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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2011 10:01pm-10:31pm EDT

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all. good grief i love the people everybody don't even want to freak out because they come out of the city but. so were pulled from the greek capital in drops in anger at yet more austerity cuts to qualify for another. also nature's plans for a missile shield are down to see where his blood after one ally was joyous from the program. brock pulls out from a just european missile defense block say that it wants a bigger role in this project all details in just a couple of minutes. progress is made of the shanghai cooperation organization summit in kazakhstan with a potential breakthrough regarding iran's controversial nuclear program and. iraq
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confirms to russia its total renouncement of plans to pursue nuclear weapons at a summit of they should leaders here in kazakhstan a join me for the details later in the program. international news live from moscow this is all she was in the unit thanks for joining us the bottled greek prime that is stays promising to reshuffle his confidence and seek a confidence vote george help on drought has been desperately trying to push through parliament and austerity program demanded by the us and i have met in return for a new bailout by the plan has faced fierce resistance among greeks with thousands of people taking to the streets in athens clashing with families. has the details from france for. the clashes between the police on the protesters still going to save some of the hands of the state's need to head the. building fired into the
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crowd so you can see to such things out along the side flare it was building for a time. people have one thing that actually was going on at the moment the police trying to find out that violence still breaking out no even actually be not stopped by a lot of the people on the streets he say nice people just simply with the gas must tell they really don't want anyone to feel that it's been said that the people who have the high tea provoking the police people still missing back on the central state even though you can't take us to link sets off by the place they turned out to take time to get the protests to start he made it there i guess about the economic situation that's been happening that caused him they wanted to and we had the protests turned violent and still. you can see the chaos happening haled in pakistan right at this very moment that is still a tale of the state the police all over the place right center where the take outs
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of think that's all i can tell you it's not a pleasant experience he absolutely cannot break the numbers of people who could. really quite scary. people. to stay with a prime. minister people who really know he's. getting older it's a place above the mike tyson escalate. you can see right now then the police need to get their side of the that's going to be another round of take us up to speed up with a. few things that i want to still not filled. something say still something right in the . brain but you still filming. we're on the bay street right now it's very hard to tell because even the protest that their head they want to
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see this show you just not happening on the streets right now we've got the finest but hey you got to take us out here you got to take us up here would. find the phrase has. now they're saying at the moment a large number of these people are actually provoking the police you can see them in the black uniforms and they're the ones who be trying to stop it still they. takes a look. at it i got lately guy got right at me three you could see that the road. they got going up as we see the price was this other places still cashing out the day but very hard to agree a lot of these people who provoke you don't even want to see fell because they caught the bugs. and that was sour froth reporting there from the greek capital and you can for those towers like twitter stream for more details from the rest on the streets of athens set off he underscore called providing a first time and accounts along with links to the latest analysis videos and
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pictures. and arena around. euro skeptic and british here and. saving the banks is the reason why politicians are so determined to bail out greece and to keep it in the u.s. . one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious hit on their faulty lending policies so there's something has gone seriously wrong with the banking system it's almost as if there's a whole other holy alliance of politicians and bankers versus ordinary people and i'm sure that's what the people on the streets of athens today feel like don't think the banking crisis is over i suspect but it's hardly begun and in many cases it might have been better to do what iceland dead and say look these bags go bust these people lose their jobs these people lose their money that's unfortunate but that's life and i suspect we're going to regret keeping the banks afloat and
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imprisoning countries like greece inside a currency union which they're just not suited. well you know now u.s. missile defense plan for europe has suffered a setback prague is now refusing to take part in the system czech officials say that no happy with washington as often as an exit here shift in. prague wants a bigger role in this project the project of the european missile defense shield we understand that the initial plan meant to that only preventive missile detection system would have been placed in the czech republic while major other major components of the system like the raiders station or the missile anti-missile complexes in poland were meant to be placed in other countries like turkey romania there was an initial plan by the bush administration which was scrapped by the obama administration when he came to office in two thousand and nine the bush plan seriously irritated mosco with many claiming that this plan was directed against
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russia the obama plan the plan seemed to be much better seem to be much more convenient for all sides in that but in the past several years we've seen lots of contradictions between the words in the actions and mosco is still pretty much unhappy about the way this project is being carried out saying that on many occasions washington does something without the consent so the initial plan of a united joint defense system in europe is not working out so far with the statements by president saying that in fact there are no legal guarantees that this system would not be used against russia because the rogue states which this missile defense system should be protecting europe from do not have the missiles which the system is intended for those missiles only are in possession of russia so clearly all this makes great serious concerns in mosco and the war of words continues we are waiting for some comments to come from washington certainly but experts are now trying to guess whether this turnaround the fact that the czech republic wants to
