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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2011 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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they said that they wanted it to be peaceful until the end of june until any of these measures were positive see the police the letting of take us into the crowd that incredibly hard to grieve in the street not at so pleasant for anyone there's lots of people getting medical treatment around the play. but the violence is really a rock thing and we're not entirely sure if these people wearing the gas masks that are provoking the police actually part of the main prey said as he said the people we spoke to said they wanted it to be peaceful and it has been up until now up until earlier today when that provocation happened when the police started to try and push them by. her reporting that well greek turned this to the on our school system the this was also in the midst of a general strike protest he blames international bankers for doing greece into a debt hole which confiscate. we cannot pay all the money they hear it's their interest rates all the money we take is in order to pay the high interest rates this is this is robbery this is theft this is swindle i can't describe it any
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more and the problem for them now is that people know that they realize that they see their income don't going down they see taxes taxes taxes and nothing else their money does not go to very early corner me period then everybody knows that if they don't come with a solution then they decide right we give you time to repay your loans but at the same time we help you in this specific factor of your economy to recover and now at the moment you see hundreds of thousands of people greek people that they know they demonstrate they know that there is no tomorrow they know that they have no income unemployment you think unemployment is this is what they clearly you know realign employment where it's twenty five percent sure and this is a chaotic situation and the owner is possible for this situation is the international monetary fund the minister of finance this government has failed. while greeks express their anger at facing further cuts germans are no this furious about having to pay for it again when next german m.p.
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class peter wilson explains why he thinks you countries should look after themselves. was regulated that there must be any bailout because otherwise you will ruin the public finances of those countries who are contributing to it as long as each country is responsible for its budget has to take full responsibility the only right answer to that is no bailout. at least seven civilians in libya have reportedly been killed by a nato airstrike chitter residential house overnight and earlier the alliance confirmed it had mistakenly attacked rebel forces the number killed in that friendly fire attack is not known for national reports from the capital tripoli some of the images in this report disturbing. the residents of secrecy my district
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here in tripoli have been woken up by a strike in the middle of the night and all several moms landed here this story as you can see behind me several three story buildings as we were told at least two families have been living in the damaged houses which is from twelve to fourteen people being drawn to the rubble were able to show children into adults a man and doing the will of those little one some of the people are still missing as you can see behind me the rescue operation is that under going but people here on the ground saying that there is little hope that's someone could be alive the buildings on the opposite side of this street have also been partially damaged but we were told that no one from there has been hurt the government spends person looked at him aside but him has come to the since shortly after this happened and he has this civilian area had been hit by may take pride they want that by rockets
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on the sky people were killed children and with my own hands with my own eyes i still i'm helping out a little there was a word killed and the boys the father and the mother june whole families banished and under this attack you cannot just pick why is that the enemy this is the. this incident consummates continue an intense bombardment of the rabbi in a time monks are actually being dropped day and night we all the time hearing sounds of having explosions russia which has always been against ministry means to stifle the protests and live in conflict has recently signed a peace treaty a ten to leave it to try to explain the war in size to start talking often missing the rebels in benghazi and pro productive people here in tripoli making money out has said that he believes there is a higher form of peaceful solution. in this crisis where both sides say they're
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ready for negotiations with the knees are now ready to provide an appropriate location for tolls but what we're seeing on the wrong with may to continue in mumbai are growing and people feeling exhausted and angry it was made it very clear we can say for sure compromise could be possible but this is definitely a very long way to go its men have some of the largest oil reserves on the planet but these days labor is also god some of the longest queues at his pastoral stations the international sanctions imposed on the embattled colonel's regime did not include a few and. that nato is targeting. if suspected the fuel might be used by gadhafi as military forces with roads closed factories at a stop and foreign workers long since gone from the war stricken country is facing its worst energy crisis ever the new realities ordinarily been drivers now spend
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vast amounts of time queuing for a few months ago this became a common theme in the. country people have been lining up to fill up their cars hours even days but this line is a little different compared to the gas station at the end of this here is given only barker is a university student and has volunteered here to help organize the process she stamps a few russian boots which allow individuals thirty five liters a week she believes it's a great idea to have women on the station as. the women have too many things to do they don't fight each other world cueing and never shoot into the year is now in the so we are able to survive after nine hundred cars. don't have to look at. this line is long but others are ruben longer patrols to cheaper than water here just
