bigger role in this project the project of the european missile defense shield we understand that the initial plan mensah that only a preventive missile detection system would have been placed in the czech republic while major other major components of the system like the raiders station or the missile anti-missile complexes in poland were meant to be placed in other countries like turkey romania it was an initial plan by the bush administration which was scrapped by the obama administration when he came to office in two thousand and nine the seriously irritated mosco with many claiming that this plan was directed against russia the obama plan the plan seems to be much better seem to be much more convenient for all sides in that but in the past several years we've seen lots of contradictions between the wars in the actions and mosco is still pretty much
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unhappy about the way this project is being carried out saying that on many occasions washington does something without the consent so the initial plan of the united joint defense system in europe is not working out so far with the statements by president reagan saying that in fact there are no legal guarantees that this system would not be used against russia because the rogue states which at this missile defense system should be protecting you are from do not have the missiles which the system is intended for those missiles only are in possession of russia so clearly all this makes great serious concerns in mosco and the war of words continuous we are waiting for some comments to come from washington certainly but experts are now trying to guess whether this turnaround but the fact that the czech republic wants to withdraw from this project is somehow related to moscow's continuous voice of discontent on that issue. after you select the reporting right there now iran says that it has no plans to possess nuclear weapons during talks
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with russia at a key summit of asian countries they've just wrapped up their meeting with leaders which focused on tackling the raft of economic and security issues which face the artist has a cellular reports from a site. belonged be a meeting between russian president dmitri medvedev and iran it was a closed door meeting however afterwards foreign minister sergei lavrov did come out and said that iraq would emma did the job it did confirm to a president may get if that if iran is in total renouncement of plans to possess nuclear weapons how this is important because the nuclear nonproliferation has been a major topic here at the summit as well as the controversial nuclear program of iran and also discussed at that meeting is the. plan of iran to to a get rid of the u.n. sanctions because the u.s. side has really is a privilege to be a hurdle. for membership into d.s.t.o.
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but aside from iran president head of it also met with editor of the on his side and here they had discussed of course the a drug situation in the country which is threatening to security of russia as well as a potential business deals between the two countries big deals apparently because russia is a willing to contribute a lot to the rebuilding of the country but if they do touch on a whole range of important issues that are happening in the world today as expected they had been a very vocal about the situation in north africa and the middle east and they have come up with an official statement which does reflect what they have been saying all along that the international. international involvement in those parts of the world really have to adhere to international law particularly in libya they are calling for the troops there of the calling for nato in particular to adhere to the u.n. resolution one thousand seven hundred three and one nine hundred seventy that had allowed for the no fly zone over libya do not agree with further military
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involvement in such situations also with foreign minister lavrov have issued a separate statement on syria say got russia has not and will not change its position on the matter and that the russians will be against. the ground resolution on the syria at the un security in the region that was at the top of the agenda of the persons of of data set here has been a very important it has brought a lot of issues to the table i've got a status here as a guest and they want to be observer to be a c.e.o. one of the key issues is the post nato future of the country that members do believe that disability in afghanistan is essential to stability in the entire region and also of course topping vast agenda with regard to afghanistan is the drug situation this is very important for russia and they have all acknowledged that they have to come up with a common strategy of dealing with this president of the head of reiterating again and again how important this is for russia let's hear what he had to say of the
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matter. afghanistan. which. is a country which impact. here syria has always been. a corporation. and also they have made a statement on the fact that a unilateral missile defense system basically is going to be a threat to what international security by unilateral they need a decision made by one country or by one group and the last but not least india and pakistan have explicitly expressed their type to become full members and it is hoped that by joining d.s.t.o. this will ease the a rather tense relationship between the two countries. reporting right there and there is a more to come on this in just a few minutes we are planning to talk live to the you head of the iranian nuclear
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energy program on president ahmadinejad's pleasure to stay with us for that now we are keeping a close eye on the asian summit as well as we go regular updates at r.t. dot com among the analysis there now of pakistan makes moves to become an active member of the shanghai group after its friendship with the united states grows cold also online. no birth spectacled right in the heart of moscow as the capital planetarium finally relaunches after years of refer to money take a look around in our galleries and don't come. with r.t. live from moscow now the west is winning in yemen's ongoing unrest but with deadly force officials in the troubled country say u.s. drone strikes have killed over one hundred people including civilians in the past
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two weeks now the u.k. is preparing to attack helicopters and commandos squads for possible action in yemen are to use it more and it has more on this from london. they are becoming more and more involved whilst saying all the time we don't want to get any more involved in the conflict in yemen any more involved in libya than we can help it any more involved in the middle east as a region as a whole apaches attack helicopters we've seen them in in general. in iraq and in afghanistan and of course most recently in libya where involvement was seen as a marked escalation in the involvement of u.k. and french nato troops there very low flying so the likelihood of casualties is much increased by a presence there and it does look like an escalation of involvement again as we said so many times about libya the legality of this is extremely clear we are seeing u.s. drone attacks increasing numbers of u.s. drone attacks in yemen and the reasoning for that is. according to u.s.
