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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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a multi billion dollar handshake for two of the world's biggest emerging powerhouses bringing russia and china closer together. and finding common ground on a major energy deal is what the chinese leader is currently negotiating here in moscow. now a place where colonel gadhafi in libya has a future where russian envoys messages he meets from loyalist officials in tripoli to broker a peace all of this i made a rebel and nato assault. the lawyers for alleged international arms dealer to boot prepared to challenge a new york court on the legality of his extradition to america.
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it's a beautiful day in st petersburg for an economic forum my mattress alive with the business news we'll have a wrap up of the day's events and hear about the big money deals that were signed all coming your way in about twenty minutes. a very warm welcome to you this is not so you live from moscow. all energizing relations and boosting trade so what the leaders of russia and china have been discussing right here in moscow negotiating a thirty year gas deal is the next stop for the chinese leaders trip to the capital is monitoring the talks and there's been a lot of back and forth between moscow and beijing over this but tell us what is so big about the anticipated gas agreement. well this is a potentially huge deal in with currently in the final furlong as it were at the
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green this deal that would see russia provide gas to china for the next thirty years now this is a hugely mutual. beneficial to both sides now russia will receive billions of dollars in revenue from providing chinese energy and the chinese will of course receive the fuel they need to continue their economic growth now the last little stumbling block has been coming up with the price now russia say they want to have they want to charge the same prices they charge to provide europe with gas which is three hundred and six dollars per thousand cubic meters the chinese are asking for a bit of a discount on it currently just behind me in gazprom headquarters prime minister vladimir putin i represent gazprom currently trying to hammer out a deal with president hu jintao of china and representatives from the chinese energy provider now it just seems that whether you're buying a used car on the go she ating the finer points of a multi-billion dollar gas agreement both sides are always going to want the best
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deal for themselves of course russia the best price for the gas they are providing and china are wanting the gas they need so badly through fuel economy economic growth for the price they want to pay so whether a deal is done this evening gazprom headquarters or it's done the economic st petersburg which is coming up shortly it is about to get done now president hu jintao has said. he'll natural gas is an important component of russia china relations so there's no underestimating how important this is to both sides and say the price as always seems to be the final thing that needs to be ironed out as you say you know there are certainly some important issues to iron out for this big deal to go through. we're seeing a very friendly meeting between the chinese leader who didn't tell his russian counterparts the chinese leader he met russia's president this afternoon they had a lot of talks behind closed doors i want details you know. well they signed some
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major trade agreements earlier on. today they currently trade between russia and china and it all time high you know it seems like it's only going to get larger they signed an agreement that by twenty fifteen trade between the two nations will be worth one hundred billion dollars and by twenty twenty less than ten years away it will be worth two hundred billion dollars so good news for people wanting to export import between those two nations there's going to be a huge increase in in commerce between russia and china now it wasn't just business that was on the table the wider world was also being discussed in both leaders both presidents said. they expressed again their opinions on the situation in libya reiterating the call all military action taken against colonel gadhafi must remain within the parameters of the u.n. resolutions that. that was set out and that any attacks on civilians from outside forces must be stopped and this mustn't happen and that the u.n.
