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real life stories from. nineteen forty five gone archie taught call. them. the russian president pledges drastic measures in a bid to create a better investment climate in the country. the centralizing power and stifling corruption goals voiced by its media made stated here at the international economic forum in st petersburg joining me at least an hour for more details in just a moment. no consent no cash u.s. congressman say they'll cut funding for the libya campaign unless the president gets the proper constitutional go ahead for the ongoing war obama's ninety days of action without sanction runs out this weekend. and palestinians
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are out of pocket after israel holds back millions in tax leaving tens of thousands of people without their wages. international news and comment live from our studios here in central moscow this is the russia must modernize its economy in the next few years regardless of who is in charge there is and if it has been outlining the country's direction at the st petersburg forum of top business leaders he also warns that the government's large role in the economy along with corruption threaten development and must be tackled and he said no reports now from st petersburg. but there are certainly a lot of obstacles and president medvedev knows that became very clear and has for real with his own term as president that he thinks modernization is the way to go in the future with russia he clearly outlined all of the obstacles of the country
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is facing first let's take a listen i had to say about modernization process and it's called. if a studio is not know any people by choice is not only a major green you will of outdated elements in the economy but public institutions used we need to hesitate to say sorry about many bad habits we call focus only on the step by step development question that would be a mistake which we should focus on the following improvement of the investment climate in russia to create new jobs in the regions creation of police and other security forces of the p.c. treatment of the effectiveness of the jurisdiction system and finally the modernization of government following modern approaches in the centralizing power which of course one of those bad habits so to say as the president phrased it that he was talking about was corruption it's no secret that corruption is widespread unless of course in many other emerging economies it's widespread as well the president clearly wants to fight it this is the warning he have for us and the
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souls that are. the noose around the neck of those who practice corruption should be taught and and the whole of russia agrees with this without exception which corruption is very difficult to do if the government should be purged of corruption in a more decisive way young for that purpose we should enhanced the way those suspected of corruption was not dismissed from public service here. but joining me now here is a few years purchase more about modernization and the challenges that russia is facing especially in terms of the economy is daniel trey's ranges from u.c.l.a. thanks for being with us i'd like to begin with the president's speech of course once again we heard the trend of monitors ation corruption decentralizing the government. what are the details problems if you could tell us briefly that are hampering this process that's why the quality is touched on some very familiar themes that a lot of felt. the need for the police reform if the judiciary and so on.
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it's like that like it's part of the trial but the problem really has to implementation in many speeches and many programs that failed so it's less clear ground level that's really changed the way that you're that's because what's the. how do you think those spot steps to begin to take them where does it need to start at the lowest level it sort of whole of sleeplessly. i think everybody is supposed to take a fighting corruption say for the fact that the state of pakistan for their support for local competition although it's. the same time it's increasing freedom. or sometimes we exaggerate the west that the restraints on the present such rigid but still. to have was genuinely in the fans of the publication since all the
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trials with help from them the slip the question is whether it's egypt at this point it's fair let's take more risks introduced elements of political competition let's media freedom of course that all adds to the push for money the station as well tenuous and thank you very much for being with us here at the economic forum will continue our coverage for the rest of today and tomorrow as the world's modern innovators top business executives and world leaders gather to face the challenges facing the modern world the force. and he's now if they're not his business team is also keeping track of what's coming out of the international economic forum on a consistent basis transit is their forests. president said. better announces that the government is planning to privatized more bizarre sets and move toward a more open economy more live from see petersburg coming up.
