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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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three people each man reached out his hand towards me couldn't make it everything starts exploding. everything was engulfed by. forty four people killed as a passenger plane crash lands in northwest russia eight survivors are hospitalized in critical condition. the claims of more civilian victims in libya after a fresh nato bombing with at least fifteen reportedly dead including children one in an airstrike west of tripoli. parents fighting red tape for their
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children's lives dozens of kids diagnosed with cancer syndrome disease in russia known survival state funds expensive treatment. though you're watching r t all the latest world developments twenty four hours a day program the top story about a plane crash in northwestern russia has killed forty four passengers eight survivors were rescued after a plane plowed into a highway just one kilometer short of its destination. joins us live now with the details peter how did the tragedy happened was we know so far. well the trickle of to you one three four plane was forced to make an emergency landing around a kilometer away from its intended destination. airport in the northwest of russia though it had to make this emergency landing on
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a highway. not meant that it be the first emergency services if you will the first rescuers on the scene were passers by people who were in the area out the time in fact when the plane landed on this highway it very narrowly avoided crashing into. a row of houses that were nearby that would have resulted in more casualties eight people were able to be pulled from the wreckage before the plane broke in what if the plane when it crashed on a broken people were able to be pulled from the wreckage before it burst into flames and say that that initial rescue at but made by people who were just around outside. move three people at little rock each one was either a girl who could not sell but she was larger than the man he was hard to see was dark and there was a man he also was and how he was not a name and then we carried out two more people from the right beach in the middle of the road another man reached out his hand told me but i couldn't make it to him
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and everything started exploding i could not get any closer everything was engulfed by fire story. the horrifying scenes from eyewitnesses who were there rescuing people the eight survivors are in a critical condition they're going to be brought back to moscow where they'll receive more medical treatment the the situation is that these people who were killed including it once we do citizen we are hearing they. basically couldn't be rescued after the the plane crash landed on basically a boat for way broken heart before bursting into flames now they say they're fighting to make sure that those people who were rescued make the best recovery possible. but we've received six patients and physical trauma women and a sixteen year old girl four of them are in critical condition we're doing what we can use too early to make any prognosis. peter do we have any idea at this early
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stage about what could have caused the crash well the black box recorders. to you one three four have been recovered they're being assessed to determine exactly what's happened now the company that operated this flight there leveling the playing ground control services they had initially suggested that they may have been a power outage on the ground which would force the plates make a blind landing without any ground control being dismissed by the ground control authorities themselves saying that didn't happen you know the weather wasn't fantastic there was very poor visibility three hundred meters now it's a very it's not extreme especially for the the area the part of russia that this plane was flying at because of course careful because taken planes landing at least type of conditions many times before so an investigation is underway into what had caused this plane to crash now the plane in question it took to you one three four
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has been the subject of crashes in the past a practice of the twenty eighth crash involving a particular model of aircraft in two thousand and seven the russian transport minister it said that the plane which was initially developed in the one nine hundred sixty s. was too old and needed to be replaced with more modern models so this plane does have a history of having been involved in crashes in the past where they say we won't know exactly what caused this crash but there was pilot error whether it was due to weather conditions or whether it was due to any other factors and tale of the black box recorders are analyzed. in moscow and stay with our teams we continue our coverage of that plane crash in the west which. to libya now where another deadly nato bombing in tripoli has reportedly killed at least fifteen civilians. it has a command center and libyan officials say three children are dead it comes just
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a day off the alliance killing up to nine civilians in another strike. my financial reports now from tripoli with something. mohammad heard his extended family used to be one of the biggest in the neighborhood and nato bombing killed five of them his father one of his brothers a sister and her own family mohammed shows us the picture of little jumana his niece taken on his mobile phone his days before he pulled her dead body from on to the day. when i woke up when i heard an explosion some stones a piece of the roof fell on me and i ran immediately to see how my family is and many were dead my mother survived another brother is in a coma and we don't know when or if he will recover but how does that not reach they've been living in this agreement this street in tripoli it's home to many hours in complete all those from one family this is just