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forces is taking advantage of what's going and going on moving into this power vacuum which is being created since president saleh left and went to saudi arabia for medical treatment moving into that stopping the activity taking advantage of general civil unrest to grab more support more power and more territory that's the reason for the u.s. paying these drone attacks that's how it's justifying it but of course that power vacuum works both ways interestingly the u.s. forces the military forces used to cool it with presence early on who to attack and when intelligence kind of these kinds of territorial issues but now the u.s. can easily say that there's no authorities with with whom to cooperate the government is essentially not in operation anymore so if they if they wanted to one would have thought that they could just go ahead and where they like and of course we've now seeing president obama ok the use of cia trains our cia drones will have a much wider a real mess and much. lection of targets that they can they can say we've also
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heard reports from the deputy provincial governor in yemen saying that one hundred thirty people have been killed in drone attacks just in the last month and that many of them were. what appeared to be innocent civilians and then of course the last thing is this secret cia base for trains that we hit is being built in the persian gulf region we're getting reports that all the talking that is being case to the yemeni government falls to al qaida and al qaeda no longer permit these train attacks in the country they need a base with which from which to fly they really are very much more involved in terms of base the u.s. and the u.k. . is laura right right there ok let's go to some other headlines from around the world for you this hour starting intelligence says that at least fifteen alleged insurgents were killed in a u.s. drone attack in northwest pakistan a series of strikes targeted a suspected militant compound near the main town in pakistan's south waziristan
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tribal area the region is known for housing many taliban insurgents who frequently carry out attacks against the government forces. syria is calling on refugees who fled to turkey turn to the town they abandon moved into groups the government says it's regained control and will continue to pursue what it calls the remnants of terrorist groups eight thousand people left town are now in refugee camps on the turkish border syria is in jewett months of brutal crackdown on protests to try and force the president to quit. a suicide car bomber has struck in northeastern afghanistan near a governor's building that killed seventeen leading some police officers the taliban's admitted the attack which targeted the french ambassador and a military convoy a separate attack occurred at almost the same time just south of the capital when a rocket was fired on a police training center the vice president and interior minister were there but there are no reported injuries. well egypt's drive for democracy has seen thousands
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of arrests media censorship and a state of emergency since replacing president mubarak it's not what egyptians were hoping for after the february revolution left hundreds dead now many wonder whether or not the price was worth paying as always murray financial reports from cairo. i have to have aged never sleeps the eighteen day uprising that ousted president mubarak has woken up the hell nation these has become a common scene here and this to. amnesty international estimates at least eight hundred forty people were killed and more than six thousand wounded during the protest that forced the tyrant to step down but even in a barrack free country the resume for fear and frustration. run his brother was a man fifteen young man killed in the violent religious strife at his cairo just weeks after the revolution egyptian christians and muslims clashed following
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records as a young christian woman was kidnapped and held in a coptic george after she married a muslim and converted to islam even though he was a christian coptic it wasn't a muslim that's killed around his brother when as an amish neither shot my brother dead the bullet went through his forehead and it came out on the other side and i saw it and no one here has a weapon like this on this old is there it's hard to grasp what happened. rather drains the army to take in the life of his younger brother and the revolution given the army so much power. i mean we expected the army to intervene to protect people just don't while answering but instead they started to kill people themselves i didn't expect that all the little that a lot of the people of egypt didn't expect many things they didn't expect the economy to collapse they didn't imagine the path to free and democratic society
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would be such a bloody and painful one they just wanted to free from dictatorship and didn't expect it all to find themselves under get another one in military one with power in egypt now hours and mubarak is out rest firmly in the hands of the. military chief of staff. they were sitting literally in the pentagon war room when the twitter revolution started they are running the show all there has been an old displacement about military power but this is a washington installed as i call it in my book full spectrum dominance totalitarian democracy the people who stood on justin square were jubilant the regime that oppressed them for more than three decades was going on with ira pharaoh as they call the dictator would soon finally face justice for what he's done but months on the revolutionary euphoria has got as well and people are asking themselves was that's really worth the hundreds of victims and did they really get
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a better country in. egypt is at the crossroads if you go towards chaos or democracy the worst scenario would be the army continues to rule and the country sinks into blood from the civil war it's up to the people to decide. once since they're free it shook the whole arab world it's clear the revolution i mean now the part of history i define each is far from over the region option r t. where you are with r.t. and live from moscow and on the way for your we plan to speak to iran's and nuclear and of ojt to the united nations to hear more about his president's pledge to never have atomic weapons and you bear in mind any of the stories that you made on air you can always find at r.t. our website and in a few moments it's the business of korea. culture