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a few so. as for litter it's just that is often in short supply. if there is no few we have to live our cars and return reentry appears it could be days. women only gas stations is one of many innovations supposed to ease people's lives in a country in cares there are also special problems for ambulances and police cars. up on the bottom of the needle surrounded us but we should move on we try to do our best to help people get by if we give up will die it's a lot of those seeking to oust colonel gadhafi may have been hoping the hardships will incite people to rise up against their leader but instead it only seems to be fueling people's hatred towards what they feel is western imperialists may. need to do that and they damaged our city destroyed our life they told us they want to save the people is that the way to save the people tell me this is just a crime. while the warring sides try to find
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a way out of months of devastating conflict ordinary people looking for a way to just leave their everyday lives dreaming about the times when these nightmare would be with a distant memory. r.t. tripoli. the u.s. action in libya reaches its ninety day deadline on sunday and a group of congressmen are suing president obama for resorting to military gage meant without official approval but voice of russia radio host conan it was also a chance says he doesn't believe congress will pull the plug on america's involvement. the problem is that when there was a prior lawsuit during clinton's foray into the former yugoslavia dentist who sit in the group of other congressmen and even at that time filed a very similar lawsuit saying that it was illegal and it went to a district court but the district court said in the individual congressmen did not have any sort of standing the reality is i think still a majority of congressmen are you know going to support the the actions in libya
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and afghanistan and so on congress is not going to you know in mass come and say that we shouldn't be doing this and try to defund it and besides obama is currently using discretionary department of funds discretionary funds to get around it anyway so you know it's a question of how effective it would be it works in you know to their benefit we do live in a military industrial complex type of world where they have they have the purse strings they have the power. well what happens now that the u.s. military's moving into yemen. if the west goes in with our starts bombing on behalf of unclear who then i think that will make the situation markedly worse later in the program we look at how secretly the launch pad unmanned drone attacks could affect your very dangerous situation inside. the us what's behind the russians frightening rate of teen suicides the highest in the world are important just
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a few minutes. u.s. missile defense plans in europe will have to be revamped after the czech republic pulled out of the project this week said it was not happy with its new smaller role in the system the country was originally supposed to host an advanced radar that washington claimed was to help prevent future missile threats from iran the plan was met with harsh criticism from russia protests at home president obama show the original blueprint asking the czechs to host an own one data center instead of just outspoken opponent of government says the proposed system is flawed from the start . check people don't want such a thing here in this country we feel that this will actually undermine the security of both the czech republic and europe as a continent and so we think that it's completely contradictory to place such a such a system here in europe this system without incorporating russia without talking
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to also other world super powers like china like india or the following or super pirates that will be the biggest world economies in the in the following two years is really going to make a lot of tension on the global scale and so it we should be wise and just start thinking about building a security mechanisms and structures that will include all the big superpowers not just some. this state should have less of an influence in russia's economy that was part of president get a vision of the nation's future and that the international economic forum in st petersburg this week he joined the business leaders and politicians to discuss ways of assuring the world should be developing their economies parties and he said no reports. modernization based on stifling corruption days centralizing power and government reforms all goals voiced by president medvedev at this year's international economic forum here in st petersburg where how russia is going to
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attempt to become one of the world's biggest and most effective economies was laid out. we shouldn't hesitate to say goodbye to many bad habits we can focus only on a step by step development it's a mistake we should focus on the following improving the investment climate in russia to create new jobs in the regions making progress in the fight against corruption the creation of a modern police service and over security forces improving the effectiveness of the justice system and finally the modernization of government applying modern approaches and the decentralizing of power of course the main bad habit as the president calls it is corruption which he says is choking russia's economy this was his message to the country's officials that don't do business according to the law . the noose around with the neck of those who practice corruption should be tightened and the whole of russia or agrees with this without any exception but corruption is very difficult to deal with the government should be purged of