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a regular citizen quarter why does the populated built up area this is what used to be their heart is house the three story buildings are reduced in ruins in just moments after being hit in a missile strike. mohammed's brother who survived says they will never forgive or forget what nato has done to them destroying their lives and helms. they should take responsibility for their wrongdoing and nato has responded with an apology intended target during our air strike in tripoli was a military. however from our initial assessment of the facts it appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target utah weapons systems. although officials in tripoli claim more than eight hundred civilians have died in nato raids there nine people they say were killed in sunday's bombardment of the city have become the first civilian casualty is officially acknowledged by the alliance only on
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saturday nato has also admitted an other mistake in a strike this time on rebel forces near the libyan all port of bragger with a number of casualties not been disclosed we hope nato will hold mr cameron mr sarkozy this guy going to score any mr obama has already. made good response about the deaths of these innocent children innocent was taking care of an innocent fathers and mothers you cannot justify this attack. this was a. sunday's fatal error occurs in the rising concerns within nato about his operation in northern africa only eight out of its twenty eight members have joined the mission to protect civilians in libya which raises the question how many would support one to kill them and ration option or r.t. tripoli. and it's not just a foreign intervention in libya that's claiming
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a growing number of civilian lives we reveal later in the program. when the u.s. starts shit people who are members of our clyde in new arabian peninsula then i think the real worry is let it be expanded as war to that point where so many people join up with the. u.s. is on the expansion of its drone attacks in pakistan and women we question of whether the strategy is helping to fight terrorism or foster it. the greek prime minister is facing a crucial confidence vote in parliament term and whether he'll be able to secure a. actual cash from you and save the country from plunging into deep crisis on monday finance ministers pressure on greece they gave athens two weeks to pass fresh budget cuts tax increases that must be met to secure a. twelve billion euro. independence party and.
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says the uncertainty of the next payment from greece is understandable. they want frozen feets about but about the whole deal i mean greece is really not a very large economy and what are you talking while in the present seventy billion with probably more to come in twelve months time and i mean look where is it all going to when i mean the what's basically happening is that the taxpayers of northern europe particularly germany are going to have to pay out. to stop greece will default and the german taxpayer and the president all your don't particularly like obsession in the near fanaticism of the european elite for the political project of united states of europe and a common currency has resulted in a terrible terrible human cost if there is a greek default the people who would suffer would be the holders of greek sovereign debt who are basically banks institutions and the like is sort of the people who
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are suffering no who are who are simply trying to put the two million private sector employees in greece who are actually bearing the brunt of these draconian austerity cuts. cuts is mounting you know the e.u. states to spain we saw a mass protest against the harsh measures don't go referendum campaign believes it's too late to save greece spain could be next to talk. if we just keep pumping money into greece it's only putting off the death of their autonomy they are already bankrupt we have to wake up and smell the coffee and say enough is enough greece is going to go ireland's going to go portugal and of course the big one everyone is worried about is the state of supply and that is what some of our banks like portaloos have been reducing our liabilities in spain because clearly the property slump in spain is much bigger than the spanish government is telling
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people they say there's only been a drop of eighteen percent i do radio shows in spain people are losing seventy percent sixty percent in a fire you with their homes and their developments spain will be the next one to topple but why should the united kingdom which is already facing massive recession massive cuts in our social services massive cuts in our essential services and public services cutting down of our armed forces cutting down of our police etc etc why should we the u.k. taxpayer pay energy to the german taxpayer pay for the ineptitude of the greek government i say we shouldn't i say let's get out of the euro now. our financial guru max keiser has his say about leaves financial woes and who will mean next opponents. of his weaknesses later today. but generation ago are two generations ago the word work implied accumulating savings
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but now the word work means accumulating debt so what they're saying is you young people out there who are entering the workforce if you work really hard you will accumulate massive. the u.s. stepped up its drone attacks in pakistan most recent reports of the killing at least twelve people. growing number of civilian deaths in the strikes are sparked public anger and concerns the action is driving up the number of extremist kreutz now with reports that the u.s. plans to expand its drone war on yemeni territory criticism against the strategy is stronger than ever what is going to treat it as the story. the u.s. is looking to expand its war on terror but its methods are under fire. in pakistan cia drone strikes aim at terrorists but ends up killing mostly civilians public
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outrage is growing hatred and anger foster more terror if you push them abuse the world then if this militancy and goes in is going to increase this is not dissolution because if you're attacking them by drones and they're not part of the war they're the ones on the other side who wish to argue they're going to go in pakistan in the one year the u.s. strikes killed seven hundred civilians but netted only five actual militant leaders many pakistanis are furious at their government for helping the americans kill their own people they accuse their leaders of doing that in exchange for billions of dollars from washington americans on the other hand are not too happy with what they get in return for their billions in the wake of osama bin laden's assassination in pakistan the us all but accused the country's military intelligence agency of sheltering the al qaeda leader more questions arising in washington about pakistan's commitment to fighting terror after pakistan arrested