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withdraw from this is somehow related to moscow's continuous voice of discontent on that issue. and chuck asked him if he and thomas has been protesting against brown's involvement in the missile defense shield for his i have things they project will only fuel international tension unless it involves keep our pledge like russia and china the czech people don't want such a thing here in this country we feel that this will actually undermine the security of both the czech republic and europe as a continent and so we think that it's completely contradictory to play such and such a system here in europe this system without incorporating russia without talking to also other world superpowers like china like india or the following a superpower that will be the biggest world economies in the in the following few years is really going to make a lot of tension on the global scale and so it's we should be wise and just start thinking about building security mechanisms and structures that will include all
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the big superpowers not just some. hungary's and boy to nato has told are saying that the missile defense sponsored seems more of a friend than the rest surance of peace because of. the security of an individual or state consists of two parts the first is the guarantee given by law by the state the other part is simply mentored by a person's actions to provide his or her own security the same applies to us the more real guarantees we get from our partner the less will do to provide a route security and vice versa i believe the missile defense project in the way it's presented now is very provocative and unjust it can be useful and fear only if russia gets to participate in it on equal terms with other states. on the way down from above looms over the rest in yemen why america and the u.k. are stepping up their military involvement in the troubled country. the west bring
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deadly superiority to yemen u.s. drones allegedly killed scores that's the billions as the u.k. readies helicopters and commandos to send to the rest if we. plus one spectacular satellite puts on a show where the longest total lunar eclipse and a decade. russia special representative in the gallup is on his way to tripoli where he will meet with colonel gadhafi loyalists most who hopes to broker a deal that will and the nato but involvement and secure peace and well chess federation president. met khadafi a child's game in tripoli earlier this week says they'll even leader has a message for the world. he asked me to tell the international community that the libyan government is ready to start immediately go she says with the rebels and armed with need to be specially those countries that started the war the problem is
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not between benghazi in the central government as it is our in-house problem the problem is between the current libyan government and nato and duffy is determined to find what they want he also said that he is ready to choose any path be a presidential or parliamentary elections but the libyan people have to decide for themselves about the future of their country i arrived in the country through the western border as i was coming from tunisia within five hours of cross almost half of the country and i haven't seen anyone they are controlling the country as we settled in or would tell i was listening to a foreign news channel the danites rebels control of two times in the western front line so the vice president of the chess federation smiled and said we just passed by these times i've seen no rebels in the area i haven't seen half the country as i see being taken by the rebels when i was talking to mom are gadhafi i haven't noticed he was very concerned about the situation he's more worried about the fact that a civil war is going on and that there are casualties from both sides that's why negotiations are crucial. because if iran says it has no plans to possess nuclear
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weapons during talks with russia at a k. senate of asian countries the need is focused on toppling the raf's of the canal mic and security shares which phrase that will test i'll say reports that. on the sidelines of the shanghai cooperation organization summit russian president dmitri medvedev had sat down with. a closed door meeting and according to a foreign minister for all that important statement had been made at that meeting. confirming. its total renouncement possessing nuclear weapons and important statement to be made at a time when there's a lot of international pressure on iran in this regard now russia had also raised the possibility of a more constructive cooperation between iran and the five plus one nations referring to the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany as well as the importance of increasing transparency between iran and the international atomic energy agency now us side a from the
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issue of a new its nuclear program a nuclear nonproliferation iran had also said that it is willing to work with. iran is seeking full membership. in the sanctions against it is proving to be a hurdle so it seems that iran is willing to work on this in order to clear the path for full membership into this group now aside from the. president had also sat down with the president of afghanistan hamid karzai and as expected topping that meeting is the issue of drug trafficking and drug production in afghanistan of course a very big a security issue for russia where ninety percent of the drugs in the country comes from afghanistan so russia willing to stand by a bear in terms of investment in helping to rebuild. afghanistan on his own and it's partnership with you can be close as far as i
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understand members agree with is a country which hugely important. states the syria has always been. an organization. but a group. with different countries now asked for the main a summit itself b s c o had to produce a declaration at the end of it and they had come up with a common approach. to the situation in the middle east and north africa and as expected that they had to just set officially what they have been echoing for some time now to be its national community's involvement that libya in particular should adhere to the international law specifically the u.n. security council resolution one thousand seven hundred seventy three which authorized the no fly zone and with regard to syria russian foreign minister sergey lavrov had issued a separate a statement saying that russia will not change its position that it is still against any military involvement in the country and it will not support any