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is the same i think that. people like to hear the real story is being described as one of the worst meetings we've ever had is the organization of petroleum exporting countries are ok crisis if it is just a. hello welcome to thanks for joining me russia is still struggling with a debilitating effect of the global economic crisis but expects of the economy to fully recover by next year we were promised a course in the country's already aiming i thought filling bigger plans. we've put forth an ambitious goal and for the next decade to make russia one of the five largest economies of the world and answer g.d.p. per capita to increase this figure from nineteen point seven function dollars to more than thirty five times. but to do this we need to double productivity. a real high tech sector that's real for. russia's mid-sized banks looks set to get
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a helping hand to the tune of one billion dollars the international financial corp is creating a new song to support capitalization for lenders finding it hard to compete with the country's financial giants the russian government will invest fifteen million dollars the rest will be provided by foreign investors that haynesworth from the ratings agency was trading believes demand will be high. a fund like this is a mechanism for distributing the risk to the foreign and to any investor so an investor putting money into the fund. takes a risk on all of the banks not only any one particular so even if an investor may be worried that the risk of a small any particular small reform brings the current secretary of small piece out she points out on the profitability of russian banks is very i think there will be
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a lot of foreign investors who would be very interested in this initial. let's take a look at how the markets are doing all is near one hundred dollars per barrel as u.s. supplies for more than expected concerns about raising them on to us importing the price of the american petroleum institute reports a decline in u.s. and stories from last week limiting games though is the news that u.s. retail sales are not as bad as expected stocks in the u.s. slightly raising most of the previous day's rally with commodities leading the fall the dow jones is down point six percent and the nasdaq is point six percent lower as well investors are concerned about the debt crisis and greeks. markets in europe are losing ground with worries about greece regaining momentum french banks are down after a related review of their ratings have movies investors service and shares the swedish retailer pays and more its problems poorly received results. here in russia markets closed in the red raising early gains now let's have
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a look at some of the individual share moves energy majors were mostly lower with gazprom setting just under the sand banks were higher those buyback credits in the black supported by reports it's more than double that profits in the first five months be the year in electricity sector into raw as on the rise with reports about the company's possible cooperation with chinese from same block. and russian but i'm. the corporation a case is stand by has boosted its net profit by thirty percent to one hundred two million dollars in the first quarter of two pounds and eleven the company says the results reflected strong net income growth from its core assets of operations system owns a wide range of companies including controlling stakes in russian top operator and ts and oil company passionate. russia is full speed ahead in trying to become europe's largest kamarck its foreign carmakers are getting in on the x.
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six leading manufacturers will each time to produce three hundred thousand vehicles a year it would turn to tax breaks it's an ambitious target but one which honestly think the saturated market can cope with. if you look at the current age of the car park if you look at the current. number of cars per inhabitants. russia is still a lot a long way to go to reach levels like you have been on the eastern european countries and this of course is the great potential breakthrough russia took before . and staying with the auto industry folks wagon has agreed to jointly produce new cars with russia's gas group which makes and gold the brands the total investment will be up to two hundred million euros with a german company contributing more than hopper not the firms will assemble folks wagon and skoda models the first the bush on due to roll off the suction line this awesome head of gas scoop explains why the company has chosen folks walk him as
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a part. we have been very successful with our l.c.d. production and sales. secondly we had an issue well to do with our personal core. because a big thing. here we look at different options of bullsh logan became the best option. and in this deal we will produce on the term two thousand vehicles for eight years the folks are going to do them justice and some goals repeated so i mean you are a person government has put it says as seven countries fast growing airline up for sale for the third time this time the company is valued at two hundred sixty two million dollars making the twenty five a half percent blocking stake worth sixty seven million this is about a thirteen per than when it was put up for sale in two thousand and seven as seven began nearly twenty years ago in siberia but has not overtaken their thoughts as
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russia's biggest domestic airline analyst believe that continued baggage of its negativity over russia's aviation industry is behind cost sales failures and oaks and will begin that's not. that's our business for this hour but stay with us for headline news with rory up next. yes. to. all the. wealthy british style. that's not on the tightly accurate.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on r g.


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