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five cia informants whose help was key to the bin laden raid how on to support governments or large ones when do say enough is enough most governments lie to each other that's the way business gets done and need all the cheerleading about bin laden's killing the u.s. has stepped up drone strikes in pakistan. and pakistan in a number of casualties that result because of the drone strikes. like the taleban. in other groups in pakistan to recruit new members and they're doing their. salary base washington now sees yemen as the most dangerous al qaida outpost and he's planning to step up drone attacks on the country establishing a. facing the persian gulf specifically for that purpose especially now when bin alonso replacement i am and also worry is not to be building up all quite as
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already significant presence in yemen. the us had been cooperating with yemeni counterterrorism forces in targeting al qaida but they've since left the field preoccupied is that with the nationwide turmoil against the sollie regime that means the americans are likely to have a freer hand going it alone with the cia to take a central role because the agency is not subject to the accountability the us military is legally under expect more bombs to fall on yemen when the us starts to hit people who are members of all quiet in the arabian peninsula then i think the real worry is that it expands gorge the point where so many people join up with al qaeda there's security in yemen over the killing of scores of civilians by the drone strikes in want to attack they are the american military presumably ming at an al qaida training camp ended up killing dozens of women and children in another strike a year ago a drone mistakenly killed a deputy governor in yemen his family and aides it continues to pursue the same
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strategy just trying to say party's leaders continuing to kill these leaders it will need the same results and that is the asian men will continue to be replaced is simple but i think very difficult true is that there's just no magic missile solution to the problem of all collided and yet with the expansion of the drone war it seems the wife is seeking only a missile to the fighting on might or can only say some of them a feature is a visible on the face smart not having taking into account the force of the faith and that their money and the lack of accountability when it comes to believe that peter is that he had more paradoxically what's right is really happy with that america is fighting and fostering terror at the same time i am getting check out reporting. are. you learning lessons. from the japanese crisis that's the main aim of the nuclear war in vienna which began on monday. of the nineteen year tomic agency chief called for tightening up you can security. the
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transparency of this especially in emergency situations however the long awaited report into the fukushima disaster has. the. princeton dundon based policy advisor says the decision to keep its results behind closed doors is wrong. understandably all of those want to know as much as we can about the present situation clearly sometimes you need discussions behind closed doors to. discuss things that may not be the case but which would cause a lot of fear if if they were announced and turned out later not to be the case but for such a major and meeting of this sort i do believe that a demonstration of openness is extremely important but i think this is the wrong decision people are going to think. that they don't want to come out even if it's not the case i don't believe personally that we've seen
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a massive cover up of information coming from japan what we have seen though i think is a very slow response to questions and attitude from true backward looking about this is what we think might have been happening two or four weeks ago instead of this is what we think might happen in two or four weeks time and when that is the attitude. people are going to think will be all four of these are sitting on the information of a don't want to release. cycles of other international headlines for you. forward to news in france in this in the dean ben ali and his wife have each been sentenced to thirty five years in prison for embezzling state runs they were tried in absentia after. january one. the judge also ruled that you know they and his wife should pay fines so you know most. sixty six dollars posed leader who is in power for twenty three years also faces a second trial on arms possession and drug trafficking charges. in
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china thirty six million people have been affected by floods and landslides point to china as well he reports the death toll has now reached one hundred something like that flooding three weeks ago. mention rains which some of the country's most severe droughts over fifty years authorities are warning the conditions will continue over the next ten rivers and the areas could burst their banks. it's every parent's worst nightmare their child being diagnosed with a rare and the same disease there is a treatment that almost a million dollars a year turns out to be one of the most expensive in the world and some of boyko reports on the price that camp once a child's life the first match followed in february this year fourteen according to his birth certificate he looked half. his hearing was rapidly declining his vision almost gone he responded only to this strokes of his martyr
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and hero everything secure for him. i'm happy just to wake up and see him breathing sometimes he smiles and it's the greatest thing for me. he wasn't always this way but they defied he knew the point his mother is reading to him now by heart it was actually even affectionate he liked cats and talked about being a driver then step by step his health began to deteriorate his mother rushed from one doctor to another until last year he was finally diagnosed with hunter syndrome a genetic condition that means his body can't get rid of toxins it's extremely rare and extremely expensive to treat. without treatment doctors say he may soon die if we get the drug his body will be slowly clean stop the toxins you may be able to walk again and play and enjoy life like other kids say annual costs were followed