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proposal you have resolution to syria but the asio had also made a statement on the missile defenses survey that said that they view the last role of missile defense system meaning what so should made by one country or one we won that matter is going to be dangerous threat to international stability and they had also said that members of the s c o must edge here to a nuclear nonproliferation treaty so we'll get a vast vast a variety of important topics having been discussed at agreed upon at the shanghai cooperation organization summit. the west is weighing in to yemen's own going and rest with deputy fools officials in the troubled country say u.s. drone strikes have killed a hundred people including civilians in the past two weeks the u.k. is preparing attack helicopters and commandos schools for possible action in yemen lower and it has more on this from london. they are becoming more and more involved
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saying we will retire but we don't want to get any more involved in the conflict in yemen any more involved in libya than we can help it any more involved in the middle east as a region as a whole apaches attack helicopters we've seen them in in general. in iraq and in afghanistan and of course most recently in libya where involvement was seen as a mox escalation in the involvement of u.k. and french nato troops very low flying so the likelihood of casualties is much increased by presence and it does like an escalation of involvement again as we've said so many times about libya the legality of this is extremely clear we are seeing u.s. drone attacks increasing numbers of u.s. drone attacks in yemen and the reasoning for that is. according to u.s. forces is taking advantage of what's going in going on that and moving into this power vacuum which is being created since president saleh left and went to saudi arabia for medical treatment moving into that hoping the activity taking advantage
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of general civil unrest to grab more support more and more territory the reason for the u.s. paying these drone attacks that's how it's justifying it but of course that power vacuum works both ways interestingly the u.s. forces the military forces used to cooperate with the president on who to attack and when intelligence kind of these kinds of territorial issues but now the u.s. can easily say that there's no authorities with with whom to cooperate the government is essentially not in operation anymore so if they if they wanted to one would have thought that they could just go ahead wherever they like and of course we've now seeing president obama ok the use of cia drones now cia drones will have a much wider remiss and much. selection of targets that they can they can and we've also heard reports from a deputy provincial governor in yemen saying that one hundred thirty people have been killed in drone attacks just in the last month and that many of them were. what appeared to be innocent civilians and then of course the last thing is this
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secret cia base that we hit is being built in the persian gulf region we're getting reports about all the time that is in case the yemeni government falls to al qaida and no longer permits these drone attacks in the country they need a base with which from from which to fly really very much more involved in terms of both the u.s. and the u.k. . and british germany crude things the u.k. and america risk making grave mistakes and repeating old ones by getting involved in yemen if the worst goes in with our starts bombing on behalf of unclear who then i think that will make the situation markedly worse yemen has huge poverty and social issues it's the poorest country in the region its median age population is less than eight i mean it's the greatest social discrepancies of any country in the whole region the last thing it needs is more bombing what it needs is peace what it
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needs is people coming together and it needs overseas aid to help develop any government or political unity. to bring together all of the factions and all of the interests across the yemen i cannot believe that drove me to bring this about and in their haste to be involved the us looked to me like you're in danger of making all the mistakes they made in afghanistan. when they rushed in as part of the cold war armed anyone that turned up to fight on their behalf and thus was born the taliban. and there are plenty of other stories waiting for you on our website at r.t. dot com and then there's a power of the military out in the exit how the army is running egypt after the february revolution plath. each country is responsible for its budgets it has to take full responsibility and the only right answer to that is no bailout. one german m.p.'s says his countrymen are fed
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up with paying out a free euro zone debt all that online at county dot com thank you. and let's now turn to the heavens for a few minutes the bryant midsummer full moon has all but disappeared into darkness around much of the world where the norm this lunar eclipse in a decade now and away on his tongue barton is watching the skies for us looking up into the night sky observers can see a bright red moon that's a lunar eclipse the first full lunar eclipse since the year two thousand or exactly is a lunar eclipse well usually when you look up at the moon in the night sky it's a reflection of the sun's rays that makes it look white but to lloyd's the earth moved in between the sun and the moon blocking out the sun's rays the only rays that got from the sun to the moon were those that were passed through the edge of the earth's atmosphere and those rays had the big blue elements taken out of them
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meaning that those rays that get to the moon are the red ones giving it that reddish tubes well all around the globe people are watching this lunar eclipse the only place that can't see it is north america because it's daytime there at the moment but for an hour and a half through the full eclipse of the of the moon people looking at the moon especially if they're using telescopes and binoculars can see extra detail all the moon's surface the great craters and sees that the moon hard. that usually a lot able to see they can also see a sight that our stuff is still back in the fourth century b.c. when he observed the earth's shadow moving across the move in a curve and that was one of the first proofs the bumps the earth was in fact a sphere and not flat however if you want to see the lunar eclipse tonight was the night to do it the next truly lunar eclipse is not scheduled until two thousand and
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eighteen. and have a back with a recap our top stories in ten minutes time but fast within hours of the iranian president's pledge not to pursue a nuclear deterrent he spoke exclusively with iran's envoy to the un's nuclear watchdog and he told my colleague for research say there's no question on the peaceful nature of his country's nuclear program because the i.a.e.a. has already established that the taint here is coming next.
