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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2011 9:31am-10:01am EDT

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local say that this is the longest developed embankments in europe fourteen kilometers of it and in the middle is this lady a white bra it supposed to represent the hopes dreams and beauty of the beach. and it's a stunning place the results of frame by the background of the cool cajun mountains and on a sunny day the seascapes can rival anything you might find in the greek islands and if you want to see the area in its full glory you just have to jump into a cable car. is the easy way to do it. straight up. so you get a pretty good view on the way up here but i think i want to go just a little bit higher and also it's an excuse to put the thing. up here you can find
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the black seas equivalent of the london eye although admittedly this is a little more retro. going to the most technologically advanced roy this one safety equipment. there's a big hole that you. could just stop swinging now that would be. five minutes to get to the top and if you managed to cling on you're in for a treat. this is the highest roi on the black sea coast metres above sea level here to discuss incredible. maybe a little bit when the. tourists to arrive here in april and the season can continue into october. attractions in the area are geared to appeal to the whole family and i wanted to check out one of its new. success stories. the black sea
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coast if you're looking for a. place to stop. this is simply. park. but. you'll soon get the picture. back in two thousand and four with an ambitious plan in mind. we were out to get together many cultures within the space. east west. architectural structures are filled with
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substance and as you look around you begin to realize that the culture of humankind is a synthesis of many cultures races the whole period from ancient design all the way to modern architecture. areas dedicated to ten different cultures and we. paid all respects to zeus. and egypt. it may be a little smaller than the pyramids of giza but it's based on but it's certainly boasting some foreign acoustics. have been too impressed with our singing as it probably began to rain. it was a perfect moment lou to head indoors and visit the punk's medieval town and there's
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a bird's eye view of the grounds. here we are james this is our territory. our aim is to build a space where architecture and nature into the harmony where we all want to be. bunce if your fortune has something to do with the docs are probably a pretty good place to start and if you go there early enough they'll be plenty of fishermen setting off for their morning catch. one of the best things to me about coming to the coast. so that's why we're. going to take it to the place we can collect it down there. sam. will work from the stir. his crew a muscle an oyster farmers they've been breeding the tasty mollusks for three years but they're already proving very popular. i can tell you that as far as france it
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is concerned this is a budding market. traditionally people here ate shish kabob sunfish and now there's a great demand for seafood not only locally but also in moscow st petersburg and elsewhere there were no shellfish an oyster is in the menu bar the restaurants only local people like to cook shellfish for a very long time. so xander is an oyster and once they've arrived at the beds his job begins. so they were in the right place. but once everything secure the catch has to be loaded into the rowboat and that's where the hard work begins. if you're not a fan of dirty jobs this probably isn't for you each will pretty much guarantees
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you a seawall to show on the fingers and plenty of guests. little crowds in there as well as going to stop. them soon can be surprisingly hard to find. so this kind of reading program apparent doesn't yield too many oysters they're quite rare so you see we've got tons and tons of mussels but only. hidden among them. on a bit of a needle in a haystack. this still huge to my muscles locally. and there's definitely no shortage of them. so this is going to be one of the be easier to light me the sea we've got a twenty. a few in bathing crabs and fish and of course. it's good to eat seafood when it's this fresh unfortunately on an oyster boat
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there's no shortage of experience because. for. me to be the most romantic thing to try one of nature's great effort. you don't get much fresher than this. not to mention extremely tasty. so i have my long journey over want but i'm not sure that even the most generous marine biologist would count mussels among the small gold screeches. as intelligent animals. well when you find a black sea tough to find. hello to. say hello to zurich. three beautiful. they've been living in
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performing here of the dolphinarium for more than ten years and they're beginning technique down to a four. but this is probably the best quickest way to make friends i think. this one. is the best way to get quickly. to share their breakfast. with the ladies clamoring for the ghost. in a row the fights i've won the. rivalry.
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around two hundred fifty kilos and tips the scales are over three hundred but fortunately there's plenty of food for everyone. so the girls sixteen. can you imagine how many of these that is still. hungry and that means that he's quite happy to run seems. to attract his attention and then you throw it.