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and china may be the world's emerging past but its leader still sees the global recovery is slow and fragile and more reform is needed he has been speaking out that economic forum in some petersburg a day off the failing to agree on a major energy deal with russia production crew is an expert in russia china relations and he's told us that he's optimistic about the deal it'll just take a bit of time. because asia will be tough there will be a lot of terms that need to be determined negotiated it takes time. basically optimistic of our finding a deal committed because of the fundamental fact there this column is highly complimentary to each other so it must either be you it's find it will be a win win situation russia need to be more diversified in terms of the market. i was to also was aware worth the fide supply off and indeed sources for instance it used to depend heavily on the middle east so we all know that. there are so tiny of
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hunger for a new energy source and suddenly this this period rich and china can buy a large. amount of gas from russia they have to again and long term reliable resources. talk about g q an expert in russia china relations at the city university in hong kong speaking to a little earlier. the u.s. congress members of threatening to cut funding for america's military campaign in libya which is racking up a bit of ten million dollars a day but the white house is refusing to ask for congressional approval of military action which is required by law the president is allowed ninety days before asking permission and that runs out this weekend but he's got to experience. u.s. lawmakers are saying that president obama has to either stop waging war in libya or ask for congressional approval the lawmakers claim that the military action will violate the nine hundred seventy three war powers resolution if it does not and by
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friday and they mean this friday ninety days after the intervention began under the u.s. constitution to wage a long term war the president needs to get authorization from congress analysts say the obama administration will certainly find a way to get around the requirements by referring to his right as commander in chief as well as certain legal speak in order to this day the administration has refused to say war when it comes to their actions in levy or they call it kinetic military action but it was written as a result of that kinetic military action civilians are bombed every day a group of international observers is now in tripoli including a former u.s. congresswoman cynthia mckinney we spoke with her a few days ago she said be heard and they counted eighty nine blasts in just one day those are civilian neighborhoods eighty nine bombs dropped in just one day there is a lot of concern that the voices of those who are caught up in that war in tripoli go unnoticed in the international community but here in the uighurs it seems the
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voices of the majority of americans the polls the u.s. military involvement in libya also go unnoticed by the white house the administration continues to stress the good cause that they pursuing leiby of what some analysts say the administration also seems to be in denial when it comes to the will of their own people regarding the issue as well as constitutional procedures legal experts say there is not much congressman can do to force the president to comply at least with the u.s. constitution because there are ways to get around ways the obama administration seems to be using extensively most congressmen now criticize president obama for as they say ignoring congress the capitol hill observers say it's mostly political games that the lawmakers are playing to score points by snubbing. the president come the day to actually vote the majority of them will vote for more military spending as they always do but there is a small bipartisan group of congressmen ten people in it who went further than.
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they sued president obama on the grounds that he's violating the constitution but everybody here knows that the lawsuit is certain to be dismissed on procedural grounds because the u.s. supreme court has determined that members of congress do not have standing to file such suit and this is where it hits a dead end that it makes me wonder whether or not he was lawmakers actually have the capacity to effectively represent the people. reporting there i know there's still congress members really do that want the u.s. to put out of libya and washington watcher and voice of russia radio host common russell told r.t. the hawks on capitol hill will only benefit if the military operation drags on the problem is that when there was a prior lawsuit during clinton's or for eons through the former yugoslavia dennis considered a group of other congressmen and even at that time filed a very similar lawsuit saying that it was illegal and it went to a district court for the district courts the individual congressmen did not have
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any sort of standing the reality is i could still a majority of congressmen are going to support the the actions in libya and afghanistan and so on is not going to. come and say we shouldn't be doing this and try to defund it and besides obama is currently using discretionary department of funds discretionary funds to get around it anyway so it's a question of how effective it would be worse to their benefit we do live in a military industrial complex type of world where they have they have the purse strings they have the power. the first round of protests have flared up in syria against president assad's regime with sixteen people reportedly killed in clashes on friday. planning a third round of sanctions because of the government's crackdown on protesters that let's cross live to brussels and get an update from our correspondent lindsey france lindsay what's the latest restrictions likely to focus on well bill reports are stating that the new restrictions are likely to focus on
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banks in fact twelve individuals firms and other entities are said to be focused on now already in place are arms embargoes travel bans and asset freezes so this would then add to that now the e.u. diplomats report that. they hope to get this passed before the june twelfth e.u. council meeting coming up here next week now if the same time france and germany have come out and said that they both want to push very heavily to put pressure on countries like china and russia to support a new u.n. security council resolution concerning syria german chancellor angela merkel stating today that in light of the new wave of violence to hit the country that france and germany are both in their own ways going to personally put pressure on
