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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2011 12:01am-12:31am EDT

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first. down to business billion dollar energy deals between russia and china spearhead a major financial performance in petersburg how to push the world economy forward to. war hostility the u.s. congress threatens to block washington's campaign in libya that's now been in full swing for ninety days without lawmaker approval. and founders of palestinians are left scraping for a living as israel withholds money owed to the government of this it could be used to fund terror attacks.
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oh you're watching our t.v. accosting live from the russian capital welcome to the program the supply of energy will remain at the very center of russian chinese relations that was the message from president dimitri medvedev after talks with china's hu jintao in moscow the country's hope to gas deals worth billions of dollars i think moved to st petersburg the city's international economic forum he's nice and always following the three day business brainstorming event. the economic forum is in full swing here in st petersburg top business executives global innovators and world leaders all gathered together to debate moves forward economically and environmentally on various levels it's considered that this year the big players are close loss and china because of all the euro and dollar are struggling serbia really these two countries are not only developing separately but dynamically in their bilateral
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cooperation in fact it's come out statements from both sides recently that china and russia can say that they have not only overcome the consequences of the economic crisis of two thousand and eight but they have beaten the record bubbles a great cry. says levels and that can allow them to set ambitious tasks to further intensify bilateral trade and cooperation it would look at other issues on the world stage russia and china sea ice why very differently from the west when it comes to international crises take libya both have their reservations about the un resolution it's expected that both will strongly oppose any kind of intervention in syria which recently is seeing more and more unrest in both countries are also going to certainly it's expected encourage other leaders here to deal with the arab uprising only want for peaceful means president medvedev and china's hu jintao met in moscow before coming to this forum and they discussed there how china and russia believe that the u.n.
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has to play a bigger role in the world stage of course including the security council and just give you an idea of how russia china relations are developing the two presidents have already met twice the syrup not including this forum they're expected to meet at least twice more at upcoming summits and will both be giving speeches at this year's economic forum which we will broadcast live for you here on r.g.p. and it's i think it's fair to say that it's expected that we'll hear some very common themes from both china and russia. well energy analyst in the told r.t. the alliance between the world's biggest energy consumer world's biggest energy producer couldn't come soon enough. try not to be hugely important trade partner for russia both in energy terms and in general trade these are two countries that for many decades shared a political ideology that leads to some extent to share the longest land border in
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the world to be much much greater partners than they are now if we look ahead russia is extremely keen to develop its oil and gas resources in the east of the country. exporting those anywhere other than asia just doesn't make logistical or economic sense so really this is a rush spreading its wings you know everybody you can explore anything is the asian market because that's where the growth in this is a. this is a very sensible and understandable move on the cloth of both countries. yes energy analyst julian leave that given his take on the strengthening russian chinese toys. a u.s. president is under fire from congress over the military campaign in libya which is continuing despite not having approval of lawmakers iraq obama has rejected accusations that the door is being broken arguing that america is only playing
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a supporting role through nato which makes it legal he's got each account has more . u.s. lawmakers are saying that president obama has to either stop waging war in libya or ask for congressional approval the lawmakers claim that the military action will violate the nine hundred seventy three war powers resolution if it does not and by friday and they mean this friday ninety days after the intervention began under the u.s. constitution to wage a long term war the president needs to get authorization from congress analysts say the obama administration will certainly find a way to get around the requirement by referring to his rights as commander in chief. certain legal speak in all people stated ministration has refused to say more when it comes to their action in libya they call it kinetic military action as a result of that kinetic military action civilians are bombed there for a day a group of international observers is now in tripoli including a former u.s.