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people. have faith. this is the. james. take. much. to be. experiences.
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but you can. unfortunately like many. but as they say sometimes one man's trucks can be another man's treasure or in this case woman's treasure. what are the other ways
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probably in sacks production and some bottles here you can see waists from shoes production just like you was. still in and used sacks seven years ago a name in the queue for of her practice is a doctor to become an artist and the list recycling is still rare in russia and is a common sight nima has opened. to try and draw attention to the damage the waste is doing to the local area. it's always a pain to see the earth turn into a garbage can i try to collect some of the rubbish but of course my efforts were in vain the trash was not getting smaller many people just don't understand me i don't know how to explain it to them. to make people remember my work and everything that i have taken care of before their litter i want them to remember my beloved lexie and the fish it will be great if they begin doing such things even better than me i
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mean or offer to give me a quick lesson in the house to make plastic stick that isn't there let's make a fish ok come on we're making a little addition for name is biggest installation a sculpture that's intended to represent the whole of the black sea the first let's get rid of unnecessary stuff here is the fairmont gun take a look it's not clear if it's a fish yet but now we're going to shape it look here is the tail. and now we're going to color it and it will become absolutely fabulous start with. some painting here. bright and. beautiful i don't affect and no you should shake it a little bit to let the paint spread. around let the paint forward. please sure what breed of fish we were creating but it was pretty
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colorful and once the finishing touches had been added it was ready to take its place in the gallery forward we go james and here is here to make this work if you know now you have your own face in the back seat that's right into the sea find a nice place behind hope she'll have a happy life. it's amazing to think that you can transform this rubbish into something really rather beautiful and hopefully the people who see it maybe they'll think a little bit more with a chuckle way that next plastic bottle. but taking a look at that sculpture of the black sea reminded me of another thing i don't quite have the time for us. i've been so busy here in the car to go about my favorite thing to the seaside. and it is up here.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead at a beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing. to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on.
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will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. . so far and much report have a chance to meet a few of the black seas marine animals but i've heard that up there in the hills there were plenty more who prefer dry land the least most of the time this isn't just an ordinary zoo it's a rescue and the retirement center for injured and x. before going on the most of them is enjoying her early morning boff this is full report looks of the more than sixty different species a momentum with head keeper. until he started working here three years ago miller was a hunter but it seems like we're animals don't generally crunches. let's go. this is blue the himalayan band both mellow though you want to say hello you want to have fun and once. he's only ten months old growing like a weed he's
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a fairly. well when he gets big. he's going to be about a hundred. and i think he's. right i'm having fun and biting everything in his reach. every careful. but mine. and if you think blues a way to make his friends next door. being baby. with a speech of recent. around three hundred animals and they've set up a new baby pig cats what can we get along my place. my genes and my series of becoming a delicious treat and just a few months ago they welcomed one of the world's rarest animals this little is adam a baby i want tyga and the son of two confiscated tigers so he really is
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a little miracle and you can already see. that it's not going to be too long before. he's going to be the world's biggest cat and a bit of a killer and i'm hoping he's going to be gentle with me. here have been rescued from poachers or from circuses but some come from rather more unusual backgrounds. this is grigori he lived with their grandmother in know what i see he was living in a simple flat for a long time is more than ten years old grandmother has brought him here some three years ago she was a very old woman she brought to bear here in a car without any cage just using a leash she cooked a big delicious cake for him that grandmother is just too old to look after him.