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corruption in a more decisive way and for that purpose we should enhanced the way those suspected of corruption are dismissed from public service another issue that's hampering russia's economic development is it not being a member of the world trade organization lately we're hearing from a lot of officials that access into the w t o for russia is possible by the end of this year the president agrees but says only under very specific circumstances. we have long been ready to join the w t o more than many other countries small or large everyone is perfectly aware of that still we are asked to make an unseemly large number of concessions this kind of approach is unacceptable russia will not agree to any evidently unfavorable solutions and of course presumably. one question on all of the minds of the business executives top innovators and world leaders will president medvedev run for reelection well it was their first question of the forums and this is what medvedev had to say. sure when i consider it appropriate to
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tell you whether i will do it or not i will come out and say it this forum is not the best place for that one thing you can be sure of is that i will be able to avoid making that statement i will have to tell the people of russia and anyone else who's interested about my decision. you will not have to wait much longer. every story requires some kind of intrigue otherwise they'll be no interest in living with you so let's keep the intrigue a bit longer. and certainly no intrigue surrounding what platform medvedev would run on if he does announce he's running for reelection it will be all about modernization reporting from st petersburg and yes i'm now a party and among those attending the four was a chinese neither intel he said the world economy is still recovering slowly and that reform of the global financial system is needed which is moscow where major
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energy deal with russia was on the table the thirty year supply contract wasn't signed however as the price for russian gas is still. two leaders did put pen to paper a number of other lucrative deals while discussing the wider world they agree that the countries involved in the being called must stick to the un resolution lies and use it asia times correspondent. says china is ready for a new global role. james chaney is national security russia and central asia are getting we need we need. all of the bases compared to the middle east and the persian gulf it's a long term strategy biggest guess is in their five year plans and this strategy goes on until the end of the twenty first century so yes russia and china are closer than ever russia sees d.s.t.o. as a jew strategic priority very important in terms of not only countering the batter
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if the age of the country can influence your regime. ensuring there still seems the su as a truly correctly clipped aeration mechanism be a very reticent to create effect on the ground that would entail amazed us immediately no it's a very central to our strategy as well and it's nearly related to central asia it's really to the indian ocean and stopped the chinese navy wants to have a very strong presents in the media notion and perhaps india really the seat it's got back to chinese territory in the run. up yes sealed espresso we're considering the fact that made you sell real general in the pentagon in stead that there are strange no ideas for why the outlook on how the emerging powers could reshape the financial landscape check out our website the business section by an expert opinion on the latest updates providing you with
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a perspective of what's going on in the global economy right now just want to r.t. dot com it's a staple. this week reports emerged that the cia is building a new air base to launch unmanned drone attacks on targets in yemen u.s. is reportedly concerned then american faction could step into the power vacuum that position we call being told r.t. it's a sign that the west is close to repeating all mistakes in the country. if the west goes in with starts bombing on behalf of unclear who then i think then that will make the situation markedly worse yemen has huge poverty and social issues it's the poorest country in the region its median age population is less than eight and it has the greatest social discrepancies of any country in the whole region the last thing it needs is more bombing what it needs is peace what it needs is people
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coming together and it needs overseas aid to help develop any government or political unity grass to bring together all of the factions and all of the interests across the yemen i cannot believe that drove me to bring this about and in their haste to be involved the us looked to me like you're in danger of making all the mistakes they made in afghanistan in one nine hundred seventy nine when they rushed in as part of the cold war anyone offering to fight on their behalf and thus was born the taliban. over the last century the u.s. has established hundreds of military bases around the world they said today we'll bring you a special report on this expanding web and the risks posed to the countries hosting them. to a substantial degree and one problem or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of europe and the shadow is approaching. the early twenty first
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century military base is the network of. former empire that the united states is trying to build it's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million a more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around. we don't have power bases of america we don't have any british base we don't have really korean base we don't have any french bases or. you know we just all american bases in the last. noises i want to see those are the last of all because they're all basics but for other people it's almost like a cancer here to speak with you since the end of world war two the space i've been . working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. because
