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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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good to. be with our see you live from moscow our top stories for you fold people are killed as a passenger plane crash lands in northwest russia eight survivors are hospitalized in critical condition the women are reports of just pilot error and i'm glad they're trying to blame for the tragedy. at least fifteen more civilians killed as nato bombers miss a tom daschle aide but instead hit the birthday party of his four year old grandson prompting the libyans to question the intervention tasked with protecting them.
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and showdown in the greek parliament the pm faces a no confidence vote on whether to pass out its new austerity cuts in return for an e.u. cash lifeline or become the first euro zone nation to default on its debt. next we look into the issues surrounding russia nato just trust in.
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hello again the world complete spotlight the incidence challenged on our t.v. i'll bring all those today my guest on the program is trauma. french president nicolas sarkozy looked very content added g eight summit and goodwill russia announced it is ready to buy two helicopters carriers from france along implicit faded but contradictory deals that pride president clinton emitted in the bargain will cost russia more than a billion euro but it is likely to improve moscow's with progress as probably with dress suit would be the first step in rejecting xin remaining distrust between russia and myself some of them are proud of their russia and i asked senator if the french institute of international relations is here also the question of. two
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french helicopter carriers will sail to russia to become part of it's needed a couple of years it's the first time after the second world war moscow is trying for it weapons but what's more it's going need to military technology is this has been strongly opposed by the french military but the diplomats could want. thank you for being with us on the show good morning thank you thank you well first question is about is about the past actually when sarkozy was elected in two thousand and seven he was considered to be in atlanta since like a pro us politicians and their way expect asians that the relations of france with russia may have probably be facing problems but these predictions were wrong relations are pretty good today and so i knew
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a new set of expectations is being is is being boring today because we're facing elections a new election cycle both in france and russia so do you expect any changes but. influence the current positive trend in the relations between russia and from zero i don't expect any any change whatever the result i don't expect you to write can you remind sarkozy was seen as a natural history in two thousand and seven and it was a turning point in his fairly soon regarding russia of i think it is mainly related to the war in georgia in two thousand and eight and also. personal relations with me. but. to put things in the you know in a broader picture i think there is a tradition of quite good relations between mosco and to some extent in your psychosis policy regarding russia can be compared to
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a she writes what he said regarding russia as well and that's why my my my american question would be to say that i don't expect any change in this transition whatever the next french president is. out of this would be well moscow's relations with an eight have. have been ups and downs the but in the. the last couple of years they have been improving to an end and we see that and they're we're witnessing like a sort of a new phase in new level of cooperation with russia native however there's one thing between russia and nato aggression all the nato countries which is still growing misunderstanding concerning this nuclear umbrella nuclear shield is this american analysis in nato nato prior. program of installing the anti-missile defense. russia wants proof they say show us why we shouldn't be
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afraid nature says we'll just take it for granted what do you think that nato the west has to to to show such to give some proof to russia. russia will not be reading the russian political class players for first of all i think it's very important to remind all bug was the relationship between russia in nato. summit in france and eight with the war in georgia and i think that's really the turning point and says since about time we had some positive evolution as you said certainly a change of stance in the russian leadership probably due to the crisis in both of the prizes and also the recent reports promoted by president obama and since that time in italy we can observe an improvement between nato and nato and russia having
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said that it's i share your views about you know. defense problem which is at the same time very complicated terms but it is a real strategy problems and i think that it's and should be seen as a part of a much more global strategy and for both russia and nato so the key question is do we consider the main difference between us or do we consider that the main friends outside the us. this is a gangster an outside threat but it doesn't seem the west has arguments to to convince must. i know i know pretty well there is a strong debate within the russian elites and between your political leadership your military leadership on this very. sensitive issue about i think it's very important also to understand that nato and carraige russia
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control. and i think it's a long process because it's very complicated it differently it would be a big change in the the positioning of russia on the international scene you question i decided to join and. it's out a mystery system do you think the contacts between military between generals between between politicians in charge of military affairs are a good thing in establishing trust in in starting to look at each other as potential enemies of importance you know and but i think it's not something very new or we have been studies of changes. i would say it's a parts of the picture it's very important for both an interest to interact on a consistent basis but the same time i think it should be seen in something broader we political contacts we've called to all contact and solve. for for for the west
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and especially for for for europe is to say that. russia should be engaged and we know that it's a very important partner it's not at all the time an easy partner no doubt about that but definitely need that russian in the aged. after the recent visits of the russian defense minister to france it became obvious that france is becoming the number one russian partner in military cooperation in europe and among native countries at least was a difficult decision for the french to start selling. military equipment worth billions to russia i don't think it was a difficult decision just it's only business just i mean i think i think it is for you sell an aircraft carrier to the russians you must sell these. to your own