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resolution was not to be exceeded by by outside forces indeed as we saw yesterday. at the shanghai cooperation organization there was a joint statement where all the group members there were strictly opposed to any further military intervention in libya or what he's been all over the lot in moscow thank you very much. beijing based political scientist dr chung things that russia and china has increased collaboration will have global benefits coming at a time when the world needs kind of help. china russia trade an economic relationship and the huge development between two nations i believe is not only of the impacting european continent but also the crew of on the scene i believe the wall these are at the crossroads historic crossroads or some may say the wall these at the brink of either being subdued war all were coming to us nato military
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intervention in libya and now moving into possibly syria or even to iran if russia or china or all of these areas see all the lions we saw that not enough to stop the u.s. led military aggression in the north african region so i hope saw the s.c. all russia or china or china or russia are leaving leading this new global movement to balanced a power in the wall so they can build a new world order we are no more unilateral aggressive or you can clone your own methodology being put into a sovereign nation such as libya. you would argue life from moscow and coming up the russian a businessman being lined up for jail not justice has been extradited to has to appear in a new york court his defense accuses politicians of twisting the jury's arms to keep him behind bars. much as envoy is in tripoli to convince the
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regime there is no place for colonel gadhafi in libya his future but loyalist officials have told me not to kill off the colonel is not prepared to step down it's the latest push by moscow to mediate a cease fire but if you're lawfully held talks with rebel leaders in benghazi and a relative of gadhafi is in egypt there's no let up in the fighting meantime with yet more nato airstrikes and rebel advance towards tripoli because aides say he won't consider. stepping down until a ceasefire is in place but within just the past few hours told us here at r.t. it's time for a new approach to solving libya's conflict. later hasn't so military. and there is another political agenda which is on the table and i am optimistic about the political agenda i truly believe that military and military operations the merits of political problems as i understand the legal political elite today is
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very fragmented the right people who are going to go to the right people who are in iraq. the right people in europe the right people here in tripoli. the reason position of the tribes and there is no let's say total unanimity of views not really be and that's why it's high time to create docking mechanism is and to build bridges between different segments of the libyan political debate. our correspondent in tripoli is across developments that will bring us more on the outcome of today's talks of the. film crew and the russian republic of north discovered a device attached to car it was thought to be a bomb turned out to be something a bit more mysterious business correspondent and i do know is in the north a city in the capital with details this morning artie's cameraman i'm you know i'm you know found. during
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a technical carjacker and soon after that the whole area of that garage was blocked off by police representatives but according to be allayed is the information that i received from the carom and as well as some police representatives it was not an explosive device that is well cars that were many believed to be because cars are quite often used here in russia's north caucuses to carry an explosive device but a radio began. to check of the location also r e t cameraman's cart we were using this car quite often when we were growing across the russians north caucasus to film different stories and to report on what's going on here in this region and this region russia's north caucasus is considered to be quite a volatile area there has been a number of terror operations that we were reporting on and according to russia's in terror minister over two hundred terrorist with a leading has of terrorist in different regions of this area have been killed since
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the start of the yam and many police representatives at the sin of the garage told us that this toxic set of logging and a device that looks like a an explosive device or plugging in a trucking begon is often used by terrorists to create some sort of an atmosphere of fear among the population talking about reporting right that there is something in the world that is working harmoniously. and we'll take you there in just a few minutes it is antartica where separate international crews come together to fend off the frozen conditions they do you know we tell you how they do it. a case of a russian u.s. accuses of being an international arms dealer will be heard in a new york court on thursday because it's been awaiting trial since his arrest over three years ago in thailand and it's all he's marina portnoy reports his attention raises many questions over the legality of the case. he is the russian citizen
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america thought relentlessly to adopt it there but was secretly and swiftly extradited to the u.s. seven months and up and this may be where he stays indefinitely is found guilty on arms smuggling in terrorism related charges if you use. is looking at life there's no parole there's no early release of the federal system really the only way in the federal system to get a reduction in your sentence. a significant reduction is if you cooperate with the united states government some have argued. needs to be on captain america's team however captain america is being accused of playing dirty and illegally to remove the air cargo business man from thailand according to documents released by wiki leaks all levels of washington top to bottom mounted political pressure against bangkok to gain custody of boot in the us cable dated august thirteenth two
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thousand and nine u.s. president barack obama was urged to call thailand's prime minister directly about boot the u.s. attorney general and state department were encouraged to call the thai ambassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration commitment to thailand and the us ambassador in bangkok urged that high government to issue a public statement of disappointment at the judge's ruling not to extradite boot america is the world's most powerful nation but it's not more powerful than the world unfortunately the way things stand right now they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the extradite him or should say kidnapping who was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight during a u.s. sting operation he was charged with conspiring to sell weapons to colombian fark rebels i'm sure occasions that high court rejected america's extradition request
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when an entourage of farmed u.s. agents removed him from thailand following a decision of the thai government his extradition was still not legally approved the covert operation was kept secret from russia but it's family and his attorney put in. the transfer of the trip to america was a violation of a very important thai american treaty signed in one nine hundred ninety s. which the offenders cannot be extradited was the case was not finalized and was moved to the us america used various means political. another's outside the boundaries of jus legal process to get picked a route that means that richard is not getting a fair deal to this day high officials had not provided professional documents explaining the legal grounds behind extradition this despite repeated inquiries made by the russian foreign ministry that we knew for sure let's all move him to sixteenth two thousand and ten at the moment but to beat was physically taken out
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of the time prison his case was being considered by the time call to the appeals that is why there are no legal grounds for him to face a u.s. court. meantime victor boot remains in the u.s. prison held in solitary confinement his wife doubts her husband will receive a fair trial from the country she says violated international and bilateral laws to get here. is that it's clear to everyone that the case has long been moved from the sphere of lots of politics i think or rather i would love to think that the american court is unbiased but i have strong doubts about it because i think such pressure could be put on anyone including the jury. the country accusing viktor bit of arms dealing now finds itself in a political harmful state come october an american jury will decide if you want to be a political pressure at your side by the u.s.