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it was almost eight hundred thousand dollars beyond comprehension for you lana assessment love the family with the first signs of the disease she petitioned old sorts of organisations it was about to see the local authorities when a need for ill be finally agreed to provide the money for the drug better than they speak of paper seen poultice license to life. when i got this letter i was so hopeful it meant that my child would live they waited weeks then months in early june of zero this health took a turn for the worst and he died never having seen the promised drug. most people agree that losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent but he can assess it's not the worst thing for her is to leave the rest of her life knowing that her child could have been saved but the treatment was there
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and these exorbitant money was found in tape or administrative procedures whatever you call it her son valborg was never given a chance local authorities say there was absolutely no way to speed things up their own region where you live in a lease is an impoverished mostly agricultural province in central russia but what is treatment would have accounted for about a quarter of all how from cities but here in cola get your skills because the treatment of this boy in military terms is equivalent to almost all cancer surgeries in our region and we're talking about thousands of people yet we still made a decision to allocate this money but before this we need to conduct some budget restructuring and to hold attended by it now these procedures are almost complete and we expect the drug to be here by the end of june or it's already too late to help followed the allocated money save another little boy spirit kilometers to the south at least seventy year old peter was also diagnosed with contra syndrome yet
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he still has a few years before the damage becomes a wrapper both his parents believe to save their son they have to step in the bodies and all the. family can deal with this disease on its own the cost of a drug is simply unreal the local authorities often refused to cover the costs of this one i think the state house to house. out of it go two hundred fifty children of eight hundred syndrome in russia less than half are receiving medical treatment i suppose code lottery available in reacher areas like moscow and almost unimaginable in poorer towns and that despite the fact that when it comes to this citizenship they are all supposed to be playing on this thing. as a work of art. or the business news is next here with me.
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very thank you very much for that alone welcome to business. the bank will finalize the decision of acquiring strong stake in austria back international in around two weeks the seven hundred million euro deal will be helped russia's biggest lender to establish itself in the european markets but i have a graph out live the company's sentiments towards international expansion in the us and we're interested in emerging markets for example in europe we're interested in turkey in poland and we will look at assets in these countries you will be according to our preliminary plan by twenty fourteen we should gain five percent of net profit on the international markets however i don't think we'll be able to cope with that as we change our priorities to date we aim for a better competitive level you know country most likely we'll be able to increase our expansion strategy of the twenty fourteen to twenty fifteen but today our domestic market is our main priority. same was burbank russia's largest lender was
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included in the list of the world's twenty eight strongest banks ranked by bloomberg markets magazine it's the only russian bank ever to appear in the raising while most of the places are occupied by lenders from canada and singapore the list involves banks with assets worth more than one hundred billion dollars the small share of bad credits and high work efficiency counted as the difference between incomes and losses. secular go to the markets this oil prices are trading mixed with the light sweet adding around thirty cents and brant losing around twenty worries about greece's debt problems and clouded prospects for global growth are still weighing heavily on the markets for last six percent last week as the situation in europe raise concerns about them out. to the stock markets now in the gross as your stocks are pushing higher than a k's adding a third of a percent service to hand saying water and retail sectors are among the top again
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as toyota as a percent and honda rising almost one and a half percent after the car market's reporters car makers rather reporters they're set to go and hiring speech increased production. here moscow bosses will open around two hours time very sentiment dominates of the russian markets on monday both b.l.t.'s my six and down more than one percent russia stock markets continued to show worries of lingering uncertainty over greece on monday you can either from alpha caps or believe that any resolution would be welcomed. we consider that the situation with greece will remain the major driver for the markets and the point is not whether positive or negative decision will be taken working looking for what people are expecting is any decision tree made so there's going to be good or bad we think that most likely begin to provide greece with sound help and of course that uncertainty is. what moves markets down wars now we expect some certainty
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through to arrive to the markets and how awful it will help markets for a rebound. in the south he will be back next hour with an update the headlines are next with carrier good or.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead at a beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is the very most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing our all my garbage which to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to charles de leon cooper story on our t.v. .


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