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russia and china to support a new u.n. resolution. which is russia actually. dealing with syria. well recently foreign minister sergei lavrov has spoken with journalists reiterating the russian federation stance that any. restructuring of the government in syria needs to be wholly undertaken by the syrian people and since saying sincerely that russia will continue to disagree with submitting the syrian issue to the un security council now he says this is especially in light of the escalation of the libyan issue where he says the nato actions in libya are exceeding the framework designed by the security council so in light of that and many times it's been said by president medvedev and other russian officials that
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the problems in syria need to be left to syria and russia will not be partnering with any foreign governments to intervene they're going to thanks very much indeed lindsey fraud reporting there in brussels thanks for that very. middle east expert and blogger kohl shero joins me know he's joining us live from london thanks very much indeed for being with us here a latino as we know not of the e.u. nor the u.s. are talking about a military intervention to stop the bloodshed in syria just how effective are these sanctions. pardon i didn't hear the story i just going to ask you just how effective sanctions at the moment bearing in mind that no military intervention is being considered at the moment. i don't think sanctions are intended to be effective but they're part of this new way of intervention that's emerging by the west which is more about signal and hijacking the moral
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authority of the high moral ground and the worry then is that that would escalate over time and then prepare the ground for for more direct action what would that direction action be justified obviously what we've seen there in libya humanitarian mission clearly the syrians are in the same sort of trouble as the libyans the libyan people being attacked by their own regime so that doesn't justify intervention doesn't it. not absolutely not. opposed to any sort of outside intervention and i think in order to understand this point so it's not seen as an endorsement of any regime that's coming under what we are seeing here is movements for self-determination and it's something we haven't seen in countries for a very long time and for these movements to be hijacked by external authority is under whatever humanitarian excuses are being euros that would be
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a very damaging thing it would lead to political splits as we have seen in libya and you will lead to corrosion in the legitimacy of the uprising as themselves and ultimately misconceived notion as we can see clearly from lead there is no plan of action and there's no politically about what the ends are so i think it's neither legitimate nor desirable from my point of view so you believe that the syrians fate should be left to their own hands in their own hands but what would happen if that regime did collapse there in syria what would be the consequences for the country and the region. i think we have to actually learn a little bit from what's been happening over the past three months what we're looking at is. a sort of stalemate at this moment because the uprising has proved that he has stamina but he has managed to galvanize support huge rallies if you like in either in damascus or aleppo but it certainly has the legitimacy and has
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the stamina on the other hand it's very clear that the regime has lost its authority and it's not being able to put down rising so i don't think it's will be similar in any way to nugent or egyptians scenarios about what will happen that over time the opposition i think it will have to galvanize itself if it would have any chances for success and come up with a clear plan for a political handover for power and for a kind of a better political future for syria and if it's managed this way i think it's true can only be a very promising thing for syria and for the region because syria plays a very important role regionally but isn't syria made up with a very complicated fabric of communities and people is there really a coherent opposition. well that's precisely what i mean at the moment because i think it's by the fire to represented by the fact that the opposition hasn't
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managed to organize itself into a clear. organized force on the ground that can mount a more serious or stage if you like demonstration on the scale that we saw in cairo saw they will have to find a way if you like or a clear political platform to move them beyond just wanting to get rid of the current regime and if that fails then we're looking at period of confusion and ambiguity political. but i would kind of argue against this fact that any society that's made up of from was a cultural or ethnic or whatever is inherently unsuited for democracy which is sometimes the insinuation not all politics i think and political aspirations can unify the syrian society and syria is clearly a politically very very important region is that perhaps why the west isn't taking the same approach with yemen and bahrain showing a little interest in those countries in comparison to the interests it showing in
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syria. absolutely i mean it has to do a lot with where the strategic interests of the west are but also very specifically to if you like a particular world view the u.s. has developed in foreign policy matters since nine eleven specifically which is based. fear of islamism and the threat of al qaeda has tended to value stability over anything else so all the talk of exporting democracy and all that sort of preaching the rest of the world i find is highly inconsistent and it's hypocritical and in the case of syria in particular i think the u.s. is caught between wanting to be at the same time mortified by what the alternative would be in syria which in my view is completely unjustified it's not necessarily going to turn into a fundamentalist islamic state or anything like that what we are seeing there are
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really for freedom and democracy and. while he could have been if you like played a more consistent role in foreign policy hasn't done. also any sort of intervention there will do now which is based purely on this desire for stability is one to be counterproductive really interesting talking to you thank you for your time live from london middle east culture i thank you. well time to bring you up to date on some of the other top stories from around the world at this stage of the day to greece and the country supports the new finance minister in a major government reshuffle to try and stave off a catastrophic collapse of its economy it is a try to force through deeply unpopular cuts which sparked violent protests on the streets this week needs to secure billions of euros in a second e.u. they know more german in france a quick deal is vital to stop recent problems spilling into other countries.