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congresswoman cynthia mckinney we spoke with her a few days ago she said they heard and they counted eighty nine blasts in just one day those are still really in neighborhoods eighty nine bombs dropped in just one. day there is a lot of concern that the voices of those who are caught up in that war in tripoli go unnoticed in the international community but here in the last it seems the voices of the majority of americans those who oppose the u.s. military involvement in libya also go unnoticed by the white house the administration continues to stress the cost that they pursuing leiby it but some analysts say the administration also seems to be in denial when it comes to the will of their own people regarding the issue as well as constitutional procedures legal experts say there is not much congressman tend to do to force the president to comply at least with the u.s. constitution because there are ways to get around ways the obama administration seems to be using extensively most congressmen now criticize president obama for as they say ignoring congress but top of all the hill observers say it's mostly
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political games that the lawmakers are playing score points by snubbing the president come the day to actually vote the majority of them will vote for more military spending as they always do but there is a small bipartisan group of congressmen ten people in it who went further than verbal rebuke send they sued president obama on the grounds that he's violating the constitution but everybody here knows that the lawsuit is certain to be dismissed on procedural grounds because the u.s. supreme court has determined that members of congress do not have standing to file such suits and this is where it hits a dead end that it makes me wonder whether or not u.s. lawmakers actually have the capacity to effectively represent the people. group of u.s. lawmakers does not follow the law suit against barack obama or the military action in libya washington's credibility on the future of the nato campaign could well be fatally damaged if congress for most of them to abandon operations or third david
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swansong says there's a little confusion over exactly what's happening in libya. white house doesn't make the arguments that many of its supporters make that the war powers act does not apply much less the constitution because this is neither a war nor hostilities this is something else this is a military operation that doesn't rise to the level of hostilities which is absolutely absurd the war powers act was written in one thousand nine hundred seventy three very intentionally and clearly to encompass all military engagement superfluity imminent threats of hostilities armors many dentist percentage was deplaning former lawyer from the reagan white house who was defending obama and he asked this guy twice never got an answer if there were two thousand missions over the united states by a foreign nation and many of them were dropping bombs would that be war would that the hostilities he could have gotten congress to authorize war in libya it would
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have been quite easily done he could have done it in the sixty day gap after he started the war he chose not to presidents want and this president is no exception the power to make wars on their own. russia's envoy says it needs national reconciliation also meeting gadhafi loyalists in tripoli as part of attempts to mediate a ceasefire but nato raids continue unabated with a continuing aerial bombardment up with nothing stronghold to his wife and has details from the bin capital. after meeting with the libyan prime minister and foreign minister here in tripoli russia's peace mediator because the together has said it could all face people are actually ready for peace negotiations but this could only happen if nato stops in their country recently nato has dramatically intensified its matrix we see here in libya just ahead of marvellous first visit to libya as peace mediator to bin ghazi nature actually launched the most intensive
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air raids yet since the beginning of the operation in march and today again just ahead of gallup's arrival to tripoli we've been hearing massive bombardments over knowledge this lawless officials has been able to speak to are saying that this must be stopped and only that they could start looking. tripoli is expecting to see an immediate cease fire before a peace process can begin it's all to refusing to discuss the departure of colonel gadhafi from the political scene there is a dialogue going on between the warring sides where those talks to begin to result she believes there's a cease fire must be put in place and international mediators need to keep regulating the process one thing is clear russia is very welcome as a mediator both in tripoli and in benghazi we will keep working together we can go ahead also stressed that russia's role in mediating peace here in libya is very important but the african union and actually all libya's neighbors are also playing
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. an important role in bad labor is actually welcome in average but is peace after it's russia has always been concerned about matriculation here in libya most case position has always been clear that a nonviolent negotiation is the only way out of this crisis of this attracted conflict russia has never supported the u.n. security council resolution which all surprised intervention and russia has repeatedly criticize. full launching military operation here in libya people actually extremely exhausted after months of devastating war which has already taken many many lives and has actually completely destroyed the country's infrastructure they're getting more and more angry and they just want to get their life back. now that has a quick look at what's still ahead for you on the program tracks longing to try
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have dominated garments wells' coldest continent. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered. culture is that so much about the taxpayers and i mean to say she made a lot of people at area b. you're always saying prices will appear with this ten years of. wealthy british style. that's not on. the. market. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on our to. america's top military commander says his new leader will be found and killed osama bin laden the new top man on an alarming has been second in command since the terror group was founded in the late eighty's but terrorism expert reese says that no matter who's in charge of al qaida washington will still use the perceived terror threat as an excuse for military action. he was the main fear a titian osama bin laden thought in broad strokes it was a means of quarry was involved in the nitty gritty and some people even said he was the brains behind the movement so in that sense they'll be a continuum i think the west was it was wrong footed by what was going on in the middle east and i think they're very keen to have
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a foothold there now certainly al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is one of the most active ideological groups there but the yemeni president ali abdullah saleh who was injured recently he used al-qaeda as an excuse to get funds from the united states and then he used those funds against another group in a local dispute and in the same way that i think that the united states can attack you know drone attacks in certain areas and claim that's fine we going for al qaeda so our influence there shouldn't be questioned so i think we should be slightly cynical about those claims. israel is also using it terrorism fears to withhold money from palestinians tax and customs fees collected on behalf of the palestinian autonomy are supposed to be used to pay wages however several times israel has refused to hand over the cash saying it could be used to fund the tax. new reports with a mass now likely to enter a unity government alongside protestants are even less likely to see their money.