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people was it ari yeah i think it's more complicated because there are also part of the we've been the russian establishment as you know and it's certainly possible to trace i think it's right it's number well i would say that clearly if you observe the relation between russia and europe in the number one is a germany now we know that germany is less exposed to refers other friends of the u.k. as a difficult relation sometimes between london and moscow certainly there is a space for for for for for most who else again we have a good tradition of relations between both countries but regarding the novis brain cells obviously there was some concerns expressed by nato over a statement was especially about think state or sought by a country such as a judge on the other same time afaik it should be seen first of all you know deal
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because over your own country can't make any sort of selves so ensconced in local commercial approaches because it but also obviously it is presented as a way to transform the relation between nato and russia you mentioned the baltic states you mentioned your prayer which is the later webber let's talk a bit about the the position of other nato countries except. maybe the old they were countries and also the united states what was then what is their approach to these increasing military cooperation. but of course you know happy but other buying it. i think maybe they are not our people pay think to be honest but you know all the top priority for the u.s. and russian right now i think you can see the u.s. strategy right now you know number one is certainly going to iran is a raising of china into some extent sorry to come to bluntly but russia is not a top priority at all for washington. so i think said that i'm not so sure the
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troop is a top priority as well so a problem for russia and for europe is a risk to be marginalized you know on the international scene and from this point of view everything that's cabinet maker you know well between europe russia to some extent europe russia and the us it can be seen as a positive step. well i have heard a line of country opinions here in moscow that that russia actually does need these trials the. political deal rather than purely economic as you call it how much our strategic interests outside of purely economic interest there's france have in this deal. if it's not interesting in the military terms for the russians maybe that's interesting because i think that the russian navy sufficiently rich to buy something without any any use so i think there is an
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interest to us but we will see for friends that's very important in the industry and terms the doc about the need because it's a way to to give job through some walk in seoul but that's one reason this is going to reason is. the transformation of the nato is very important and russia should not be seen as a rebel but should be seen as a partner once again a difficult partner but it is seen as this as a country with. which it's possible to make some strategic convergence on different issues not on all of the issues but on the front nations says tell my government head of the russia and i have said it and the french institute of international relations spotlight will be back shortly after a break we'll continue to simply tell them don't stay where you are.
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the a. man loses the surface the substance is. the same. the a. limited edition cluster in the center of security is one seen as revolutionary
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ideas for the automotive industry you're recording and it is this supreme fiction straight out of the software to make street on the street and the building blocks from russia's first nationwide four g. network home schooling toxicology up to. the future coverage. welcome back to spotlight i'm al green of and just a reminder about my guest on the show today is tom michael musto of the russia and i had the french institute of international relations come up we've been talking about this is the selling to helicopter carriers to to to nutri and leave all vessels to russia well when i said that the russians are not really
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interested they don't really need these mistral ships actually when people say we don't need the ships this is not right we maybe we don't need which ships themselves but the russians badly need the technology which comes with the ships and this is supposedly what the russian navy is after so are the french your opinion ready to share define religion with them as trolls as you probably know that's part of the negotiation fortunately i'm not i'm not expelled that's a very difficult for me to explain to users of the itself politically definitely there is a debate of all should we transfer technology as you know towards or there was russia and you have a debate to be going to be honest in france and not on in france in nato countries but on the deal itself unfortunately i have no insights on this particular part ok so. let's switch the subject now look at and talk about one of the run of the
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favorite stories of the french press. in the recent couple of week which of the strikes kind of and a wonderful a wonderful rumor around this trance kind of fur of course people say that it was initiated by her grandmother so other people say it was initiated by sarah because even. because because it will probably put some people in france said that it was all done under an order of lead in reputed. but where does that come from i mean this is bizarre is it's coming from a french i'm not wrong. it was seen as a put in that was a sort of russian. makes prediction is very simple you know all the stuff is absolutely amazing and the media coverage of itself in france is much more than surprising for i would say real professional journalists. something completely
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irrational. in france and so there is also a tendency to see plot we were to explain what happened so one day a russian plods over there it's an american plods the other day something organized by to be honest i think that's. so complicated and definitely impacts dramatically russia on the mystic story russian french politics that it's it's not very important to to comment on the sort of declaration from my point of view ok. france today is advocating the military campaign against gadhafi in libya advocating the un resolutions against russia as i said regime in syria well this is a political fact russia russian diplomacy is much more cautious dealing with these issues do you think that this is because of some disagreements that exist between