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army evidently the arena fortnight artsy new york. just on a quarter past the hour here in moscow now let's check out some other headlines around the world al qaeda has appointed a new leader egyptian i'm hearing here was osama bin laden's deputy now leads the terrorist organization has taken from the group said it would continue its fight against the u.s. and israel al-zawahiri is a thought to have been the operational mastermind of the nine eleven attacks and warned last week that bin laden would terrify. the united states from beyond the grave. a strong blast has struck in nigeria's police headquarters in the country's capital it's left at least two witnesses report seeing bodies at the scene and cars on fire sending a thick plume of smoke into the sky police say the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber follows two blasts to the police station on a church in northeast nigeria a week ago which killed eleven. organization claims it temporarily not
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the cia's public web site offline the group known as a low security also opened a phone line for people to see just who which would hack next it's previously targeted at major firms which it says work against people's interests and has down public sites ranging from the u.s. senate to sony pictures it grinds the web pages to a halt by bombarding them with requests to their servers. the prime minister is set to unveil a new cabinet and seek a vote of confidence in parliament the new government is expected to be sworn in on friday george papandreou has been pushing for more cuts to secure billions of euros in. its watch angry demonstrations in athens on wednesday with people throwing petrol bombs and the police responding with tear gas. we have updates on what's happening in greece are on our website and we are right in the thick of it r.t. dot com and watch our video reports from the most recent angry protests the r.t.
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news crew feel the force of police tear gas in central athens. also one line at r.t. dot com a big step for womankind remark today nearly fifty years ago russian cosmonaut valentino. becoming the first woman in space. and of the june moon it turns maroon much of the world witnessed a space spectacular overnight with the longest and darkest lunar eclipse in a decade we've got that stunning pictures party dot com. you without say now when working in the planet's most remote and inhospitable conditions it's key that everybody gets along and in antartica the international workers there have called that sounds about fine arts i think sean thomas watched
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our different countries teams go to the ends of the earth to help. in the icy waters of the antarctic and this research vessel was damaged in some very rough seas going to sea is never easy it is involves risk. we ran into a storm and had some trouble with our rudder so we came into this choice for freebase where we were having that your way and why and boards and where the russian bases offered help and other bases around have offered any help that's the kind of international cooperation that we get me antarctic which we may not get in other places because of its remoteness and because all countries that are here recognize the importance of all the work that we all do here working together is vital for the survival of those at the different international stations as well in the winter medical evacuations are impossible because of the weather conditions. in light of this it is very important to cooperate with other stations where different
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doctors here with different specialties so we complement each other for example my main specialty is orthopedics trauma because i'm the only one here as you can imagine my specialty is in high demand here and there for our neighbors get in touch with me quite often we also ask our neighbors to help us with diagnostic devices we don't have one of the areas where cooperation between countries is strongly evident is in the realm of scientific research where ideas and information are exchanged regularly so that multiple projects can benefit for example we are working right now with the germans who are further down the peninsula doing a cruel survey and we will combine our data with their data at the camera meeting we also work closely with the british and provide any other help with scientific and bet. here is the kind of war are sure to get out there certainly are studies as well. as here to different dive teams discuss how they can share information and samples between russia and germany. and beyond that are different countries keep an
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eye on each other to make sure that all activities are in line with the antarctic treaty system an international monitoring program that helps protect the earth's southernmost land we've seen that just today was that these people basically they all comparable operate very closely you can very well treated the russians the joy ins and the chinese fantastic facilities particularly i think it's one of the unique treaties in world history in terms of that kind of corporation and it is this special bond of working together in such an extreme environment that creates such a lasting friendships back thirty years ago when i came to the station for the first time one chilean put it very well leave the conflict the politicians we the polar explorers have to live in peace because if we can remind ourselves who else can we rely on for help. in antarctica shines on as. well as john's filed a series of stories discovering more about life and work and antartica you can follow
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his blog and videos at r.t. dot com. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes sense arctic is so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is a place that you lived and the friends of. expedition to the bottom of the earth. are now we were down to our live coverage of the annual something just brought economic forum to start with us. i match reza live in st petersburg at the st petersburg international economic forum the sun is going down on day one of the forum but they began the sun is not