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gods the palestinian ministry of finance his job is to check everything that comes into this building but he has no control over what goes out least of all his salary which is paid by the ministry and sometimes comes long overdue my salary comes later it's like my life starts i simply cannot do anything i have a wife and four children to feed and when i don't get paid on time it makes lots of problems for me and my family. i want to leave the ministry gets its money from the israeli government it comes in the form of customs and tax treaty said television been collecting on goods arriving at israeli ports and destined for palestinians the arrangement since one thousand nine hundred three is part of the oslo accord giving television control of the international borders between israel and the palestinian territories with the money transferred each month to the palestinian ministry of finance which uses it to pay wages except now we're talking about seven hundred. papers can't. really
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want to remember they were free the situation. palestinians fear their tell of of could again choose to withhold text money like it did last month israelis argue they have every right to do so if they suspect the money could be used for buying weapons the salaries. paid for the same bank account so i don't want to find these terrorist. palestinians insist the monies for ordinary work as it is. edged sword because on one hand it's a punishment but on the other hand it's a punishment it's a collective punishment that would mainly weaken the moderate elements within the palestinian society and play to the hand of the extremists the relationship between hamas and fatah is a turbulent one but both groups are trying hard to work together ahead of september's planned declaration of statehood no doubt israel will be working even harder to thwart them should it feel its interests are threatened policy r.t.
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women are. more stories on life in the past in autonomy you can go to r.t. dot com for news and videos are always online if you miss a problem if the. worst of all case cuban born ex cia agent raped multiple bombings he's handed a kid who is sitting. in his front of his country that serves sentences on prove crimes on. flash mobs we've come a long way from the russians to voice their discontent with government policy they face a possible question is for useful actions more all to dot com games or trying to best videos on you tube. he.
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down the official on t. obligation to your i phone or i pod touch from the top story. g r g law is on the go. video on demand. broad goals and all registry needs now in the palm of your. wishes. dot com. some other stories from around the world now syrian security forces have expanded their assault on northwest of the country deploying tanks around several towns it's forced more people to flee raising the estimated number of refugees to almost nine thousand u.n. secretary general ban ki moon has urged president assad to stop killing people
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gauge and dialogue activists say more than fourteen hundred have died since anti-government protests began much. released court papers show that dominique strauss told police that the diplomatic community has detained that new york's j.f.k. airport the former head of the international monetary fund was arrested on suspicion of sexual harassment telling me last night the french fries the occupation has been released on bail he faces up to twenty five days and. the huge blockbuster books the israeli city of netanya has a parking link for injuring fifty police and if they suspect a terror attack explosion is now filled with the result of a gas leak in a residential building rescue workers say it was a miracle that anyone managed to get out of the building and the life. work on the
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frozen continent of antarctica has always been a male dominated environment which means when a woman arrives to ply her trade it's still something of a novelty so auntie's tracked down an intrepid filmmaker to ask what drew her to the ends of the earth. as a filmmaker olga stefano the likes of the penguins and seals but for her article is about something much greater still that. even though it seems like the. as a naked land naked stones to cliffs nothing special snow like ana's snow but what happens inside of you when you are here for the whole year and are removed from all other external factors is a very valuable experience. staying through an antarctic winter is serious business and so every member of a winter team has a specific purpose and they rely on each other to make it through is one of only a few women to have ever been allowed to be a part of this experience. olga ended up on our team was
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a big bonus for us it's the first time such an intelligent young woman of such high professional objectives has been on the winter team she's definitely made our existence heck last year of course there were some difficulties and attractive girls with fifteen men. so it wasn't difficult to manage them all his experience in wintering of building a house and gave her a true rare opportunity to experience and document the life here in antarctica now she's working to expand on her project and find an audience for her work but. right now i am putting the finishing touches to the second part of the film the first one is already finished it's cold weather in the winter the second part will probably be called this season and it will feature of the antarctic summer. to debut her documentary olga invited some special guests the same antarctic winter team who are the subject of her film the fact that makes her slightly nervous you know she