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now iran is promising transparency and constructive interaction with the un's nuclear watchdog a few days ago the e.u.'s foreign policy chief baroness ashton called on to iran to prove its peaceful atomic intentions this during an exclusive interview with us here at r.t. and we can all talk to iran's envoy to national atomic energy agency ali asghar soltanieh i thank you for joining us today the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has told the press in our star no the president recognizes the importance of talks for resolving tension around your nuclear program because it does it does it mark a more positive phase in your talks with the i.a.e.a. do you. is a pleasure to talk to you i just want to reiterate that for the last eighty years of. cooperation we die
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a year about five thousand man the inspection has been made and no evidence of diversion have been found to military purposes this is a clear we love harolds the guardian of course. we have always welcomed negotiation and respect and of course without any precondition. guiding the comment interview with the r t of lady ashton i am rather disappointed because the. sort of your statements. ignoring their fact there are a has clearly made there is no evidence of diversion and. reports clearly even the last report shows that all of these with activities and every gram of uranium ease and therefore. twenty four hours cameras and inspectors is going to. somehow misleading i want also to recall that i arranged taking the
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ambassadors and leading the different groups including they invited the ambassadors of the both from hungary and or saw a special representative of lady ashton in the n r two a to join us all together when we visited that as a ritual and in addition to inspectors they will have opportunity to see the realities on the ground and unfortunately. prevented a mass of those of the to join other embassadors to go there so mr there is a lot of money forgive me for interrupting so you are disappointed with the statements from catherine ashtown the ashton the e.u. high representative on foreign and security policy but you're saying that iran is being proactive and arms wide open for allowing the i.a.e.a. into your country to inspect your nuclear facilities when it comes to catherine ashton she told us here at r.t. that iran has three thousand four hundred kilos of low enrich uranium which doesn't really have much purpose if you're not going to use it in
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a military program what is it for. i categorically reject i think they should read again. director general by a noted the fact that we have given design information question or about all a specific ation of. the facilities and the p one five. years that these are designed in fact to produce lonely children you know which could be using powerpoint. they cannot produce material for a weapon let's say we've been great for the nuclear weapons therefore technically we do respect this kind of a state when it has no justification when you continue to say that iran is working very much open dominant in a transparent transparent way with the i.a.e.a. and the international community and here we have today off me to say that he wants a more transparent and open relationship with the west what is it specifically specifically that you can bring to the table to diffuse the growing tension around
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your nuclear program where he simply we will continue without any interruption of the we are very disappointed with security guards and sanctions but we have not made any decision hasty decision in and contrary you continue to be fully committed to n.p.t. our years specters are and will be without any difficulty able to access to all our nuclear activities and in some ok she has even we have invited represented a lot of different countries to be present as a sort of maximum transparency we will continue to do so and we have said in the last letter of our vice president the head of atomic energy to a director general he said in their very letter very crystal clear that if the agency follow its obligations under their walk plan with alethea except dealing with the. respect of modality it means closed out allegations so called american laptop then there are of course if there are any question is sort of allegation of
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military to measure whatever in the question ambiguity we are fully prepared to answer questions kindly move any ambiguity is which would be an answer to give. your method to prove. unquestionably that iran does not have a nuclear weapons program by allowing inspectors unfettered access to all of your nuclear facilities. we have said here that i live here did we do not have a nuclear option on the defense doctrine we are against it our supreme leader last year in terror on international conference and on the solemn in the nonproliferation clearly said informed the whole war then declared that their nuclear weapon and with his own mass destruction are at least use the forbidden we had i guess it and we are mobilizing all of the nonaligned movement for even five working hard towards the moment of nuclear weapons and that is the policy idea to me nation i assure you of that we have had one hundred percent or as bad as the.


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