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just as in a bad living in a granny flat now. spare room. but never seemed to have such a bond of trust with so many different creatures it was like being around a real life dr doolittle and hopes that the files of visitors who come to the park take a new appreciation of the animals away with them. having survived my visit to the safari park and minor cuts and bruises i figured it was time to visit one of the black sees more sedate tourist attractions then maybe get myself something to eat. one thing you learn quite quickly about the russians is that they love their bread whether it's brown black roy it pretty much comes with everything but we just call it strains in the two years i've been traveling around this country i've never seen one of those. it's a ripple of a mill that was grinding flour in this area more than a century ago and with the help of a few modern improvements it's back in business. the history of this company is
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fairly typical of russia founded in eight hundred ninety five it was nationalized in one thousand eight team. in the one nine hundred thirty s. it was renamed sickle and. and wasn't service until the early one nine hundred sixty s. . a few years ago the original mill was stripped transported and rebuilt here and the old gears were given a new lease of life. there are some new parts to this windmill but it really is a timeless bit of engineering vertical axle just by the wind power and that energy. is then converted down here by these wheels. and this one is part of the original nineteenth century mechanism the windmill still running today. which moves these two parts up into the grinding station. and we get flour the same way it's been produced. and making it is
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a really simple process say. they get. follow me. here's a receiving monk or. this weed here that's now the process is already underway plenty of. time for a snack. ok so i've heard of a ploughman's lunch but i'm guessing this is a miller's milk. and fresh bread and they were there are. this mill maybe an example of the region's recent history but they're all relics along the shoreline that date back to antiquity. this is the ancient city of gold the pier was home to thousands of people until it was destroyed in the third
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century a.d. and it's one of the best preserved examples. of the one thousand city on the recent coast. the greeks who settled him named their city after a samarian king and its ruins cover around forty. it's still possible to wander through the so is of great houses and you can even discover the citizens favorite temple i bet the this would have been one of the most popular places back in the days of the cuz it's the remains of an ancient winery people would have crushed the grapes here the juice then would have come down these forests and into these enormous votes. show you. down here. unfortunately. always go now of course it is rainwater but back in the day this would have held the equivalent of hours and. you may have
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been long since deserted but the descendants of its greek settlers are still in the area and they still have a passion for the grape. this is russia's wine country around sixty percent of the crop comes from around this area and on about to meet the people who make some of the best. these. grapes i believe yes and this is a very important one of you. and his family are almost ready to start making the latest batch of their famous brand name has a price tonight so much depending on the use of stretch i will set you back around fifty dollars but this grapes went destined for the. my father. oh yes the beginning. is
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bringing in the harvest he likes to have a few friends and the old greek tradition. where it's. there was a pretty big fowl of grapes to crush so it seemed to take the plunge. you supposed to get everyone stomping away in a nice uniform rhythm but lumia greek slipping around on fifty kilos of grapes takes some doing. and i was about to get my reward from them being a foot. so i think. we definitely deserve a drink thank you very much. she was said to continue the evening but i wanted to take a stroll across
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a number of the region before i called my plane back to moscow. when it's this windy even plenty of wind won't keep you warm. and his son max can run a.t.v. tours along the jeans here. and off to tackling the dunes it certainly beats walking back to the hotel. it may have been getting chilly but as a born and bred seaside town boy i was sad to be leaving the black sea coast it may not boast the infrastructure of some of the famous mediterranean resorts but with months of sunshine relatively low prices and no troublesome visa received news is easy to see why millions of russians come here for the summer holidays it's a place to relax bring the family and enjoy the warmest blue water that russia has to offer.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. the e.u. agonizes over curbing its catastrophic debt ballooning bailout budget and other countries once eager to join the blog have second thoughts. about how to stop a global crisis happening again a major business and political leaders have discussed just that at the international going to make forum which has wrapped up in st petersburg. syria faces third round of e.u. sanctions amid war deadly anti-government crackdowns which saw more than a dozen dead and thousands raged nationwide.
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six pm in moscow you're watching r t with me renay joshie a real war that's how greece's the latest finance minister sums up the job ahead of him has been tasked with securing another multi-billion euro bailout the criteria for which means slapping an outright hostile greek public with more stary cuts and some countries like turkey which once harbored dreams of e.u. membership are beginning to rethink their plans. if you talked about turkey in the e.u. ten years ago turkey's hopes of joining would have been inseparable from joining the euro not anymore turkey's attitude in short can be summed up very simply very glad you're not part of the euro right now turks on the street seem to have a wide range of opinions on the euro but their countries doorstep their method here
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