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watches. i love and respect them they're close and dear to me and they have such huge background knowledge they know people in the film they know the winter season firsthand they have been through this themselves. as for the thoughts of those who have seen the film. this film makes a big impression on me there may be some shows that expose unprofessional actions by a couple of members of our team but to show that the way it was to show that the way she saw. a unique look into a world that is inaccessible to most. thomas. but on the world's call this continent thomas found lots of unusual stories and came back with some spectacular footage and follow his blog dot com. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica
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and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean paul is discovers what makes antarctica so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica. and the. expedition to the bottom of the earth. and in just a few minutes. takes you to the heart of the russian capital where old mansions meets buildings and twenty first century skyscrapers a software business updated with katrina. how and welcome to the but business but i sit here and we start with one of the most important russian economic events of the year this in petersburg international economic forum.
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the city of some petersburg has always been called the window from russia to europe but with the economic forum underway it's really become the window to the whole world sees tatiana probably a coven has the details about the second day of the forum. the presence of russia and china will kick off the second day of the forum with a keynote addresses after a meeting on thursday b. treatment that if i'm hu jintao emphasized that the growth of trade between the two countries although that couldn't hide an absence offer you a long awaited deal over a gas supply contracts from space is now expected to be signed later in the year before the deadlock over prices is the result in the mean time both leaders will be doing their best to persuade delegates to invest in the emerging powers so far this year russia has seen a stay of the capital outflow something all these companies here i can do to reverse. russia's major financial corp systemin is set for energetic expansion
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the company is planning to spend five billion dollars to buy businesses ranging from agriculture to chemicals the c.e.o. systemin mikhail sherman outlines the cornerstones of their strategy. expansion strategies very simple we have to return the cost of equities the course of effort to which in our case small to ten percent so that's the kind of return you're expecting and we have to do whatever it takes drugs are for investing in the project something just to get existing assets to deliver this kind of return our two key markets are russia is a primary market for ninety percent of our best is concentrated and also just because global markets just to do those are the markets that we're going to be looking for to. expand the existing businesses that we operate in and also new projects. alcoa the top aluminum producer sees a big future for the metal with an average growth rate of six point five percent
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annually the company wants russia to take a big part in that development and the vice president says they are trying to make that happen. we have a strong business in russia has been here since two thousand and five best of seven hundred fifty million dollars in the market you see you know you see growth in this market so we're we're going to we're going to focus on marshall and what we're trying to do in russia now is increase productivity just make sure that you know both our plants reach a level of productivity that is consistent with what we were seeing a room you know growing wyndham demand growing we look at a market like china. demand growing fifteen percent in two thousand and eleven seeing a market like russia where you see the man growing probably eleven or twelve percent this year so it's double digit growth believe me there's a lot of substitution going on copper wire you change into movement and there's a lot of lightweight vehicles trucks and cars where you have to meet new emission
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gas standards and so a lot of people are shifting to a woman and. now let's have a look at how the markets are performing oil prices have dropped slightly again today after the major loss of two days ago the uncertainty off the commodities market is a reflection of investors fears that greece's debt troubles are far from others out . asian markets are down again friday with the nikkei hoffer percent in the red energy companies were also hit by weak a crude oil prices with japan's index before asian down two point nine percent and banks are among the main loses in hong kong with agricultural bank of china down one point seven percent. and in russia stocks dropped to the lowest closing price in the world in a week on concerns also about the greek debt crisis by the energy majors were among the main losers as all dropped in them the most in a month gazprom never fell one point five percent banking stocks were also a lot with spare banks flooding one point two percent. and that's all the business
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news for now will be back in just under an hour with more stay with us the headlines next. i. am now one.


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