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going to go down entirely because it is white nights here in st petersburg so that means the sun is going to go down almost entirely at all but many case tomorrow they too big to be a new slate going to be time for new business to be discussed as for today though the word of the day was definitely innovation there were a number of high profile deals that were cited all in that area the first one gal chemical and the skolkovo fund signing a deal in order to create a research and development center in russia very exciting there and on top of that russ now russian nano technology firm signing a deal with with some asian partners in order to establish a one hundred million dollar plus fund for technology research and also some very exciting news that's going to help boost innovation and business here in russia vis in addition to the forums already stated focus on russia's w t o obsession and the creation of a state back to private equity fund worth about ten billion dollars something
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that's really going to boost business in russia as well now we talked with many guests throughout the day there's many more to come so be sure to stay with us among the then we the people we talked to we talk with a venture capitalist known for his i t investments and he says that he sees strong potential here in russia. that this is a great time for russia both for the me to. index and mail route but i think also. for companies that are started with real russian technology were russian technology and nursed can spread to the rest of the world right now most of the big successes or are copies of. u.s. developments but. i think there's a great future the. energy also on the table here in
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st petersburg very important energy discussions going on in the wake of post quake japan and the crisis at fukushima in the wake of the unrest in north africa and the middle east and the oil that comes out of that area they say that energy sales could be clouded about fifty percent over the next twenty years because of all this uncertainty and they say gas could make up about twenty five percent of energy by twenty thirty five something where the head of the international energy agency says that russia can play a big role. currently about three point one three pm cubic meters so production willing to use about five point one three pm means more almost fifty percent increase will happen to thought of five people and russia as a major producer. and we will continue to provide to the very important sources to china or to be. in the pipeline through your all so this is
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a very interesting time that what the analogy the market will respond to that kind of situation. and many of the people we spoke to reiterated time and again how much progress has been made in the investment and business climate here in russia we talk with nicholas jordan the head of u.b.s. for russia and the commonwealth of independent states and he says he has seen mark progress over the last few years. there's been some progress i don't think it's enough and personally i think the actually the government also believes that it's not good the job is not complete. they have done some good things like you like they've established kolkata they have asked for politicians to leave the boards of various companies they have extensive privatization program they've established the fund that would look for a good investments so they've done some things but there's more to do. now just to
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recap a little bit last year's theme was russia's modernization and also how to focus on making moscow a center for global finance now just to give you a sense of the numbers involved in this year's program this is the fifteenth annual st petersburg international economic forum thirty two million dollar budget it's a twelve percent increase over last year's two thirds of that coming from the sponsors now there are many many partners involved here and dozens and dozens of companies also involved the major partners spare bank the russian bank ross ness the russian oil company gazprom and a russian oil companies so those are the ones where the big money here contributing to this forum and it really is a spectacular area this is len expo here in st petersburg and the whole area has really been transformed into a foreign land basically every area is outfitted with what i thought and the latest . the latest things that you need in order to get
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a good sense of what the firms that are represented here can provide everybody has a different booth in the side where they're all they're talking with the newsmakers talking with a company executives and letting people know about the services they provide networking and doing everything they can in order to take advantage of the economic climate here now the speakers that are featured throughout the conference of course russian president dmitri medvedev chinese president hu jintao also in town for that major deal that we have talked about on our t.v. news and there's going to be said dressing the conference spanish prime minister jose rodriguez zapatero will be addressing the group as well as finished president how in and kazakhstan president and nursultan nazarbayev also as we had said representatives of the world's biggest companies here siemens at citi cisco u.b.s. and a main focus and a main area that is under discussion. creative capital and emerging leadership
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talking about russia's role in helping and helping step forward with the emerging players on the global stage in order to do everything they can in terms of i'm a business economic. innovation and to move forward in those aspects but the heart of all this and plenty more tomorrow when the next day i went to a conference starts i got to see you all then from st petersburg.
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wealthy british scientists and. sometimes it's time. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to congress report on our team in the united kingdom she's available interests to the house.


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