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moscow and paris and could they have a negative impact on relations these specific burning issues which are priorities for for later when you return i think it's important to remind. obviously of the fights you know in libya it's very scary but it is. we've been made all and especially the strong cooperation between paris and on them at the beginning of the process and obviously the u.s. support was military very important to make the operation and to respect the result . which was there was big attention of russia for for the service resolution now we are some criticize coming from russia against you know we are operating in and the fact that. we said monday to give in was a resolution that was not so so so large so they can if it is. a sensitive
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issue between paris and moscow i think there is a debates you know in the russian leadership as well on that because we saw the president in their view was close to. the cult of parts in the framework of the g eight going over same time we listen very carefully to criticize expertise by prime minister putin so very certainly different approaches also in russia about what is going on in libya now the other question is about syria and other simple it's a very important country for the stability of the region and also in the russian diplomacy because well quite intensively between. us and most schools and also very serious question should we stay and do nothing given you know the evolution of the syrian regime and all that is made you know against the syrian population to be honest i don't know no real answer to this very difficult question
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ok question. the end of the ninety's i think especially on the eve of the of the iraq war it was much talk and much rumors about creation of a possible political strategic triangle france germany and russia is this still alive are these are these ideas still make any sense today. that's a good question i think there is a continuation because you're right to say that this triangle was in fact against the war in iraq we've we've put the ensure there. and there is a continuation i think in the framework of the relation between the. paris. school and should converge on different topics having said that our source or an evolution of germany to be honest we have now very very strong
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relationship between most school and obviously we are also obvious abstention of bullying you know for the intervention in libya so to some extent i think it's maybe it can be a way to sum up things that we can see quite good relation between paris and berlin regarding you but also very good relation between paris and london regarding nato issues and to some extent i think that the many evolution by comparison with the triangle you mention in two thousand and three. russia is one of the largest markets for vegetables i'm talking about of course about a cucumber of well these eco harley but tyria nobody knows yet where it comes from first it was cucumbers no it was so yes now people say it's me but russia has closed its borders there was and this is causing controversy of course in europe
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among farmers and stuff do you see such measures such radical moves you know actual moves by russia for example as as. sort of and willingness. to tackle bilateral issues in a more positive way so so there are problems in relations if we look at practical steps ugly. yes but you know i walk a lot on this issue of a u.s. show lesions and it strikes me to see that regularly we have been sort of problems we mine for instance two thousand and six and the troubles between poland and russia for four important things so i think it's it's something which should be avoided no doubts it should be avoided because as you know the u.n. russia are supposed to settle new between between them to. trade relations for me it's. you know it's it was you know to this issue and i
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don't i don't think it was the most smart one to do it to be honest but had the same time. i would say business as usual ok business this is not business is business unusual and we would talk about iraq so it is the right but my point is to say. i think we should not overestimate the importance of this. decision i do of the relation will become a small as usual business as usual is selling russian gas to europe only this is the same as usual in russia as you know is dreaming getting greater access to european markets european consumers actually we want the russians want equal status to the newco project and the end the south stream project do you think the russians will ever get that equal status. or it's
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a i don't want to to make some prediction on the. idea. in europe will increase and especially as the change of position of germany on the nuclear fuels are very recent decision definitely varies a vis. russia is another world supply for for for for gas and to some extent vis relationships does exist in may view will be extended in the coming decades they have absolutely no doubt about that now abodes a difference of project as you know vo is the project we've got is coming from should we take some glass in turkmenistan from france can spiritually take some guys in iran and so on so stream projects they are very often presented as competitors projects the basic fact is that for both rush hour. and both sort of
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for both wash i'm the definitely there is a need to foster energy cooperation in the next decade so i'm pretty optimistic about the ability to find a proper way to to fit to fuel the european market in the coming years if you have drawstring the corporation russian companies they so feel barriers they need people come here series they had this table speak about barriers that they face have to overcome in europe doing business do you think do you think that europe is ready. for concessions on this issue i don't think so yeah but i think it's not a negotiation itself once again it should be put in a broader picture and it is related to the negotiation of freezer vision it is related to the negotiation of commercial conditions and ok energy is a very important parts but the gelug between russia and the you should not be resumed to energy relations it's something much more broad and as you know various
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mislead situation we've been seeing you about unburdening and this idea that a company wants to invest should respect this legislation so hans again i think it's difficult but i'm pretty optimistic about the ability of both sides to cooperate in the future thank you thank you very much and just to remind you that my guest on the show today what some are going to have had the russia and i have several had french institute of international relations and that's it for now from all of us if you want to have yourself or if you have someone in mind you think i'm going to stand to drop me along i'll bring our party t.v. darts are you let's keep the spotlight interactive will be back with more coming from what's going on in and transfer aggression until then stay on r.t. and take. that.
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