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they have to get everything you need to. rush or is plagued by one of the worst rates of teen suicide in the world four times higher than europe some blame parents for not seeing the problem standing in the face. of reports that many other forces at work. just days before final exams a t.v. crew was reporting and students gearing up for the adult lives that lay had of them the teachers pointed to bullying at their broader student who it seemed had her future figured out which way should play stage i want to become a journalist because it's a very interesting and creative profession which would open doors to the world for me like this yet but instead of a school living celebration pulling his classmates gathered for him funeral sensing she may not be the best she added everything and hank herself with the genders and she will have been getting ready for the exam for weeks down to lena was the one
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who walk to the hardest of all she saw how marriage of math problems and she was very nervous she wanted to graduate isn't a grade student here are many countries this chasseur exams in late december and early june sees peaks in the number of children taking their own lives but in russia it's a year round problem roughly one in a half thousand children in teenagers killed themselves every year it's much higher than the average scene in the united states and britain go. the problem is so out of hand that when i was in filming the president's advantage he found it hard to believe that the figures are truly frightening every year up to four thousand children make attempts on their lives. girls are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide it is still boys who by a long way actually succeed in killing themselves eager is different his try to take his life three times the latest
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a time just six months ago. i just had enough i was tired of fighting with my mom my girlfriend left me i was fed up with studying i couldn't stand seeing the streets and hearing all this noise i just wanted everything to end and i want to piece what's driving the problem in russia is what experts call a low emotional literacy psychological or psychiatric help is underdeveloped and not easily available then there is the stigma given most the most suicides are attempted or committed in the state of emotional distress which builds over time and there are warning signs but even if parents notice that many would rather ignore them than to take their kid to a psychologist or psychiatrist which added to that continuing social and economic shift making it harder for parents to provide for their children and leaving little time for talking and listening this morning meant is that it catered to children who have fallen victim to adult biases alcoholism drug abuse prostitution and i
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want to go with can drive a child to take his or her own life but then the santer of this over only bigger stones one that seems qualified frightening almost commonplace here represents what experts say is the main reason why russia is leading europe and the number of teen suicides that isin difference seeing no evil hearing now cries. i sound like a artsy off girl. recap of our stories is coming your way shortly here dotty stay with us.
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today children play war in the old keys me. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls really a first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow and. the funders of breast were dying one by one under siege. around food water and. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell mother i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean told his discovers flight makes sense arctic is so special and attractive for many the wildlife. and the friends of. the. expedition to the bottom of the earth are. about sums from funds to christians.
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who screw stunts on t.v. dot com. download the official antti up location on the phone all i pod touch from the top story. which all teach life on the go. video on demand oxys minefield costs and already feeds. with the palm of your. question. on an. intriguing cold. cold cold ground a big poke. princess in bangkok radisson hotel going cold dream hotel bangkok.
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told blanco close to me phone calls. this week's top stories greece has been engulfed in protests against a fresh round of government cuts comes as a shock and it's a push through a new austerity package to secure a second bailout. strikes reportedly hits one of tripoli's presidential areas destroying a house and killing at least seven. it's also true for his country. in the state's role and russia's economy. is part of the future. international economic forum but he also reiterated calls on corruption more
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effectively to create a better investment climate. to discard the snowy stereotype people apply to russia as we meet the bikini of the black sea resorts. if you're taking the first trip to russia you'll probably be more inclined to pack a fur coat rather than a bucket and spade but if you have down south of the krisna the region you'll find long beach is on hundreds of kilometers of beautiful coastline literally millions of people flock here every year proof that while russia may be famous for its snow and skiing there's plenty of sun sand and see here as well. this is the longest develops in europe fourteen kilometers of it and in the middle
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is this lady a white bride resent the hopes and dreams and beauty of the beach. and it's a stunning place the results of frame by the background of the caucasian mountains i'm on a sunny day the seascapes can rival anything you might find in the greek islands and if you want to see the area in its full glory you just have to jump into a cable car. straight up. a pretty good view on the way up here but i think i want to go just a little bit higher and also it's an excuse to visit there. you can find the black seas equivalent of the london eye although admittedly this is a little retro. going to the most.


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