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north korea is accusing soul of forcing one of its citizens to stay in the self warning that it could worsen relations between the two countries but seoul says it won't extradite the group which defected by boat last week saying they've asked to resettle in the self if every the north responded angrily when its neighbor refused to send back for fisherman who had asked for asylum. israel has been holding back millions of dollars of palestinians money leaving thousands of people without any wages since tax revenue that's supposed to be passed back to the palestinian people but since the political groups hamas and fatah reconciled the payments have stopped being meeting some of those who are suffering at the sharp end. and we dance the palestinian ministry of finance his job is to check everything that comes into this building but he has no control over what goes out and least of all his salary which is paid by the ministry and sometimes comes long overdue my salary comes later it's
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like my life starts i simply can't do anything i have a wife and four children to feed and when i don't get paid on time it makes lots of problems for me and my family. i want to leave the ministry gets its money from the israeli government it comes in the form of customs and tax treaty said tel aviv is been collecting on goods arriving at israeli ports and destined for palestinians the arrangements in one thousand nine hundred three as part of the oslo accord giving television control of the international borders between israel and the palestinian territories but the money transferred each month to the palestinian ministry of finance which uses it to pay wages except now we're talking about some action for it. saves them infrequently. asking the money. they were freed the situation of. palestinians fear their tell of of could again choose to withhold tax money like it did last month israelis argue they have every right to do so if they suspect the money could be used for buying weapons salaries
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to the hamas terrorists played for the same old souls idled world to find these terrorists. the. palestinians insist the monies for ordinary workers is. sore because of one it's a punishment but on the other hand it's a punishment it's a collective punishment that would mainly weaken the moderate elements within the palestinian society and play into the hands of the extremists the relationship between hamas and fatah is a terrible and one could both groups are trying hard to work together ahead of september's planned declaration of statehood no doubt israel will be working even harder to thwart them should it feel its interests are threatened policy r.t. women are. welcoming a would be bring is not that on the second day of the economic forum in st petersburg in our business update that in just a few moments there was life here in the.
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hello and welcome to business here in our t. our top story today russia's most important financial event of the year at the st petersburg international economic forum. the city of st petersburg has always been called russian's window to europe but with the forum in full swing it has become the window to the whole world she's not present wraps up the second. highlight of today in disputed president medvedev
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keynote address to the assembly here talking about modernisation an innovation as the main the main focuses of the event and the main focus for the russian economy in the years to come he pointed out beyond x.m.l. the rule as a shining examples of home grown business is that i've done well in the forests are good examples that others can follow also talked about the ten billion dollars state fact private equity fund something that he believes will bring more innovation and spur growth here in russia also expanding on the thirty billion dollar assets sale program of state assets into private hands something that he thinks is also going to be a good deal for the russian economy to go to school. so she loans amounts but it has only bruce get you through privatization of major companies is that people say she has these plans if necessary look at the very modest. to the first.
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ones the clothes they should include she was over this issue will be able to go through with it's transparent way to attract if it is and generate sufficient funds for the russian budget but you medvedev also said that state capitalism is not something that's going to work for russia but that the role of the government should instead be doing what it can to help foster innovation and foster for investment in the country and come up with a good atmosphere a good environment for businesses to thrive in russia that's what he said is going to move the economy forward along those lines he believes that the country needs less regulation less red tape to get business is operating off the ground. russia and also he believes there needs to be more efficient development in the country now along those lines we have had lots of business no i think here at the economic forum of the size just the keynote speeches from president medvedev and chinese leaders. there are also some. now russia's energy deals with foreign companies
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gazprom nafta and american shell have agreed to join to develop new coil resources and some of the hard to get areas of russia to russia in a broad this is a deal that could help gazprom the at least its presence in europe countries also planning to jointly develop in the arctic but the deal check that there's been a bunch of news of a major deal that could become the agreement of a decade the failed arctic tie up between the ross nafta and b.p. the other countries were planning to jointly develop the arctic but the deal collapsed as b.p. and other in his rather russian partner they are opposed to the agreement despite this b.p. says that it is often a mistake about prospects we were not successful in reaching the set of commercial conditions that were acceptable to all of the companies and i think the concept of a strategic partnership. is good for russia good for.
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the energy markets. good for all of the companies. that says it is still looking for a partner to help develop the arctic and assume is this as soon as this year possibly and energy should minister sergey shrugs track zero highlights the nonetheless it triggered investor investor interest in the russian shelf and b.p.'s chief is also positive about this so it all lot of important economic news going on here in russia and being highlighted at day two of the st petersburg international economic forum. that the markets u.s. stocks back a large portion of the morning's gains the nasdaq is lower and some of the easy has been for a german french resolution to greece's debt crisis plays tech tech materials and as you sector is trading in the in the red now the rest markets closed in the red on fridays thinking the most in two weeks as oil docks and a half months low the obvious and it points up this. no adam isaacson is that over eighty percent of rap or producer gazprom have felt by three percent as their bag
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was down one cents. that's the business news for now but don't go away we'll have headline news coming up for you take us. to. the. wealthy british soil but it's not time to retire. the british. market why not.


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